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Hey there, Pink Fairy! I’ve got a request I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now…

Put short, I wanna be a cock. A big, dumb, hard cock constantly dripping precum and attached to a hunky, sweaty jock whose musk and pheromones can attract other hot guys for miles. A truly manly man like my Asian roommate, just the opposite of a pussyboi like me.

He doesn’t have facial hair or anything, but I like it that way, it lets me see his perfect face; it’s his big muscles, his reeking post-workout smell, and his dumb frat boy way of talking that get me going, and I heard that he turned his old crush into his jockstrap before he decided not to go to Europe…

Sorry, I got lost there for a sec, he’s just so hot… Anyway, can you grant my wish and have me swing between his legs for the entirety of his eternal youth, only able to talk with his jockstrap friend? I’ll give up as much of my brains as you want. Thank you so much in advance.

Alpha Patron Request by @willowonthelake

Indictments of a failing education system don’t get any hotter than when two dumb jocks show up at your dorm and start to get cozy with one another. At least, not as far as Luka was concerned.

In truth, Luka had been concerned at the beginning of the school year. The moment he heard that his roommate was on the football team, he had instantly imagined all the torment that he would have to suffer throughout the year. He even briefly pondered asking for a room change. But something told him to stay. To see how things went.

Braden turned out to be not as bad a roommate as Luka had been afraid of. Braden had a few body hygiene issues, but it wasn’t anything that Luka could complain about. Especially not when he loved the smell of the musk that filled the dorm room whenever Braden got back home from a workout.

Braden was far from the perfect roommate, but he was good enough. And he was eye-candy enough that Luka was more than willing to let the rest slip. Besides, Braden was a bit messy, but not that messy. The worst that he did was leave piles sweaty, musky laundry all over the place. In all other things, Braden was pretty good, as far as dumb jocks went.

Luka would be lying if he said that in those first few weeks of living together, he hadn’t beat his meat to the thought of Braden pinning him up against the wall and roughly plowing his hole. It was a fantasy that featured prominently in his mind many nights after moving in. A fantasy that he dearly hoped would be a reality, especially after he found out that Braden was in fact, not straight as he had initially suspected.

Although he was more than willing to jerk off in his bed while Braden was sleeping naked a few feet away, Luka was too much of a wimp to actually initiate anything. So, for the most part, he just had to watch with raging erections as Braden brought home guy after guy, most of them big dumb jocks like himself.

But even Luka had his limits. He could only stand on the sidelines for so long. He had had fantasies so long that it was only a matter of time before he found the resolve to act on them.

Well, the ones that Luka knew could come true, anyway. He had other, dirtier, deeper, darker fantasies that he dearlY wished could happen. But he knew they wouldn’t happen. Because they defied logic. They defied reality. After all, a human being couldn’t just become a cock.

Still, there was a part of Luka that held out hope that the impossible could be possible. It was what led him to pray to the obscure entity he’d read about online. But he wasn’t getting his hopes up. Especially since it had been a week or two since and nothing had happened yet.

Which brought Luka to today. The door to the dorm burst open as Braden came in, arm slung around the shoulders of another big dumb jock, the two of them chuckling in that low, dull, mindless tone that for some reason was just irresistibly sexy for Luka.

No sooner had the door closed than the two were making out passionately, with the other jock groping Braden’s package through the front of Braden’s pants. Luka was erect within moments, watching the two jocks making out sloppily.

The two hadn’t noticed Luka yet, but it wouldn’t have been the first time that Braden brought home another guy who was more than willing to let Luka watch. Steeling his resolve, Luka stripped off his shorts and his pants. His hole quivered in anticipation and his mouth watered at what he was about to do.

Luka walked over to the two jocks and knelt at their feet. He reached up and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Braden’s sweatpants, which was finally enough to attract the jocks’ attention. "Hell yeah, bro, let’s make this a fuckin’ party!" Braden grunted, as Luka pulled the sweatpants down to the floor.

Braden was wearing a black jockstrap. As Luka touched it, he heard a voice in his head. Moaning. Delirious with pleasure. Devoid of any and all human intelligence. But then he was hit with a fragmented recollection, of a twinky asian transforming into the jock in front of him now, thanks in no small part to the friend that Braden had turned into a jockstrap.

Luka’s cock leaked all over the floor. It was impossible. It should have been impossible. But there was no denying what he had seen. It meant that his fantasy could come true. He could become Braden’s thick meaty cock.

With renewed fervor, Luka darted forward and mouthed at Braden’s fuckpole through the straining pouch of Braden’s jockstrap. He moaned with every stroke of his tongue over the coarse fabric, feeling the heat of Braden’s manhood radiating from just under the thin layer.

It wasn’t long before Luka realized that he couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed the pouch and pulled it aside, releasing Braden’s mighty cock. It bounced up and down in front of him, leaking a clear bead of pre-cum.

A heartbeat later and the sizable shaft was already sinking into Luka’s throat. It felt so good. It tasted so good. It was hot. Salty. Musky. Everything that Luka could have ever dreamed.

And as Luka held Braden’s cock in his throat, eliciting quiet grunts of pleasure from the dumb jock, he felt the pre-cum dripping down his throat. A tingling heat radiated out from his stomach, washing over his entire body, climing up his neck, over his face, and into his skull.

Luka moaned out loud around Braden’s cock, his eyes rolling back in his head as he felt a fog descend around his thoughts. They ground to a halt as memories, knowledge, language, dissolved right from his mind, melting in the delicious, delirious heat.

A hand on the back of Luka’s head roughly pulled him off of Braden’s cock. He whined and drooled, pretty much the only way he could communicate now that his brain had been thoroughly fried. But he settled down before long as he felt Braden’s hands on his hips, pulling his ass up into the air.

Luka moaned, rolling his hips as Braden’s cock slid up and down in the crack of his ass. Some faint awareness and lucidity returned to Luka in the moments of teasing, but it was all shattered by the sensation of Braden’s thick cock plunging into his insides.

Drool dribbled onto the floor as Luka’s back arched and his toes curled from the pleasure. But the sensation in Luka’s toes didn’t last for very long. He tried to move his legs but he couldn’t. When he looked down, he saw that they had disappeared, replaced by a comically large ballsack.

Luka’s torso was slowly transforming into a cylinder of cock meat, too. His own cock touched his stomach and got stuck there, melting into his flesh as the transformation climbed into his chest.

Delirious from the pleasure, Luka pushed his arms to his sides where they fused with the rest of his body. He gurgled as fluid poured out of his mouth, salty-sweet like pre-cum. His teeth dissolved as his eyes closed for the last time and his head tilted upward.

As the last dredges of Luka’s human mind washed away in the pre-cum now dripping out of the piss slit at the top of his head, he felt his body shrinking, becoming more compact. He shrank from a human-sized cock to a slab of meat a good eleven inches long and as thick around as a wrist.

The final sensation that Luka felt was the tight, velvety heat of Braden’s jock friend’s asshole. And it felt right. So very right. As he slid in and out of that warm embrace, his entire being pulsing and buzzing with pleasure, like he was on the edge of a perpetual orgasm.

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