Ever since I got out of college and went home to live with my dad and brother again, they’ve done nothing but bully and pester me, whether it be about me being small and weak and not working a manual labor job or about me being gay. I think it’s about time I got a bit of revenge on both of them. Is there any way you think you could turn my brother into my dad’s cock and my dad into a dumb bodybuilder boyfriend for me next time either of them try to mess with me to put them in their place?

Story Request by @Ben
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Dick Desires

Hey there, Pink Fairy! I’ve got a request I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now…

Put short, I wanna be a cock. A big, dumb, hard cock constantly dripping precum and attached to a hunky, sweaty jock whose musk and pheromones can attract other hot guys for miles. A truly manly man like my Asian roommate, just the opposite of a pussyboi like me.

He doesn’t have facial hair or anything, but I like it that way, it lets me see his perfect face; it’s his big muscles, his reeking post-workout smell, and his dumb frat boy way of talking that get me going, and I heard that he turned his old crush into his jockstrap before he decided not to go to Europe…

Sorry, I got lost there for a sec, he’s just so hot… Anyway, can you grant my wish and have me swing between his legs for the entirety of his eternal youth, only able to talk with his jockstrap friend? I’ll give up as much of my brains as you want. Thank you so much in advance.

Alpha Patron Request by @willowonthelake
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