Dick Destined

Hey, I had looked through my BF of three year’s browser history and found a site called CockTF.Com? I was wondering if I should be worried about this?

Story Request by @Walker

The last three years with Ted had been some of the best years in Alex’s life. There was no one else, really, that he would rather spend the rest of his life with. At least, not that he knew of. They had met right out of college and had hit it off, moving together soon after they started dating so they could actually afford a decent apartment given the economy.

There were no secrets between Alex and Ted, or at least that had been Alex’s impression. To many of their mutual friends, they were "couple goals," and Alex prided himself on that fact.

Something changed in the last couple of months, though. It wasn’t much. Ted just didn’t seem as open to sharing devices with Alex as he used to be, especially around bed time. At first, Alex had brushed it off, but it became a pattern of behavior that he couldn’t ignore.

Alex’s first suspicion was that Ted was cheating on him, but that explanation almost immediately went into the bin. They weren’t exclusively monogamous, and made time to play with other people outside their relationship. They were pretty open about "extra-marital" relations, and Ted would have told him if he had a new boy he was seeing.

The only reasonable explanation was that Ted was hiding something from Alex. What, exactly, Ted was hiding, Alex couldn’t quite figure out. They talked about basically everything, even the time that Ted had thought he had ass cancer.

A surprise was the only thing that Alex could think of to explain Ted’s reluctance to share his devices. But neither of their birthdays were coming up, valentines was a few months ago, Christmas wasn’t for a while yet, and they had just celebrated their anniversary last week.

One day, while Ted was out of the apartment, Alex thought to check the browser history on Ted’s laptop on the off-chance that it hadn’t been cleared. He was lucky, because it hadn’t been, but what he found was a little troubling. Ted had been visiting a cocktf website quite frequently.

It wasn’t so much cocktf that Alex found unsettling. It was a fetish like any other. His problem was that the website offered "real" cocktf services for real money, and he was concerned that Ted had gotten taken in by the clear bullshit that was plastered all over the website.

Alex knew that he shouldn’t have snooped, but he also knew that he had to make sure his boyfriend wasn’t falling for a scam. He resolved to confront Ted about it as soon as he could, but probably after he’d managed to put together his thoughts in a way that wouldn’t hurt Ted.

The next day, Alex woke up incredibly horny. He could scarcely stifle the moan that slipped out of him as the blanket rubbed up against his cock. He didn’t even remember having a particularly sexy dream, but he was hard. So hard. Harder than he had ever been in his life.

Groggy and still half-asleep, there was nothing Alex could do to resist reaching down between his legs. He wrapped his fingers around the hot flesh of his shaft, tugging a few times at his erection. He moaned again, shifting into a better position to play with his cock as he did so.

It didn’t register to Alex that his cock was significantly thicker and longer than it should have been. The only thing in his mind was how horny he was, and how desperate he was to cum. His cock was so sensitive that even the slightest brush against the blanket sent electric pleasure surging up his spine.

It felt so good to stroke. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Waves of pleasure washed over Alex, making him tingle from head to toe as he woke up. The more alert he became, the hotter he felt. The hornier. His cock became the center of his world as he played with it, stroking and stroking and stroking. Harder. Faster with every pump of his fist.

Alex lost himself to the sensation, unable to conceive of doing anything else. His back arched off the bed, his ass cheeks clenching as his toes curled. He moaned, his breath hot in his chest as he brought himself closer and closer to the edge.

And yet, however hard Alex stroked himself off, release felt impossible. It was close. So close. And yet just beyond reach.

The sun rose outside the window as Alex completely lost track of time, playing with his cock until his arm got sore and he had to use his other hand. It felt good. So good. And he was so desperate to cum that stopping didn’t even cross his mind for an instant.

It wasn’t until the sun had reached its zenith that Alex finally felt it. His cum churned in his balls. His cock pulsed and throbbed and swelled. He got closer and closer and closer until all at once, the dam broke and he came. Hard.

Cum exploded out of the tip of Alex’s cock as his mind completely blanked out. It splattered across his chest, his face, the ceiling, and the wall behind him. The orgasm went on and on and on, and he felt like it would never end, but eventually the flow ebbed and the last dribbles of cum leaked out of his cock.

As he laid there, panting, Alex finally saw that his cock was much bigger than it was supposed to be. He stared at it, slowly realizing that the site had not been a scam. Ted had been turned into his cock. In his mind, Alex heard Ted’s voice. "I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was a scam, too."

"Ted?" said Alex, eyes wide. He grabbed his cock by the base, and moaned at the electric pleasure that suddenly shot through him. "Ted?!" he said.

"Yup. In the flesh. Or cockflesh, I guess," said Ted’s voice in Alex’s head. "It feels so good to be a cock, Alex. Your cock, especially… Do you want to give it a try?"

Alex had to admit, the thought of turning into Ted’s cock was hot. "Sure," he said. "What do I have to do?"

"Just relax," said Ted’s voice. Alex did as he was told. He leaned back and relaxed, letting his arms rest at his sides. Within moments, he realized that he could no longer move them. He looked down and saw that his arms had merged into his torso, which was starting to grow into a cylindrical shape, while his cock was growing humanoid features.

Pleasure flooded Alex’s system as his body turned spongy, his eyes closed permanently, and his head tilted up to match a cock’s glans. He slowly shrank, the pleasure intensifying as if it were getting concentrated by his decreasing size. He would have moaned if he could, but the most he could do was leak pre-cum out of the slit that was once his mouth.

"You look great," said Ted, as his fingers wrapped around Alex’s shaft. "I’m gonna enjoy playing with you."

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