Giggly Cottony Goo

A misspoken wish ends up changing Eric’s life for the better.

"Don’t be fooled," said Eric, as he and his friend walked past the laundry room. Inside was Eric’s roommate, posing naked in front of a mirror. He had his phone out and was taking pictures, flaunting his ass, probably to the internet. "Pat’s not actually doing laundry. He’s just managed to find the ‘perfect’ mirror in the house."

"I’m not exactly sure what the story there is, but ever since this twink in pink found him crying behind the bleachers after the football game where he tore his ACL, he hasn’t quite been the same," said Eric, with a shrug. He and his friend watched as Pat took shot after shot of his naked self in front of the mirror. It was quite entertaining.

"For one thing, he’s gay now, apparently. Not that I’m complaining. Fuck me—and he has, often—I had always hoped that he would realize how great it is to sleep with other guys," said Eric. "Sure there’s still some drama and shit that goes into it, but it’s a lot more fun, you know?"

Pat was leaning on the counter now, taking pictures from above. Bent over like that, Eric and his friend could see the fullness of Pat’s ass. It was the kind of ass wars were fought over, for sure. "He’s got a bigger butt than me, because of course. He used to be a lot bigger, too. He’s slimmed down a lot but he’s still pretty cut, so it’s not like that’s had any impact on how hot he is," said Eric.

Pat stuck two fingers in the air in a small peace sign and pouted his lips as he turned the phone toward him. "He hadn’t been a genius before he changed, but he was still pretty good in school. Now… Let’s just say his mind’s a bit more limited, yeah? I swear, if I hear another ‘brah, oops, I’m so dumb, sorry’, or, ‘dude, fuck, I’m such an idiot’, I’m going to stab someone."

Eric’s friend stifled a laugh as Pat hopped onto the counter and splayed his legs. He arched his back, taking photos from above and behind him. What was of interest was his erection. It was hard and leaking. There just wasn’t much of it. "Oh, yeah, when he changed he lost most of his cock. It’s a bit disappointing, to be honest," said Eric.

"I had always imagined that if he became my boyfriend, he’d be pounding me into the sheets and all, but I guess that isn’t happening with that dinky little thing," said Eric. Pat remained seemingly oblivious of Eric’s presence. "I guess that butt must have come from somewhere. On the plus side, though, he’s such a cock slut now. Can’t go an hour without a fix. I’ve had to indulge him even though I’m more of a bottom, myself."

"The one drawback is that now that Pat’s all hot and gay, I’m not getting as much attention from the guys that I want to be topping me," said Eric. "Now, I don’t want to lose my intelligence or anything like that, because I’m here on scholarships and all, but sometimes, I just wish I could be like him."

"You should have just said so!" said a voice from down the hall.

Eric turned to face the source of the sound, eyes wide. There, in the flesh, a twink in pink. Oh shit. "Hey… Uh… Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The twink in pink grinned. "Well, I was cumming to check on my newest little dumbslut, butt I think I heard a wish cumming from around here."

A chill ran down Eric’s spine. Somehow, he knew that he had fucked up. "W-What wish?" he stammered. "I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"Oh cum now, boi, don’t be shy. Here, let me grant that wish for you!" said the twink in pink, skipping down the hall to stop in front of Eric. He got up on the tips of his toes and tapped Eric on the tip of his nose.

There was a brief flash of pink glitter in Eric’s eyes, and as he blinked to clear the motes of light floating in front of his face, he realized that he had changed. He was hot. So hot. And so fucking horny, too.

It was a good thing that Eric was naked. Because he really needed cock right now. Like, right now. The good thing was that he could still think straight. He wasn’t an empty-headed little slut like Pat.

Eric’s heart dropped into his stomach when the twink in pink said, "Oh, oops! I forgot one more thing!"

Eric reached out to the twink in pink, as if it would stop what he knew was coming. "No, please, don’t!" he said.

"The words I speak in spell are true, your mind’ll be giggly, cottony, goo!" said the twink in pink, this time tapping the tip of Eric’s miniature endowment.

Eric’s eyes glassed over as years of knowledge and cognitive capacity faded from his mind completely. "Fuuuuck," he groaned. He still knew what had happened to him, what he had managed to lose, but his hold on that concept was tenuous at best. "Like, why’d you do that?" he complained.

"Oh cum on, boi. Like you and your roomie won’t enjoy getting what little brains you have left fucked out of you together!" said the twink in pink. He patted the side of Eric’s face. "Your friend here looks like he’s definitely ready to have some fun with you guys."

Eric looked over his shoulder and sure enough, his friend had already unzipped. The twink in pink was standing behind his friend, hand down his friend’s pants. As the twink stroked his friend’s cock, Eric watched it grow inch by inch by inch until his knees couldn’t take it anymore and he fell to the floor on all fours, his ass up in the air and begging to be taken.

"Have fun, my little dumbsluts!" said the twink in pink. "Next time I cum back you better have made more friends, alright? This is so much fun!

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