My roomie has a job working in the design lab for some big tech corporation, and he’s been staying awfully late at work recently. He comes home and seems all high and bubbly, and won’t stop offering me some new jocks, even though I only wear boxers. Well last night, I got tired of it and put them on to humor him, and now my nose is all itchy. And there’s this weird scent coming from somewhere…

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"Don’t you think it’s a great idea?" said Harvey, waving the floppy rectangle of adhesive-backed cloth in front of Mac’s face. For all intents and purposes, it was a patch. Nothing really new on the tech side of things, and certainly not anywhere near deserving of the praise that Harvey was heaping on it. "Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea," said Harvey.

Mac was a lot less enthusiastic about the whole thing. "I don’t know, Harv," he said, "I just can’t see the practical applications." This was far from the first time Harvey had come home with a prototype, lauding it as some sort of miraculous innovation.

Most of the time, Mac ended up never hearing about the product again, however much Harvey hyped it up. He had his doubts that this time, that this product, would be any different. Mostly because it seemed patently stupid.

"Don’t you get it?" said Harvey. He tapped his index finger on the patch sitting on top of the table between them as if drawing Mac’s attention to it would somehow change Mac’s mind. "If they fill it with, let’s say, deodorant, or something. It uses your body heat to gradually release what’s inside of it keeping you smelling nice and fresh all day. Isn’t that great?"

Mac pinched the bridge of his nose. The more Harvey talked about the product, the more senseless it seemed to him. It was a good thing Harvey worked in R&D rather than sales because otherwise Harvey would be out of a job. "Harv…" he said, seriously, in the flattest and most monotonous voice he could manage. "Harv. There’s already something on the market that does that."

Harvey blinked, a pall falling over his face. He sat down, fingers hovering over his mouth. "There is?" he said, quietly. Mac nodded. Harvey’s face blanched even more. "No. No, that can’t be. No, no, no. We made sure of it. We checked. No one’s put a patent out for this. What are you talking about?" he said.

"Fucking deodorant!" said Mac, reaching across the table to give his friend a good smack upside the head. "Deodorant already helps you smell fresh all day. What is the big deal with your company and trying to reinvent the wheel?"

"Ow! Hey! No need to be so fucking mean!" said Harvey, grabbing the patch and waving it around in front of Mac’s face. "I-It’s not just deodorant, anyway. There’s other applications, too. Other, more practical applications."

Frankly, Mac was getting tired of all the senseless "solutions" that were really just looking for a problem to solve. The company Harvey worked for used to actually make good stuff, but it seemed to have gone completely off its rocker after pivoting from a tech focus to a more innovation and invention-centric model.

"Oh yeah?" said Mac, all too eager to call Harvey’s bluff. "I defy you to give one good example that isn’t stupid or isn’t already done better by another product."

Harvey’s mouth worked soundlessly for a good minute before he got up in a huff. He wagged an accusatory finger in Mac’s face. "You’re going to regret your words when this thing makes it big on the market! It’s not my problem your imagination is lacking!" he said, before turning on his heel and storming off.

Mac sighed. Well, that was dinner ruined. At least Harvey had had the grace to wait until they were mostly done before bringing out his little gizmo. "Good night!" he called out, just as Harvey got to his bedroom door.

"Night!" came the terse response, followed by the slamming of the door against the doorframe.

Mac shook his head and got up. He hoped he hadn’t gotten on Harvey’s nerves too much. As far as roommates went, Harvey was a dream. It really was just the occasional stupidity with the new products that got annoying sometimes.

Proving once again that he knew his friend and roommate quite well, Harvey stopped talking about his "revolutionary" new product the very next day. In fact, it had been weeks since the last time that he brought anything home.

"How come you haven’t brought home any new stuff recently?" said Mac. He had to admit, he was a little bit concerned. But Harvey hadn’t been forthcoming about the state of things at work.

"We’re just taking our time to go through concepts to make sure they’re actually viable," said Harvey. He smiled at Mac, but even Mac could tell it was forced.

"You know where I work, right?" said Mac, setting down his utensils. He looked at Harvey, expression serious. "I know the company hasn’t been doing too well." At least, that was the impression Mac got from the way that the company was trading. In fact, the impression he got was more than just "not doing well," it was "in precipitous decline."

"Huh?" said Harvey. He looked up from his food and blinked, as if he hadn’t caught what Mac had said. Mac was about to repeat himself when Harvey continued. Harvey waved his hand in front of his face and said, "Oh, that’s nothing. Just a little trouble. We’ll be fine."

Mac didn’t know the internal culture of Harvey’s company so he couldn’t tell if Harvey knew something he didn’t or if Harvey was just in denial. He hoped it was the latter. Job hunts weren’t something he would wish on anyone.

Unfortunately, the finances of the company Harvey worked for didn’t get any better over the succeeding days and weeks. He still managed to make the rent, somehow, but Mac felt obliged to talk to his friend about future prospects.

Before the talk could actually happen, though, the company got bought out. The influx of cash was enough to save operations, but it didn’t help to mollify any of Mac’s concerns. In his experience, buy-outs were often followed by heavy-handed restructuring, and there was no guarantee Harvey’s job was going to be safe from the axeman.

Though the corporation that bought up the company was relatively large, Mac knew relatively little about it. He’d heard about it before, but had never really paid attention. From what he understood, DIQ was supposed to be a company focused on clothing and adult entertainment and toys catering to gay men.

When Mac tried to find out more information, the veil of corporate-speak on DIQ’s website proved to be nigh-impenetrable and spelled a quick end for his information-gathering attempt. Though he had his reservations, the financial situation of DIQ seemed to be pretty positive, so he could only hope the buyout actually turned out to be a good thing.

"Is everything alright?" said Mac. He hadn’t been worried before, when Harvey started staying at work later and later. Harvey had told him that R&D was working on a big project for the new parent company, and Mac had been all too happy to see his friend’s enthusiasm for work return.

The problem was that Harvey had started coming home looking and acting like he was either drunk or stoned. It raised the question of whether he had even been going to work at all, but he still somehow made the rent so Mac couldn’t exactly complain.

"Oh, yeah, it’s just great," said Harvey, with a dopey grin on his face. He pulled something out of his pocket and showed it off to Mac. "Look! This is our newest product!" he said, holding a jockstrap out in front of him.

Mac chuckled. He still had his concerns, but he was glad Harvey was back to old shenanigans. "I have to say, it’s a bit weird to see you guys making apparel," said Mac. "Aren’t you guys all experts in more technical applications?"

"Oh, yeah, of course," said Harvey. He giggled a little and trialed off for a good half minute before continuing. "This is specifically designed to improve athletic performance. There are very fine electrodes buried in the fabric to help passively tone muscle and track things like blood pressure, heart rate, and all that sporty stuff."

"In a jockstrap?" said Mac. It was a weird place to put all that functionality, but he supposed it made sense considering DIQ’s primary market. It would have made better sense as a shirt if the company was going to be advertising it to actual athletes, but he could guess that was probably an afterthought.

"Yeah. It’s great! You should try it on!" said Harvey, with a broad grin, as he held the underwear out for Mac to take.

"You know I only wear boxers, right?" said Mac, pushing Harvey’s hand away. "This kind of underwear just isn’t my style."

"Come on, just try it on. It can’t be as bad as you’re imagining!" said Harvey. Unlike any other product he’d brought home, he hadn’t stopped pushing the jockstraps. He seemed almost obsessed with getting Mac to try them on, and it was starting to get a little creepy.

Mac had to admit, the jocks looked damn comfortable but they really just weren’t his style. They were a bit too revealing for him, and looked like they would be more than a little snug. Harvey just wouldn’t drop the topic.

"Alright. Alright. Fine. If I try one on, will you stop telling me to try one on?" said Mac. He grabbed the jock from Harvey and stripped down right in front of him without breaking eye contact. He expected Harvey to get all flustered and defensive about him getting naked, but he didn’t get that. Instead, Harvey leaned forward and watched with a strange intensity as he pulled up his legs.

The fit was perfect. It was as if the jockstrap was made for Mac, specifically. It was a lot more comfortable than he anticipated, and he had to admit that there was something to be said about the feeling of "freedom" at wearing so little cloth.

The cotton pouch was nice and warm, cradling Mac’s cock and balls in what felt like a soft embrace. More than that, the cloth tingled against his skin. It was nice. It made wearing the jock exciting. It felt good.

The straps of the jock were making Mac’s whole ass tingle and giving him a little bit of a chub. When he bent down to pick up his shorts, the feeling of cold air wafting over his tight virgin hole made it twitch, and drew a moan to his lips.

Mac licked his lips. Sweat was prickling at his skin as a strange heat welled up inside of him, spreading out across his limbs from his ass and belly. He opened his mouth and let out a hot breath, his tongue hanging out as droplets of moisture beaded on his forehead and rolled down the sides of his face.

It got to be so hot that Mac needed to take his shirt off to stay comfortable. Naked but for the jock he sat down, fanning his face with his hand. The warmth was pleasant, though, like a hot summer’s day, and he couldn’t help but relax as he reclined in the chair. He certainly hadn’t expected wearing a jockstrap to be such an experience. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

A long, low groan of satisfaction slipped out of Mac before he could stop himself. He felt so warm and safe and at ease. He could have spent hours just lying there, basking in that feeling, but a minute or so after pulling on the jock he caught a whiff of this delectable, indescribable scent that made the tip of his nose itch.

Mac leaned forward and sniffed the air. The more he breathed in, the more intoxicating it was. The odor was sweet, musky, and earthy all at the same time, and every lungful felt like heaven. He needed to know where the scent was coming from and before he knew it he’d slid onto the floor on all fours.

Eyes half-lidded, Mac crawled until he bumped into something warm and fleshy. He sat back and tilted his head, taking a moment to recognize Harvey’s meaty ass in front of his face. Harvey had pulled off his pants and had swung his legs in the air to expose his ass and hole to Mac.

Mac licked his lips. The smell was so thick now. Every breath seemed to insinuate itself into his skull, fogging up his brain, making it hard to think of anything other than getting more.

Before he could really consider what he was doing, Mac grabbed Harvey’s legs and pushed them even wider apart. He traced his thumbs over the straps of the jock that were framing the thick asscheeks very nicely. He leaned down and buried his nose as deeply inside Harvey’s fat ass as he could and took a deep breath.

The assault of the scent of Harvey’s ass on Mac’s sense of smell was mind-blowing. His mouth watered and, somehow, he knew that he could get more and more of that delicious scent if he made Harvey hotter and more turned on.

Licking his lips, Mac swiped his tongue along the twitching rosebud, savoring the little shiver that swept down Harvey’s body, and the quiet little moan that escaped Harvey’s lips. Harvey’s noises only encouraged him, making him bolder and bolder, going from swirling his tongue tentatively at the entrance to repeatedly stabbing it in and out of the twitching, fluttering hole.

Mac couldn’t get enough of the taste of Harvey, either. He moaned, so turned on that his cock was pushing out the pouch of his jockstrap in an obscene tent. He bucked his hips into the empty air, rubbing the head of his cock into the inside of the pouch and moaning as he slurped on Harvey’s tight, pink hole.

It felt so right for Mac to be between Harvey’s legs that he resisted with all his might when he felt a hand on top of his head pushing him away. He gripped Harvey’s thighs tightly, but ultimately Harvey proved stronger and managed to push him off.

Mac fell onto his back. He wanted to say something, but words were difficult. All he could muster was a whine. "Here, boy," said Harvey, crawling backward over Mac until his ass was hovering just above Mac’s face. "This is what you need, right?" he said, as he planted his ass on top of Mac’s face.

Mac was all too happy to resume what he had been doing. He was so enthralled by eating Harvey’s ass that he didn’t even notice or resist when Harvey pulled his legs up into the air. The only reaction Mac had was when Harvey’s hot breath wafted over his twitching virgin hole.

The moment that Harvey’s tongue touched the fluttering fuckhole, Mac’s cock exploded in his jockstrap. Cum beaded through the cotton and dripped onto his stomach as the orgasm rippled through his body, centered on his hole.

Mac could only moan and groan as Harvey’s tongue plunged deeper and deeper inside of him. It felt so, so good. Somehow getting his ass eaten out made eating ass out so much better.

It was in that position, tongues stuffed up each other’s assholes, that the sun found Mac and Harvey the next morning.

Though Mac tried his best to hold on to his old job, the allure of ass was too strong. He spent every waking moment thinking of eating ass, of getting his ass eaten, and it obliterated his productivity. He was let go, but he didn’t much mind as he quickly found work at Harvey’s company.

Outsiders might not have seen Harvey’s new position as the most respectable kind of work, but he was perfectly happy to do it. He was installed at one of DIQ’s affiliate leather clubs as a semi-permanent rim seat fixture, eating ass all day long.

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