Donny wishes his husband could stay home and play with him a lot more. His big bubble butt could always use a bit of roughing up.

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Donny nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the light touch of a couple of fingers tracing the curve of his big bubble butt while a cool cascade of water washed the pool’s chlorine off his tight little body. Donny let out a little moan and a vapid giggle as he looked over his shoulder to see who had come to play with him.

"Hey cutie," said the low, baritone voice of Donny’s husband Leo. The deep, authoritative richness of his tone sent tingles down Donny’s spine and right into his hole. He hadn’t expected that his husband would be home today, and the thought of what might come of it excited him.

"Babe!" Donny exclaimed, with a broad grin splitting his face. His modest little member was jutting out between his legs. He didn’t do much thinking of his own these days, and much less when he was horny, which was whenever another man so much as showed a little interest in him.

It wasn’t like Donny could help the reaction, either. Leo wasn’t home very often these days, which meant that Donny didn’t get to express his deep, undying love for Leo’s beercan-thick, foot-long cock nearly as much as he wanted to.

Donny shut off the water to the shower and turned to hug Leo, but his big, muscular husband held him at arm’s length with ease. Donny giggled. "Don’t want to get wet, babe?" he said, chuckling under his breath.

"Look at me," said Leo. He was wearing an impeccable business suit, perfectly fitted to his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and rock-hard musculature. In comparison, the only thing Donny was wearing was a thin white shirt that was practically transparent wet, revealing his thick muscle tits and abs. "Does this look like the kind of thing I would wear if I wanted to get wet?" said Leo.

"I just missed you," said Donny, with a little pout. Come to think of it, he didn’t remember how long it had been since he last saw Leo. He didn’t remember many things these days, but that was okay. He didn’t need to remember most things. Thinking was too hard for him, anyway.

"I’m sorry, babe," said Leo. "But you know I have to work."

Donny didn’t really get the whole work thing. Not anymore, anyway. Leo told him he used to do work, real smart stuff like what Leo did but he couldn’t imagine spending all day sitting in one of those large offices pushing buttons on a keyboard. Maybe if he had a nice big dildo to bounce on he would be able to do it, but Leo had told him that wasn’t the way things worked.

Leo said that Donny used to be one of the smartest people ever, but Donny found that hard to imagine. Most of the time his head was filled with fluffy pink clouds and all the silly little thoughts that he got popped away like delicate bubbles. Maybe that was what happened to all his smarts, popped like a bubble and gone forever.

Donny giggled to himself, his modest endowment twitching between his legs. He didn’t know why but it was so hot to imagine being a super smart person and then suddenly being all dumb and horny and stupid like he was.

"I don’t see why you think it’s so funny," said Leo, though the small twitch in the corner of his lips betrayed his amusement. "If I didn’t go to work, we wouldn’t have this nice beachfront property where I can let you loose to play all day. We’d lose the house"

Donny giggled again. It was all just so silly to him. Leo kept saying that whenever he asked about why he was working, but it just made no sense to Donny. As far as he could tell a house was a pretty big thing. He was pretty sure it was impossible to lose something like that.

"But I want to play with you," Donny whined. He was super horny. He needed to be stuffed soon or else he was going to go crazy. He’d already spent a long time since this morning getting his hole teased by the water in the swimming pool.

Fortunately for Donny, though he didn’t have the smarts that Leo had, he still had a secret weapon. He pulled away from his husband and lowered sank to his hands and knees, facing away from Leo.

Donny lowered his chest to the tiled floor of the shower stall, hiking his legs apart while he arched his back and pushed out his hips to make his thick, fat bubble butt jut out past the threshold of the shower stall at Leo. "Do you really have to go?" he said, in the lowest, sultriest voice that he could manage.

"Ah. Alright. Fine. You win," said Leo. Danny felt hands on his ass, squeezing, and kneading each fat, jiggly cheek. Leo spit on his crack and he shivered as the hot, slippery spit trickled down over his hole. "You’re such a greedy little bitch."

Donny giggled, and then moaned, as he felt Leo’s thumb rubbing back and forth over his pucker. His insides felt warm and tingly as his fuckhole quivered at the touch. Another deep, guttural sound escaped him as his inner walls fluttered and pushed a glob of hot slick out of his hole.

Something cold, hard, and with a rounded point pressed up against Donny’s hole. He knew, by heart, what every single one of his sex toys felt like, and this one was a big metal plug with a genuine emerald embedded in the base.

Donny’s cock twitched as the plug pressed into him, slick trickling past it as his hole stretched around the metal bulb. It settled in with a quiet pop as his ring closed around the neck of the plug. "Stay here while I get into something more appropriate," said Leo.

"Appropriate." It was a big word, and Donny didn’t really do big words too well anymore. He wasn’t sure exactly what his husband meant, but he at least understood the command to stay.

While he was waiting, Donny swayed his ass from side to side and worked over the plug that had been shoved inside of him. The movement jostled the metal against his prostate, making him keen with pleasure. It felt so good Donny just kept doing it, moaning and panting against the floor as he wiggled and bucked his rump into the air. He was so lost in the sensations that he didn’t notice Leo arriving until he felt a sharp smack against his ass.

"God, you’re such a horny little slut, aren’t you, babe?" said Leo. Donny moaned as he felt Leo’s hands on his ass, palming him, molesting his thick, meaty cheeks. "I can’t imagine how you were ever a respectable businessman when you had this little cockhead inside you all along."

Donny didn’t know what Leo was talking about, but it sounded dirty, and made him feel good. He giggled, shaking his ass in Leo’s hands. "Fuck me," he breathed. "Put your big cock inside me, babe. Please."

A low grunt escaped Donny as Leo roughly twisted the plug before pulling it out, but he didn’t complain when he felt the hot, blunt head of Leo’s cock right on his entrance. It pushed into him with ease, his hole relaxing, and his slick making sure it was slippery enough to enter.

Donny moaned, his fingers uselessly scrabbling across the tiles as Leo’s massive cock sank inch by delicious inch into his slippery fuckhole. "Are you still wearing those pretty pink speedos I gave you?" said Leo, his thumbs tracing over the tanlines that the speedo had left on Donny’s ass.

"Y-Yeah," Donny stammered. He felt so full and so good. Leo’s cock was absolutely the best. Well, any cock in his butt was absolutely the best compared to all the other cocks he didn’t have in his butt. But Leo’s cock was the best of the best. "but it’s uncomfortable…"

"I can imagine," said Leo, slowly pumping his hips back and forth. The sensation of his cock head rubbing against Donny’s prostate made Donny’s empty little head short-circuit, making it next to impossible to think any coherent thoughts that didn’t have to do with cock or with getting fucked. "I think your ass has gotten even bigger since I bought it for you."

"You think so?" said Donny. He loved hearing Leo praise his ass. It made him feel all warm and tingly inside, and made him hot and wet in his pants. "Do you like it?"

"Of course I like it, dumbass," said Leo. He leaned over Donny’s body and threaded his fingers in Donny’s short black locks. "It’s so big and soft and around. It’s perfectly fuckable."

Donny moaned, a wave of arousal crashing over him as his insides fluttered and spasmed. The orgasm hit him hard and without warning, his eyes fluttering closed as he let out a long, low moan against the floor. Slick gushed out of his hole, splattering across Leo’s thighs.

"I want you to stop wearing the speedos," said Leo. "I want to see your whole ass nice and golden like the rest of your body. Do you understand?"

Donny couldn’t answer. Leo was pounding him, hard, making it impossible to string together words. He could only nod, orgasm after orgasm crashing over him until he got lost in one long loop of pleasure that never seemed to end.

Leonardo watched Donny head down to the shore from the master’s bedroom balcony that overlooked the beach. Donny’s daddy had arrived to take his husband off his hands, which meant he could get back to work sooner rather than later. He had thoroughly enjoyed Donny’s ass, multiple times, but having a controlling stake in two multinational corporations was a lot of work.

The world had changed a lot since the Bubble Boy Virus first made the news, and although many things remained the same, society itself had been fundamentally altered, having to be built back up around a new class of helplessly stupid, sexed-up sluts with an insatiable thirst for cock.

Leonardo’s fingers drifted down from his neck to his chest, tracing across the firm muscle before tweaking his nipple. He’d been Leonora in the wold world, Donny’s wife, every bit as successful as Donny had been.

When the virus swept through and upended their lives, Donny turned into a twink with a fat ass and an empty head. Leonardo, on the other hand, put on a couple dozen pounds of pure muscle, gained a few inches of height, and grew a massive cock between his legs where there had once been a pussy.

Leonardo had to admit, it took some time getting used to being a man, but he liked it. He never felt quite as powerful as when he had his monster stuffed inside Donny, whose prodigious endowment had shrunken into a little nub that spent most of its time being ignored for his fat ass.

The buzzing sound coming from the nightstand meant that work was calling for Leonardo, but he figured it could wait. He wanted to see what Donny and his daddy were going to get up to. If he knew his new husband well, Donny would probably be trying to sunbathe on his stomach to get the perfect even tan that Leonardo had asked him to get. At the same time, Leonardo had every reason to suspect that Donny was going to do something stupid to screw it up.

Donny’s daddy spread a blanket out on the sand. Moments later, Donny was naked and spread eagled on it, his perky ass soaking in the sunlight. While Leonardo watched, Donny looked at his daddy and said something, which led to Donny’s daddy clambering over Donny and fucking him right there on the beach.

Leonardo chuckled and turned away. Of course, Donny wouldn’t be able to resist a cock when it was nearby and available. He was looking forward to explaining why the tanning didn’t work as he suspected Donny would spend the whole time "tanning" with his daddy’s shadow over the place that he wanted to tan.

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