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Hey Pink Fairy,

I got assigned to share a suite with a couple of other guys at college this year. It is a pretty standard set up — we each have a small room for sleeping and studying with a common living area and bathroom to share.

The problem is my roommates, Brad and Zack. I just don’t mesh with them. I mean, I get it on some level. We don’t have a lot in common. They’re both jocks — tall, muscular, handsome, popular. And straight.

I’m fit, but kind of short and not terribly athletic. And I’m more of an intellectual. Me being gay hasn’t been too much of an issue for them, except…they’ve kind of made it clear that they don’t want me around much.

They treat our living area like their own private space so there is little space left for me or my stuff. They totally control the TV and gaming. And they even stop talking as soon as I enter the room, and sit there awkwardly until I finish what I’m doing and leave. I pretty quickly gave up any idea of hanging out with them, using the space, or…you know…having any kind of a relationship with either of them.

I have to be honest, they both make pretty nice eye candy. But I can’t even really enjoy that because I don’t want them to think I’m perving on them and give them even more of a reason to make things awkward around our place.

Truthfully, I’m getting kind of annoyed at the situation and being crammed in my little room all the time. I don’t need to crush on them, or be best friends with them or anything. I just wish they’d want to have me around more.

I sure could use your help.


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Click. Click. Click. The way the nib of his pen popped in and out of the plastic casing was only marginally more interesting than the failed attempt at studying he’d been plugging away at for the better part of an hour.

The boredom wasn’t anything new. These days, it felt like Josh spent most of his time doing nothing noteworthy, cooped up in his room. It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing that Josh disliked—he appreciated his alone time—but the context of his isolation was starting to grate on his nerves.

Josh had never been the most social person, that much was true. He simply found it exhausting to be around other people all the time. His current self-imposed exile to his room, however, wasn’t really his own fault—nor was it entirely voluntary.

The people to blame were Josh’s two roommates, Brad and Zack, two meathead jocks that somehow managed to get by in university despite skipping most of their classes and spending most days watching football games on the television or console games. The two hadn’t been overtly hostile, but they hadn’t been the most hospitable, either. If anything, it was clear they didn’t want Josh screwing up whatever "vibe" they had going on.

Though he’d seen the movies, Josh hadn’t thought jocks could be so inconsiderate. The jocks at his high school had been nice enough. They were the primary reason he managed to remain fit despite spending most of his time studying, and he was the reason most of them graduated from high school at all.

Brad and Zack, on the other hand, acted like Josh was invisible. To be more precise, they acted like they wanted Josh to be invisible. They hadn’t done anything to him, but he imagined it was only a matter of time before he got on their nerves and one of the two picked him up and snapped him in half.

Josh got the sense that he was increasingly unwelcome in the common areas of the suite. The guys didn’t say anything, but it was clear what they wanted, and that was him to be out of their lives. Whenever he got in, either at the end of the day or during his free time, they would stare at him until he either left or went to his room.

To make matters worse, Brad and Zack were slowly pushing Josh out of the living area. He’d been the first to get there and had been considerate enough to set up his console on the TV drawer only to find it unplugged and on his bed when he got home after Brad and Zack moved in.

Whatever the case, Josh was just lucky the two hadn’t decided to get physical yet. Either would have been able to kill him with their bare hands. As hot as the two were, he couldn’t admire them, either. They were bad enough as it was. He could only imagine how much worse they would be if they caught wind that he was gay.

Josh was sick of it, though. He was sick of feeling like a stranger in what was supposed to be, ostensibly, his home away from home. He glared at the stupid action movie playing on his laptop and snapped it shut. He hadn’t been paying it any attention since it started.

Fuming silently, Josh glared at the door at what he imagined to be the backs of the two jocks’ heads. His calculus lay open and forgotten on his desk, the flimsy attempt at studying having been abandoned for lack of motivation.

Josh always had the option of going to the housing authority and loiding a complaint about the two jocks, but Josh felt as if that would be making a mountain out of a molehill. It wasn’t like he could get reassigned to another suite at this point in the term, anyway. The residences were probably full to the rafters as it was.

Josh didn’t have it in him to do something to drive the jocks away, either. Not only wasn’t it in his nature, he feared reprisal.

It seemed that the only thing Josh could really do was grin and bear his circumstances despite the enormous burden on his shoulders. The only problem was that he didn’t know if he could last that long feeling invisible in his own home.

Josh didn’t have any other option. He had to turn to the internet. It probably wasn’t the best place to seek advice, but it was the only place that he had if he didn’t want to sound like a total pansy. It was the only place he knew for sure wouldn’t tell him that he needed to either grow a spine or that he needed to just deal with it.

While it was well known that Josh didn’t have many real-life friends, one area where he didn’t lack was in the number of his online friends. He was part of multiple online communities, recreational ones, creative ones, and, indeed, even adult ones. He wasn’t ashamed to explore his sexuality.

Josh cast a wide net, fishing for tips and advice but most of what he got back was stuff he’d thought of but wasn’t willing to do. Some of it was outright illegal, which was entirely out of the question. Others just offered their condolences and commiserations which he appreciated but didn’t help him.

It wasn’t until a few days later that one of Josh’s friends he’d met through a kink website pinged him about some rumors going around the ‘net. Supposedly they’d been around for quite a while, and everyone close to the source of the rumors seemed convinced that they were true.

Josh wasn’t the kind of person to believe in the supernatural, but since he had no other leads, there was no harm to be done in pursuing that one. He thanked his friend and followed the trail where it would take him, to a strange corner of the dark web, to forums that seemed to take the supernatural a little bit too seriously.

At first, Josh thought it was all just roleplay, people pretending to be werewolves, or vampires, or demons, looking for tips from one another as to how to best fit in with society, and other, more mundane things such as cosmetic care and hygiene. One of the most active parts of the forum was downright pornographic, which wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was filled with pictures of guys so fantastical Josh was convinced they were photoshopped at first.

No amount of rationalizing on Josh’s part could explain away the flawless verisimilitude of the photos posted to the forum, however, and soon he ended up getting lost down the rabbit hole. The stories all had similar threads, of bullies, or bigots, or assholes, getting their comeuppance and getting turned into cock-hungry sluts by the intervention of an entity known as the Pink Fairy.

The kind of miracle that the Pink Fairy could work was exactly what Josh needed to solve his problem. He had his reservations, and, of course, took everything with a grain of salt, but it was hard to deny the mountain of evidence staring him right in the face.

It took a little bit of digging, but Josh was eventually able to turn up an email address that he could allegedly use to get a message through to the Pink Fairy. He was a bit worried about the "price" that people kept talking about in the textual equivalent of hushed tones, but was near enough to his wit’s end that he thought the chance of success was well worth whatever price he would end up having to pay.

Josh didn’t expect anything to come of the email as he sent it off, but there was a small part of him that held out a vain hope that he was right and everything on the forum was true. He tempered his expectations, however, not wanting to be too disappointed if nothing changed.

Zack was unaware of the message Josh had sent just a few days prior—the message that would change his life forever. All he knew was that things didn’t feel quite right when he woke up.

It was a pleasant enough day. The sun was shining through the blinds on his windows, Zack had forgotten to close the night before. Birds were chirping pleasantly on the branches of the tree just outside. The air was pleasantly cool and he felt like he’d just had the best sleep of his life and yet he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different about him.

Ever since Zack was young, people had been saying that he had been born a few brain cells short of his shoe size, but today he felt particularly fuzzy in the head. He didn’t know why that was, just that he was sure he hadn’t gone on any serious benders with his friends the previous evening.

Then again, Zack couldn’t think of any other reason why his brain would feel so hazy, especially if he’d just had a pretty good sleep. It didn’t matter too much, though. Zack didn’t do too much thinking so it wasn’t that much of a bother to have a head that felt stuffed full of cotton.

Zack stretched his thick meaty arms over his head as he yawned. As he lowered them back down he traced his fingers over the firm muscles of his pecs, the feather-light touch leaving trails of tingling heat over his sensitive skin.

A low groan escaped Zack’s lips as his fingers dipped past his pecs and over his cobbled abs. He wished he could remember last night’s dream. Even just the brief glimpses that he could recall were making him so fucking horny.

Zack rubbed the area just above his cock and moaned. Flashes were all he had left of the dream. Hot, jiggling asses impaled on thick cocks. Perfectly plump cocksucking lips wrapped around juicy balls filled with thick, virile cum.

Zack’s fingers floundered as he reached between his legs to give his cock a few strokes. Where the thick meat of his raging erection should have been was just empty air. His fingers wrapped around nothing, and when he tossed the blankets off his naked body to look down at himself, he saw that his prodigious endowment had shrunken down to the size of a peanut, and his balls had become like peas.

A moan, an octave higher than Zack’s throat was used to, escaped him. He rubbed his fingers up and down the sides of his little shaft, which seemed far more sensitive than his earlier size.

However much Zack tried to get off, he couldn’t bring himself past that exquisite edge of pleasure. The tension coiled in his stomach, the orgasm building in his crotch, making his cock tingle, tantalizingly in reach, but despite his best efforts, he couldn’t take himself up and over that edge.

With a grunt, Zack pulled his hand away from his new cocklet and pushed himself up off the bed. He approached the full-length mirror in the corner of the room and looked at himself. His cock was pathetically tiny and looked even smaller compared to the large, swollen body that it was attached to.

Zack couldn’t help but feel as if he ought to have felt more strongly about the loss of his size but he felt largely indifferent to it. More important was the weird tingling that he felt in his ass. He did a little half turn and looked over his shoulder at the reflection of his ass, which was bigger than he remembered.

There wasn’t anything there, as far as Zack could tell, but his hole itched like all hell. He reached behind him and rubbed his fingers up and down along his crack. It felt good. So good that he couldn’t resist the little moan that came up his throat.

Zack spent a few minutes rubbing his hole until the itch moved further up inside him. His fingers pressed up against his hole but were met with resistance. He managed to get just his index finger inside and it felt good, but it didn’t reach the itch.

A low, disappointed groan escaped Zack as he pulled his finger out of his ass. He didn’t understand what was going on. Maybe if he talked to his bro about it, the two of them could figure it out. Between the two of them they had enough brain cells to be bigger than their shoe size… or at least Zack hoped they did.

The door banged against the wall as Zack practically ripped it open. He stepped out of his bedroom without giving a second thought to his nudity. It didn’t feel particularly out of place. It felt quite natural to walk around naked in the common area of the suite.

Just as Zack was about to push open the door to Brad’s room, it opened on its own. Brad was standing on the other side, just as naked, just as swollen with muscle, and just as unmanned as he was. "Bro…" said Brad, his voice lower and duller than it usually was, which was saying something.

"Bro…" said Zack, eyes wide as he looked Brad up and down. His little cocklet twitched. It had never really occurred to him just how physically attractive his bro was, and now… "It happened to you, too!"

"Dude, that’s crazy!" said Brad. He took a step forward and tentatively reached out for Zack’s chest. "You got bigger too, bro!" he said, his fingers hovering less than a quarter of an inch off Zack’s skin.

"I know, right? Dude, are you freaking out about this?" said Zack, gesturing down at the dinky little thing between his legs. "Our schlongs are missing!" he said, though the exclamation didn’t contain any urgency or alarm.

"Nah, bro," said Brad, taking another step forward. "Do you think we should?" he said.

Looking into Brad’s eyes, all Zack could think about was how pretty they looked and how dry his mouth and throat felt. He let out a little moan as Brad’s fingers touched his chest, sending a surge of heat throughout his body.

Brad’s eyes widened as Zack took a step forward. A pregnant silence hung between them, the air thick with tension. "I’m so fucking horny, bro," said Brad. His little cock was hard as a rock and gently poking Zack’s muscular thigh. It was so small Zack could barely even feel it.

"And you’re so fucking hot," breathed Zack. For a moment they stared into each other’s eyes until the tension broke and they came crashing together in a sloppy, sizzling kiss. Zack moaned into Brad’s mouth. "Oh, fuck, bro, this is so hot," he said, humping his crotch into Brad’s leg as his arms tangled behind his bro’s head.

The two jocks sank to the floor, moaning into each other’s mouths as lust and arousal, unlike anything they’d experienced before, overtook them. Zack felt as if he was going to burn up from the inside out, his tiny peanut cock aching between his legs as he rubbed his hands all over Brad’s swollen, muscular body.

Brad’s thick meaty fingers roaming over his pecs, squeezing them and kneading them like two mounds of dough, sent electric shocks of pleasure up Zack’s spine and elicited low moans from his lips.Zack felt like every nerve ending in his body was lighting up with exquisite pleasure and still he needed more.

Zack smacked his lips. His mouth was dry. It was a strange thought, but he felt like he needed a dick to suck. "Dude, this is going to be a little weird…" Zack murmured, as he pulled away from the sizzling kiss.

"But you want to suck my nub?" whispered Brad, his eyes wide, shining with something strange and inscrutable.

Zack’s little cocklet twitched between his legs. He and his bro were meant to be together. They were so in sync. "Yeah, bro…" he breathed.

With not another word said between the two of them, Zack and Brady changed their position. Brady, the smaller of the two, laid on top of Zack with his knees on either side of Zack’s head, and his mouth clamped tightly over Zack’s tiny little nub.

The hot wetness of Zack’s mouth wrapped around his bro’s little member. He moaned. It tasted salty on his tongue and leaked a steady trickle of pre-cum into his mouth. The sensation of sucking his bro’s dick while being sucked by his bro sent thrills of pleasure down Zack’s spine but ultimately proved inadequate to satiate the need that he felt gnawing at his insides.

Josh woke feeling far more energetic than he had been in years. His eyes drifted open and he stifled a yawn. Though he’d been so nervous the previous night, after sending the email to the Pink Fairy, the sleep he’d just had was the best of his life.

Muscles Josh had never known he had rippled as he stretched his arms over his head. His body wasn’t just lighter and stronger than he remembered, it was bigger, too. Not to an obscene degree, but he certainly felt a lot meatier than he recalled. His thick new ass lifted his entire lower body an inch or so higher on the bed than his old one did.

There was a solid thump against the floor when Josh swung his legs over the side of the bed, and he nearly catapulted himself into the opposite wall when he pushed himself up off the mattress. The last of the blanket fell off him, revealing a tight washboard stomach and a package much larger than he remembered.

A surge of alien confidence filled Josh. He flexed for the mirror in the corner of the room and felt his cock twitch as it filled with blood. It rose to full hardness, throbbing insistently between his legs as a haze of pleasure draped over his mind. He let out a low moan as he traced his hands down the side of his firm pec and squeezed a nipple, a glob of pre-cum beading at the tip of his cock.

Josh felt like he hadn’t cum in weeks. The large, pendulous balls that swung under his erection felt full of thick, gooey cum. He could only imagine that this was the magic the Pink Fairy worked—though he couldn’t quite conceive of why his cock had to swell so much as a result.

Seeing as he didn’t have any clothes that would fit his new body, and he had a strong hankering for coffee, Josh thought to himself, "Fuck it. I’ll go out there naked." Truth be told, he was also interested to see if the Pink Fairy had done anything to his roommates, too.

The way the suite was set-up meant that Josh’s room was behind the TV, right across from the sofa. As soon as he stepped out, he saw Brad and Zack on the couch. Both were naked and flustered, cheeks pink as their broad chests rose and fell with heavy breaths.

A strange chill traveled down Josh’s spine the moment he saw what the two jocks had between their legs. They were so small. The sight of the humiliatingly tiny penises, both hard as a rock and dripping with pre-cum, made Josh’s enormous endowment throb.

The fog floating around in Josh’s head grew thicker as his legs carried him forward, unbidden. A small smirk tugged at the corners of his lips as the two jocks glared at him, at first, hostile as ever, followed by their jaws dropping at the sight of the mighty slab of man-meat between his legs.

"G-Good morning, Josh…" Zack breathed, his eyes solidly fixated on the space between Josh’s thighs.

"Y-Yeah. Holy shit… You’re lookin’ good today, bro…" said Brad, the little-dicked jock licking his lips as Josh approached. "A-Anything you need, bro?" he whispered.

Zack glanced at Brad, his chest rising and falling rapidly as the flush on his face deepened. "Y-Yeah… Come sit on the couch here with us, bro," he said. "W-We’ll get you anything you want."

The attention the two jocks were lavishing him with was far more arousing than Josh expected. It made him feel powerful, in control. He flexed his cock for the two, making it bounce up and down, and felt pleasure surge up his spine as the two moaned at the sight.

The power, the attention, the lust was intoxicating. The initial reluctance Josh felt faded to nothing as his head got even foggier, his thoughts clouded by arousal. He walked over to the couch and planted himself between the two jocks, laying both arms over the backrest of the couch.

For a good little while, Josh just basked in Brad and Zack’s hungry looks. It felt good to be the one in charge of the situation for once. His cock was hard, ramrod-straight, sticking out of his crotch like a pillar of meat glistening with pre-cum. "Why don’t you touch it?" he said, the words leaping to his lips before he could even think about what he was saying.

The brush of Zack’s skin against his shaft sent a bolt of electricity surging right up Josh’s spine. Zack’s hesitation was overcome by curiosity, then, lust. His fingers wrapped around Josh’s girth, barely able to close around it, and he let out a low groan as he squeezed it.

It didn’t take long for Brad to join in on the fun, more than enough length to Josh’s new cock for him to add his hand to the throbbing, aching shaft. Josh grunted and thrust his hips as the two jocks slowly stroked their hands in unison across his length. It felt good, so good, but if he wanted to be stroked off he would have just masturbated on his own.

"Give it a taste," said Josh, lust taking over as he placed a hand on both jocks’ shoulders.

That prompting was all that it took for Zack and Brad to attack his cock with gusto. Josh leaned his head and draped his arms over the back of the couch as Brad and Zack worked their mouths up and down his cock, taking turns to suck him off and play with his balls.

As he lay back enjoying the sensations, Josh could feel certain things slipping away from him. Academic knowledge, math, science, silly memories he had no use for all seemed to be melting away, dripping right out of his head and pooling in his balls as his cum churned.

Tension built in the pit of Josh’s stomach as he approached the edge. Zack and Brad were clumsy with the way that they shared his cock, but they were at least effective. Their lips and tongues running up and down the sides of his throbbing member sent him closer and closer and closer to the edge until, with little warning other than a low, guttural groan, he went over.

Josh’s cock swelled and pulsed. He thrust his hips forward and moaned as thick white cum sprayed out of the tip of his cock, splattering all over the faces of the two jocks. He let out a low, dull chuckle as he felt all the smarts he once had in his head drain out through his cum, forever wasted on the faces of the two jocks that had made his life a living hell.

To say that their relationship improved afterward would have been an understatement. Brad and Zack never wanted Josh or his huge, beautiful cock out of their sight, and Josh never wanted to be away from his two muscle sluts for too long. With fewer brain cells than a hand of bananas, it was inevitable that the three got kicked out of university.

Between the three of them, and the help of a nerdy top who got to use them for free whenever he wanted, they managed to set up a successful camming business. It managed to get them a relatively cushy apartment they could spend the rest of their days being horny meatheads, which was more than any of their peers expected.

It wasn’t exactly the kind of life Josh would have envisioned for himself, but it wasn’t like he knew any better. He was happy. He was horny. And even if he didn’t know many things anymore, it wasn’t exactly a big deal as long as he had his two equally dumb sluts by his side.

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