Stocking Stuffer

Nico’s been a bad boy, putting work over Christmas cheer. Luckily, Daddy Klaus is paying close attention and is more than willing to correct this oversight.

"I’m really, really sorry, baby, but you know I can’t afford to miss this meeting," said Nico, as he slid his feet into the supple leather shoes that went fantastically well with the charcoal slacks and dark suit jacket. "There isn’t really such a thing as a Christmas Holiday in the business world." At least, not in the business world that Nico’s father had raised him in.

Growing up, Nico had resented how strict and perfectionist his father was. Now that he was running his own branch of the company, he was starting to appreciate the diligence, determination, and discipline that the old man had taught him.

Tucking a stray lock of his inky black hair behind his ear, Nico glanced at the reflection of his husband, William. Will was reclining on their bed, naked, with the blankets loosely draped over his lower half. His bright blue eyes shone with hurt, and his perfectly plump lips were fixed in a small pout.

Nico sighed. His own olive-green eyes looked weary in the mirror. Truth be told he wouldn’t have minded staying home with William all day, given the season, but it just wasn’t an option.

"I know, I know," said Nico. "Every year I keep saying this holiday it’s going to be different… But it’s not exactly my fault. Dad’s the one that keeps scheduling these meetings, and they’re not something I can just beg off. It’s like the old man’s got issues with Christmas."

William’s heavy exhalation made Nico’s heart ache. "It’s okay," said William, his shoulders slumping. His golden hair seemed to lose some of its luster as he laid his head on the pillow. "I get how it is. But I really wish you would stand up to him. I’m sure the rest of the board doesn’t appreciate being called in every Christmas Eve like this."

Nico shook his head. He turned around and walked to the bed, sitting down on the edge as he reached out to place his hand on top of William’s. "How? He’s got the controlling share even if the rest of us band together against him… And that’s a big if because I can count a few more fucks at least as miserly as my old man on the board."

William sighed, but said nothing. "I think we’re just going to have to live with it, baby," said Nico. He gestured around the room, at all their possessions, at the pricey property they’d managed to buy thanks to Nico’s salary. "You know I’ll do it if you ask. I’ll give it all up. The cushy condo, the steady job, the fancy lifestyle. Our future won’t be secure but at least we’ll have more time to spend together."

"No," said William. He tangled his fingers in Nico’s. "I don’t really want to give this all up, either… I just wish we could have the best parts without all the bad parts. I know that’s a pretty silly wish and I know we can’t have everything we want, but still…"

It wasn’t until half an hour to midnight that Nico got back to the apartment. He’d been feeling like crap all day, and it only got worse when he quickly peeked into the kitchen and saw the dinner that William had laid out for them. All the food was covered, but so far seemed untouched.

Nico wanted to cry as he walked to the master bedroom. He eased the door open. "William?" he whispered. The only response he got was the even sound of William’s breathing. His husband was asleep. "I’m sorry," he whispered, as he stripped off his clothes and slipped into bed next to his husband.

Exhausted was the only word that could truly describe how Nico felt. The whole day had been physically and mentally draining. Coming home and knowing how miserable he’d made his husband feel was an emotional punch to the gut that only piled on top of everything else.

Even though he’d had nothing else to eat, Nico resigned himself to going to bed without a single bite of the meal William had laid out. His hunger was to be his penance. It was the least he could do to make amends.

For a few minutes, Nico stayed up, wracking his brain for how he would make it up to William without seeming shallow and materialistic. He’d scarcely started to drift off when he heard a sound from the living room that jolted him back to wakefulness.

Nico’s eyes shot open in the darkness. He listened closely, his heart pounding in his chest. He hoped the sound had just come from something falling off their tree, but he could distinctly hear heavy footsteps coming from the living room.

"William," Nico said. He tapped his husband on the shoulder to wake him up, and when that didn’t work, shook him. "Someone’s here," he said, but unfortunately, William didn’t stir.

"Fuck," Nico breathed. It wasn’t really much of a surprise. When William got deep into sleep, he was pretty much dead to the world. It would have been nice to have back-up, but it looked like he would have to go it alone, at least for now.

As quietly as he could, Nico crept to the en-suite closet to retrieve the metal bat he kept there for just such a scenario. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves and recall the extensive training he’d received in the art of self-defense.

Slowly, Nico slipped out of the master bedroom. He dragged his fingers lightly along the wall as he made his way down the corridor to the living room.

What Nico found there wasn’t what he was expecting at all. Lounging on the couch with his arms draped over the backrest and his legs spread wide was the biggest, meatiest bear—in the gay sense—he’d ever seen in his life. He was so shocked that he nearly dropped the bat he was carrying.

Everything the man was wearing was some shade of red with white and gold highlights like the leather cap that rested on his head. It had white trim and gold studs. The man wore nothing on his chest but for a red leather harness with a white outline and a gold metal ring over his heart that the straps were attached to.

The man had a proper set of tits, thick, firm, and round with muscle. The dark, rock-hard nubs of his nipples looked luscious in the dim light shining from the Christmas tree in the corner. Involuntarily, Nico licked his lips as he drew his gaze along the thick, bulging muscles of the man’s arms.

The man’s stomach was swollen, not with fat, but with muscle. Despite the bulk of it, Nico could still see the outline of a six-pack under the heavy pelt of coarse hair that covered the man’s torso.

The tree-trunk thighs that were spread wide open on the couch were clad in red leather crotch-less and ass-less chaps with a white belt that had a golden buckle. Under the chaps, the man wore a red leather jockstrap with white edging and a golden tribal Christmas tree print across the front of the pouch.

To round off the leather daddy look was a pair of red leather boots that were almost entirely red but for the trim just above the sole, which was white, and the holes for the laces, which were gold.

"W-Who the fuck are you?" said Nico, once he was done staring.

"You can call me Daddy Klaus," said the man, the corner of his lip twitching into a smirk. "And I think you’ve been a naughty boy this year, Nico. Good boys celebrate Christmas the way they’re meant to—stuffing their partners or getting stuffed."

"What… What the fuck are you talking about?" said Nico, loosening his grip on the bat. He didn’t even question the fact that "Daddy Klaus" knew his name. He was enough of a public figure he could think of a hundred different ways this stranger might have figured out who he was.

"I’m saying that I’m disappointed," said Daddy Klaus. "I would have thought that now you had money and the luxury to live life as you want to, you would spend your Christmas days making your husband happy. I’ve given you enough chances. I think it’s time I teach you a lesson."

Daddy Klaus lowered one of his arms from the backrest of the couch. He crooked his finger toward Nico in a come-hither gesture. When Nico didn’t move, Daddy Klaus frowned. He mimed the motion of throwing something powdery in Nico’s direction and glittering golden snowflakes materialized in a faint curling stream that curled around Nico.

"Come here and let Daddy Klaus take a good look at you, boy," said Daddy Klaus. He crooked his finger again, and this time, Nico felt his legs move of their own accord. His feet walked him to the couch, planting him right in front of Daddy Klaus, between the big guy’s legs.

Nico shivered as Daddy Klaus ran his coarse, calloused hands over the sides of his naked torso. Where Daddy Klaus’ fingers went, slightly numb tingling trails of heat followed across his skin. As strange as the situation was, Nico couldn’t help the arousal pooling in his stomach, making his cock twitch to life in his tight boxer-briefs.

"Mmm… You’re certainly a pretty boy, aren’t you? It’s just such a shame that you’re so obsessed with proving to your dad that you can be a good businessman to love Christmas the way you were always meant to," rumbled Daddy Klaus, flashing a toothy grin up at Nico as his broad fingers trailed down along the rock-hard cobbles of Nico’s stomach.

"I think I know how we can fix that," said Daddy Klaus. Nico dreaded to think what that meant. As a child, Nico had believed that true magic existed, but adulthood had quickly beaten that notion out of him. Now, he had witnessed ineluctable proof that it was real, and the possibilities of what Daddy Klaus could do to him were endless. "But first… It looks like my boy is hungry… Would you like some candy?"

Despite his misgivings, Nico found himself nodding along. Even though Daddy Klaus was an intruder to his home, he didn’t have the will to be hostile. Daddy Klaus hadn’t done anything to warrant that kind of treatment, and if he was being honest, Nico didn’t want to be any more of a disappointment to Daddy Klaus than he already was.

Daddy Klaus waved his fingers in the air and, with a puff of glittering golden snowflakes, he conjured a classic candy cane out of thin air. It was quite big, and probably an entire meal on its own. The straight part of the cane was as long as Nico’s forearm and as thick around as his wrist.

The smell of it, stringent and minty with a faint musky undertone made Nico’s mouth water. He licked his lips as he traced the length of the cane with his eyes. It was the classic red and white, but with gold flecks embedded just under the glossy candy surface.

"Oh, I almost forgot," said Daddy Klaus, lightly tapping the bottom end of the cane with his index finger. Golden snowflakes swirled around the area as it seemed to melt and reform into the shape of a cock-head, complete with piss slit and a little trickle of glistening syrup.

Nico’s fingers trembled as Daddy Klaus gave him the candy cane. "There you go. Now be a good boy and eat up," said Daddy Klaus, with a wink.

A quiet little moan escaped Nico as his fingers touched the hard, glossy surface of the candy. It felt cool to the touch and made his fingers tingle. He held it up over his face and waited for a dollop of syrup from the tip of the cock to drip onto his tongue, moaning at the sweetness that coated his tongue.

Unable to resist the taste, Nico wrapped his lips around the cock-head and started sucking. It tasted so good. As he suckled on the bottom of the candy cane, his body flooded with heat and his cock hardened in his briefs.

"Keep sucking on that candy, boy," said Daddy Klaus. "The problem with you is that you think too much. Aren’t you tired of worrying so much? About your job? About your dad’s approval? About how you’re going to balance being an executive with being a good husband?"

Nico nodded, only half-hearing the words. The candy cane tasted unlike anything he’d ever tasted before. It was starting to melt ever so slightly in the heat of his mouth and the liquid dripping off the hard candy, leaking out the tip of the cock-head, slid down the back of his throat and spread warm tingly heat all around his body.

"Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to think so much? IF you could just be a good slutty little boy with an empty head, not having to worry about anything but pleasing his husband?" said Daddy Klaus. "That sounds like the life, doesn’t it, boy?"

"Yeth daddy," Nico moaned around the thick candy cane that was slowly sliding down the back of his throat. He had grabbed it with both hands, sliding it in and out of his mouth like a proper cock while he sucked on it.

"That’s a good boy. Well, from now on, that’s what you’re going to be," said Daddy Klaus. "A dumb, empty-headed little slut."

Nico giggled, feeling a faint but pleasant haze descend over his mind. "Dumb thlut," he gurgled, around the candy cane.

"That’s right. Dumb slut. Can you feel the way that the candy is melting in your mouth? Yeah? Good boy!" said Daddy Klaus. The praise sent a tingle of pleasure up Nico’s spine. "I want you to imagine that’s your brain. Imagine all those thoughts, all those worries, all those smarts just melting away and making you feel nice and dumb and hot and slutty."

Nico moaned. He could feel it, his brains melting, turning to mush. It was turning him on so much. "Just like that, boy. Let it all out. Let all those silly notions of being smart just melt away like candy…"

When William woke up, there was a large wool sock on his chest. It was red with white trim and little golden ornaments embroidered into the wool. He smiled and reached into it, pulling out a small box with a card attached.

The card read:

Dear William,

I heard your wish. This is just part one of my present. Put it on. It will help you enjoy part two, which is under your tree, even more.

Daddy Klaus

William ripped the wrapping off the present and opened the matte black box that was inside. Held delicately in velvet was a golden cock-ring that seemed a bit too large for William, but the moment he touched it he felt an irresistible urge to put it on.

As soon as William had both balls and his cock through the metal ring he felt an unearthly surge of arousal flood through his body. His cock got harder than it had been in years and he got to watch it grow, throbbing as it engorged with blood to about as long as his forearm and as thick as his wrist.

Eager to know what else was in store, William sprinted out of the bedroom to the living room. There, under the tree, tied up in a bright red ribbon with golden edging, was Nico, naked, hairless but for what was on top of his head, chest on the carpet, ass in the air, and stuffed at both ends with large candy-canes.

William grinned. He stepped up behind Nico, stroking his cock. A card was attached to one of Nico’s ass cheeks. "Enjoy your new slut! – Daddy Klaus."

As William pulled the candy cane out of Nico’s ass, thick globs of slick gushed out of the gaping hole, smelling faintly of peppermint. He rammed his cock into Nico with one graceful stroke as he said, looking at the Christmas Tree, "Don’t mind if I do, Daddy Klaus!"

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