Bigger, Better Daddy

Pink Fairy, lately my Daddy hasn’t been spending much time with me. I think he is self conscious about his small cock. Is there anyway to make my Daddy’s dick bigger? I would do anything for him! I just want to serve him. I think if we could make his cock bigger, me and him would be spending more time together.

I’d love to spend all my time with him.

Story Request by @daddyslittlebud

This is a rewrite of a request previously received and responded to on Tumblr.

Ollie sighed as he sat up in bed. The space beside him was already empty but still warm, the lingering presence of his daddy.

As a young gay man right out of college, Ollie had tried and failed to make meaningful relationships out of the brief flings dating apps provided. He’d almost given up on romance altogether until he met his daddy Reuben.

Things had been going well for the better part of the last six months. The only problem was that every time Ollie and Reuben had sex, the latter would become rather distant.

It was a source of consternation and anxiety for Ollie and not even the frank conversation he had with Reuben about it set his mind at ease. It turned out that Reuben was self-conscious about the size of his endowment and was afraid that he wasn’t satisfying Ollie.

While it was true that Reuben was smaller than some of the guys Ollie had slept with in the past, sex wasn’t everything. And besides, Ollie’s daddy wasn’t that small. Reuben knew how to use what he had, and knew how to use it well.

Ollie rubbed his butt. His hole was still sore from the thorough pounding it had received last night. Even so, his daddy had left for work without saying a word so it was pretty clear that the problem remained despite their conversation.

It was an issue that Ollie supposed he and his daddy would just have to work out one step at a time. He dearly wished that he could just magic Reuben’s cock bigger so that he wouldn’t be so self-conscious anymore but that obviously wasn’t an option.

Ollie sighed. His heart ached. Between work and his daddy’s insecurities around sex, he and Reuben did not spend nearly enough time together. He just wished he could be with his daddy more.

As Ollie slipped out of bed, he remembered a strange dream he’d had last night. The memory was distant and half-recalled. It frayed at the edges, as if ready to disperse at the slightest provocation.

In his mind, Ollie was back there again, in that strange place. He was in the middle of a lifeless grey city, standing at the crossing of two roads that led to nowhere. Ice-cold rain pelted his skin. The only color for miles around was the faint pink glow of a neon sign behind him and light streaming out through the front windows of the shop behind him.

Ollie remembered. The neon sign was perched above the shop door. "Desire," it spelled, in cursive. Through the large glass windows in front he saw a dazzling array of sex toys. His feet, moving of their own accord, walked him into the store.

Everything after the door opened and a bell rang was blurry. Ollie was left with the faint sensation that he’d made a deal with a strange entity. He didn’t know the terms, just that it was supposed to fulfil some sort of desire he had.

Soon thereafter, as the memory of the dream faded from Ollie’s mind like ashes in the wind, he felt a deep, aching hunger in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, just intense. Eating breakfast didn’t help.

The rest of the day was torture. Ollie’s stomach churned. He felt hot. He felt horny. When he tried to get dressed to go out on errands, his skin itched so badly it was intolerable so he chose to go without and stay at home instead.

The only way Ollie could get any peace was by putting all of his energy into other things. He focused on cleaning the house, doing chores around the place and later in the evening, preparing dinner for when his daddy came back home.

By the time Reuben arrived, Ollie was practically gagging for cock. Once all the chores were done it was all he could think about.

The moment Reuben stepped through the door, Ollie practically assaulted him. Ollie had unbuckled his daddy’s belt before Reuben could even say hi.

Ollie grabbed fistfuls of fabric and yanked the pants down. Reuben’s cock, already half-hard, flopped out and smacked Ollie in the face.

So horny that he failed to wait for permission like he was supposed to, Ollie took the head of his daddy’s cock into his mouth. He moaned out loud, sounding like a cheap whore but not bothered by it.

The taste of Reuben’s cock is heavenly on Ollie’s tongue. It was so good. It felt so right to have it in his mouth.

When Reuben recovered from the surprise of Ollie’s assault, he was quite concerned. "What’s gotten into you, baby?" he said, trying to pull Ollie off his cock to talk but the boy refused to budge.

Despite Reuben’s initial concerns, he was still a man. His body had a mind of its own. Ollie moaned in delight as he felt his daddy’s cock thicken in his mouth. It didn’t only get hard, it swelled and pulsed and throbbed on his tongue.

It didn’t take long before Reuben succumbed to the lust, too. The initial concern evaporated. He threaded his fingers through Ollie’s hair and grabbed on tight. "Oh yeah," said Reuben, rolling his hips to push his cock down Ollie’s throat, "take that cock, bitch."

Ollie moaned appreciatively. His daddy brushed a thumb over his cheek and said, "God. I’m so lucky I have a boy like you waiting for me at home. I’ve always wanted to have a dumb, cock-hungry pussyboy slut for a house boy."

Ollie could only agree as a haze of arousal descended on his mind, smothering his thoughts. If anything, he was the lucky one. He’d never expected that he would find such a strong, and confident, and dominant daddy with a big cock to do all the thinking for him since he was too dumb to do it himself.

A wet popping sound followed as Reuben pulled his cock out of Ollie’s mouth. The strange thing was that Ollie thought it was bigger than before, but at the same time, he remembered that it had always been this big.

Ollie’s memories of his old life faded as the haze of lust in his head got thicker. It snuffed out his thoughts. His will. His desire to find his own way in life, leaving behind only the memories of his new life as an empty-headed live-in slut.

As the old memories of Reuben’s smaller cock dissolved, new memories popped up in their place. Memories of how Ollie’s daddy had been the most well-endowed man he ever slept with. Of how its thick, juicy length had plowed into the boypussy of a brilliant young man with a bright future and in the process pounded his brains into total mush.

With every inch that Reuben’s cock grew, Ollie’s cock shrunk. In front of Ollie’s eyes, Reuben grew a monster of a cock. Big. Thick. Mouth-watering.

Ollie couldn’t help but reach between his legs to tug on the tiny sensitive nub that was all that was left of his cock. He opened his mouth, letting his tongue loll out as his daddy rested his cock across his face.

As the thick, musky scent of Reuben’s cock filled Ollie’s lungs, all Ollie could do was giggle vapidly like the mindless slut his deal with the Pink Fairy had turned him into.

As Reuben grabbed his heavy cock and stroked it over Ollie’s face, Ollie begged with his pretty, vacant eyes for his daddy to come all over him.

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