Lockdown in Lust

Sam’s roommate Tuck is about to do something monumentally stupid and join an anti-lockdown rally. It’s just bad enough thing to do that Sam’s willing to temporarily relax his ethical and moral standards to keep the big dumb idiot from going.


Disclaimer: This story involves a transmasculine (FtM) individual and penis in vagina (PIV) sex. While I have tried to be as respectfully euphemistic as I can where I can, this is an erotic story and therefore the use of language pertaining to transmasculine genitalia that may be triggering to some (i.e. use of the terms ‘clit’ and ‘boy pussy’) is unavoidable.

I have done my best to consult with trans friends and do research but it is my understanding that there is no universal standard of acceptable terms for trans genitalia. That is to say, what one individual might find perfectly alright, another might find squicky—or triggering altogether. While I would love for you to read and enjoy this story, please consider if you would like to continue if you suffer from bottom dysphoria.

Furthermore, I would like to remind everyone that this is erotica. Its primary purpose is entertainment. The presence of mind-control elements in this story is incidental and a defining feature of much of my work. It is not intended as a commentary on the transgender experience, and I would like to categorically and emphatically make clear “trans deception” is bullshit.

"Hey," said Sam, looking up from where he was lounging on the couch, watching TV. "Where are you going?"

Tuck, Sam’s roommate, was pulling on his shoes when he looked up and glanced over at Sam. "I’m headed out," he said.

"Mask?" said Sam, gesturing at his face. It probably didn’t need to be said but one could never be too careful during times like these.

Tuck waved his hand in front of his face. "Nah. Don’t need one. I won’t be long and I’ll be outdoors anyway," he said.

Sam cocked an eyebrow. Outdoors? he thought to himself. If it had been anyone but Tuck, he would have let it slide. This was the guy who wore sunscreen on a cloudy day because he was so averse to sunlight, though, so he had to take the statement with a grain of salt.

Kneeling on the cushions, Sam leaned over the back of the couch and glared at his roommate. "Where are you really going, Tuck?" he said, narrowing his eyes at Tuck’s visible discomfort.

"Don’t—Don’t worry about it," Tuck stammered, looking down at his feet. As if he hadn’t been suspicious enough, to begin with, he couldn’t even meet Sam’s gaze.

Sam frowned. "You’re gonna be outdoors, huh? You wouldn’t happen to be going to that idiotic anti-masker rally by City Hall, are you?" he said.

Tuck said nothing. He didn’t have to. The way the tips of his ears reddened was all Sam needed to know he’d hit the nail on the head.

"Tucker Davidson!" Sam snapped. He’d thought his roommate was a smart and reasonable man. He might have understood if all Tuck wanted to do was observe but if he wasn’t bringing a mask, it was pretty clear he was going to do more than just watch from the sidelines.

"What?" Tuck snapped back.

"Your mother is a nurse! What would she say if she knew you were going out there and contributing to the stupidity that’s making her job harder than it has to be?!"

Quite frankly, Sam was fuming. The only reason he’d not said worse was that he didn’t want to let slip something he’d regret. He still needed Tuck around to pay half the rent.

"You leave her out of this!" said Tuck. He grabbed his other shoe and pulled it on with a huff. "Look, it’s not like I don’t believe in the science or anything like that," he said, propping up his foot on the shoe rack while he tied his laces.

"Sure looks that way to me," said Sam, crossing his arms over his chest.

Tuck rubbed his face and finally looked up to meet Sam’s eyes. "I just think it’s pretty clear, at this point, that lockdowns don’t work. They’re doing more harm than good!"

Sam pursed his lips and rubbed his temples. "They’re not working because people are being selfish idiots and are refusing to follow lockdown guidelines! They’re not working because politicians are being self-serving morons and refusing to implement tighter restrictions because it’s not politically expedient!"

Tuck glared defiantly at Sam. "Don’t you care about small businesses?" he said. "Do you know how many have had to shut their doors for good because of this whole thing?"

For a full half-minute, Sam could only gawk at Tuck. "Like you give a fuck about small businesses?" he blurted out, incensed at the implication that he didn’t.

"Of course I do!" said Tuck. "Small businesses are the cornerstones of communities and they’re the worst affected by this whole pandemic thing! If we don’t do anything to protect them, they’re gonna be taken over by corporate interests that don’t give a fuck about what’s good for the consumer!"

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and breathed deeply. Calm, he told himself. Calm. He wasn’t normally quick to anger but right now he was sorely tempted to punch Tuck in the face.

"Bullshit!" Sam yelled. He wasn’t feeling very calm at all. "Where the hell did you get your talking points from? Fox? OANN?"

Tuck opened his mouth to say something but Sam didn’t give him the chance.

"If you really cared about small businesses, you wouldn’t be fucking protesting trying to get the government to lift the lockdown!" said Sam. "You’d be asking the government to give small business owners more money, more support, and more resources to help them survive because that’s what the government’s supposed to do during a crisis!"

Sam swung his legs over the backrest of the couch and hopped off. "You’re just fed up with having to stay inside all fucking day!" he said, marching up to Tuck and jabbing a finger into his chest.

"So what if I am? I have rights! They can’t force me to stay home for another God knows how long!" said Tuck, slapping Sam’s hand away. "I can’t fucking take this anymore, man! I’m gonna go crazy if I have to go another month like this!"

"Well boo-fucking-hoo! Deal with it! Just like everyone else who’s doing their best to keep this thing from getting worse!" said Sam.

"Fuck you, man," Tuck grumbled, gently shoving Sam away. "I’m going. You can’t stop me."

Sam had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but he was left with no other choice. If Tuck was going to waste his time with something utterly idiotic, Sam was going to find a more productive use for it.

"I think you’ll find I can," said Sam, fishing his phone out of his pocket. He was annoyed enough with Tuck he was willing to loosen some otherwise rather important self-imposed restrictions.

Human psychology had always been a subject of great fascination to Sam. His particular interests had to do with the way the mind was strangely vulnerable to manipulation. He’d always wondered just how far one could go with someone if they knew the right buttons to press.

To that end, Sam had developed a rather remarkable piece of technology that put into practice years of painstaking research. Ostensibly, it could bend other people’s will to his own but he’d never had the opportunity to test it.

For one thing, it wasn’t the kind of technology Sam wanted publicized lest he catch the attention of the government and various other bad actors. For another, he had certain moral and ethical qualms that kept him from performing experiments on non-consenting people.

Sam was just about irrationally angry enough over Tuck’s willful ignorance that he was more open to the idea of maybe setting his scruples aside for a moment. After all, he wasn’t going to use the technology for anything nefarious. All he was doing was making sure his friend didn’t do something monumentally stupid with a real chance to cause grievous bodily harm.

Any other reservations Sam might have had evaporated the instant Tuck opened his mouth and said something "smart."

The corner of Tuck’s lips curled up in a lopsided little smirk. He chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest. "Oh yeah?" he said. "I’d love to see you try. You do know I could break you in half if I wanted to, right?"

Sam tapped a few times on his phone to configure the app to the desired behavior and held it up to Tuck. "Here," he said. "Take a look."

Tuck gently grabbed Sam by the wrist and raised an eyebrow at him before turning to look at the phone. "What, are you gonna call my mom or someth—" Tuck froze the moment his gaze landed on the screen of Sam’s phone.

A dazzling pattern of flashing lights and swirling colors specifically formulated to stimulate a calm and suggestible state fired off from Sam’s phone screen. Tuck, who’d been halfway through yet another sassy comment, could only stare slack-jawed at it.

The display went on for only a few seconds. Any longer and it might have caused significant psychological damage.

The brief exposure was all Sam really needed, though. He gently peeled Tuck’s fingers off his wrist and pocketed his phone. Tuck, on the other hand, remained frozen in the same position, a trickle of drool dribbling out the corner of his mouth.

"Hey there, Tuck," said Sam, softly. "Why don’t you stand up straight for me?"

As if Sam’s words had instantaneously thawed him, Tuck did as he was asked. He stood ramrod straight, glassy eyes directed forward and arms at his sides.

"How are you feeling?" Sam murmured, placing a hand on Tuck’s shoulder.

"Good," said Tuck, with a low chuckle. A small smile curled lazily across his lips. "Fuzzy. Floaty…" he added, trailing off.

"That’s good. That’s good," said Sam. "Got any plans for today?"

"Yeah…" Tuck drawled, the small smile widening into a grin. "Gonna go protest the fuckin’ lockdown, man. I need things to open up again, bro. I’m gonna go fuckin’ crazy!"

Sam was a bit taken aback. He’d never heard Tuck talk like that. Not in his presence, anyway. He’d always found Tuck weirdly eloquent considering the people he liked to call "friends." He had to wonder if it had all been a front of some sort.

"Are you sure?" said Sam. "I don’t think that sounds right."

Tuck’s eyebrows furrowed. "It… doesn’t?" he muttered, a look of confusion flitting across his unfocused eyes.

"Yeah," said Sam, patting Tuck on the arm. "That sounds like a really dumb thing to do. You’re not dumb, are you, Tuck?"

Tuck let out a low chuckle. "Kinda wanna be, bro," he said.

Sam blinked. That wasn’t the response he expected. "What do you mean?" he said.

On the one hand, Sam was glad the disinhibition function of his app was working better than anticipated. On the other, he was completely baffled by what Tuck had just said.

"Oh you know, bro," Tuck murmured. His voice dropped an octave, taking on the duller, dimmer timbre that was stereotypical of muscleheads. "Just think it would be nice not having to think for myself, you know, man?"

Mood, Sam thought to himself. If he could have a switch planted in his head that could turn his brain off for a couple of hours every day, he was pretty sure he would make good use of it.

Tuck grinned widely. He lifted both arms into the air and flexed. He turned briefly to the side and kissed his bicep before saying, "I bet it would feel good not having to stress and worry so much, bro."

By pure happenstance, Sam glanced down. When he did, he saw the almost-obscene outline of Tuck’s cock erection tenting the front of his sweatpants. It was bigger than he’d imagined.

"Fuck, man. I bet it would feel so fucking good, bro," said Tuck, with a low chuckle that sent a chill right down Sam’s spine. As if that wasn’t bad enough already, Tuck grunted as he lowered his right arm to rub his hand over his flat stomach.

This certainly wasn’t the direction Sam had thought things would go but he wasn’t about to complain. Arousal and pleasure were some of the most powerful tools a person could use to manipulate another person’s mind and he wasn’t one to waste an opportunity.

"Say, Tuck… This hypothetical dumb version of you… Is he horny?" said Sam.

"Aw yeah, bro," said Tuck, with a loud guffaw as he reached between his legs to give his package a shake. "So fuckin’ horny. All the time, bro! Big meaty dick-brained jock! Fuck yeah!"

Sam managed to suppress a laugh. He had to admit, there was something hot about seeing Tuck act like such a dumb jock. "Tell you what, bro," said Sam, savoring the taste of the word on his tongue before continuing, "I can think of something more fun than going to that stupid rally."

"Oh yeah, bro?" said Tuck, tilting his head slightly to the side.

"Yeah, man!" said Sam. "Do you really want to be standing around all day in the sun? Think about it, bro. All those people around you. Making it all hot and sweaty and stinky. Getting all riled up and angry while someone uses big dumb words to make themselves sound smarter than they are?"

Tuck’s face scrunched up. He looked genuinely disgusted. "Guess not, bro…" he said, shaking his head.

It was adorable. Tuck was acting like a big puppy. It was hotter than it had any right to be and Sam couldn’t help but rub himself through his pants. "Wouldn’t it be much nicer to stay home and be dumb and horny all day?"

Tuck licked his lips. "Fuck, bro," he breathed. "I wish…"

"You don’t have to wish," said Sam, with a devilish grin. This was getting him hornier than he expected it would. "What if I told you you could be as dumb and horny as you want to be?"

"Bro," said Tuck, a strange hopeful glint in his unfocused eyes. "Bro, you better not be fucking with me," he said.

"I’m not!" said Sam. "When have I ever given you reason not to trust me, bro?"

Tuck frowned. Sam could practically hear the gears turning in his head.

"See? You can trust me, man!" said Sam, after a few moments. Being a good roommate and friend had a few perks. He’d never imagined exploiting that relationship to better manipulate Tuck’s mind would end up being one of them.

"Guess so, bro!" said Tuck. He seemed satisfied that he could trust Sam. So much so that he was practically beaming. "So what do I gotta do?"

Sam grinned. "Nothing," he said.

"Nothing, bro?" said Tuck, looking adorably confused.

"That’s right," said Sam, letting out a low groan as he rubbed his dick through his pants. "I’ll do all the work. All I gotta do is snap my fingers and you’ll feel yourself getting as dumb and horny as you want to be—maybe even dumber and hornier than that…"

"Fuck, bro, that sounds so good," Tuck moaned.

"Oh yeah, bro. It is good," said Sam. "When you hear me snap my fingers you’ll get so fucking hard I wouldn’t be surprised if your cock punches straight through your sweatpants."

"Aw, bro, for real?" Tuck breathed. A flush had crept into his cheeks and sweat was beading on his brow. His hard cock seemed to have gotten harder. Sam could see it throbbing through the thick fabric of Tuck’s sweatpants.

"For real, bro," said Sam. He had a faint inkling, in the back of his mind, that he was getting a bit carried away but part of him didn’t give a single damn.

Truth be told, Tuck wasn’t the kind of guy Sam would have ever considered sleeping with. He was a good friend and that was about the extent of their relationship.

The dumb jockbro version of Tuck that Sam’s app had inadvertently exposed, on the other hand, was filthy, stinking hot. Simply put, he was irresistible. There was just something so viscerally attractive about the vacant, uncomprehending stare and the low, dull drawl that drove Sam up the wall.

"And that’s not even the best part, bro," said Sam. He squeezed his thighs together and suppressed a moan. He was so horny he was practically soaking through his briefs.

Once he’d regained a modicum of composure, Sam continued. "The best part, bro, is that when I snap my fingers, you’ll feel all those dumb, silly brains of yours melt right out of your ears. No thoughts. Head empty. And just so, so, so fucking horny."

"Aw, fuck, bro that sounds so good," Tuck moaned. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it through his sweatpants. "I wanna do it, man."

"Yeah?" said Sam. He licked his lips. He was getting way too into this.

"Yeah, man!" said Tuck. He snapped his fingers. "C’mon! Melt my brains, bro!"

Sam took a deep breath. He wasn’t even sure the suggestion would work. Then again, there was no better time to see how deep his app’s control went.

"Here we go, Tuck," said Sam. He snapped his fingers.

Clarity returned to Tuck’s eyes for but a heartbeat before they glassed over yet again. A dim expression spread across his face as his jaw hung slack and his cock throbbed in his pants. "Aw, fuck, bro I can feel my smarts melting away!" he groaned.

"Oh yeah, bro?" said Sam. "Let’s test that, yeah? What’s 8 times 9?"

"Uhh…" Tuck groaned, his eyebrows knitting together as he wracked his empty skull for an answer. The whole while he was rubbing his cock through his sweats and it didn’t take long before he got distracted.

"Bro, answer the question," said Sam, suppressing a laugh.

"Huh?" said Tuck. He looked genuinely confused and Sam couldn’t help but find it simultaneously adorable and filthy hot.

"What’s 8 times 9?" said Sam, the corner of his mouth curling up in a little smirk.

"Uhh…" Tuck muttered, as he looked down at his free hand and made some rudimentary calculations with his fingers. "20?" he said, after some time.

"Yup. That’s exactly the answer an empty-headed cock-brained jock would give," said Sam, scarcely able to restrain himself at this point.

Tuck grinned. "Aw yeah, bro, I’m a dumb, horny jockboy!" he said, flexing his free arm while palming his cock through his sweatpants.

"Still wanna go to that rally?" said Sam.

Tuck shook his head. "I’m so fuckin’ hard, bro! I need to fuckin’ blow my load right now, man!"

"I can help with that." Sam flashed a devilish grin at Tuck. "I mean, only if you don’t mind."

"Hell yeah, bro!" said Tuck, grinning back just as widely. "To be honest, man, I’ve been wanting to get with you for a while. I just didn’t know if you’d be into it and shit," said Tuck.

The confession shocked Sam. For one, he’d not pegged Tuck as gay, in the first place. For another, he had had no idea.

Sam refused to believe he was dense enough to miss something as big as his roommate wanting to get in his pants but he genuinely couldn’t recall any signs. Whatever, he thought to himself. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about this.

"I wasn’t," said Sam. He felt bad, seeing the disappointment that flashed across Tuck’s face, but he saw no point in lying.

Besides, things had changed, now. The corners of Sam’s mouth curled into a devious smile as he reached up and lightly traced the side of Tuck’s arm. "I am interested now, though," he murmured, in the sultriest tone of voice he could muster.

"Aw fuck yeah, bro!" Tuck blurted out. He looked ecstatic, going so far as to pump his fist in the air. Perhaps more telling, though, was the way his cock twitched, making the tent in his sweats briefly bob up.

Sam reached up to lightly rest a hand on Tuck’s shoulder. "Alright, jockboy," he said, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips, "why don’t you kneel for me?"

Tuck chuckled dumbly. "Sure, bro," he said, taking to his knees with remarkable ease.

Once again, Tuck had managed to surprise Sam. The latter had half-expected some sort of resistance. Big men, in Sam’s experience, often took exception to being the more… submissive partner.

Not Tuck. He took to the role with gusto. The touch of his fingers on Sam’s sides as he lowered himself to the floor sent chills down Sam’s spine.

Once he was on his knees, Tuck reached up to slide his hands under the bottom hem of Sam’s shirt but the latter put a stop to that. He gently pushed Tuck’s hands away, saying nothing as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jeans.

Tuck stared up at Sam, eyes wide and face flushed as Sam pushed his pants down his legs. He slid them halfway down his thighs before moving his hands back up his legs to snap the waistband of his briefs against his hips.

Sam rubbed himself through the front of his underwear. He was so wet, and the feeling of the soft fabric rubbing against the sensitive head of his dick was driving him wild.

Truth be told, Sam had meant to tease Tuck for a few minutes longer but he could scarcely hold himself back. He pushed his briefs down with one hand and grabbed Tuck by the hair with the other.

"Go on, jockboy," said Sam, voice cracking as he pushed Tuck’s face into his crotch. "Make me feel good."

Sam tossed his head back and moaned. He’d expected there to be some hesitation on Tuck’s part but no, the now-dumb jockboy took to it like a duck to water.

The feeling of Tuck’s tongue sliding up and down along the wet slit between his legs made Sam’s legs tremble. He tightened his fingers in Tuck’s hair, tufts of auburn peeking through the gaps between them.

There was a time when Sam would have recoiled at the thought of doing something like this but he’d come a long way since then. It had taken a lot of patience and a lot of effort but he’d come to accept who he was—parts and all.

"Aw yeah. Just like that, baby," Sam groaned, rolling his hips to mash his folds into Tuck’s face. He could scarcely believe the things Tuck was doing with his tongue down there. He could feel it working in and out of him, wriggling around and stroking his insides as waves of pleasure washed over him.

Sloppy, wet sounds filled the air as Tuck tongued at Sam’s entrance. He groaned and grunted, slobbering at the tender hole like a starving man.

"If I’d known you were such a good kisser, I’d have let you at me a long time ago," Sam grunted, humping his hips into Tuck’s face with a frantic urgency.

A desperate little noise escaped Sam as Tuck’s lips wrapped around the sensitive head of his dick. He couldn’t help but moan. The sensation was so intense. It was almost too much.

"Aw yeah. Suck my dick, boy," Sam growled, tightening his grip in Tuck’s hair. For all the stupidity that had instigated this whole thing, he had to admit Tuck was good with his mouth.

It didn’t take long for Sam to reach hit the edge with Tuck’s tongue swirling around his clit. "Damn," he groaned. Tightening his fingers in Tuck’s hair, he yanked the jockboy’s head away from his crotch. He wasn’t quite willing to come just yet—even if he didn’t have to worry about a refractory period as other men did.

Looking down, Sam could see Tuck licking his lips. He had a satisfied look on his face that quickly turned into a broad grin when he noticed Sam was looking at him.

"Liked that, did we?" said Sam, with a low chuckle.

Tuck nodded, cheeks flushing. "Sit on my face, bro," he said, chewing on his lower lip.

Sam laughed. "What, right now?" he said.

Tuck nodded.

Sam shook his head. "Come on. Let’s take this to the bedroom, at least," he said. He tugged his pants back up and held out an arm for Tuck. He pulled Tuck up but didn’t bother waiting for him to regain his balance before dragging him over to his bedroom.

Tuck stumbled along behind Sam, only managing to catch himself past the threshold of Sam’s bedroom. While he was still unsteady on his feet, Sam gently tugged him toward the bed, spinning him around so that the backs of his knees hit the edge of the mattress.

Sam chuckled as he stepped into Tuck’s personal space and placed his hands on the jockboy’s waist. "Aren’t you a little over-dressed?" he said, with a small smirk. "And what are you doing in a t-shirt still, anyway? Don’t dumb jocks like you enjoy showing off their hot bodies?"

"Aw yeah, bro!" said Tuck. Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, he reached down, grabbed the bottom hem of his shirt, and whipped it off.

Tuck chuckled dumbly. "Look at these guns!" he said, hefting both arms into the air and flexing his muscles.

Sam laughed and reached up to squeeze Tuck’s hard biceps. Unsatisfied with just that, he moved his hands to Tuck’s chest, splaying his fingers over the taut muscle before moving them down to trace the ridges of Tuck’s cobbled stomach.

After feasting his eyes on Tuck’s abs, Sam looked up with a smirk and said, "Ready for more, jockboy?"

Tuck flashed a wide grin at Sam. "Fuck yeah, bro," he said, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants.

Before Tuck could get his bottoms off, Sam placed his hand on his chest and pushed him over. He fell back with a muffled thud onto the mattress, legs dangling off the edge.

Sam grabbed Tuck’s pants himself and pulled them off in one motion. The fucker was commando. Not that Sam was complaining.

After briefly catching the waistband on its way down his legs, Tuck’s cock sprang free from the confines of the sweats. It flung a glistening strand of pre-cum through the air that landed on his stomach.

Sam stood back as Tuck kicked the sweats off and admired the sight of the jock lying naked on his bed. He licked his lips before clambering on top, asserting himself into the space between Tuck’s legs. He shucked his pants off leg by leg and leaned forward over Tuck, their noses barely an inch apart.

Though he expected it, Sam was still taken off-guard when Tuck grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him down for a kiss. He moaned into Tuck’s mouth, sparks flying in his head as he tasted Tuck’s tongue on his own—and his own juices, besides.

Sam was happy to indulge the kiss for a few minutes but there was a hunger in his belly that would not be ignored. A single strand of clear spit connected their lower lips as they broke apart for breath before Sam reached over to grab a bottle of lube he kept in his nightstand.

Since Tuck had asked Sam to sit on his face, Sam saw no reason not to grant the request. "Tongue me, jockboy," said Sam, the mattress shifting underneath him as he turned around on top of Tuck.

Whatever Tuck might have said was muffled by Sam’s folds lowering over his mouth. The vibrations of his voice sent a shiver up Sam’s spine. The heat of his breath, wafting up along the crack of Sam’s ass, made Sam’s pucker twitch.

Sam rocked his hips back and forth over Tuck’s mouth. He loved the sound of the jock’s tongue sloppily lapping at his folds, taint, and asshole. It felt so goddamn good he almost forgot to reciprocate.

Cracking open the tube in his hand, Sam squeezed a sizable dollop of lube into his palm and smeared it all over Tuck’s throbbing cock. He wrapped his fingers around the considerable girth and gave it a few good strokes along its substantial length.

A low moan escaped Sam as he felt Tuck’s fingers prying his asscheeks apart. The sensation of the jock’s tongue tracing a hot, wet stripe over his taint made his legs tremble.

As Tuck eagerly ate him out back and front, Sam jacked the dumb jock’s fat cock with similar enthusiasm. It was so thick in his hand—and so hot, too. He could feel it throb in his palm, pulsing every so often in his touch.

Up and down. Up and down. Tuck’s cock twitched with every slow stroke along its length. To add some variety to the hand job he added a little twist of the wrist with every upward stroke, eliciting moans from Tuck that went straight through his throbbing entrance.

Sam couldn’t resist any longer. He regretfully lifted his ass off Tuck’s face and turned around again, slipping into the space between Tuck’s knees as he did so.

"Ready for me, big boy?" Sam said, giving a few more tugs to Tuck’s engorged cock.

"Fuck yeah, bro," Tuck breathed. He looked an utter mess. His hair was in disarray. His eyes were unfocused. His mouth and nose were glistening with juices that somehow made his wide toothy grin infinitely more arousing.

Sam hooked his arms under the backs of Tuck’s knees and heaved the dumb jock’s legs into the air. He folded Tuck over nearly in half and leaned over him, letting Tuck’s legs rest on his shoulders.

For a moment, Sam’s stomach knotted with apprehension. He’d taken bigger dildos than Tuck before but the fact that Tuck’s was a real cock somehow made it a tad more intimidating.

Now wasn’t the time to have any reservations, though. Sam needed fucked, and he needed it bad. He’d never been so horny for a guy in his life and he wasn’t about to waste another moment.

Sam grabbed Tuck’s cock and lined it up with his entrance. Locking gazes, he slowly lowered himself onto the thick piece of meat, groaning as he felt the blunt head pry the sensitive folds of his front hole apart.

This position was Sam’s favorite. Many of the guys he’d been with before had assumed he’d be on the bottom because of his equipment. Nothing was more satisfying than proving to them that just because he had a different tackle didn’t mean he couldn’t be the one on top.

Tuck’s cock was great. It was big. Thick. Sam wasn’t the type to label himself a size queen but gods, if Tuck’s cock didn’t fill him up so well.

The low, desperate groan that spilled from Tuck’s lips lit a fire under Sam’s ass. He leaned forward and planted his hands on either side of Tuck’s head, using his weight to pin Tuck’s folded-over legs under him.

Sam was so lost in the sensation of working Tuck’s cock in and out of his hole that he barely noticed Tuck’s fingers tugging at the hem of his shirt. He wouldn’t have even noticed if not for the warmth of Tuck’s touch on his stomach startling him.

"What are you doing?" said Sam, feeling his shirt riding up his stomach as Tuck’s wandering hands crept up his body.

Tuck chuckled dumbly. "Not fair," he moaned, as Sam’s hips came to a rest against his. "You should take this off."

Sam felt like a bucket of ice water was poured over his head when Tuck’s fingers brushed over one of his nipples. The reaction he felt was visceral. He nearly hopped off Tuck’s cock.

Had Sam been expecting it, he wouldn’t have reacted so badly but he’d been so absorbed in how good Tuck felt inside him he lost himself.

"Please…" said Sam. He reached under his shirt, grabbed Tuck’s hands by the wrists, and pinned them over Tuck’s head. "Don’t… Don’t do that unless I say it’s okay?"

"Sorry," Tuck mumbled. To his credit, he looked genuinely remorseful. His cock had even gone a little soft inside of Sam.

"It’s alright," said Sam, trying to ignore the cold sweat he could feel trickling down his back. "Just keep that in mind for next time, okay?" he added.

Tuck nodded. "I will," he said.

Sam took a breath to re-center himself. He’d come a long way in being comfortable with his body but he still had a long way to go. For now, and for the immediate future at least, the shirt was going to stay on.

It took a bit for the awkwardness to pass—but pass it did. Young men were horny, after all, and dumb jocks most of all. It didn’t take too long before Tuck was rock-hard again and ready to go.

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle. If anything, Tuck was harder than before. "You like this, jockboy?" he said, with a grin, as he pressed Tuck’s wrists into the mattress.

Tuck groaned as his cock twitched inside Sam. It was such a sincere and desperate little sound. Sam almost felt bad. Almost.

"You getting off on being pinned down, bro?" said Sam, his grin turning into something wolfish and domineering as he bounced himself on Tuck’s cock with increasing speed.

Tuck whined and nodded. He bucked his hips—as much as he could in his position—and moaned.

"Fuck!" Sam lowered his head and grunted. Sweat beaded on his brow. He could feel Tuck throb inside him, swelling and pulsing as his inner walls fluttered around him.

A quiet whimper slipped from Tuck’s lips. He was close. Sam could tell. Sam was, too, but he didn’t want things to end just yet.

Slowly, Sam slipped his hole down Tuck’s cock until it was hilt-deep inside him. Then, he stopped, letting his hips rest against Tuck’s.

"You love this, don’t you, jockboy? All helpless under me. Getting your cock fucked with my boy pussy?" said Sam. Tuck throbbed. Sam couldn’t help but groan. He hadn’t expected it to flex so strongly inside him.

"Fuck, bro," Tuck whined. He wiggled his hips impotently. All he accomplished was jostling his cock inside Sam. Sam’s weight on top of him made anything else practically impossible. "Please… I want to come, bro!"

"Aw yeah, Tuck?" said Sam, grinning broadly. "Want to breed my hole? Want to nut inside me?"

"Y-yeah, bro, fuck!" Tuck moaned as Sam rolled his hips.

"Alright," said Sam. He pulled off Tuck’s cock. Not the whole way, but almost.

Tuck was staring at Sam’s hole. His eyes were wide. His cheeks were flushed. His gaze was riveted to the sight of Sam’s slick folds stretched around the head of his cock.

Sam chuckled. He pushed down harder on Tuck’s wrists. "Guess you’ve earned it for being such a good jockboy bitch for me," he said. "Make me come, jockboy. Make me come and I’ll let you."

This time, Sam didn’t hold back. The bedframe creaked underneath them as he slammed his hole down Tuck’s cock.

Sam threw his head back and groaned. The sensation was intense. Tuck was so thick and big he filled him just right.

Up and down. Up and down. The bed shook and the headboard slammed against the wall behind the bed. Tuck moaned and groaned, writhing as Sam rode him mercilessly.

Faster. Harder. In and out. In and out. Sam bounced his boy pussy on Tuck’s thick jockboy cock, moaning louder with every thrust until he hit the edge.

Sam squeezed his thighs together, looking up at the ceiling and gasping as the orgasm rolled over him. His channel fluttered, twitching and throbbing around Tuck’s cock as he creamed himself.

"Come inside me, Tuck!" Sam groaned, letting go of one of Tuck’s wrists to rub the sensitive head of his dick as he came hard. "Creampie me with that thick dumb jockboy cock!" he practically screamed.

A low moan tore through Sam as he felt Tuck pulse and swell and throb inside him. Shot after shot of molten-hot cum blasted into his guts, making his insides tremble.

"Oh fuuuck," Sam groaned. His orgasm, which had already begun to tail off, redoubled in intensity. His eyelids fluttered and his eyes rolled back in his head, mind going blank from the rapturous bliss of the sensation.

Sam was panting by the time he came down from his climax. Tuck was no better. The jockboy’s chest was heaving, every breath hot and heavy.

A trickle of cum dribbled from Sam’s entrance when he pulled off Tuck’s cock. "Fuck," he muttered, backing off a bit to give Tuck a chance to lower his legs.

With two fingers, Sam rubbed the sides of his dick. He was still so goddamn horny but it looked like he’d wiped Tuck out.

Oh well. There were other ways to get off. Sam chuckled to himself as he crawled over Tuck and parked his crotch over his face.

"Be a good roommate and clean up the mess you made, jockboy," said Sam. He lowered his folds over Tuck’s face and groaned. That tongue of Tuck’s was magical.

Sam rubbed his dick as Tuck ate him out, fucking himself on that hot, wet tongue. "Isn’t this much better than going to that stupid rally?" he said.

Tuck’s muffled reply sent a shiver right up Sam’s spine. Not much more of this and he’d make an even bigger mess coming all over Tuck’s face.

Then again, that was the point.

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