My biggest fantasy is suddenly becoming all buff and outgrowing my clothes. I want to know what it’s like to hulk out, growing bigger and hairier until my clothes strain against my body, uncomfortably tight. Soon, the fabric bursts at the seams—the tightness and ripping arousing me.

Sure, I might lose a bit of intelligence but that’s fine—as long as I can still enjoy the change. After my growth spurt, I’d run out and fuck the first guy I see. I’d infect him and make him massive, just like me.

Story Request by @bigman366

Walter woke to the strangest sensation he’d ever experienced in his life. He felt warm and tingly all over, like pins and needles were stabbing gently into his flesh.

It was weird, but it wasn’t necessarily unpleasant. If anything, it felt good. A fog in Walter’s head made it impossible to think too much and that, in turn, made him feel so fuzzy.

In the back of Walter’s mind was the fading memory of a dream. It slipped from him like water through a sieve. He remembered standing at the crossroads of two streets in a city that shouldn’t exist, but only briefly.

Walter grunted to himself. He rubbed his hands all over his chest and stomach for a few minutes. It felt good. The strange thing was, he felt his shirt was getting uncomfortably tight.

For a moment, Walter thought his shirt was somehow getting smaller. It didn’t take long for him to realize it was the opposite. He was getting bigger.

Walter got up from his chair and leaned over his desk. He hadn’t even realized he was at the office. A few people seemed concerned as he groaned, "Fuck."

A hapless co-worker came up behind Walter and placed a hand on his back. "Walt, are you okay?"

The only answer Walter could muster was an unintelligible grunt. His muscles swelled, straining against the fabric of his shirt.

When Walter stood up straight, his co-worker took a step back and gasped. His shirt was pulled taut across his chest, straining until there was a ping on the back wall of the cubicle from a button rocketing off to relieve some pressure.

It felt good. So good. Walter’s cock was raging hard in his pants, which were getting tighter, too. The heat he felt inside him doubled in intensity and the sound of loud tearing filled the air.

Walter’s swollen biceps tore through his sleeves. Buttons from his shirt plinked one after the other against the back wall of the cubicle. His pants turned to shreds. His shoes exploded off his feet. His cock tore straight through his underwear.

A low moan escaped Walter as the heat inside him continued to intensify. It crept up his spine and concentrated in his head. He could feel his brain melting, his thoughts evaporating.

Walter chuckled dumbly as his mind melted into mush. He rubbed his hands all over his body, getting hornier and hornier the bigger his muscles got. He didn’t stop growing, not until he towered over his cubicle and his clothes had exploded off his frame.

Turning around, Walter checked out his reflection in the glass of his boss’s office. He smirked, flexing his newfound muscles. He looked like a veritable god, and he definitely had the cock to match.

Walter knew, in the back of his mind, that he’d never be able to hold down "brainy" jobs again. It didn’t matter, though. Not with a body like his. Besides, it didn’t take a genius to be able to enjoy a godly physique.

A low, guttural moan tore out of Walter as he realized someone was playing with his cock. He looked down and saw it was the co-worker from earlier. Cute guy, but struggling to take the fat, swollen head into his mouth.

Walter picked the guy up with ease. He shoved him into the cubicle and bent him over the desk, knocking the keyboard onto the floor. He tore the back of the guy’s pants and rubbed his finger over the twitching pucker.

With a grin, Walter lined his cock up with the co-worker’s hole. The slick, viscous pre-cum pouring in gobs from his piss slit was the perfect lube as he pushed against the tight entrance.

By any measure, Walter’s cock should have been too big for any mere human to handle but he slipped inside with ease. It was tight and warm and he loved the way that the guy’s inner walls gripped him.

Walter didn’t stop until he’d pushed all his cock inside the guy. It felt so fucking good. He didn’t know what the guy was moaning about.

Maybe Walter was too big. He pulled his cock out with a wet sucking sound as the guy’s asshole tried to hold on to him. He let his rigid manhood fall on the guy’s back and couldn’t help but chuckle dumbly when the head landed between the guy’s shoulder blades.

Oh well, Walter thought to himself, as he pushed himself back inside the guy. It felt too good to stop. His co-worker would just have to get used to the feeling of having a cock fucking the back of his throat from the other side.

Walter’s grunts and groans echoed through the office. His co-worker’s whimpers were comparably pathetic. He didn’t care. It felt so good to be so big, so dumb, and so horny.

It didn’t even occur to Walter that the guy he was skewering on his thick monstercock was growing bigger, too.

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    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I have no plans currently to continue this particular story. I may come back to it in the future, but I can’t guarantee that.

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