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Hey, I’m not sure if this is real, but there is this guy Alex at my office. He’s wicked smart and cute but he’s always so stressed out. He gets to the office by 6:30 and doesn’t leave till 10. He’s always so busy!

He’s openly gay but not flashy about it. Do you think you could help him relax and maybe find a guy? He’s really nice (when he stops long enough to talk that is) and I think he should get to unwind a little. Thanks

Story Request by @caringcoworker

There he goes again, Morris thought to himself as Alex walked past. Alex was frowning but that was hardly surprising, at this point. Morris would have waved and said goodbye for the day but Alex barely acknowledged his presence on a good day.

It hadn’t been a good day.

Far be it from Morris to judge but he felt bad for Alex. The guy barely had a life. He came into work at 6:30 in the morning and didn’t leave until late at night.

On the one hand, Alex’s work ethic was admirable. On the other, Morris didn’t think it could possibly be healthy for him.

With a sigh, Morris trudged home. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it. If they’d been better friends he might have been able to convince Alex to stop working himself to death but alas, they weren’t.

There was that weird forum Morris had visited the other night. He didn’t remember much since he had been tipsy at the time but he did faintly recall something about a fairy of some description that was able to grant wishes.

Morris shook his head. What was he thinking? Wish-granting fairies? He had to laugh at himself.

There were no such things. It was absurd to think that a single post on a sketchy forum could change things for the better.

Morris could scarcely believe he even considered it for a moment. No. There was only one person who could help Alex, and it was Alex himself.

If Alex wanted to keep working himself into an early grave, that was his prerogative. Nothing Morris said or did could change things.

It was just such a shame. These were the best years of Alex’s life, after all, and he was wasting them away at work. Morris didn’t want the younger man to get stuck in the same joyless loop he’d fallen into when he was around that age.

The next day, Morris came in to work at 8 in the morning. Alex wasn’t at his desk when he walked by, which was strange, but he figured the guy had probably just gone to the washroom or something.

It wasn’t until Morris looked up at around 9:10 that he realized Alex still wasn’t in. It was weird. Concerning, even, if he was being honest.

A few minutes later, Alex arrived. He wasn’t in his usual attire. Instead, he was wearing a tank top, shorts, and sneakers. He was sweating, too, and it almost appeared as if he’d run to the office.

While their workplace had a fairly lax clothing policy, what Alex was wearing was so far from the norm Morris expected someone to call him out on it. No one did, though, which was good, Morris supposed.

The rest of the day was otherwise normal. At least, until it was time for Morris to head home. Morris didn’t even notice until he was about to head out that Alex seemed to have packed up.

"Hey, Mo," said Alex, looking up from his desk as he got up and slung his gym bag over his shoulder. "You headed out?"

"O-Oh yeah," said Morris. It was the first time Alex had initiated a one-on-one conversation with him. He barely knew what to say.

"Nice," said Alex. "I’m heading out, too. Wanna go together?"

"S-sure," said Morris. He felt like a fool, getting all tongue-tied around a pretty boy. It wasn’t until they were halfway down the elevator that he finally mustered the courage to speak. "Do you usually head home this early?"

"Nah," said Alex. "I try and stay a bit longer when I can."

"I see… So, is this just a today thing?" said Morris.

Alex shrugged, tugging on the shoulder strap of his gym bag. "Hopefully not," he said. "I’m gonna try going to the gym more regularly."

"Oh… That sounds great! Good luck!" said Morris.

Alex chuckled as the elevator doors opened. "Alright, Mo. This is me. It was nice talking. See you around!"

Morris blinked as the elevator doors slid shut. He’d expected Alex to go all the way down to parking with him. He hadn’t been aware there was a gym in the building.

As the days passed, things continued to change. Not just with Alex, but around the office. At least, Morris thought so. No one else seemed to notice.

On the Alex front, the once-most industrious worker came in later and later until he was regularly showing up for work at 10 in the morning. He was leaving earlier and earlier as well, taking to clocking out at 3 or 4.

With regards to the rest of the office, Morris was pretty damn sure people were getting replaced. The weird thing was that he wasn’t sure who. No one else seemed to know what he was talking about, either.

It all started with Morris’ desk-mate. He was pretty sure the employee seated across from him was a fairly new college graduate named Emily.

The weird thing was that Morris remembered the man sitting in Emily’s seat: a fairly new college graduate named Emil. As far as he knew he’d never met an Emil in his life but he had memories of working across from his young man for the last however many years.

Morris wasn’t sure if he was going crazy or just senile but he figured he’d just go along with it. It wasn’t like it affected him, or anything. He just had to keep his head down, work, and make money so he could spend it doing the things he loved.

A week or so later and Morris felt like a strange fever had gripped the office. There wasn’t a single woman working for the company anymore—not that Morris had ever had female colleagues despite what a strange set of alternate memories would suggest.

As if inspired by Alex’s dedication, a lot of the other guys had started going to the gym as well. They didn’t work out with the same religiosity Alex did, but they went regularly enough they were starting to show results.

Morris himself had started going. He’d seen the way the nerdy Alex had largely filled out over the last few weeks and felt a desire to better himself.

A lot of the fat Morris had put on over the years was starting to melt off him. Alex was a big help, in that regard. They’d become much better friends ever since he started going to the same gym Alex did.

Every time Morris worked out, he felt like he was getting younger. Being in his mid-30’s he’d already started feeling the aches and pains of getting older but now it was like he’d gotten a second lease on life.

The best part was that Alex was flirting with him. He thought so, at least. He was pretty sure but he couldn’t be certain.

Productivity was dropping and the decline was accelerating. The chart in front of Morris said as much in plain, incontrovertible language. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite make that part out.

Thinking was much more difficult now than it had been a few weeks ago. Ever since he started going to the gym, Morris felt like there had been a thick fog in his head, smothering his thoughts.

It felt good, so Morris wasn’t exactly complaining, it just made doing his job more difficult. Most of his time at work was now spent staring blankly at his screen, trying to make sense of figures that should have made sense.

The rest of the time, Morris spent thinking about his next workout. He had biceps now. Thighs that could crack a walnut. Abs.

Morris was addicted to the feeling of pumping iron and he couldn’t get enough of it. Especially when Alex was there to egg him on.

Every rep just felt so goddamn good. Working out was like a drug. He could slip so easily into a mindless trance while doing his reps and he loved every moment since it kind of hurt to do any thinking, now, anyway.

Morris grunted as he stroked his cock in front of his computer. The papers, pens, and other stationery on his desk had long since been replaced with tissues, lube, and other sorts of sex toys.

All other desks in the office had been likewise converted. There weren’t so much workstations, anymore, as masturbation stations.

Whatever the company did before—Morris couldn’t remember—they certainly didn’t do it now. The office was full of grunting jocks. They all dumbly stared at their computer screens, jerking their big, swollen penises.

Between Morris and his coworkers, they could probably scrounge up a single brain cell. Maybe two, but certainly not more than that.

Alex had stopped coming into the office. The company had since hired him into an off-site role as the Director of Employee Morale.

That wasn’t to say Morris didn’t see Alex anymore. Besides their daily workouts together, and their nightly fucks, Alex’s face and body were plastered all over the office. Hell, 80% of the porn they watched featured Alex in it.

Alex had become the face of the company, in a way. He was someone to look up to. So hot. So dumb. A jock whore through and through.

Naturally, Alex was the example to which all the other employees aspired. He was the first member of the Employee Morale team but unlikely to be the last.

Morris groaned as he jerked his cock. He needed to work harder. He needed to get big and strong and dumb for his boss—for Alex.

A grunt from nearby was all the warning Morris had before cum rained down on him from across the desk. HE was pretty close, himself, and watching the close-up of that massive dick plunging sloppily in and out of Alex’s muscle cunt was probably going to take him the rest of the way.

Alex spent most of the day filming his videos. He worked pretty much the same hours, getting up early to get to the studio, and getting home late after working out at the gym.

At least Alex didn’t look quite so stressed anymore, mused the final dreg of the old Morris before fading away just like all the other thoughts and intelligence that were once in the newly-made jock’s now-empty skull.

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