From Brains to Brawn

Alvin Leung is a successful young man fresh out of college with a bright future ahead of him. He’s just got one problem: boredom. His desk job just isn’t as exciting as he hoped it would be but, fortunately for him, a chance encounter at a bar leads to something life-changing.

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Alvin Leung, graduate Summa Cum Laude of the class of 2021 with a major in Computer Science, specializing in Data Analytics, and a minor in Biochemistry, had his whole life in front of him. And with a mind as brilliant as his, it was bound to be a good one.

There was one small complication: the other thing in front of him. Namely, the computer screen he’d been staring at blankly for the past six hours of work.

Not that he was being ungrateful, or anything, but he hadn’t expected how boring the work would be. He understood it was a massive privilege to have gotten a well-paying job right out of college but man… If this kept up, he would probably end up falling asleep at his desk.

He stared at the clock. He had another half an hour on his shift. Just the thought was agonizing. He wanted to be literally anywhere else.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath as he rubbed his face with the palms of his hands. He needed to get a grip. There was no use bemoaning his situation. If he wanted in on the more exciting projects, he had to prove his worth to the company, and loafing around wasn’t going to do him any favors.

Alvin pushed his seat away from the desk and stood up. He looked around the office and saw his colleagues wrapping up their work and chatting casually with one another. It probably didn’t help his boredom that he’d made practically no friends since he started a few weeks ago.

He sighed and quietly made his way to the bathroom. He took a piss, the noise of the stream splashing against the urinal echoing forlornly in the empty bathroom.

As he was washing his hands, he looked at himself in the mirror. The graduated look was good on him. The eyebags from endless late nights studying had more or less faded away.

He grabbed paper towels from the nearby dispenser and dried off his hands. He combed his fingers through his jet-black hair. He’d had it cropped short into a more professional style than he’d had in the last few months of college.

The garbage bag lining a nearby trash bin rustled as Alvin tossed the damp paper towels into it. He allowed himself a little fist pump to celebrate before looking around to make sure no one had seen him.

He leaned against the sink and looked in the mirror. Maybe it was time for him to put himself on the market, so to speak. He’d always put off romance and dating to focus on his academics but now that he was out of college with a fairly stable job, maybe it was a good time to give it a shot.

He grabbed his chin and turned his head from side to side. He was a fairly good-looking young man. He had a pretty face. A soft look he’d been told was cute. And people had always said his dark eyes were beautiful.

The only thing he really lacked was mass. He’d always been on the slender side, and even the terrible diet of a college kid had done little to put meat on his bones. Even with the best-fitted work clothes he could afford, his button-up shirt hung loosely around his narrow shoulders.

But he did look the part of a cute Asian twink. And surely that had to count for something.

Yeah… he told himself. Yeah. Maybe it was time to put himself out there. It wasn’t like he had anything better to do. And he had always wanted to experience what it would be like to be in a relationship.

That wasn’t to say he was a virgin or anything. He had some prior experience. Mostly a few one-night stands.

Well, a handful of one-night stands. And the occasional summer fling too. Though he never allowed those to progress too far. He’d always been concerned they would distract him from his studies.

The more he thought about it, the more Alvin was convinced. He had to get out there, one way or another. He’d waited for so long already.

Maybe a little bit of variety in his life was just the spice he needed to get over his crippling boredom at work.

The bar was rather lively, tonight. The air throbbed with music and the low hum of background conversation.

Alvin was sitting at the end of the bar, nursing a drink. A few guys had caught his eye so far but so far the sentiment had seemed largely one-sided.

He was reminded why he didn’t like this sort of scene. The guys tended to be painfully shallow.

Oh, well, he thought to himself. The atmosphere was still great and the music was a total bop. He wasn’t going to let a tiny little bit of unreciprocated attraction get his night down. Not when it had only just begun.

And besides, Alvin thought to himself while taking a sip of his cocktail, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea.

Ice clinked in his glass as he knocked back the rest of his drink. He was about to get up from his barstool when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye: a picture hung up on the wall behind the bar.

The subjects of the photograph captured Alvin’s attention. One was a leather daddy. He was hot in a way that almost took Alvin’s breath away.

The daddy was handsome. He had gorgeous salt-and-pepper facial hair and there was a tough, masculine set to his jaw. His silver-grey eyes were intense and piercing and his lips were curled into a knowing little smirk that sent a shiver down Alvin’s spine.

While the daddy wasn’t overly muscular, he was certainly well-defined. His body seemed like it had been cut from a block of granite, his chest and stomach covered in a light dusting of fur.

A pair of crotch-less, ass-less leather chaps tightly clad the daddy’s legs while his feet were set firmly into a pair of beautiful leather boots shined to an impeccable gleam. Underneath, he was wearing a leather jockstrap with a pouch that seemed strained to capacity by his sizable bulge.

In one hand, the daddy was loosely holding the handle of a flogger while in the other, one end of a thin leather leash was wrapped around his knuckles. The other end led to the collar of a younger man on his hands and knees beside the daddy.

The first thing Alvin noticed about the sub was that he was huge. His muscles were swollen and veiny. His chest, particularly. The harness he wore. was stretched taut across his pecs.

The sub’s arms looked like they could punch straight through brick walls and his thighs looked like they could crush steel drums between them. Every inch of the sub’s body oozed raw physical strength and yet, for all that power, there was a vacant, subservient, and almost worshipful look in his eyes as he gazed up at the daddy.

And the boy was handsome, too. He had luxurious shoulder-length hair and his face gave off a real guy-next-door sort of vibe—or as much of one as an Asian could be, anyway.

And even though they seemed utterly devoid of intelligence, the sub’s eyes seemed to shine in the light.

As he looked at the picture, Alvin felt a twitch in his pants. Maybe it wasn’t a conventional relationship he needed. Maybe it would be nice to submit, for once. Have someone dominate him.

He’d gotten so used to determining his own destiny, he didn’t even question it anymore. Being an adult was exhausting. His life was filled with worries and responsibilities.

School had had its own stresses, of course. But there had been rules. Structure. If he wanted to do something or accomplish a goal, the path to get there was well laid out.

The real world wasn’t so kind.

Maybe. Just maybe, it would be nice having that load off his shoulders.

Alvin grabbed himself through his pants and squeezed. He was half-hard already and his cock jumped at his touch. Clearly his body liked the idea.

And he had to admit, it was tempting. There was certainly something liberating about the notion of letting someone else do all the hard work of thinking for him.

Oh, sure, there was a certain, dystopian feel to it but real life was so hard. There were so many choices to make. So many things to consider.

Outsourcing all that effort to someone else didn’t seem like such a bad idea. And then he could just… follow orders.

It would be so simple. And so nice. No more fretting about what-ifs. No more stressing over whether he’d made the right choice. Just doing as he was told to do. Thinking what he was told to think…

Alvin chuckled to himself as he slipped off to the dance floor. Just because the fantasy was appealing didn’t mean it was what he really wanted.

He was too independent to give himself over to someone else. But now and then? For a night? A few hours?

God. Even just an hour of not having to think about all the things he had to think about would be a blessing.

It was a cool and quiet night outside. Even the usual noise of the city that drifted up to Alvin’s 7th-floor apartment was somewhat subdued.

Indoors was a different story. Alvin tossed and turned in his fitful sleep. His eyes darted about under his eyelids and he muttered soft, unintelligible things into the confidence of the witching hour.

Suddenly, he jolted awake. He sat up, breathing heavily. There was a sheen of sweat on his skin and the sheets bunched up around him were soaked.

The air was cool but Alvin was not. He felt like he was burning up. He reached up to fan himself with the loose cotton shirt he’d gone to sleep with but his fingers only found bare skin.

In fact, he was naked. He never slept naked.

There was another thing that quickly caught Alvin’s attention. He was hard. So hard.

His blanket was draped around his lap, having fallen there when he suddenly sat up. It was tented up between his legs.

When he moved to throw the sweat-soaked blanket off him, he couldn’t help but groan. His cock head had rubbed against the fabric. And it had felt good.

For some reason, Alvin felt no desire to go back to bed whatsoever. If anything, he felt full of energy. He swung his legs off the side of the bed, trying to control his breathing, and stood up.

His body was lighter than he remembered. Or maybe he was just stronger than he remembered. Strange.

Alvin threw open his curtains. Pale moonlight streamed into the room and he was shocked by what he saw. Bathed in the light of the full moon he could have sworn his forearms looked… thicker.

He looked again. They were. Not by much, but certainly to an extent that was visible and conspicuous.

He stepped fully into the moonlight. The same was true for the rest of his body. He had put on some meat.

Oh, he was still thin by any reasonable standard but he wasn’t as thin as he was supposed to be. Which led him to believe he was dreaming.

A pinch to the cheek quickly told him that wasn’t likely to be the case. There must have been another explanation, though. Maybe he just hadn’t noticed. Maybe he’d finally managed to put on some weight now that the stress of college and the ensuing job hunt was over.

Alvin doubled over and groaned as the heat he felt inside him swelled. He started sweating again as his cock throbbed and burped out a single clear strand of pre-cum that dripped onto the floor.

The sensation defied description. It was unsettling, in a way—especially as the heat bubbled in his gut. It felt like indigestion but without any of the discomfort typically associated with it.

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath. The sensation was intense. Impossible to ignore, even. It demanded nothing less than his full attention and he could hardly think of anything else.

His stomach spasmed, eliciting another low groan from his lips. He half-expected to feel sick in a moment but such a thing never came to pass.

Instead, in a rare moment of lucidity, as sweat streamed down the sides of his face in thin rivulets that gleamed in the moonlight, he realized it wasn’t his stomach at all.

Alvin brushed his fingers over his flat belly. There. A soft whine escaped him as he felt the muscles moving under his skin. He couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

He would have thought his core was cramping but he didn’t feel any pain at all. In fact, other than the almost uncomfortable heat he could feel just under his skin, he’d never felt better.

Whatever was happening, Alvin didn’t have much of an opportunity to think it through. The warmth was beginning to spread.

His breathing turned shallow as he felt the sensation climb up his throat. It spread through his chest, filling his lungs with heat.

Every breath felt like a lungful of steam room air. And the more he breathed, the hotter he got. He felt like he was burning up from the inside, the fire spreading through his chest.

Alvin turned away from the window. He didn’t feel sick or anything but he’d never experienced anything like this before and he didn’t want to take any chances.

He hurried to the bathroom on unsteady legs. He had to brace himself against the wall just to keep his balance but he managed.

Worse still, the massive erection between his legs forced him into an awkward waddle as he made his way down the hall. His cock felt so hot. So hard. He couldn’t help but groan as his cock swung from side to side with every step he took, flinging strands of clear pre-cum everywhere.

The heat had spread down Alvin’s arms and legs by the time he burst into the bathroom. He didn’t even bother closing the door behind him as he shuffled over to the sink.

He gripped the edge of the counter and looked down at his cock. It looked bigger than he remembered, but he was also harder than he had ever been so he couldn’t tell if his cock really had grown.

Gulping audibly and panting as the heat climbed up his neck, Alvin looked up into the mirror. He couldn’t help but gawk at what he saw.

He was drenched in sweat. Every inch of skin glistened with a faint sheen in the harsh light. And more of it was dripping off his body, rivulets dripping down the front of his torso.

Stranger still, his muscles were growing. He could see them shifting under his skin, swelling with every moment that passed. His narrow shoulders didn’t look quite so narrow anymore and a faint cleft had begun to develop down the middle of his chest.

The process was slow and subtle but it didn’t escape Alvin’s notice. How could it? He’d spent so long struggling and failing to develop any sort of muscle it was difficult not to notice that everything he’d ever wanted was magically coming true.

He could scarcely take his eyes off his reflection. He watched as his body packed on muscles he’d only ever dreamed about. His stomach, normally flat and relatively featureless, had developed the beginnings of abs.

He hadn’t thought he would ever see the day. And as he brushed his fingers over his stomach, feeling the slight definition of muscles he’d never had before, all the worry and anxiety he’d been feeling just… evaporated.

An intense wave of heat and pleasure unlike anything he’d ever felt before washed over Alvin’s body. He had to grip the edge of the sink for support. His legs felt like they were going to give out from under him. His cock felt like it was about to burst.

He held tight against the sink top as the heat seeped inside him. The oddest thing was, it seemed to concentrate in his bones.

The sensation was… something. Alvin didn’t have the words. He could scarcely think of anything else, much less string together scattered ideas into something cohesive.

He groaned, a whimper spilling from his lips at the tail end as the intense heat continued to settle into his bones. When the sensation faded, some few minutes later, he was even more drenched in sweat than he had been when he first came into the bathroom.

The tiles under his feet were slick with moisture but that was hardly his first concern. He looked up into the mirror with wide eyes. He’d grown. Again.

While he hadn’t been particularly short for an Asian guy before, somehow he’d gained another three or four inches of height in the last few minutes. It felt great.

"Holy shit," Alvin muttered to himself. He didn’t know whether he’d accidentally pleased a god or something but he was into it.

He reached up and palmed one of his pecs. Half an hour ago, the best he could have hoped for was to lay his hand flat against his chest but not anymore. He actually had pecs now.

They weren’t particularly big, or anything. But they were there. And he could feel them. He could even feel the muscle bunch up under his skin as he tensed his chest.

Alvin grinned like a kid in a candy store. He cupped both of his pecs in his hands and squeezed them.

He wasn’t prepared for what followed. "Oh, fuck!" he cried out, a bolt of pleasure surging down his spine. The sensation went straight to his cock and he leaked a fat glob of pre-cum into the sink as a result.

An incredulous laugh spilled from his lips. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. It was absurd. But it was real.

Alvin shook his head and squeezed his pecs again. Fuck, he thought to himself. That felt good.

His body was growing. After years of struggle and failure, his body was finally, finally growing. He could scarce believe it but there was no denying it. Not anymore.

Intellectually, he’d recognized what was happening to him but it hadn’t really registered, at first. It didn’t hit him until the first time he’d squeezed his pecs.

Because they’d swelled in his hands. Right as he was cupping his chest and giving his new muscles a feel, they’d expanded to better fill his palms. And it had felt so good.

The only negative about the experience so far was the odd haze Alvin could feel in his head. But he didn’t even care. He was too busy admiring his new body, which didn’t even seem to be finished growing yet.

He moved his hands down to his stomach. He traced his fingers over his belly. He could feel the ridges and crevices grow deeper and sharper as his abs grew in.

He had a proper six-pack now and it was gorgeous. He couldn’t help but flex his core and marvel at the way the muscle tensed.

It was the washboard of Alvin’s dreams. His abs were rock-hard and cobbled. Perfectly defined. The only thing that could possibly make his stomach look even better was a load of cum slowly dripping into the valleys between the muscles.

As he moved his hands further down, he traced his thumbs over the V on either side of his abs. They were perfectly shaped. Just looking at them enticed the eyes even lower. It was only natural his hands did the same.

Alvin bit back a hiss as his fingers grazed the base of his cock. It was definitely bigger than he remembered. Heftier, too, like the rest of his body.

And his balls, which had always been a bit tight, looked like they had finally dropped. They swung under his thick shaft, nice and juicy. Full of cum.

He pushed down on his cock. He placed his thumb on the top side and slid it down his length, pressing it closer and closer to the sink until the head brushed against the rim of the basin. And then, he let go.

Alvin’s cock sprang back. It flung a strand of pre-cum into the air before smacking against his stomach and leaving a small smear.

God, he thought to himself. Even his cock was gorgeous. And he couldn’t help but stare at it a moment longer, making it bounce up and down between his legs by flexing it.

He didn’t spend too much longer on his cock because he didn’t think he could resist if he started playing with it now. And he had a whole body to explore yet.

He rubbed his hands over his thighs. They were thick. Strong. He could feel the muscles under his fingers, the heat of his flesh. The sensation was intoxicating and he couldn’t help but grin.

Looking up at the mirror, at his reflection, Alvin struck a pose he’d only ever seen bodybuilders do. The magic had worked its wonders on his arms, too.

Gone was any evidence he’d once been thin. Anyone who looked at the bulging muscles in his arms would think he frequented the gym. No one would ever suspect he’d spent years struggling to put on even just a tiny bit of meat.

But his arms were still growing. They didn’t quite fit the rest of his body yet. And as he watched his biceps swell, his cock did the same. Not because his cock was getting any bigger. But rather because he was getting so fucking turned on.

Pre-cum dribbled into the sink as he posed again. This time, he showed off his triceps. Then, his forearms.

Fuck. It was everything he’d ever dreamed of. And his arms hadn’t gotten too big, either. They were just right. Muscular. Meaty. But not obscene. Perfectly reasonable. Like the kind one would find on a fratboy. Or a male model.

Alvin’s body was so hot, now. It was the perfect physique. What he’d always wanted. The only thing left to look at was his ass, and as he did a half-turn to look at his rump in the mirror, he wasn’t disappointed.

The transformation hadn’t missed his ass at all. If anything, it was one of the best affected parts of his body, second only to his chest and arms.

The flat, disappointing posterior Alvin had been born with was gone. In its place was a pair of round, juicy ass cheeks. And especially with the sheen of sweat that covered them. Fuck. He could scarcely keep his hands off himself!

The only part of Alvin that hadn’t changed so much was his face. But he didn’t mind. The rest of him looked like a fucking wet dream. He would have fit in with the half-dozen fitness influencers he followed. Easily.

He couldn’t help but strike a few poses for himself in the mirror. He felt giddy. Full of energy. He hadn’t felt this alive in ages.

But the elation he felt was somewhat short-lived. The heat inside of him was still there. And it was building up again.

Alvin tensed. Whatever magic had seized hold of his body clearly wasn’t done with him, yet. He moaned loudly as another wave of heat washed over him.

This one was more intense than the last. To a terrifying degree. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen, but it didn’t take long for him to realize something was wrong.

He was growing again. His arms and chest were especially affected. His perfectly proportioned arms swelled with muscles.

Veins popped out under his skin. They were huge. Prominent. His eyes kept getting drawn to them, following them along the curve of his growing biceps and over the backs of his forearms.

But something distracted Alvin from his arms, anyway. He felt a pressure building behind his sternum. He arched his back, pushing his chest out.

A desperate groan spilled from his lips as his pecs grew thicker. Veins popped along the tops of the muscle, framing the firm slabs of meat.

Alvin was concerned. This was a bit more muscle than he wanted. It wasn’t obscene, or anything, but he’d always viewed himself as more of a twunk. This was too much.

Still, he supposed he could live with it. If the magic stopped there, at least. But after another pulse of heat washed over his body, he wasn’t so sure.

"Fuck!" he cursed under his breath a heartbeat later. "That fucking hurt!" he yelled at no one in particular.

His nipples felt like they’d been simultaneously stung by bees. Except, it was way worse than that. When he looked at his reflection he saw that a pair of tight, stainless steel nipple rings had pierced themselves through his nipples.

Alvin almost couldn’t believe it. He looked down at his chest to make sure they were really there and not just a trick of the light. They were.

Just like that, all the elation he had been feeling curdled into fear. Alarm bells were ringing in his head. He had to find a way to stop the magic now before anything more drastic happened but he didn’t know the first thing about doing that.

The sharp pain quickly faded to a dull throbbing in his nipples. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant. If anything, it felt a little good.

Frowning, Alvin reached for his chest. He rubbed the side of his nipple and had to bite back a moan. It was so sensitive.

And when he accidentally bumped the nipple ring, he nearly screamed. His back arched involuntarily, his chest heaving as his cock burped a glob of pre-cum into the sink.

It was like an electric shock. The pleasure briefly made his mind go blank. And it went straight to his cock. It was a surprise he didn’t come right then and there.

When the sensation faded, Alvin yanked his hand away from his chest to make sure no more accidents happened. He stared at himself in the mirror, chest heaving.

He clutched the edge of the sink and leaned on it for support. He breathed heavily as he tilted his head up and examined the glint of his new nipple piercings in his reflection.

They didn’t look too bad. He could probably live with them. But he was starting to freak out. Things were happening whether he wanted them to or not. And there was no telling what else about him would change.

His face was mostly the same, so that, at least, was a bit of comfort. The rest of his body, on the other hand, was another matter entirely. Would he even recognize himself by the time the magic released its hold on him?

Alvin didn’t have long to ponder the question. A groan spilled from his lips as another wave of heat washed over him.

"Oh no…" he muttered under his breath. A quiet whine escaped him as the heat continued to build. "No. No… Fuck. What’s it this time?"

His body answered the question promptly. His armpits itched. He could ignore it at first, but not for long.

The urge to scratch was overwhelming. Alvin had no choice but to give in. And when he did, he froze.

He raised an arm over his head and gawked at his armpit in the mirror. What had felt like bumps under his skin at first had, in a heartbeat, turned into a thin mat of armpit hair.

The hair grew in quickly. The itch was unbearable. The only thing Alvin could do was scratch desperately at his armpit as a thick forest of dark, wiry armpit hair grew in.

And as sweaty as he was, it didn’t take long for the hair to get matted down and slick. As he switched arms to scratch at his other armpit, the faint scent of musk filled the air.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Alvin muttered to himself. The magic was out of control. He could have handled the bigger arms and bigger pecs but the armpit hair was a step too far.

He could only pray it was finished but those hopes were quickly dashed. The heat pulsed again and this time blotches of dark discoloration began to spread across his skin.

At first, it looked like someone had splattered liquid tan all over him but the splotches darkened as they spread, eventually turning ink-black altogether.

"Fuck! No!" Alvin yelled in a panic. He thought both his arms would be covered in the jet black pigment but after some time the discoloration of his skin began to form sharp lines and edges.

His eyes widened as the shape of identical tribal designs appeared on his arms. Two dragons wound around his muscles. They continued up along his triceps and over his shoulders.

He half-turned to look at his back in the mirror. The dragon’s tails met between his shoulder blades and wrapped around each other, forming a helical shape down his spine.

The dragon design stopped just short of the small of his back but it wasn’t the only tattoo emblazoned on his skin. There was another one resting just above the crack of his ass.

It was a beautifully intricate tribal design filled with knots and whorls. But the most important part was that it drew the eye further down, to the pair of thick, muscular cheeks underneath it. A tramp stamp truly worthy of the name.

As Alvin turned back to face the mirror again, he noticed that there were more tattoos on his body. A matching set wrapped around his nipples, with a design that almost seemed to point at them as targets to play with. Another ringed around the base of his cock.

His legs were, thankfully, mostly devoid of tattoos. But each one had a pair of black bands tattooed around the ankle. One thicker, and the other, about a quarter as thin and about a quarter of an inch above it.

Alvin looked at his new tattoos with dismay. He touched the head of the dragon wrapped around his left forearm. He pushed down, trying to rub the crisp black ink off his skin but to no avail.

The tattoos, it seemed, were there to stay.

"This can’t be happening…" Alvin whispered to himself. He leaned on the sink top, propping his elbows against the counter as he buried his face in his hands.

It should have been an innocuous little gesture but all it did was make him freak out even more. His arms had gotten so big that bringing his hands together on his face led to his biceps cramming into his chest.

"Fuck!" he mewled, terror and arousal mingling inside him. He was terrified because he was changing in ways he couldn’t even begin to imagine. And he was aroused because his biceps were squeezing his pecs together, making his nipple rings swing back and forth.

"W-what now?" Alvin gasped as the heat washed over his body again. This time, it seemed to concentrate in his ass.

He spread his legs and arched his back. The sensation was so intense. His skin felt like it was burning from the heat.

He couldn’t help but reach back with one arm. He clapped a hand over an ass cheek and moaned like a bitch as soon as he did. The head of his cock, which had come to a rest on the sink top when he leaned forward, was now in a pool of pre-cum on the smooth stone counter.

Alvin not only felt the muscle swell under his, he felt his skin stretch to accommodate the growth. His ass bubbled out, filling the palm of his hand and then some.

The magic had already given him meat in his rump, before. He had been satisfied with that. But now, his ass was growing even bigger.

Not that he wanted to complain about having a bubblier bubble butt or anything. Under normal circumstances, he might have even welcomed it.

But he wasn’t in control. He didn’t know what was happening to his body. He didn’t know what was going to happen to his body.

The way things were going, Alvin was terrified that he would keep growing. He’d been happy with his new body a few minutes ago. Now, he was a bit bigger than he would have liked.

He had armpit hair. He had tattoos. He had nipple rings. And he had a bubble butt, for Christ’s sake! Even though his nickname throughout high school had been pancake because his back was a straight line from his shoulders to his ankles!

Alvin could learn to live with it, though. It was better than his old, skinny body by a country mile. He could accept his new body and love it over time, he was sure of it, but that was only if the magic stopped messing with him.

He just didn’t know if it would. And almost as if on cue, the heat washed over him again.

He bit back a quiet sob as his whole body tingled. He hung his head and stared into the sink. He couldn’t even bear to look up. He didn’t want to see what was becoming of him.

Alvin squeezed his eyes shut. What it would accomplish, he didn’t know. Maybe if he refused to look, the problem would go away. Maybe, just maybe, he’d wake up from the nightmare.

He could feel what was happening to him. He was growing. His ass was swelling. His legs were expanding. And his biceps were crowding his chest tighter and tighter with every moment that passed.

But as long as he didn’t see what was going on, he didn’t have to acknowledge it. As long as he kept his eyes closed he could imagine that the magic wasn’t turning him into a freak. That he still had his ideal body from minutes before.

It was curiosity that got the better of Alvin. He couldn’t not look. He could feel himself changing. He had to see how he was changing.

And so he looked. He raised his head and looked in the mirror. And his stomach flipped so violently he felt like he was going to be sick.

He looked… Hell. He didn’t even know what he looked like. A monster? A freak? Shit. He pretty much looked like a miniaturized mountain of muscle.

He wanted to cry. Thick, juicy veins had popped across his shoulders and over his collarbones, stretching across his thick, inflated pecs. His arms were massive, too, and just as veiny.

Alvin placed a hand on his stomach. His abs were so hard he was pretty sure he could grind a rock to dust on them. And his legs looked so powerful he could probably do the same by squeezing the rock between his thighs instead.

His cock was even bigger than before, too. It hadn’t grown nearly as much as the rest of his body but he was pretty difficult not to notice nine inches of rock-hard throbbing flesh when the most he’d packed before was six.

He almost dreaded what he would see when he turned to get a look at his ass but he had to see. And it was just as bad as he’d expected. A pair of fat, muscular ass cheeks that protruded nearly as far from his back as his chest did from his front.

Alvin’s only consolation was that he at least still looked a bit proportional. He could only hope that would remain the case.

He didn’t know what he would do if he got any bigger. All of his clothes were for a much smaller guy. Maybe his underwear would stretch enough but he wasn’t sure. He had an ass now.

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted his thoughts. His eyes went wide. How could he possibly answer the door looking like he did?

Alvin chewed on his lower lip. He tried to wait it out. Maybe the person at his door would get tired and go away.

That would have been too easy, though. A minute or so later, the doorbell rang again.

The magic and the unwanted changes to his body had put Alvin so off-balance it never even occurred to him it was weird to have someone at his door at this late hour. The only thing he could think of was how he could get himself presentable enough to answer the door.

Boxers. Yes, he thought to himself, boxers would have to do. There was a pack in the back of his closet, one he’d bought some time ago, that ended up being much too big for him.

Alvin hurried over to the bedroom as the doorbell rang for the third time. His body had become so broad he almost didn’t fit through the door.

His footsteps seemed to thunder down the hallway. The ground seemed to shake under his sheer mass. There was nothing he could do to escape what the magic had done to him. Every last motion reminded him what he had become.

Only the fact he had a visitor kept him from having a breakdown then and there. He could cry once he’d figured out what the unexpected guest wanted. But not until then.

Alvin tore his closet open. His heart dropped into the pit of his stomach as soon as he saw what was inside. Leather. Vests. Chaps. Pants. Shorts. Caps. Harnesses. His normal clothing was nowhere to be seen.

A heartbeat later, the distinctive smell of leather and polish hit him. The thick scent was heady and intoxicating. He couldn’t help but take another breath.

As the aroma of the leather filled his lungs, a profound sense of arousal coursed through his veins. The faint haze that had been hanging around his head the whole evening suddenly got thick and smothering.

His thoughts slowed to a crawl as a groan escaped him and his cock twitched between his legs. Eyes glazing over, he reached into the closet.

Alvin’s fingers brushed over a leather harness. The touch sent a thrill of pleasure along his arm and down his spine. His cock jumped, eliciting a soft whine as he leaked pre-cum all over the floor.

He grabbed the harness and pulled it on. The supple leather and the metal rings felt good as they slid against his skin. They felt right.

The straps stretched over the bulging muscles of his arms and chest. They hugged his body perfectly. Like they’d been made to fit him. And the feeling was unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

As he brushed his fingers over the taut leather straps, the doorbell rang again. Right! he thought to himself. He’d hurried back to his room to get dressed. It was just… He couldn’t quite remember why.

Yeah, he was wearing a harness now but he was pretty sure he’d come for something else… But as he stared at the leather gear in his closet he couldn’t imagine what else he might have wanted to wear.

Alvin tried to think about it but it was hard. The more he tried to figure out the puzzle in his mind, the more a peculiar pain between his eyes throbbed.

So he let go. He stopped thinking about it so much. And just like that, the pain went away. If anything, it felt good to let the silly little thought go.

A quiet moan spilled from Alvin’s lips. It was just so much easier to not think so much. Thinking was hard. Not thinking was nice. He took a deep breath and savored the smell of the leather mingling with the scent of his sweat in the air and basked in the emptiness of his mind.

The doorbell rang again. More insistently, this time. Alvin chuckled sheepishly to himself as he hurried out of the room to answer the door.

He was distracted on the way there when he caught sight of his reflection in a floor-length mirror in the living room. He didn’t remember ever getting a mirror for his living room, but he probably just forgot. He wasn’t the best at thinking, after all.

Alvin grinned at himself in the mirror. He flexed his arms and puffed out his chest. "Oh fuck, bro," he said, practically drooling at the sight of his muscles straining and covered with sweat.

He did a half-turn to get a good look at his fat muscular ass. He clenched his ass cheeks and reached back to slap them. "Look how fucking big you are, bro!" he told himself, followed by a dumb chortle.

He turned back around to face the mirror. He grunted as he flexed, making the veins in his arms and over his chest pop. "Oh fuck, yeah! Look at those gains, bro!" he said, grinning dumbly at his reflection.

Alvin might well have stayed in front of the mirror were it not for the doorbell ringing to remind him he had a guest. "Coming!" he called out sheepishly.

He gave himself one more inconspicuous flex before making for the door.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" he blurted out when he opened the door. It was the guy from the picture at the bar! Standing in front of his apartment! Alvin could scarcely believe it.

"That’s right, baby," said the man. "Let me in, yeah?"

Alvin was so shocked he could scarcely voice an objection. "Y-yeah, sure!" he said.

He stood aside to let the man in but his body had gotten so big it would be a bit of a squeeze. So, he backed off instead, giving the man space to come inside the apartment and close the door behind him.

"Look at you. Such a big, beautiful beast you are," said the man.

Alvin felt a flush of pride. He stood straighter and puffed his chest out. His cock burped a glob of pre-cum onto the floor. The praise felt good. Right.

A toothy grin split the man’s face. He clapped his hands on Alvin’s chest. "So meaty!"

Alvin bit back a moan. The man was rough. The impact of those coarse, calloused hands on his chest stung. But the praise sent a thrill of pleasure through Alvin’s body, regardless.

And then, the man squeezed. A groan spilled out of Alvin. The man’s grip was tight. Merciless, even. He could feel the fingers digging into the meat of his chest and despite the faint pain, the pleasure was indescribable.

Alvin was panting by the time the man released his pecs and grabbed the straps of his leather harness.

"Alright, my boy," said the man. "It’s about time we got going. You’ll be coming with me."

Alvin had no idea what the man was talking about. "H-huh?" He didn’t remember making any plans to go out. He didn’t really want to go out, anyway. "W-what do you mean…?" It occurred to him he didn’t even know the man’s name. He swore he should have.

"Neal," said the man. "But you can call me Daddy, baby."

Daddy. Alvin mulled over the name in his head. The man had mentioned another name but he’d forgotten it nearly instantly. Right. Right. "Daddy" was right.

Alvin frowned as he tried to make sense of the jumble of thoughts in his head. "W-where are we going, Daddy?" he grunted.

Daddy chuckled. "To my place, dumbass," he said, reaching up and mussing up Alvin’s hair. "So you can finish growing!"

Those words jolted Alvin out of the trance the scent of the leather had put him in. "No…" he muttered, at first. "No. Fuck, no!"

The more aware he became, the more he freaked out. He’d just let a stranger in his house. A stranger who probably had something to do with what was happening to him. "I’m not going anywhere!" he said, backing away from Daddy.

No! Not Daddy! There was another name. He just couldn’t fucking remember it!

"Go away!" Alvin said once he was a comfortable distance away from Daddy. He pointed at the door. "Get the fuck out! I’m not going anywhere! Especially not to grow more!"

Alvin was sweating, but it was a cold kind of sweat this time. Anxiety was knotted in his gut. He felt like he was going to puke. He didn’t want to get any bigger. "No! I’m out! I’m done! Just leave me alone, please!" he begged when Daddy refused to move and just kept standing there, looking at him.

Daddy clucked his tongue. "I’m not sure I like your attitude, boy. Maybe you need a bit more work. Stay there and let me get a good look at you," he said.

Alvin froze up. Every last one of his tight, swollen muscles locked in place. He couldn’t move even if he wanted to, and he certainly wanted to run when Daddy approached him and stepped into his personal space.

His body responded involuntarily. A moan bubbled up out of his throat and spilled from his lips. Daddy was so close he could practically feel the heat of Daddy’s body on his skin and it made his cock throb.

It was even worse when Daddy reached up and grabbed him by the face. Daddy yanked his head first to the left, then to the right.

Daddy clicked his tongue. He seemed disappointed. For some reason, seeing that expression dropped a cold knot of guilt in Alvin’s stomach. For some reason, he suddenly wanted to make it up to Daddy. In some way. In any way.

"So young," said Daddy, shaking his head. "I don’t think those boyish looks fit this beastly body. Do you?"

Alvin agreed. Of course, he did. The only part of him that hadn’t changed was his youthful appearance. And that was why he wanted to get smaller again, not bigger. So he could have a body that fit his looks.

He opened his mouth to say just that. Before he could get any words out, Daddy pressed a finger to his lips and stopped him.

"Don’t speak. Forget I asked," said Daddy, with a small smirk. "I wouldn’t want to give you the impression your opinion matters here."

As soon as Daddy gave the command, Alvin’s jaw clamped shut. He tried his hardest to speak, to protest, but he couldn’t. He just… couldn’t.

"Alright," said Daddy. He took a step back and, despite himself, Alvin whined. "Let’s see how big you really are, yeah? Go ahead. Lick your armpit."

Alvin’s body started moving on its own. Try as he might, he could not resist the command. And honestly, even though the mere thought of licking his own hairy armpit made a current of arousal wend through his body, it sickened him as well.

The task was not as easy as he expected. At first, he thought he was managing to resist but he quickly realized that wasn’t at all the case. He had just grown so big he could scarcely move his biceps past his chest.

It was more of a struggle than he expected. And by the time he’d raised his right arm over his head, he was sweating profusely again.

Alvin leaned in toward his armpit. The first thing he noticed was the smell. The musk was thick. Intense. Almost as intoxicating as the scent of the leather strapped to his chest.

He couldn’t help but take a deep and greedy whiff. A moan bubbled up out of him as his lungs filled with the heady odor and his cock throbbed between his legs.

The second thing he noticed was how difficult it was to even get his head close to his armpit. There was so much muscle in the way.

But the smell of his armpit was already making his mouth water. Daddy’s order wasn’t even on his mind, anymore. He just wanted to taste his own armpit sweat.

After a few attempts, Alvin finally managed to do as he was told. With a grunt, he shoved his face into his armpit. His nose went first, brushing against the sweat-slicked armpit hairs.

He took a deep breath. The scent was even thicker, this close to the source. He couldn’t help but moan, his cock burping another large glob of pre-cum out of the tip.

And then he managed to lick his armpit. He swept his tongue over the coarse, wiry hairs matted down with sweat. And his taste buds exploded with the taste. Salty-sweet and earthy. Nothing had ever tasted so good.

The pleasure was more intense than Alvin expected. The moment he tangled his tongue into the dense bush of hair poking out of his armpits, his cock spurted pre-cum.

After that, the strain was too much. His neck was starting to hurt. He pulled back, panting. His massive chest heaved as he lowered his arm and shook it to get rid of the dull ache in his shoulder.

Daddy clicked his tongue. He sounded disappointed.

Alvin didn’t understand. He’d done as he was told. He’d succeeded the task. He was hoping that he’d managed to please Daddy but all he’d managed was to disappoint Daddy more than before.

Daddy had a thoughtful look on his face for a moment. "You’re still too small," he said. A heartbeat later, he grinned. "We can fix that."

A quiet, desperate whine escaped Alvin. He wanted to plead. To beg. He was willing to do anything, everything. He just didn’t want to get any bigger. But Daddy’s earlier command stopped him from giving voice to any of his protestations.

Not that he was laboring under the assumption Daddy would listen to him at all. But if there was a chance, he wanted to at least try.

Daddy had made sure he couldn’t.

Alvin watched with wide eyes as Daddy produced a wicked-looking mask seemingly out of thin air. It was reminiscent of a popular Hollywood superhero movie mask, with a front that would cover the entire lower half of his face, two straps that would wrap around the back of his head, and one that would go up and over his hair. There were also tubes attached to the front of the mask in an arrangement that looked almost like vicious teeth.

Behind the mask was even more terrifying. Alvin saw what was there when Daddy turned it around to put it on him. A massive rubber cock. So thick he was sure it would break his jaw and so long he wondered how he would breathe if he did manage to get it down.

"Open wide, baby," said Daddy.

Alvin had no choice but to obey. He opened his mouth as much as he could manage and closed his eyes, wincing as he felt the strangely warm head of the dildo gag brush against his lips.

Daddy wasted no time slipping the gag into Alvin’s mouth. It felt even bigger up close and personal but somehow the head managed to fit past Alvin’s jaw.

Alvin choked when the blunt tip of the dildo hit the back of his throat. There was no way he was going to be able to get something so big down his gullet but Daddy seemed to have everything under control.

"Now," said Daddy, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth, "swallow like a good little beastie."

And Alvin did as he was told. He swallowed. And the dildo slipped down his throat as if it was no trouble at all to choke down a foot-long, wrist-thick cock.

"That’s it, my little brute. Every last inch," said Daddy, pushing the mask tightly against Alvin’s face before walking around behind him to buckle the straps in place.

Alvin’s eyes watered as he tried to swallow around the dildo-gag buried in his throat. Somehow he could breathe perfectly fine despite the invasion. And it was only then he noticed one other thing about the mask.

It stank. In a good way. Every breath was filled with the pure, distilled scent of leather and sweat and sex.

The intoxicating aroma sent the heat smoldering inside Alvin on a rampage. Any hope he might have had of clearing his head and breaking free of Daddy’s control was dashed.

A thick and pleasant haze descended upon his mind again. His thoughts derailed, scattering into static as arousal took over.

Daddy walked out in front of Alvin and smiled. "Oh, yes. Much better."

Alvin breathed heavily. The scent went straight up his nose into his brain, melting his mind from the inside out.

He grunted, chest heaving as the heat washed over him again. The growth that had stopped by the time Daddy came to visit, resumed in full force.

His cock stood proudly at full mast, leaking so much pre-cum it was forming a puddle between his feet, as he felt his muscles swell with mass and strength.

Alvin’s thighs grew even thicker. Veins popped across his quads and even his calves. His legs grew so wide he had to shift his feet apart and stand with his legs spread to accommodate their absurd size.

The growth didn’t stop there. A low, thunderous growl seemed to shake through Alvin’s ribcage as his pecs swelled even more. More veins popped, crisscrossing the corded muscle, becoming more and more prominent as his pecs grew into veritable shelves bolted onto his chest.

Even his massive arms exploded in size. His biceps seemed to expand endlessly, growing bigger and bigger and bigger until he couldn’t even hold his arms against his sides anymore. The sheer bulk of his muscles forced his arms out to either side.

"Nice," said Daddy. "Very nice."

Alvin let out a low grunt as Daddy slapped both hands on his chest. The smack was loud, the pain sharp and sudden. But there was pleasure, too. Especially as his new nipple rings swung from the force of the impact.

He almost whined when Daddy pulled his hands away, only to grunt again as Daddy lightly punched both his pecs. There was a solid thunk as Daddy’s knuckles slammed into the firm muscle.

Such a blow would have knocked Alvin flat on his ass in the not-so-distant past. Now, though, his body was so dense with muscle he hardly even budged.

"Good… Good," said Daddy in a low, sensuous drawl as he splayed his fingers and palmed Alvin’s pecs. He squeezed them hard, his nails digging into the tough muscle, sending electric jolts of pleasure-pain straight to Alvin’s cock.

The praise was like crack. Alvin didn’t know why it felt so good but it did. He could scarcely even describe it. It was a pure shot of distilled dopamine that brought out a low moan muffled by the dildo-gag buried in his throat.

Daddy didn’t let go of Alvin’s chest as he gave his next command. "Put your hands behind your back, beastie," he said. "Push those muscle tits are and show Daddy how big that rack really is."

Alvin had no choice but to obey the command. He put his hands behind his back. Or at least, he tried to. Despite putting all his strength into it, his muscles were simply too big for him to bring his hands together behind his back.

Daddy chuckled at the sight. "Can’t reach your back, baby?" he said.

Alvin grunted through the mask and shook his head. He didn’t give up trying, though. He growled into the mask as he doubled his effort but it just wasn’t physically possible anymore.

"That’s good," said Daddy, a devilish smirk on his lips. "That means you’re almost big enough."

Alvin groaned as Daddy’s fingers traced the outline of his chest. He whined at the teasing, feather-light touch and froze as he felt Daddy gently rub his nipples in between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Enough of that, baby. Stop trying to put your hands together behind your back. You’re too big for that, now," said Daddy.

Alvin was disappointed he couldn’t do as Daddy told him. But it didn’t sound like Daddy was displeased at all. If anything, it seemed like Daddy was happy he couldn’t obey. Which made it okay, he supposed.

"Now be a good little beastie and flex for Daddy, why don’t you?"

A quiet gasp tore from Alvin’s lips as Daddy squeezed his nipples. His cock jumped, spurting pre-cum into the air.

He raised his arms and struck a pose for Daddy, curling both biceps. He could feel the tension in his muscles as his veins popped into stark relief.

"Feels good showing off for Daddy, doesn’t it, my good little beast?"

Alvin nodded. It felt better than good. It felt amazing. It felt right. He struck a different pose for Daddy, one arm curled and the other thrust straight up and to the side.

Daddy hummed. He seemed clearly pleased. He squeezed Alvin’s nipples and tugged on them, eliciting a loud, muffled moan. "Come on, baby. Let the beast out for Daddy."

Alvin huffed. Something low and guttural rumbled in his chest as Daddy tugged on his nipples. The heat in his body gathered in his chest, building in his pecs.

Daddy pulled down hard on his nipples. "Growl for Daddy. Come on."

The rumbling in Alvin’s chest got louder. The haze in his head got thicker. His cock throbbed and leaked as a low, menacing growl bubbled up out of his throat.

"That’s it, baby. One last push. Come on. You can do it."

Alvin’s growling got louder and louder the harder Daddy pulled on his nipples. He was snarling before long, drool dribbling out of the corners of his mask as his thoughts drowned in the thick fog in his head and he reverted to a more feral state.

"That’s it. Give in to it. Surrender. Become a big, dumb beastie for me, baby. One last push. One more and you’ll be perfect."

A roar tore out of Alvin’s throat, so loud he could feel the bass rumble shake through the floor under his feet, as Daddy yanked hard on his nipples. The heat in his chest seemed to explode outward as the muscles bulked up and swelled and pushed outward.

"Beautiful," said Daddy, letting go of Alvin’s nipples as he reached up and pulled the mask off. The dildo-gag slipped out of Alvin’s throat with a lewd wet squelch.

With the first clean breath he took, Alvin’s glassy eyes cleared up. The fog in his head dissipated. The thick haze of arousal choking his thoughts evaporated.

He looked down at himself in horror. "W-what did you do?!" he cried out.

His eyes widened. Not even his voice had been spared, this time, having dropped into a deep bass rumble that made his whole chest vibrate with every syllable. "F-fuck! I can’t even see my nipples anymore!"

It was like someone had dumped a mountain of meat on his chest. His nipples were the least of his concerns. He couldn’t see his stomach. He couldn’t see his legs. And even concerning his feet, he could only just see the tips of his toes.

"P-please!" Alvin begged. "I don’t want to be a muscle freak! I-I can’t even close my legs anymore! A-and my arms! I can’t put them down at my sides!"

Daddy chuckled and shook his head. "No, dumbass," he said.

Alvin barely budged when Daddy slapped the side of his face twice. Despite the force of each smack, the thick, corded muscles of his neck bulged against the force.

"Not a freak. A beast. A beautiful beast," said Daddy, with a wide grin.

Tears pricked at the corners of Alvin’s eyes. "Please…" he breathed. "I don’t want to be a beast…"

The utter terror he felt was making it difficult to breathe. His chest heaved with every shallow, panicked breath. He felt faint. Light-headed.

His anxiety was also making him sweat like a pig.

"Please… I-I’ll do anything, just…" he begged. He eyed the mask in Daddy’s hand. "I-I’ll do anything you want. A-as long as you turn me back. A-and as long as you don’t put that back on me."

Daddy glanced at the mask and laughed. "Oh, this?" he said, holding it up in front of him. "I don’t need this anymore. The smell of your own armpits is going to do the rest."

Alvin froze. "W-what?" he said. As Daddy’s words sank in, sweat rolled down the side of Alvin’s face.

He took a breath. He could smell it. His musk. It was thick and intoxicating, just like the mask. And the more nervous he got, the more he sweated, the more potent the scent became.

Eyes widening in alarm, Alvin held his breath. He tried to cover his nose and mouth but his arms were too big. He couldn’t reach his face with his chest in the way. And he couldn’t fold his arm far enough to go around his enormous muscle tits.

A quiet whimper escaped Alvin as the breath he’d been holding issued past his lips. His lungs burned for oxygen and he had no choice but to take a deep, deep breath.

And just like that, his resistance broke. The scent filled his lungs and went straight to his brain. The fog returned, stuffing his head so much he felt like cotton was going to burst out of his skull.

As the pleasant haze overcame him, he pitched a final act of resistance. "P-please, bro. I don’t wanna be like, a freak or anything, bro…" he grunted, struggling to string together the words in any intelligible way.

Alvin clutched his head. He had the faintest sense he wasn’t supposed to be talking like this but it was so difficult to find the words. "Like, bro. Great gains and all, yeah? But like…" He flexed his arms. "It’s kinda too much, bro!"

"A-and like…" His face scrunched up as he tried his best to remember the way he used to be. But it was becoming harder and harder to think of himself as anything but a huge, dumb muscle beast with every breath he took. "Like… Dude! I’m supposed to be, like, brainy and stuff!"

He rubbed his temples and squeezed his eyes shut. He was trying in vain to hold on to his old self but it was like trying to keep water in a sieve. Whatever he used to be was melting away and running straight through his grasp. "I-I know I’m supposed to, like, have some smarts, bro!"

Daddy scoffed and laughed derisively. "Smart?" he said. He made it sound like the most outlandish thing in the world. "Big brute like you? Who the hell do you think you are, dumbass? Would a smart guy let himself grow so big he can’t even lick his own armpit?"

Alvin frowned. "I can lick my own armpit!" he said. It didn’t even cross his mind that it was a weird thing to do.

"Oh yeah?" said Daddy. The smirk he had was so smug Alvin couldn’t help but want to prove him wrong. "Show me, then," he said.

"I-I will!" said Alvin. With no small amount of effort, he heaved his right arm into the air. The moment he did, the scent of his own musk intensified. He had to suppress a moan as his cock throbbed and leaked even more pre-cum all over the floor.

He turned his head toward his arm and tried to lean in to lick it. It was difficult. More difficult than he expected. His chest was so broad, his shoulders so large, and his neck so thick it was practically impossible despite his best efforts.

He couldn’t even get close. And as he stretched his tongue out from almost half a foot away from his armpit, the only thing he managed to do was look stupid.

"See?" said Daddy, with a derisive snort. "You’re not smart."

"Am!" Alvin grunted. It was getting more and more difficult to think but he could still remember. He was a good student. He had good grades. "’m s’posed to be brainy! H-honor student!"

Daddy rolled his eyes. "Honor student, my ass," he said. "The only thing you’ve ever been is a big dumb beast."

Alvin shook his head. The last dregs of his resistance were crumbling away. He could scarcely hold on to his old self. He could feel his smarts draining away, melting in the heat burning him up from the inside and the thick, heady scent of his own body.

"No!" Alvin bellowed. His voice was so deep, now, and he sounded so dumb it was becoming increasingly difficult to believe that he was ever a smarter type of guy. "No! ‘m smart! ‘m not beast! No wanna be freak!" he growled, his voice a low bass rumble that seemed to shake straight through the floor.

Daddy walked up to Alvin and sighed. He slapped Alvin’s chest before producing a pair of fishing weights he attached to Alvin’s nipple rings. "Shut the fuck up, dumbass," he said. "You’re not smart. You never were."

"N-not smart?" Alvin grunted, moaning as the weights tugged on his nipples and swung with every breath. "N-never smart?"

"That’s right," said Daddy. He grabbed Alvin by the cheeks and forced him to look him in the eye. "You’re a big, dumb, sexy beast."

Alvin grunted. His chest seemed to swell even more under the influence of the weights. "Big…"

A low chortle issued from his lips as he reached up and squeezed his muscle tits with his meaty fingers. It felt so good. It felt so much better than doing all that pesky thinking stuff. "Dumb…"

The pleasure he felt as he played with his chest went straight to his cock. He leaked like a faucet, pre-cum bubbling and spurting out of his piss slit as he giggled in a low, unintelligent voice. "Sexy beast…"

Daddy chuckled, giving one of the fishing weights a flick with his index finger. "That’s right. My big, dumb, sexy beast."

"Your big dum sexy beast!" Alvin bellowed. The sound was so deep and devoid of intelligence it shook the floorboards under his feet.

"Good boy," said Daddy, pinching and tugging on Alvin’s nipples. "Not smart at all."

"No smart," Alvin grunted, baring his teeth in a broad grin at Daddy.

"Very good. And you don’t let that pretty little head of yours do any thinking either, right?"

Alvin shook his head and frowned. "No think," he said. "No think! Make hurt!"

Daddy laughed. "Much easier to just be big and dumb, huh?"

Alvin nodded enthusiastically and grinned. Drool trickled out of the corner of his mouth and he couldn’t even reach up to wipe it off. "Big dumb very easy!" he agreed.

"And it’s so much better just being horny all the time, yeah? Not having to think. Not having to worry. Just letting Daddy do all the thinking for you…"

"Big dumb! Big horny! Feel good. Cock hard and good!" Alvin grunted.

Daddy grinned. "Oh yeah. Flex for me, baby," he said.

Alvin did as he was told. He flexed. His muscles strained. His veins popped. The raw physical power on display was almost intimidating. "Me flex!" he growled.

"That’s right. Flex as hard as you can, meathead. Crush what’s left of those brains of yours with those thick muscles."

Alvin struck a pose. "Alvin!’ He struck another. "Crush!" And another. "Brains!"

He continued swapping poses, chanting those same three words after each one. His voice got lower and dumber with each repetition, the syllables slurring together into a low, unintelligible rumble.

"That’s it, my beautiful little beast, make yourself so dumb you can’t even speak anymore."

The only response Alvin could muster was a low growl and a grunt.

"Perfect," said Daddy. He walked around Alvin, producing a thick leather collar from thin air with a flourish of his wrist. From the D-ring in the front dangled a small brass cowbell that jangled as Daddy wrapped the leather around Alvin’s thick neck and buckled it into place.

Reaching around Alvin’s broad upper body, Daddy squeezed the beastly man’s muscle tits from behind. As he played with them, palming them and kneading them, and pushing them together, he said, in a low, seductive tone, "Go on, little beastie. Grab that fat cock of yours. I want you to spew every last dreg of who you used to be out of that piece of meat between your legs."

Alvin grunted as he reached between his legs to grab his cock. He groaned as his meaty fingers wrapped around his forearm-thick shaft.

He stroked himself, pleasure surging down the length of his cock and up his spine. But he quickly discovered there was a problem: his muscles were in the way.

He could stroke the first few inches of his cock but that was it. He was too big. However much he tried he could only stroke the first couple of inches. He growled and huffed in frustration, thrusting his hips into his hand to no avail.

"What’s wrong, my beast?" said Daddy, moving his fingers down to play with Alvin’s nipples yet again. "Is something the matter?"

Alvin could only grunt in response.

"Oh…" Daddy pressed a kiss to the bulging muscles of Alvin’s back. "Can’t jerk off properly, can you?"

Alvin whined.

Daddy laughed. "That’s alright, baby," he whispered. "That’s a good thing. So let Daddy take care of you, yeah?"

Alvin groaned as Daddy’s right hand crept down from his chest, fingers walking over his rock-hard abs and grazing the base of his cock.

"Just focus on being my good little beast. Growl for me. Roar for me. Work hard on crushing and pushing out all the pesky little thoughts that are left in that silly little head of yours."

A ragged gasp escaped Alvin has Daddy’s fingers wrapped around his shaft. He groaned, bucking his hips as they slipped up his length.

He moaned, bucking his hips and humping Daddy’s hand as it worked up and down his shaft, smearing his cock with the copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from his tip. Up and down. Up and down. Faster and faster and faster.

Alvin growled as the pleasure built. He could feel his load churning in his balls.

"That’s it. Just like that."

The next growl was even deeper, a guttural, primal sound that shook through Alvin’s whole body. He drooled as he panted, slavering like an animal all over his massive chest.

The pleasure was almost too much. He was close. So close.

He growled and grunted and groaned. Daddy’s fingers tightened around his cock. They moved faster and faster, filling the air with the lewd, wet squelching sounds of his cock plunging in and out of Daddy’s encircled fingers.

Alvin’s chest heaved with shallow, ragged breaths as he pumped his hips and fucked Daddy’s hand. His eyes roamed as he panted, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

In the periphery of his vision, he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. The corners of his mouth curled up in a little grin as he gave himself a quick flex. His reward was a flush of arousal that made his cock jump in Daddy’s grip.

The sight was incredible. Alvin loved to see his body. The new Alvin, anyway. In the back of his mind, the remnants of his old self struggled in vain against the torrent of pleasure threatening to wash them away.

Those parts of him were aghast to see what he had become. He was hardly recognizable with his obscenely swollen chest and arms, his tattoos, and nipple rings. Most distressing of all was the vacant look in his eyes, that gaze so utterly devoid of intelligence the fact he was drooling all over himself looked right.

It was horrifying! And Daddy must have noticed, somehow, because his fingers tightened around Alvin’s cock. He leaned in, pressing his lips on the sweat-slicked skin of Alvin’s back, and said, "Look at you. So consumed by the beautiful beast you have become…"

The parts of Alvin struggling to hold on felt only despair. "Go on, beast. Flex for me. Crush everything that’s left in that empty skull with your muscles."

Alvin did as he was told. He flexed. His muscles bulged as a low groan spilled from his lips. And the sight of his skin stretched taut over those straining muscles and glistening with sweat in the light was enough to send him tumbling over the edge.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. He tossed his head back, the cowbell jangling as his toes dug into the floorboards and his muscles flexed. His balls drew up tight against his body and his shaft pulsed and throbbed and swelled.

A bellowing roar exploded out of Alvin as he came. Spurt after spurt of thick, warm cum shot out of his cock with such force the first few ropes hit the ceiling.

The orgasm was intense—unlike anything Alvin had ever felt before. It made his mind go blank. Bliss coursed through his veins as he covered practically every inch of the floor in front of him in cum.

Neal chuckled as he stepped out from behind his brand-new beast. It was such a pretty creature. He could scarcely keep his hands off it. And the noises it made… Goddamn.

He produced a leash from thin air that he clipped to the beast’s collar. He wrapped much of the length around his hand, leaving just enough slack that he could play with the beast’s nipples while holding the leash taut.

He squeezed both nipples, tugging hard on the piercings to elicit a low snarling growl from the beast. "Perfect," he muttered, letting go of the abused nipples to slap the beast’s muscle tits yet again.

He considered the beast for a moment. Mostly perfect. While it was unlikely to be called by name, moving forward, it was still odd to think of this hulking monstrosity of a man as "Alvin." The name just didn’t fit anymore.

Neal could think of one that would fit. "Hey, dumbfuck," he said, slapping one of the beast’s massive muscle tits. "Don’t you think you’ve outgrown the name ‘Alvin’?"

The beast stared blankly at Neal. It was the natural response. Neal hadn’t expected the beast to understand the question.

It wasn’t reasonable to think that the hulking brute, with a shoe size larger than its IQ, could possibly understand the question. It was still incredibly hot, to see the way the beast stared uncomprehendingly at him.

"The name Alvin’s too small for you, dumbass," Neal laughed. "Now Ace… Ace fits so much better."

The beast grunted.

"You liked that, huh?" said Neal. "Alright. You’re Ace from now on. Forget Alvin. He’s old news."

The beast—Ace, now—grinned. "Ace big! Big name! Big man! Alvin small! Alvin weak! Not Ace!"

Neal had to laugh. He appreciated the enthusiasm. "Alright, big boy. Flex for me," he said.

The beast obeyed instantly. It didn’t even have to think, anymore. Perfectly trained. Beautifully muscular. Everything Neal wanted in a boy.

"Ace. Flex. For. Daddy!" bellowed the brute in a voice so powerfully deep the walls seemed to shake for a moment.

Neal smirked. And so, so dumb, too. It was almost too good to be true. "Show me those pits."

Just like that, the beast raised its meaty arms as far as it could, exposing its sweat-slicked pit hair. The musk that erupted from them was intoxicating. Neal had to rub himself through his pants just to relieve some of the pressure.

He really couldn’t have asked for better. Turning around, he tugged on the leash to make sure the beast was following him. He took it around the puddle of cooling cum it had left on the floor and led it to the door.

"Time to go, my perfect little beastie. Time for you to start your new life."

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