A mistaken purchase of a similar product leads to a vastly different experience for lovers Alex and Brent.

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NOTE: This is a story previously published to my tumblr blog that has been updated and rewritten.

Alex had a problem: the trusty bottle of lube he had on his nightstand was running low. He liked buying bigger bottles since he’d tried buying reasonably-sized ones before only to get annoyed at having to constantly replace them because they couldn’t keep up with his libido.

The giant pump bottle of lube on his nightstand had attracted a few weird looks, but nothing too extreme. And if he was being honest, he wasn’t really all that interested in guys that couldn’t see the utility of having so much lube readily available.

Alex had been meaning to order in a replacement for the past few weeks but he’d always put it off for one thing or another. Now, it was urgent. The bottle had less than two or three rides’ worth of lube left in.

He went to his favorite online retailer and shopped around. He used to buy a different brand of lube but ever since being introduced by a hookup to DIQ, he’d been hooked. Their Everslick™ line of products was a particular favorite. It gave him the smoothest dildo rides of his life and lasted so long he hardly ever had to re-lube unless he was going for a marathon session. Even then, he’d only have to get a small dab of lube and only once every few hours.

Eager to play with his toys with what little lube was actually left, Alex quickly put in an order for another gallon bottle of DIQ Everslick™. If he’d had the presence of mind to double check what he was buying, he might have noticed a subtle difference in the minimalistic packaging but he was far too horny for that.

The package arrived a day later—thank God for express shipping. Alex took the package into the house and noticed that something wasn’t quite right with the way the box was taped. He chalked it up to a transportation problem and ripped the box opening, eager to have some more lube to play with after all this time.

Alex’s ass needed some action and, in the interest of saving some lube just in case his order was delayed, he even jerked off without any. He ended up rubbing his cock raw, which still stung a bit, but he was mostly feeling better.

Peering into the box, he couldn’t help but grimace. The bottom of the bottle was cracked and it had leaked all over the packaging. With a groan, he went over to his room and grabbed every clean pump bottle of lube he had left and started pouring out what was left of the gallon jug into them.

Alex tried his best to distribute things evenly but that was easier said than done when the jug was trying its hardest to slip out of his hands at every juncture. He sighed at the mess and grabbed a cloth to clean up but not before wiping his hands down on the front of his pants.

He’d hoped to take the new bottle of lube for a ride when it arrived, just as a bit of quality assurance to make sure it was as good as he remembered it being, but by the time he’d gotten rid of all the spills and drips from the broken bottle, he wasn’t feeling in the mood. He took a picture of the bottle, grabbed his laptop, and threw himself onto the couch with a groan.

While Alex had managed to salvage most of the lube, he still felt entitled to at least a bit of compensation for the hassle. Besides, wasn’t it the company’s responsibility to make sure their products got to the destination in good condition anyway?

Once he’d fired off his email, he eyed the bottles of lube arrayed on the table. One big bottle made sense on a nightstand, or at least it did to him. More than half a dozen, on the other hand, sent the message that he was a bit of a freak.

It wasn’t exactly an inaccurate message, Alex had to concede, but neither was it something that he wanted to advertise right from the get-go. He could just store the other bottles but knowing himself, he was probably going to end up forgetting where he’d put them. He’d have to give some of it away.

Was it weird to bring a slightly-tacky bottle of lube to his evening class for his Master’s degree? Probably. But he needed to get rid of the extra bottle and bringing one to work seemed like a terrible idea.

Alex had a pretty good friend in the class he knew would appreciate the gift. They’d been bate-buddies pretty much from the get-go and he’d been harping on and on about DIQ Everslick™ so tonight proved the perfect opportunity to put his money where his mouth was.

Since Brent lived closer to the campus than he did, Alex anticipated that he would get a text soon after getting home with Brent’s thoughts about the lube. It never came, which was a bit weird, but he supposed there was a chance Brent was just absolutely gooning out to how good DIQ Everslick™ felt on his cock.

What Alex didn’t expect at all was to hear someone madly ringing his doorbell. He was pretty sure there wasn’t anyone supposed to be visiting him, especially on a work night. And besides, he’d already pulled up porn on his computer and moved his pants down around his ankles.

Whoever it was must have felt some incredible sense of urgency as they didn’t stop even after Alex had already ignored them for a good minute. With a sigh, he stood from his chair, stuffed his half-hard cock back into his pants, and went downstairs to see who it was at his door.

Alex was taken aback when he opened the door and saw Brent standing outside wearing nothing. “Kinky, but you could have at least texted,” he said, cracking a clever quip before he got a proper good look at Brent.

Brent was hunched over, furiously pumping his cock like his life depended on it. His face was all scrunched up, sweat dripping from his brow. He didn’t look like he was having a good time and yet he didn’t even miss a beat as he stepped through the threshold and said, “Fuck, man… I can’t come…”

“What?” said Alex. He quickly put an arm around Brent and took him inside, closing the door before any nosy neighbors got their panties in a twist. In the light, Brent’s cock glistened with lube and pre-cum, harder than Alex had ever seen it.

“I can’t come, Alex. I can’t come. Please. I’ve been going for an hour. I need your help. Please. Please help me come!”

Alex would have normally laughed at a plea like that but there was a genuine look of desperation in Brent’s eyes. He couldn’t ignore it in good conscience.

“Okay. Okay. Come with me.” Alex gently took Brent up to his bedroom, setting the poor guy down on the bed with a frown before stripping down himself. He had to admit, this was pretty high up on the rankings of weirdest things he’d ever had to do for friends.

He crawled into bed behind Brent, and sat with his legs spread wide enough to give his friend space to sit between them and lean against him. He reached around and wrapped his hand around Brent’s cock.

Alex sucked a breath in through his teeth as he touched Brent’s cock. It was far from the first time he’d taken Brent into his hands but this was, without a doubt, the hardest that Brent had ever been in his presence. Hell, it was almost as if he were holding a steel rod instead of a cock.

He tugged Brent’s cock lightly just to see how his friend would respond. That earned him a low groan and a trickle of pre-cum. Although Brent had alleged that he’d been jerking off for more than an hour, his dick was still nice and slippery.

Alex wasn’t even sure what the problem was. An hour was a long time but he and Brent had both gooned out for longer than that. As far as he remembered, Brent’s record was a full twelve hours in the middle of a long weekend.

He considered asking but he wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to get much more out of Brent besides more babbling about how much Brent needed to come. Maybe Brent hadn’t even set out to goon and edge in the first place. Maybe Brent had just wanted to quickly get his rocks off only to get his body stuck in gooning mode.

The idea was kind of hot, Alex had to admit. The idea that he could just be idly stroking his cock wanting to bust a quick nut only to spend the next couple of hours losing his mind to goony bliss as his body refused to come made his cock twitch. It sounded like exactly the kind of thing he’d be into.

Alex was confident that it wouldn’t take much more than a few minutes to take Brent over the edge. He and Brent were pretty similar in their tastes and the way their bodies reacted. If he was right about Brent accidentally getting himself stuck gooning, then involving another person was a pretty good way to solve that problem. Alex never could goon as long as he could on his own if he had a buddy playing with him.

Brent moaned and whimpered, hips bucking as Alex’s hand moved faster and faster up and down along the length of his cock. He sounded so desperate. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth, dribbling drool onto his chest while he panted like a dog in heat.

The few minutes that Alex expected stretched out longer than he thought they would. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get Brent off. Brent’s cock pulsed and swelled and throbbed. He saw Brent’s balls pull up against Brent’s body. Brent shook and moaned and pumped his hips, shakily fucking the air as his body went through all the motions of orgasm but without the most important part.

Every time, Brent’s breathless mewling rose another octave. He was so desperate that he was meeting Alex’s strokes with his hips, thrusting his dick into the loose ring of Alex’s fingers on every downstroke.

As concerned as he was about his friend, Alex couldn’t help but get turned on. The way they were sitting, his cock was pressed up against Brent’s body and the more that Brent writhed and squirmed against him out of sheer desperation, the harder he got.

There was also the problem of the little noises spilling out of Brent. Alex wasn’t usually the kind to take glee in other people’s misfortune but there was such sweet, sincere anguish in Brent’s voice that it filled him with sadistic glee.

By the time the half hour mark passed, Alex’s wrist was sore and his cock was probably just about as hard as Brent’s was. Despite his best efforts, Brent still hadn’t come and he was getting horny enough seeing the utter state of Brent that he couldn’t put off playing with himself any longer.

Alex switched hands. He pulled his dominant one back and grabbed his cock, pumping a dollop of lube onto his palm just to make sure he didn’t rub himself raw while trying to help Brent over the edge. Once his cock was slick, he reached around with his free hand and resumed his stroking of Brent’s hardon.

Alex didn’t know how much longer this was going to take but if Brent didn’t come soon, he was going to end up nutting before Brent did. He was close to the edge as it was. He had to go slow just to make sure he didn’t push himself over too quickly.

As the pleasure built, Alex couldn’t hold back as much. He pumped his cock, moaning under his breath. Eventually, he matched his pace with Brent and tossed his head back, his toes curling as he teetered on the edge.

Alex was close, so close. He squeezed his cock tightly, stroking himself so fast that his hand was a blur as it flew up and down along his length.

His orgasm was imminent. His whole body tensed. His breath hitched in his throat as his balls pulled up against the base of his cock and his dick pulsed and swelled and throbbed in the loose ring of his fingers. Just a little more and he was going to go over. He was so close!

Fifteen minutes later, Alex was still close. The urge to come was overpowering. Thoughts fled him with every stroke of his cock. The only thing he could think of was how much he wanted to come. How much he needed to come.

Alex ground his cock into his hand, the head rubbing against Brent’s sweaty back as he found himself increasingly riding the same boat as his friend. He didn’t understand what was going on, and with his mind so singularly focused on his need to bust his nut he hardly had the wherewithal to figure it out.

It didn’t take long before Brent was bucking against Alex. Both men writhed against each other, their cocks straining as they were overtaken by their unfulfilled lust. The more Brent’s ass bumped against his cock, the harder Alex got. He could hardly be blamed. Brent’s ass was hot.

A wicked thought crossed Alex’s mind. That was it. If his hand wasn’t enough to get him off, then maybe Brent’s ass would do it. He let go of his cock only long enough to get a fresh glob of lube that he then smeared all over Brent’s asshole.

Brent moaned and didn’t seem to have any objections. Alex took it a step further. He pushed Brent off of him, making his friend fall forward onto his face on the mattress, which was perfect.

Alex licked his lips, cock throbbing at the sight of Brent’s perfectly round ass just sticking up in the air, ready for him to get off in. He grabbed Brent by the hips and lined up, sliding into that pulsing, twitching pucker in one smooth thrust.

Throwing his head back, Alex moaned. The feeling of that tight velvet heat clamping down on the whole length of his cock was bliss. Any other day, he would have luxuriated in the sensation but today he had a mission. He moved his hips as soon as he was hilt deep, fucking his cock into Brent harder and faster with every thrust.

It didn’t take long before the air was filled with the rhythmic slapping of skin against skin and the duet of filthy, wanton moaning that spilled from both men. Alex used Brent’s like a living cock sleeve, drilling his dick into Brent’s hot fuckhole without a single thought for how Brent might feel about it.

Sweat beaded on Alex’s brow as he rutted into Brent. His thighs tensed as he approached the edge. His toes curled. He felt like a coiled spring as he pressure built in his nuts. He was ready, he was so ready. Just a little bit more and he was going to come. He was sure of it. He had to. Because he didn’t know how much longer he’d stay sane if he didn’t.

Alex fucked harder and harder, mercilessly ramming his cock deep into Brent’s hole. He got closer and closer, but he just couldn’t quite reach that point of no return.

The moments blurred one into the other as he worked away with his hips. Thoughts drained out of his head one by one until the only thing in his head was a single overriding thought: come at all cost.

At some point Brent tensed up underneath Alex, body shaking as he finally reached the release that he’d been denied for so long. The small part of Alex that was still conscious and aware of what he was doing thought he would finally get his own release before long but he was mistaken.

Evening bled into dawn, and even though he’d already exhausted all his strength, Alex was still going. The sheen of sweat on his skin shone in the sunlight streaming through the window. Brent was passed out under him and yet all he could do was drool and pump, fucking in and out of his friend’s by-now well-used asshole like a zombie.

The only thing that broke the routine was whenever Alex reached behind him to add some fresh lube to his cock. As soon as that was done, he just went right back to what he was doing.

At one point, Alex paused for a moment. Something had caught his eye from the periphery of his vision. It was the cardboard box from the lube delivery. Sticking out of the top was the broken bottle. He’d meant to throw it out but forgot in the rush to get to his evening class.

Something about the bottle caused a twinge of recognition in his head but he just couldn’t quite put a finger on it. The answer to his problem was right there in front of his eyes but he was too far gone to figure it out.

Alex stared at the bottle for the better part of a minute before his demanding cock drew his attention away. It wasn’t long before he was right back to pumping his cock in and out of Brent’s hole, the bottle forgotten.

If Alex had just taken a closer look at the bottle before deciding to split it up into smaller ones, he might have noticed his mistake. Granted, it was an easy mistake to make.

The shade of blue of the accent on the side of the bottle was practically identical to the one he was used to buying. From the patterns on the bottle to the font on the label, the only difference besides the slightly different color was the name of the product itself.

Where Alex might have expected the words DIQ Everslick™ was the name of another line entirely: DIQ Nevercum™.

A discerning man might have questioned why a company would be marketing two vastly different lubes with practically identical packaging. A cynical man might have wondered if Everslick™ and Nevercum™ were deliberately designed to be easy to confuse for each other.

Alex certainly wasn’t going to be either of those men. Besides, it wasn’t like DIQ would ever admit that the likeness was anything more than a coincidence.

So what if Nevercum™ was intoxicating? So what if men got so hooked on the feeling of gooning out for hours on Nevercum™ that they couldn’t get enough? So what if they burned through bottles of Nevercum™ faster because of their marathon sessions? It was nothing more than a convenient coincidence.

NOTE: This is a story previously published to my tumblr blog that has been updated and rewritten.

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