Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 11

Vayne tells Arthur of a possible treatment, one that will be more pleasant than Arthur can even begin to imagine.

Vayne looked up at Arthur with a somber expression. He gave him a small sympathetic smile and said, "I’m afraid your condition has no cure, Brother."

Arthur’s face fell. "A-are you certain?" he said.

Oh, but the look of consternation on Arthur’s handsome face was priceless. Vayne had to suppress the urge to grin.

He had Arthur dancing in the palm of his hand but he had to play the part for some time yet. It wouldn’t do to lose his composure before Arthur had lost his mind to the utter bliss of carnality.

Vayne nodded. He pretended to think about the words he was going to say, and he spoke slowly and haltingly when he did. "Yes," he said. "Of this, I am certain. Beyond the shadow of a doubt."

Arthur gulped audibly. "But… But you said you knew what I must do…" He sounded so genuinely forlorn Vayne almost felt bad. Almost.

"I did," said Vayne. "I do."

"You said everything was alright!"

Is that a hint of anger I detect? Vayne thought to himself. If he wasn’t mishearing things, it was a triumph.

Arthur was usually so much more composed. To hear the anger in his voice was nothing short of a miracle. It signified that he was off-balance and that Vayne had successfully gotten under his skin.

This was good. It meant he’d have an even easier time manipulating Arthur into doing what he wanted. People on the back foot were always easier to manipulate.

Vayne nodded. "And I meant it, Brother," he said. "Your condition might have no cure but that is not to say there is no treatment."

Arthur was silent for a moment before throwing his head back and breathing a heavy sigh of relief. His shoulders sagged. "You should have said so to start with, Brother," he said.

"My apologies," said Vayne. Not that he genuinely felt sorry for it.

"You needn’t apologize for anything," said Arthur, leaning up. He took a moment before continuing, probably in an attempt not to sound so eager even though the tone of his voice betrayed his impatience. "What must I do?"

Vayne chuckled. "Do you not wish to know what afflicts you, to begin with?"

Arthur took a bit to ruminate on the question. "I suppose that would be the sensible thing to ask after first," he said.

"Your supposition would be right," said Vayne, allowing the slightest hint of a smirk to dance on his lips. "In any case, yours is a problem that more men have to deal with than are willing to admit it."

Arthur quirked an eyebrow. "Truly, Brother?"

Vayne held a hand over his chest and nodded solemnly. "Truly," he said. "I am told is a condition caused by a chronic imbalance in the mana of the body."

Arthur’s eyes widened. "I have never heard of this," he said. "Surely if it is but an imbalance of aspects, it can be corrected."

Vayne nodded. "This is true. However, those who suffer from this condition are possessed of bodies that produce a surfeit of mana aspected toward carnal pleasures."

"Ah, I see," said Arthur, nodding as if he’d had an epiphany. "And I presume this alteration in the balance of the mana produced by the body is lasting?"

"Exactly so," said Vayne. "If not permanent—no one is certain whether the condition might correct itself given enough time—then it is certainly long-lasting on the order of decades."

Arthur seemed pensive for a short while after Vayne spoke. He took a breath, as if to steel his resolve, before he replied. "If this is to be my burden to bear, then so be it. Light willing, I shall muster the strength to bear it."

Vayne nodded. "Of this, I have no doubt," he said.

His confidence was rewarded with a small smile.

"You made mention of a treatment, Brother?" said Arthur.

Vayne nodded. "You had the right idea of it," he said. "An imbalance of mana, and a surfeit especially, is rather simple to resolve. You need only expend the excess mana and all should be well."

Arthur nodded. "A principle even an infant could understand…" he said. "However, why do I get the sense that it is not altogether as simple as that?"

Vayne chuckled. "Because you would be correct, Brother," he said. "Your insight is to be commended."

Arthur’s lips drew into a thin smile. "Somehow, I gather I might not enjoy what I will have to do to manage this condition," he said.

Vayne shook his head. "From what I have heard, Brother, it is actually a rather pleasant experience."

Arthur blinked at that. "I don’t think I have ever heard of a medicine that is pleasant," he said.

"Trust me, Brother," said Vayne.

A small smile danced on Arthur’s lips. "I do, Brother," he said. "I did not mean to doubt you. Please, tell me what I must do."

Vayne smiled back, even though what he really wanted to do was give Arthur the broadest grin he could manage. "Take your hand," he said.

Arthur raised his sword hand. "This one?" he said, though he cast a glance at the other hand, "or would you prefer I take my non-dominant hand?"

"Your sword hand will do, Brother," said Vayne.

Arthur nodded.

"Place it upon your length."

To his credit, Arthur hesitated only momentarily. Though he looked at Vayne as if to ask if he was sure this was the right thing to do, he placed his hand on his cock without waiting for a reaction.

Arthur must have been badly wanting to know what it would feel like to actually touch his erection for him to move so decisively. Vayne had to admit, he was impressed.

"W-what now?" said Arthur.

A well-adjusted man might have started stroking himself already but Arthur was so sheltered he needed instructions. "Wrap your fingers around it," said Vayne.

Arthur did as he was told. "Light!" he hissed as he felt fingers wrap around his cock for the first time in his life. "I-I did not think you could possibly be telling the truth when you said this would be pleasant but—"

"Better than you expected?" said Vayne.

Arthur chewed on his lower lip and nodded, his fingers trembling around his shaft.

"You might want to loosen up a bit," said Vayne.

"O-oh?" said Arthur. He looked at Vayne, first, then hesitantly turned his gaze downward. He was gripping himself so tightly his cock head was turning purple. "I-Is that a bad thing?"

Vayne chuckled. "I might not have much experience," he said, another blatant lie. "However, I confess I am fairly certain it is not supposed to turn that color, Brother," he said.

"G-good to know," said Arthur. He grunted as he loosened his fingers around his cock, as if the act of letting go, even a little bit, was some great effort. "W-what… What would have happened if I hadn’t let go?"

"Don’t be alarmed, Brother," said Vayne, trying to suppress a laugh, "But I have heard tell from the rougher parts of town that cocks occasionally fall off."

Arthur’s eyes widened. "No," he gasped, staring wide-eyed at his own endowment. "Surely not. They must have been jesting!"

Vayne shrugged. "Perhaps," he said. "I admit they might have been a bit drunk when they regaled us with their story but I do not think it is a risk you would wish to take. Whatever would your future wife think?"

Arthur’s cheeks flushed bright pink. "N-no… I-I’d guess not," he said.

Vayne quirked an eyebrow. If he was interpreting things correctly, Arthur had someone in mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have reacted at the mention of a future wife.

He chose not to press it just yet, though. The right time would come and it wasn’t right now.

Arthur licked his lips. "W-what next, Brother?"

Vayne chuckled. "I had wondered if you might not know already," he said. "I was told that usually, instinct takes over."

"I-instinct?" said Arthur.

Vayne nodded. "It’s supposed to come naturally," he said.

"I-I see…" Arthur trailed off and looked at his cock. "W-what’s supposed to come naturally?"

Vayne chuckled. "Considering that our Order takes purity and celibacy quite seriously, Brother, it’s no surprise that you don’t know what I am talking about."

He placed a hand on Arthur’s knee. "Truthfully, I did not know what they were talking about, either. I had to ask them to demonstrate what they meant."

The inconsistency in the story was deliberate. Vayne had said he’d only heard of the solution. Now he was saying he’d had it taught to him.

Were Arthur in his right mind, he would have caught on immediately, but he wasn’t. He was distracted by his cock, like any man who’d never known the pleasure of touching himself would be.

"T-then could you tell me?" said Arthur.

Vayne smiled. "Of course, Brother," he said. "Did I not swear I would see to your treatment?" He hadn’t, but he wanted to see just how far gone Arthur was.

Arthur gave Vayne a strained smile. "O-of course, Brother. T-tell me what I must do."

Vayne grinned. "Move your fingers down your shaft."

Arthur had been gripping himself around midway up his length. He slowly slid his fingers down his cock, gasping and grunting under his breath as his hardness twitched in his hand.

"Like so?" said Arthur, spreading his legs and inclining his head toward his cock as his fingers reached the base.

Vayne licked his lips and nodded. "Yes," he said. "Now, slide your fingers up along your length."

Arthur did as he was told. Such an obedient boy he was.

He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip. He was holding himself back, Vayne could tell, but for all his efforts, quiet whines and whimpers yet escaped him.

Arthur’s legs trembled as his fingers reached the end of his cock. "W-what now, brother?"

Vayne smirked. "Now you do it again," he said.

Arthur jerked as Vayne lightly touched his wrist, applying a gentle downward pressure that prompted him to move his hand down his cock once more. This time, Arthur could not suppress his groan.

"W-why does this feel so good?" Arthur protested, moaning softly through parted lips as he slid his fingers back up his cock.

Vayne shrugged. He loved the look on Arthur’s face, all scrunched up from a kind of pleasure he’d never felt before. "Keep going," he murmured.

Arthur gasped as he moved his hand down his length. He took a shaky breath, whining through his nose on the next up-stroke. "H-how long do I have to do this, Brother?" he moaned.

Now that Arthur couldn’t see him, Vayne freely smirked. "For as long as you can. The longer you go, the better," he said.

Naïveté truly rendered the highborn paladins of the Order uniquely vulnerable to this sort of persuasion. Repressed and ignorant of the pleasures of their body, they readily succumbed once they felt them because they had no idea how to resist.

Arthur, despite his lofty position in the order, was no exception. "I-I know not how much longer I can go, Brother," Arthur moaned as he continued the glacial pace of his stroking. "My… My…"

"Cock, Brother," Vayne pressed. "You can say the word."

Arthur whined softly though his nose. "But…"

"It’s just a word, Brother. It won’t bite you," Vayne reassured. He snickered quietly to himself. "It may spit at you but it won’t bite you."

Arthur gasped. "W-what is that supposed to mean, Brother?"

"You’ll learn eventually, Brother," said Vayne. He reached between his legs and rubbed his own erection through the fabric of his breeches. Watching Arthur’s slow succumbing and unraveling was giving him an erection like nothing else.

"Light…" Arthur moaned. "Light!"

Arthur was still struggling. Some small part of him must have been clinging to scruples and scripture yet but Vayne could tell his will was slipping. "Brother, please!"

Vayne laughed. "I cannot help you unless you tell me what the problem is, Brother," he sneered.

"Light help me…" Arthur breathed. He gritted his teeth and said, finally, "Brother, it feels like my cock is going to explode!"

"Stop!" said Vayne forcefully, using the tone of voice he typically reserved for commanding his men.

Arthur’s eyes flew open. From the way his arm shook it was clear he wanted to keep going but he was too well-trained and disciplined to defy such an authoritative command.

A quiet groan spilled from Arthur’s lips as his fingers stopped just short of his glans. "B-brother?" he said.

"You should have said so earlier," said Vayne, clicking his tongue. "Remove your fingers from your cock," he said.

Arthur whined. It was the kind of audacity that would have been punished in a novice of the Order, much less one of its highest ranking officers but Vayne saw it as a good sign.

The Scion of the House of Levin was already hooked—whether he knew it or not—and that only boded well for Vayne’s plans. Slowly, and likely with all the hesitation he could muster, Arthur peeled his fingers away from his cock.

The rigid member twitched piteously between Arthur’s legs. It dripped pre-cum, a trickle of glistening fluid tracing the underside of the shaft, following the course of a fat, throbbing vein.

"Is… Is that it?" Arthur grunted. There was a clear note of disappointment in his voice and when he spoke, he didn’t look at Vayne but his cock, instead. "I-I don’t feel any different."

Vayne shook his head. "Naturally not, Brother," he said. "But did you feel it? You said it felt like your cock was about to explode. Did you feel a sort of swelling in your loins?"

Arthur nodded. "It was… intense, Brother. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I hardly knew what to do or what to make of it!"

Vayne nodded gravely. With Arthur’s eyes open, he had to resume the act. "Did it feel pleasant?" he said.

"More than you can imagine," said Arthur almost breathlessly. A small smile lingered on his lips for a heartbeat before fading away. "Is that a bad thing?"

Vayne shook his head. "Of course not, Brother," he said. "The procedure is supposed to feel pleasant."

Arthur sagged in relief. "That is good to hear," he said. "Then why did you make me stop?"

"That pressure you felt, that swelling, that was the build-up of carnal mana in your loins," said Vayne. "Had you gone on, it would have escaped your body in an altogether breath-taking emission."

Arthur’s cock twitched. It seemed that Arthur’s body at least knew what his mind did not, and it liked the idea of that ‘breath-taking emission’ Vayne had mentioned.

"Is that not the goal, Brother?" said Arthur. "I confess, I am rather confused by the abrupt end you put to my self-treatment!"

Vayne gave Arthur a small smile. "Worry not, Brother. I will explain everything."

Arthur nodded, as if to say that he expected nothing less. Vayne was more than happy to keep obliging him. Lies were easier to maintain when the person being lied to had other things in mind.

"While it is true that you would have had some relief from your condition had I let you continue as you were, doing so is not the most efficient way to apply the treatment," said Vayne.

Arthur quirked an eyebrow. "Is that so?" he said, scratching his cheek with his index finger. "How come, then, Brother? And what is the most efficient way to apply the treatment?"

"I told you when you asked, Brother—it is best to go for as long as you can," said Vayne. "For you see, the longer you apply the treatment, the more of the carnal mana in your body gathers in your loins."

Arthur’s eyes widened. He nodded in understanding as he grasped what Vayne was getting at. "Then by going for as long as I can, I would be able to rid myself of more carnal mana than I would otherwise if I were to simply apply the treatment in a perfunctory manner."

"Precisely!" said Vayne. It was even better when the victims of corruption came up with the ideas themselves. "And as you know, like mana attracts like…"

"Yes. Yes!" said Arthur, a hint of excitement in his voice. "Then the more carnal mana I can gather in my loins, the faster it will gather."

Vayne nodded. "And if you go for long enough…" He trailed off to prompt Arthur to continue the line of thought.

Arthur grinned. He looked quite pleased. He was proud for having solved the puzzle himself. "If I go for long enough, then the surfeit of carnal mana shall turn into a deficit, allowing me to go for longer before the affliction requires treatment again."

Vayne grinned. "Precisely, Brother," he said. "I am impressed. You were able to ascertain the details of the treatment so easily!"

Arthur blushed. Compliments were one of the easiest and cheapest ways to endear oneself to a person and they worked a charm in this case. "N-nonsense, Brother," he stammered. "I could not have done it without your prompting."

"Ah, but the sharpness of your wit is yours alone, Brother," said Vayne. "Tell me, has the sensation subsided?"

Arthur looked down at his cock. It was still stiff and leaking but it seemed to have calmed down, some. "I still feel the pulsing and insistent need, Brother," he groaned. "But the sensation of being about to burst… It appears to have passed."

"Good," said Vayne. "That means you can continue as before. But do take care. Every time you feel as if you are about to spill your mana, you must hold back. Understood?"

Arthur already had his hand back on his cock before Vayne had even finished speaking. He groaned as his fingers wrapped around his shaft and it took Vayne clearing his throat before he responded. "U-understood, Brother."

Vayne pulled away from Arthur a bit, just to take in the sight of the proud and devoted man slowly losing his composure. It was a joy to behold and the pleasure it gave him was no small thing.

He leaned back, planting his hands on the stone floor as he watched. "There is one thing you should know about your condition, Brother," he said.

It took Arthur a moment to respond. He was too preoccupied by his new pleasure. He was busy watching his cock and methodically working his fingers up and down along his length.

Vayne would have never been able to stand the snail’s pace that Arthur was going. Just watching Arthur move his hand so carefully was torturous.

Vivid memories of Master doing the same to him for hours resurfaced in his mind and he couldn’t help but groan under his breath. He didn’t know how Arthur could manage it. But then again, he supposed the man had never known how much better his cock could feel.

Vayne cleared his throat after a minute and Arthur looked at him in wide-eyed surprise. The man’s cheeks were flushed faint pink, his forehead glistened with sweat, and his lips were parted as a soft moan spilled from them.

"D-did you say something, Brother?" said Arthur.

Vayne nodded. "I did."

"M-my apologies… I-I was concentrating on the treatment and…"

Vayne waved his hand dismissively. "I understand, Brother. I simply wanted to let you know that your condition is unlikely to get better as time passes."

Arthur frowned. "W-what do you mean, Brother?" he said, his hand going still around his cock.

Vayne sighed. "The imbalance," he said. "It will only get worse. As time goes on, your body will produce more and more carnal-aspected mana and you will have to apply the treatment more and more."

"Light help me…" Arthur groaned. He didn’t sound too disappointed, though.

"I’m sorry, Brother," said Vayne. "There is no cure."

Arthur gulped as he turned his gaze back to his cock. He moved his hand, stroking himself slowly and deliberately as quiet moans and whimpers spilled from his lips. "Is this to be the rest of my life?" he said.

Vayne gave Arthur a somber and grave look. "I’m afraid so, Brother," he said.

Arthur moaned as his fingers slipped over his cock head. He was leaking so much his whole length glistened with slick pre-cum. "Light…" he whined. "Do you think it will ever get to be so bad I will have to do this all day to maintain even the slightest semblance of sanity?"

Vayne pretended to hesitate. "I-I should hope not, Brother," he said. "But I admit… That appears to be the logical conclusion."

Arthur groaned as he leaned back, propping his free hand against the mattress for support. "Light…" he whispered, slowly stroking himself.

"I am sorry, Brother," said Vayne.

A few minutes passed. The only sound that filled the air was the lewd squelching of Arthur’s slick cock as he slowly fisted his length.

Vayne watched Arthur. He rubbed himself through his pants, delighting in the way Arthur’s hips trembled as he resisted what was likely the urge to thrust. It was almost delicious how repressed Arthur was.

"Might I c-confess something, Brother?" Arthur groaned.

The sound of Arthur’s voice gave Vayne a start. It was almost laughable, really. He’d been so focused on the sight of Arthur focusing on his cock he didn’t expect Arthur to speak.

"You may," said Vayne, squeezing himself through the fabric of his breeches. This was bound to be good.

"I-I… I do not think I would mind so much… Having to do this all day…"

Vayne chuckled. "Does it truly feel so good?" he said.

"More than you know, Brother…"

Arthur wrenched his hand from his cock with a shuddering gasp. "Light…" he breathed as he watched his member bob helplessly between his legs, pulsing and twitching and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum from the tip.

Vayne smiled. "Your discipline is to be commended, Brother," he said. "Lesser men might already have succumbed to the pleasure and spilled."

Arthur gritted his teeth. "I-I have duties to attend to and I must buy myself as much time as I can to do them before my affliction rears its head again." He touched his cock tentatively, using only the tips of his fingers, only to hiss and snatch his hand back.

"Are you certain it isn’t because you simply have no desire to stop?" Vayne teased.

Bright pink blossomed across Arthur’s cheeks. "I-I admit, Brother… I-it is awfully tempting," he said. He grabbed himself again, resuming the slow and careful pace of his stroking. "B-but I do not know how much longer I can last…"

Vayne chuckled. "Longer than you imagine, I’d say," he said.

Arthur breathed heavily as he pulled his hand off his cock no more than three strokes later, having already reached the edge again. "P-perhaps if I did not have to go so slowly…" he groaned.

Vayne tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, playing at confusion. "Why would you think that?" he said.

"But…" Arthur groaned as his cock throbbed between his legs. "Did you not say?"

Vayne smiled and shook his head. "Never, Brother," he said. "It is the stroking motion that is important. Nay, indeed, it is the pleasuring that is important."

"Truly?" said Arthur, his hand hovering around his cock. "Every fiber of my being wished for me to go faster but I fought it with all my will…"

Vayne chuckled. "Let loose, Brother. Stroke yourself as fast as you wish. You might even thrust your hips should you desire it."

"Light…" Arthur groaned, wrapping his fingers around his hardness. "I wish you had told me this earlier, Brother."

He started slow but it didn’t take long for him to pick up his pace. He gasped and moaned as his fingers flew over his cock, stroking himself back and forth faster and faster with every cycle.

"Light. Light!" Arthur moaned, tossing his head back and bucking his hips to meet the bouncing of his hand on his cock. "Oh Light, have mercy…" he said breathlessly.

Vayne chuckled as he got up from where he was sitting. He joined Arthur on the bed, taking a seat on the edge of the mattress with him.

He placed a hand on Arthur’s thigh. "I don’t know if the Light would be happy to hear His name on your lips in such a vulgar moment…" he said, leaning in to whisper the words in Arthur’s ear.

Arthur turned to look at Vayne. The tinge of pink on his cheeks was so pretty. "M-maybe you’re right, but Li—but it feels so good I can’t help but cry out."

"I can imagine," said Vayne, sliding his hand a few inches up along the inside of Arthur’s thigh. "There is another word you could use to express your pleasure. A word appropriately vulgar for the situation that you need not feel any remorse for saying it."

A low groan spilled from Arthur’s lips. "What word, Brother?" he said.

Vayne chuckled. He leaned in and nipped at the lobe of Arthur’s ear, eliciting a quiet gasp. In the sultriest voice he could manage, he leaned in, allowing the heart of his breath to ghost over the back of Arthur’s neck as he said, "Fuck."

The shiver that ran through Arthur was profound, a tremor that shook through his body so strong Vayne couldn’t just see it, he felt it through the muscles in Arthur’s thigh. "Fuck…" Arthur muttered under his breath, as if testing the taste of the word on his tongue.

He grimaced but the look in his eyes told Vayne he liked it more than he was willing to admit. "It sounds dirty…" said Arthur.

Vayne chuckled, slipping his hand up along Arthur’s leg, stopping just short of Arthur’s groin. "That’s the point, Brother," he whispered.

"Fuck…" Arthur said again, slowly. He smacked his lips, moaning softly as he stroked his cock.

Vayne grabbed Arthur by the balls. He cradled them in his fingers, let them rest in the heat of his palm. It was the push Arthur needed.

"Oh, fuck!" Arthur exclaimed, his nostrils flaring and his chest heaving as Vayne rolled his balls around in his hand. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!"

Vayne grinned. "How does your penis feel, Brother?" he said, whispering the words seductively in Arthur’s ear.

"Oh, fuck, Brother…" Arthur moaned breathlessly. "My penis feels so good. Fuck. My penis feels so good. Fuck! My penis feels so good!"

One-handed, Vayne deftly undid the laces on his breeches. He grabbed them by the waistband and shoved them down his legs. His cock sprang free, just as hard as—if not harder than—Arthur’s cock.

He hissed as he felt the cool air on his length and as he caught the faint scent of Arthur’s musk and arousal in the air.

He’d held back long enough. He could resist no longer. He grabbed himself and pumped his cock, moaning in tandem with Arthur.

Arthur’s eyes widened when he realized what Vayne was doing. "B-Brother?" he whispered. "W-what are you doing?"

Vayne grinned at Arthur. "I-I—Nnnh—I confess I may have told a little lie," he said, gasping as he slid his fingers right off the end of his cock, giving himself a single up stroke without a down stroke.

"W-what lie?" Arthur grunted, his attention firmly fixed on Vayne’s hardness.

Vayne angled his hips to give Arthur a better view. He continued what he was doing, pleasuring himself with one long stroke, sliding his hand down his length and pulling it off the end before wrapping his fingers around the base again.

Arthur copied him and moaned. "Fuck," he moaned. "That feels so different…"

Vayne cracked a grin. "But good?" he said.

Arthur nodded. "But good. Fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Why does that word feel so good to say?"

Vayne chuckled. He leaned in, resting his forehead against the side of Arthur’s head as he stroked himself off. "Because it’s dirty," he said. "It’s forbidden."

He squeezed Arthur’s balls. "That’s what makes it exciting."

"Hah… Hah…" Arthur panted, adding a twist to his wrist on his strokes as he followed Vayne’s lead. "Fuck," he breathed. "Fuck, you’re right."

Arthur tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut. He moaned, the sound low and desperate as he worked his cock over. Vayne had to resist the urge to nip at the exposed throat or to run his fingers over the tender skin.

The moment passed, anyway, as Arthur leaned forward and looked at Vayne with lidded eyes. "What did you lie about?" he breathed.

Vayne chuckled. "I lied that I didn’t have much experience," he said.

Arthur’s eyelids fluttered as Vayne moved on to a more conventional style of stroking and he followed suit. "W-why?" he whispered.

Vayne smirked. "I did not wish to put you off, Brother," he groaned as his cock pulsed in his hand. Stroking invariably felt better with a companion.

A strained laugh tumbled out of Arthur. "Thank you, Brother, for your consideration," he said as he chewed on his lower lip.

"But Brother…" Arthur squeezed his cock and departed from what Vayne was doing for the first time. He pumped his cock faster and faster. He bucked his hips and humped his cock into the loose ring of his fingers, desperately grunting as he approached the edge of orgasm.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Stroking my penis feels so good. Stroking. Stroking. Stroking. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, so good!" Arthur moaned.

With a guttural grunt, he wrenched his hand off his cock and sat there with legs spread wide and trembling. "Fuck…" Arthur breathed, watching his cock twitch and quiver helplessly between his legs. "I-I don’t think you could have put me off from this once I started, Brother…"

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