Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 12

Vayne tells the truth and is surprised to find that Arthur’s faith is far more fragile than he anticipated.

Arthur’s hand slid smoothly up and down the length of his cock. His gaze was fixed firmly on his erection, his lips parted and nostrils flared, his cheeks, neck, and clavicles tinged red with arousal.

The sight of Arthur was a feast for the eyes—if Vayne had to say so himself. He was handsome already on a good day. He seemed almost divine in the bright sunlight that streamed in through the window and illuminated the soft gold strands of his hair.

A thin sheen of sweat on Arthur’s flushed skin made him glisten in the daylight, his taut muscles and lean physique fully on display for Vayne to appraise.

The quiet noises of desperate pleasure Arthur made were a symphony to the ears. Vayne could listen to him moan all day.

"Fuck," Arthur gasped, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face. "Aw, fuck, Brother… Aw, Brother. My penis feels so good. My penis feels so good."

"Good," said Vayne. "That’s good, Brother! That means the treatment is working."

Arthur groaned and threw his head back. His hand flew back and forth over his cock as he quickened his pace. The air filled with the sounds of lewd wet squelching his pre-cum slicked fingers worked his length.

"Light. Light!" Arthur exclaimed. He tilted his head forward, eyes wide in wonder as he stared at his throbbing cock and tilted his head. "I don’t know if I’ve said already, Brother, but this feels amazing, Brother. This feels right."

Vayne smirked as he placed his free hand on Arthur’s shoulder. "Doesn’t it, Brother?" he groaned as he stroked himself, though not quite to the same frenetic pace Arthur was going.

He licked his lips and scooted closer to Arthur. He watched those pretty eyelids flutter, that wordless moan spill from those plump lips. It was a sight that tested the limits of his willpower and it was only the ironclad discipline the Order had taught him, ironically enough, that kept him from taking things too far.

Still, Vayne ached to do something. Arthur was supposed to be forbidden fruit. Confessor to the Lord Commander. Special. Untouchable. And what he couldn’t have, he craved more than anything else.

Vayne licked his lips. "It feels right because it is right, Brother," he said.

Arthur glanced at Vayne. Their eyes met, but only briefly. "W-what do you mean, Brother?" he whispered.

Vayne couldn’t help himself. The urge was too strong. The itch was too much. He slid his hand down the front of Arthur’s chest, his fingers gliding over the sweat-slicked skin.

Arthur didn’t recoil from the touch. He permitted it, even. He didn’t utter a single word of protestation and when Vayne palmed his pec and squeezed it gently, he moaned.

Vayne grinned, emboldened by the response he’d received. His fingers wandered lower. He brushed his thumb over the hardened nub of Arthur’s nipple, which elicited another quiet moan.

He leaned in and nipped at the lobe of Arthur’s ear. He whispered in low, sultry tones. "Men outside these hallowed halls… They do this every day."

Arthur’s eyes widened. "Light… Light…" he whispered. He glanced again at Vayne before turning his eyes back to his cock. "Every day? Truly?"

Vayne nodded. He caught Arthur’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched it, eliciting a sharp intake of breath. "Oh yes. Truly. Some of them, more than once a day."

"Light be good…" Arthur muttered. "All those poor souls… I cannot imagine… How did I not know that there were more men afflicted as I am?"

Vayne blinked. "What?" he said, fingers lingering on Arthur’s chest as he tried to wrap his head around what Arthur had just said.

"T-the men outside…" Arthur groaned and threw his head back, his hand going still on his cock as his length pulsed and throbbed and leaked pre-cum onto his fingers. "I-if they are doing this multiple times a day then surely they must be afflicted with the same condition I am!"

"Oh." Vayne laughed. He’d forgotten about the little fabrication he’d used to get Arthur started. It wouldn’t do to have him thinking about the plight suffered by the men outside.

Vayne pressed his lips to the sensitive patch of skin behind Arthur’s ear and was rewarded with a shiver and a faint groan. "I must confess something, Brother…" he whispered. "I may have done you wrong…"

Arthur hissed, his back arching as he wrenched his hand off his cock and watched his erection pulse and throb uselessly in the cool morning air. A fat droplet of pre-cum beaded at the tip and rolled promptly down the underside, knocked out of place by the twitching of his length.

"H-how so?" said Arthur as he repeatedly reached for his cock only to snatch his hand back at the last moment.

"I may have told you a deception…" said Vayne.

Arthur looked at him. "Y-you what?" he said.

Vayne moved his hand down along the front of Arthur’s torso, splaying his fingers on the Brother’s taut, tense abs. "I… Forgive me, Brother, but I had no choice, you see… The condition… There is no such thing."

Arthur’s eyes widened. His face paled. "But you swore to me you would tell the truth, Brother!" he said.

Vayne smirked. Despite Arthur’s protests, he did not pull away from Vayne. "I made no such oath, Brother. I swore only that I would keep your confidence and that I would do all I could to help you resolve your problem!"

"S-sophistry!" Arthur squawked indignantly.

"Nay, Brother," Vayne whispered, pressing down on Arthur’s stomach with his fingers, feeling the muscles tense under his touch. "The lie was a necessity."

Vayne slid his hand down onto Arthur’s thigh. He squeezed it, felt the hard muscle under his touch. "You suffered no affliction but a natural function of your body," he whispered, "but you would not have believed me when everything you knew told you otherwise."

Arthur turned to Vayne, and then back to his cock. "This…" he said, as he watched it twitch and leak, the pre-cum dripping over his balls and onto the sheets under him. "This is… natural?"

"Light…" Arthur hissed as he wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock. "Oh, Light, help me…" he moaned, bucking his hips, fucking his cock into the tight ring of his fingers.

Vayne chuckled. "It’s adorable, really," he said, sliding his hand up along the inside of Arthur’s thigh until his fingers just brushed the underside of Arthur’s sac. "That you think the Light can help you in this…"

Arthur gritted his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut, and groaned. "The Light shall ever help you in your hour of need," he muttered.

Vayne rubbed the inside of Arthur’s thigh. "Doesn’t your experience of the last few days disprove that point?" he whispered, pressing his lips against the side of Arthur’s neck.

"Oh, Light, have mercy. Why does this feel so good? Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, Fuck." Arthur threw his head back, his hand flying up and down his shaft faster and faster.

Arthur gulped audibly. He was drenched in sweat. His cheeks were red. "I-I…" he stammered and groaned, rubbing his thumb on the head of his cock, smearing his slick, glistening pre-cum all over his sensitive glans.

"H-how can this be natural?" Arthur moaned. "I-I have never felt the likes of this. The compulsion of it. The pleasure. Oh, fuuuck my penis feels so good in my hand. Why does it feel so good? Light!"

Vayne smirked. "But it is natural, Brother," he said. "This is but the way of things in the outside world. The men beyond these walls scarce bat an eye when their penises grow erect and the need between their legs becomes insistent."

"Oh, Light have mercy," Arthur moaned. "I feel possessed. My penis demands its pleasure and I feel powerless to do naught but satisfy it."

He stared at his cock. He worked his fingers up and down along its length. He moaned and grunted, his hips meeting his strokes.

"Even should I desire to stop I feel as if I cannot," Arthur moaned, looking at Vayne with wide, pleading eyes. "The pleasure builds and builds and builds. I feel as if I might explode and I fear I might spill all that I am should I do so!"

Arthur gritted his teeth. His fingers drew tight in the sheets, his knuckles turning white from the fierceness of his grip. "How… How do the men on the outside manage this?" he whispered.

Vayne chuckled. "They fuck, when they need to," he murmured, nibbling on the exposed skin of Arthur’s neck. "And when they can’t, they masturbate."

"T-they masturbate?" Arthur gasped. "But… But that’s a sin!"

"Says who?"

Arthur looked at Vayne, his serious expression undermined by the lewd sounds his penis made as he pumped it without so much as missing a beat. "The Church! The Scriptures! It’s wrong!" he said.

"And what, Brother, did you think you were doing?" Vayne whispered.

The look on Arthur’s face, the way his cheeks turned from red to pale, was priceless. He looked at his cock, then to Vayne, then back to his cock. "No…" he said.

"Yes, Brother," said Vayne, whispering the words right into Arthur’s ear. He wrapped his hand around Arthur’s fingers—the ones wrapped around Arthur’s cock. "This is masturbation," he said.

"That…" Arthur gulped. "That… That can’t be… T-this can’t be masturbation! M-masturbation is a terrible, wrong thing! It goes against the will of the Light!"

Despite the raw panic in his voice and the fear in his eyes, Arthur didn’t pull away from Vayne. And while the hand on his cock had gone still, he did not remove it.

"So says scripture," said Vayne. Tightening his grip around Arthur’s fingers, he moved them up in one slow stroke. "But perhaps scripture is not as inviolable as we might like to think…"

Arthur groaned. Just that little push from Vayne was enough to get him started again. His hand moved of its own accord, sliding his fingers back and forth along the length of his hardness. "Brother Vayne… What you’re saying…"

Vayne smirked. "Blasphemy?" he said, in a low tone that sent a shiver down Arthur’s spine. "Heresy?"

"It goes against everything we’ve ever known!" Arthur hissed.

Vayne chuckled. "Would you condemn every man outside these walls, then?" he said. "You must if you would call me heretic and blasphemer."

"I…" Arthur frowned but stayed his tongue. He seemed to genuinely think about it for a moment. "I cannot…"

Vayne grinned. "So tell me, Brother, then. Scripture says one thing about masturbation. The men of the outside say another. What do you say?"

Arthur whined softly, his cheeks parting slightly in a quiet moan. "I know what the Order expects me to say," he whispered, glancing at Vayne so that their eyes might meet for a moment. "And I dearly wish I might say those words with conviction…"

Chewing on his lower lip, Arthur turned his gaze back to his cock. He tightened his grip, moaned again as he stroked himself with renewed vigor. "Light help me, I wish I could say what the Order would expect me to but I cannot."

Vayne’s cock twitched. He increased his own pace, moved his fingers to match Arthur’s rhythm. A little push was all Arthur needed and Vayne would have him.

"So what do you want to say, Brother?" he whispered, his own voice husky with desire as he watched Arthur’s inexorable descent. He could practically hear the grand edifice of Arthur’s faith beginning to crumble, the cracks spreading out from one little brick.

"I shouldn’t," Arthur moaned.

"You must!" Vayne pressed. He couldn’t relent on the pressure now.

Arthur whined softly. His lower lip quivered. "I-I would not want the Lord Commander to think ill of me…" he whispered, his cheeks flushed pink.

"Tell me," Vayne insisted. "I’ll not tell another soul, I swear on the Light."

Arthur gripped the sheets tightly. He opened his mouth to speak but hesitated. He groaned instead, stroking himself as his brow furrowed.

After a long while of rumination, Arthur finally spoke. "I… I do not think it could possibly be as abhorrent as the scriptures say…" he murmured.

"I stroke my penis. I stroke, stroke, stroke, and I try to find fault in it but all I can feel is a pleasure, unlike anything I have ever felt before, and…" Arthur trailed off, moaning softly as he switched to slow, deliberate strokes that ran the full length of his hardness.

"And every time I ask how something that feels so good could be so wrong…" Arthur took a deep breath and whined softly. "I do not know, Brother… I fear the answer."

Vayne chuckled. He released Arthur’s fingers and moved his hand back to his Brother’s thigh. He brushed his fingers lightly back and forth across Arthur’s inner thigh as he said, "Would you like to know how the men on the outside think of it?"

Arthur chewed on his lower lip. "Yes," he said, conflict writ clear across his face. "Tell me. Perhaps I might glean answers of my own from their wisdom."

Vayne fought down a laugh. Wisdom wasn’t the word he would use for it. "They do not see it as wrong or abhorrent. They see it as just another part of life, as natural an aspect of manhood as breathing."

He squeezed Arthur’s thigh. "They do not vilify it. They do not avoid it or hide it, as they do not see it as anything to be ashamed of. And indeed, get the right men together in a room away from the ears of women and they might boast to you of their exploits with their penises."

"They… They seem almost unburdened. Free…" Arthur whimpered as he pulled his hand away from his cock. It pulsed and throbbed helplessly in the air, leaking pre-cum as it bobbed up and down between his legs, denied release yet again.

"They are," said Vayne. "They do not pretend to have no desires. They do not feel guilt or shame when they grow erect. Instead, they take joy and pleasure from their penises."

Arthur squeezed his eyes shut and chewed on his lower lip. He planted both hands on the bed behind him, thrusting and rolling his hips to make his cock flop about in the air. "That sounds… wonderful, Brother."

"Does it not?" said Vayne with a smirk, pressing his lips to Arthur’s shoulder. "Tell me, Brother, when your fingers wrap around your hard shaft… When they slide along your length, slicked by your emission… Which truth resonates in your heart of hearts?"

Vayne leaned in, his fingers digging into the meat of Arthur’s thigh. "Does your heart draw you to the Scriptures, which tell you this is wrong and abhorrent? Or does it yearn to be as free and unburdened as the men who live and die beyond the walls of this fortress?"

"I…" Arthur trailed off, his lower lip trembling. "I can deny it no longer. My mind tells me that the Scriptures must be the truth for they are the word and the will of the Light but I… I cannot accept that something so pleasurable could be as evil as the Scriptures suggest!"

Arthur looked at Vayne. His eyes glistened with tears, an altogether unexpected development. "The Scriptures must be wrong in this regard," he said, moaning under his breath as he stroked his cock with increasing fervor.

"I can see no other answer, can think of no other…" Arthur whispered. He looked as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying. "And if the Scriptures are wrong in this regard then… Then what else could they be wrong about?"

Vayne’s eyes widened. He hadn’t expected Arthur to take things that far. He’d imagined that Arthur would recognize the wrongness of the Scriptures concerning self-pleasure but insist on the righteousness of the rest of its teachings.

A single seed of doubt should not have sufficed to crack the foundations of Arthur’s faith so deeply unless. Not when Arthur had, time and again, proven the nigh-fathomless depths of his devotion to the Light.

Vayne had miscalculated. Not in a bad way. Not at all. But he had missed something, a factor he had not anticipated in the slightest.

Arthur laughed bitterly. "I should wish you had never told me the truth and allowed me to continue believing I was suffering from an affliction with no cure, Brother," he said.

"What other strictures have I followed blindly when I should have questioned them?" Arthur lamented.

He looked at his penis while he spoke. He stroked it, humped it into his hand. "What other pleasures now unimaginable could I have known?" he said as if he was asking his own rigid member. "How much remorse could I have shed sooner had I but known this simple truth?"

Vayne remained silent. Somehow, it didn’t feel appropriate to interrupt the moment.

"Won’t you tell me?" Arthur cooed at his cock. "Please… I must know…" He squeezed himself, furiously stroking his cock until his balls drew up against his body and he had to pull his hand away to keep from spilling over the edge.

"Light… Why did I not release you from my breeches sooner?" Arthur groaned. "Had I known you would feel this good, I might have stolen every free moment I had to play with you like this."

Arthur watched his cock bob up and down between his legs and sighed. "That I have neglected you for so long is inexcusable… But please… I beg you… Forgive me… I was wrong! I was misled!"

He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and hissed, tossing his head back and groaning as he resumed his stroking. "I swear to you solemnly… On my devotion to the Light… I shall pleasure you however much you desire!"

Arthur tilted his head forward. His chest rose and fell with each heavy, ragged breath. His gaze was fixed on his cock, his attention so captured by its glistening, turgid length Vayne had to wonder if Arthur remembered he was even there.

"Tell me… What else have I done wrong? What other strictures have I blindly followed at my own expense?" Arthur whispered. "When you stirred as I watched my Brothers train, the sweat glistening on their brows, the strength in their arms as they swung their swords, should I not have felt guilt and remorse?"

Arthur took a tremulous breath. "Should I not have felt as if I had wronged them. As if I had wronged the Light? Tell me. Please. Please!"

"I see…" Vayne muttered under his breath. At last, he understood.

There was nothing to be gained if he allowed Arthur to interrogate his cock any longer. As much as it might have been entertaining to see, Arthur’s mortal cock could not give him the answers he needed. Thus, it fell to Vayne, instead.

"Not at all," said Vayne. He slipped off the edge of the bed and stood in front of Arthur. "Not in the slightest."

"Truly, Brother Vayne?" said Arthur, his voice small as he looked up from his cock into Vayne’s eyes. "The part of myself I had long buried because the Scriptures told me it was wrong and twisted and abhorrent…"

"Is none of those things," said Vayne.

He grabbed Arthur by the chin and leaned down, closing the gap between their faces until they could feel the heat of their shallow breaths mingling upon the skin of their lips.

"Nay," Vayne whispered. "That part of you is the most beautiful part of all," he said, before pushing past the last inch of empty space between them.

Arthur’s eyes flew wide as their lips connected. He looked at first alarmed, then surprised, but it didn’t take long for all the tension in his shoulders to melt away as he surrendered to the kiss and moaned into Vayne’s mouth.

Earnest. That was probably the best word Vayne had to describe the way Arthur kissed. He had all the innocence of a virgin and a burning eagerness besides.

It was an exercise in discipline and restraint. Vayne eased Arthur into it, their tongues sliding one past the other as they explored the nooks and crannies of each other’s mouths.

The soft little noises Arthur made were well worth the effort but Vayne could only restrain himself for so long. The deeper the kiss became, the less he held back, and to his credit, Arthur held his ground.

When they broke apart, Arthur was flushed and breathless. His cheeks were tinged scarlet, his lips faintly bruised and swollen where Vayne had nipped at them. A single strand of glistening spit bridged the gap between them.

"Light…" Arthur whispered, looking into Vayne’s eyes with obvious wonder. "What… What was that?" he whispered.

"A kiss," said Vayne, the corner of his mouth turning up in a self-satisfied smirk. "A proper one. Between men."

"I haven’t the words to describe the sensation," Arthur breathed. "That to lock lips with another man, my Brother in Arms, besides…"

Arthur’s expression grew firm. "The Scriptures were wrong about this, too. I feel it. No. No." Arthur gritted his teeth in palpable anger. "I know they are wrong about this."

Vayne chuckled. "I am inclined to agree," he said.

Arthur looked down as Vayne placed his hand, fingers splayed, in the middle of his chest. He looked up in askance and received no answer but did not resist when Vayne slowly pushed him down onto the bed, his legs dangling off the edge of the mattress.

Vayne clambered onto the bed. He straddled Arthur’s thighs, knees planted on the thin mattress on either side of Arthur’s legs.

He was positioned just so, his hard cock rubbing up against Arthur’s erection as he shucked the tunic off his body so that the sunlight streaming through the window might fall upon his physique.

Arthur sucked in a sharp breath at the sight and reached out to lightly touch the cobbled musculature of Vayne’s middle. His cock twitched against Vayne’s at the contact, dripping a fat glob of pre-cum onto his stomach.

Vayne caught Arthur’s wrist. Slowly, he raised Arthur’s hand to his chest, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Look at me," he murmured. "Feast your eyes on my body. My masculinity laid bare to your gaze."

"I see you, Brother," Arthur breathed.

Vayne smiled and guided Arthur’s hand back down to his stomach. He went further. Lower. Until Arthur’s fingers brushed against the base of his cock. "Take us in your grasp," he said.

Arthur did so. Without question. Without hesitation. Vayne groaned softly at the sensation of those fingers wrapping around his shaft and Arthur’s, their cocks rubbing together in Arthur’s grip.

"Can you feel it?" Vayne whispered. "My manhood against yours?"

Arthur nodded and swallowed thickly. "It would be difficult not to, Brother," he said.

"Look at them," said Vayne.

Arthur broke eye contact. His gaze drifted down, landing on their pressed-together cocks. "I-I am looking…" he whispered.

"Tell me, and tell me true, Brother. Does this look wrong? Does it look twisted?" said Vayne, slowly rolling his hips so that his cock would thrust in and out of Arthur’s fingers, rubbing against Arthur’s own length. "Does it feel abhorrent?"

Arthur moaned. His hips moved to match Vayne’s counter-rhythm. His cock pushed in when Vayne’s pulled out, and so in the reverse. "No," Arthur breathed. "Not in the slightest."

Vayne grinned. He released Arthur’s wrist and brought his hands up to his nipples, groaning and arching his back as he tweaked the hard nubs and squeezed them. "What does it look like, then?" he said.

"It looks beautiful," Arthur murmured. "Like nothing else I’ve ever seen."

Vayne smirked, pumping his hips faster, rubbing his length insistently against Arthur’s. "How does it feel?"

"Good. Amazing. Wonderful. Like naught else before," Arthur whispered. His eyes glistened, his lips parted in a quiet moan.

"Intimacy between men is not something to revile or hide!" said Vayne, meeting Arthur’s gaze as it wandered up his body.

"I understand, Brother," Arthur gasped. Without prompting, he moved his hand. He stroked their cocks and tightened his grip, back arching off the bed as the pleasure overcame him. "If I had only known this truth before, I…"

Vayne released one of his nipples and reached down to cradle the side of Arthur’s face in his hand. "You can hardly be blamed, Brother," he whispered gently, tenderly, as he bucked his cock against Arthur’s. "For the Light is wont to blind and blinker."

Arthur grunted, his toes curling as sweat beaded on his brow. "I… I see that now, Brother," he moaned. "I had thought the Light would guide me through the darkness, that it would dispel my doubts and what I thought were repulsive feelings swelling inside me…"

The bed creaked as their pace increased, both men earnestly fucking the ring made by Arthur’s fingers. "I see the Light for the lie it is!" Arthur moaned.

"Yes!" Vayne hissed, his cock throbbing against Arthur’s at the declaration. He felt powerful. Invincible. Even as he was rutting his cock against his sworn Brother’s, naked, on a threadbare bed.

He could feel the strength surging within him, a power not unfamiliar to that which he wielded as a true Paladin of the Order. Conviction swelled in his breast, vindicated by his Brother’s words.

As the edifice of Arthur’s faith crumbled, Vayne felt his power increase in turn. It was bliss. Ecstasy unlike anything he’d ever experienced before.

"The Light that binds in brotherhood… Nay…" Arthur grunted, clutching the sheets in white-knuckled hands as he pumped his hips with all his strength, his cock pulsing and quivering as it slipped back and forth past Vayne’s. "The Light that blinds with ignorance. I shall no longer let it shackle me!"

"YES!" Vayne growled. Heat blossomed across his chest, his cock throbbing with need and newfound power. "Abandon the cause! Disavow the Light!"

"Too long have I been deceived, Brother!" Arthur cried out. "No longer can I follow the illuminated path, seared white and bleached as it is of all the world’s colors!"

"Open your eyes to the truth!" Vayne hissed, leaning forward and planting one hand on the mattress for support as he jackhammered his cock into the space between Arthur’s fingers.

"Help me, Brother!" Arthur moaned. "I wish to see the world’s truth! I wish to know its pleasures!"

Vayne leaned in. Their lips met. The wild torrent of mana raging inside Vayne surged through him and into Arthur, whose irises briefly shone faintly purple before fading back to their natural hue.

"I will," he whispered as they broke apart, breathless and panting from their continuing exertion. "I shall."

Unaware of the faint glow in his own eyes, Vayne looked down at Arthur with a smirk, their gazes locked together as they filled the air with the lewd, wet squelching of their cocks fucking Arthur’s hand.

Vayne approached the edge quickly. He groaned, suppressing the urge to toss his head back as he held Arthur’s gaze in his own. "I am close," he said. So close, in fact, that he could scarcely restrain himself. And he knew Arthur was, too.

"What do you desire, Brother?" Vayne whispered without missing a beat, without faltering in his relentless rhythm. "Who do you desire? Fix the image in your mind. I would know before I finish—before I baptize you in the carnal sacrament!"

Arthur gulped audibly and closed his eyes.

"Do not hold back," said Vayne. "Your deepest desires. Your darkest fantasies. Unleash them. Let them drown out the Light so that you might never be so blinded again!"

Arthur’s body went rigid. His back arched off the bed. His eyes darted about under his eyelids. His mouth parted in a soft, desperate moan before the words spilled from his lips. "Oleander… Please!"

Of course. Vayne should have realized. In retrospect, it was obvious. Even so, he did not have time to mull over the revelation.

The breathless confession and the surge of bliss it brought about was enough to send him over the edge. Vayne thrust his cock into the tight ring of Arthur’s fingers one last time before he came, spurting thick globs of cum all over his sworn Brother and dear friend, covering him in hot, viscous jism.

Ropes of cum drooped across Arthur’s face. He blinked slowly, evidently surprised by the strength and volume of Vayne’s emission.

"W-what…" Arthur murmured.

Vayne grinned, taking a moment to even out the tremulous breaths shaking through his body. "That… is an orgasm," he said.

Arthur’s eyes widened. "It seemed… intense…" he said.

Vayne nodded. "It is. The pleasure you feel building in your loins, the sensation that you might explode, these things herald the approach of your orgasm."

"I… I want to have an orgasm," Arthur groaned.

Vayne chuckled. "That is rather simple to achieve, Brother," he said with a smirk. "All you need do is stroke your cock and keep going even when it feels almost too intense. Chase the pleasure. Let it course through you. And before you know it you will spill over the edge—and over yourself."

Arthur nodded. "I will… I will do that, Brother," he said, pumping his fist up and down his length again.

Vayne clambered off Arthur and smiled. "See that you do, Brother," he said as he grabbed his breeches.

Arthur’s hand stilled. "Are you departing already, Brother?" he murmured.

Vayne nodded. "I have other things to attend to, Brother," he said. "But by no means stop on my account. Trust me when I say your first orgasm might well take your breath away."

A smirk tugged at the corner of Arthur’s mouth. "I… I look forward to it," he said, slowly stroking himself and chewing on his lower lip as he watched Vayne stuff his still-hard cock into his breeches.

Vayne chuckled. "As you should," he said. He paused halfway through pulling his tunic back on and added, "Though if you don’t mind a few words of advice…"

Arthur shook his head. "I would not mind at all, Brother!" he said.

A smirk tugged on Vayne’s lips. "Carry on as you have. Resist the urge to spill as much as you can. Get as close as you can, teeter on the edge of orgasm, and stop just short of it."

Arthur’s eyes widened. He propped his elbow against the bed as he pushed himself up into a reclined position. "But… Brother! I…" Vayne’s cum slowly oozed down Arthur’s body, leaving glistening streaks in its wake. "I need to…"

"I know," said Vayne, gently. "But you do not want the pleasure to end, do you?"

Arthur shook his head.

"Besides…" Vayne chuckled darkly. "Do you not want to find out how it would feel when you reach that single, sublime moment when, despite all your ironclad discipline, your preponderance of willpower, you fail to hold back?"

Arthur’s eyes widened. "W-would that feel better, Brother?" he whispered.

Vayne laughed. "Try it out and you’ll see," he said.

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