Hierarch Hijinks

Summer is just around the corner, and Alpha Aaron Blake is eyeing a week in the middle of July for vacation on a sunny beach in the hope of maybe finding his fated mate by the seaside, like he’d always fantasized. He thinks he deserves it. After all, he’s put in quite a bit of effort. But he won’t get his vacation without a fight because his rival Alpha Riley Cassock, is also hoping to take that week off.

Enough alcohol to knock an elephant dead later, and the two Alphas have come up with the perfect way to settle their differences: a game of seduction. Whoever manages to get in the pants of adorable blond sitting at the other end of the bar gets the week off.

Summer was just around the corner, and it couldn’t come fast enough for Alpha Aaron Blessing, who had been heading the team for Project Ophiuchus for the last half-dozen years. He had been with the team every step of the way, from the project’s inception during a Recruitment & Training meeting, to breaking ground on Camp Sherwood.

The project team had already downsized, as was standard procedure. Most of the members were already off working on other projects. At any one time, there were hundreds of little initiatives going on at Hierarch Industries, providing a wealth of choices for anyone looking for something to work on.

Aaron’s team was now strictly on monitoring duty since the men at Camp Sherwood had gotten settled. Aaron wasn’t privy to the deals being struck with the local governments by the legal team, but so far he had gotten everything that he wanted. Even if the authorities weren’t willing to take their bribes, he imagined it would be difficult for a mere mortal man to stand up to a room of Alphas with legal degrees.

So far, everything was on track for the project’s first evaluation at the half year mark. It would take some time for Aaron’s men on the ground to install their monitoring equipment down the length of the Mississippi, and even longer still for any of the effects of Ophiuchus to become apparent.

It was difficult not to be impatient, but it was what it was. The whole point of Ophiuchus was to be subversive and subtle. The hope was that no one would notice until it was too late.

With things looking to be on the up and up, Aaron thought he deserved a vacation. It didn’t have to be for long, and it didn’t have to be the most luxurious outing, but with summer just over the horizon, he was hoping that he could hit up a hot beach for a week or so. He didn’t even have to get paid, because gods knew Hierarch Industries put a premium on the work that its employees did.

Relaxation wasn’t the only objective of Aaron’s hypothetical vacation. Six years was a long time to have been working with Hierarch Industries. It was practically forever, in context of the fact that the matchmakers still hadn’t found him a match. He was hoping that by getting out and about, he might be able to find his destined omega on his own.

No more than five minutes after firing off an email to HR to request his time off, one of the other Alphas on his team, who had butted heads with Aaron a few times during the course of their work, popped his head into Aaron’s office. "Hey, Aaron, do you have a minute?"

Considering the tone of voice, Aaron could already tell he wasn’t going to like this. As far as ranking went in the company, Aaron was Riley’s direct superior. However, as far as ranking went in the Hierarchy of Men, the two of them were on a level playing field. The only difference was the years of experience that Aaron had at his job.

Although he never went out of his way to attempt to sabotage the project, as that would be counterproductive and entirely against the spirit of friendly competition that the Hierarchy engendered in its Alphas, Riley had been trying to show Aaron up for three long years, and Aaron could only imagine what this talk was going to be about.

"Sure," said Aaron, pinching the bridge of his nose. He didn’t want to be dealing with this right now. "Why don’t you take a seat."

"Have a headache?" said Riley.

"Yes, because of you," was what Aaron so desperately wanted to say. But he kept his mouth shut. There was no need to be hostile. "No," he said, "just feeling a bit tired. We’ve been at this for a long time and it just hasn’t hit until now since we finally have a moment to breathe."

"Tell me about it," said Riley, sweeping into the room to take a seat in front of Aaron’s desk. "So, actually, about being tired. I was hoping that I might take a vacation soon…" said Riley.

"I haven’t managed to find a mate yet, even though it’s been a while, and I was hoping that maybe I could find him on a trip," said Riley. Aaron could already tell where this was going, and he didn’t like it one bit. "And I heard that maybe you were wanting to do the same thing…"

Aaron sighed. Riley didn’t have to act so coy. Vacation requests were public knowledge. "Yeah," he said. "Are you saying that you want to come with me? Because I’m gonna be frank and say I don’t really want any company."

"No, no, it’s not that," said Riley. "It’s just that I talked to someone from HR this morning and put in my request for vacation time. The thing is… You put in the same date as me, and they won’t let both of us have it because one of us has to be with the team at all times, in case something happens."

That was preposterous. Aaron had checked the schedule before sending in his request, and Riley’s name certainly hadn’t appeared anywhere on there. But sure enough, an email came in a moment later apologizing for the mix-up, and that apparently Riley had put in his request but the guy he’d talked to hadn’t put him into the system.

"Alright," said Aaron, his lips thinning into a line. He wasn’t pleased. Not at all. "Then let’s take turns. I’ll go take my vacation first and then when I return you can take yours."

"Hold on," said Riley. "Why should you get to take your vacation first? Just because you have seniority doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve a break any less than you. Besides, I was the one going down to the field whenever we needed someone out there."

"Yes, but I’ve been working Ophiuchus twice as long as you have!" said Aaron. "And need I remind you, you volunteered to go to the field. Every single time! I would have gone if I had to, but you made it expressly clear to everyone on the team that you wanted to go and see how things were going on the ground, so how does that entitle you to anything?"

Aaron took a deep breath. He had to remain calm. Alphas did not lose their tempers without good reason. Riley being the little shit that he always was might didn’t count as a good reason.

"You know what?" said Aaron, "We’re both adults. There’s some time before we want to take vacations. We still have work to do today. Why don’t we discuss this like rational people over a drink or two tonight?"

"Sure," said Riley, though the gleam in his eye promised that he wouldn’t be backing down. Unfortunately for him, Aaron had no intentions of doing so, either.

Aaron downed another pint of beer. Enhanced as they were, Alphas and omegas could handle a not-insignificant amount more alcohol than normal humans. The empty pint glasses scattered on the table in front of him represented enough alcohol to knock an elephant unconscious twice over.

The sheer amount of alcohol that Alphas could down on any given night was part of the reason that Aaron and Riley had elected to go to a Hierarch Industries-run hotel with an exclusive corporate-only bar.

Both Alphas had anticipated that they would end up drinking a lot. There was no danger of either of them losing control. Alphas weren’t wired that way. The alcohol merely helped to loosen them up. In Aaron’s opinion, he was on his best game whenever he was ever so slightly inebriated like he currently was.

Besides, if they had ordered as much alcohol as they just had somewhere outside of Hierarch Industries, the other patrons might think that they were having a drinking contest. It was attention that they didn’t need, and, ultimately, attention that would be counterproductive to their goal of having a conversation about their vacation times.

The glasses clinked as both Aaron and Riley put down their most recent pints. Each Alpha regarded the other with a look. Each one measured up his rival, playing the game out in his head, searching for the path that would take him to the top.

"So," said Aaron, having decided that seizing control of the conversation would give him an advantage worth taking. "About our little conflict of schedule. It’s not that I think I should take my break first because I’m your senior. It’s because I think I’ve put in more than my fair share of time into the project and it’s time for me to take a break."

"Sure," said Riley, sitting back and crossing his arms over his chest. He seemed peeved that Aaron had taken the initiative. "But I worked just as hard as you did. I put in a lot of long hours and worked the weekends to get this thing done. I could have had an omega by now, but I put off looking for him so that you wouldn’t have to work any harder than you already have. Don’t you think I deserve a reward for that?"

Riley had a point. Despite butting heads with Aaron and being a pain whenever he could be, he had proved to his absolute credit that he was an important part of the team. There was a reason Aaron had delegated the other Alpha his co-leader.

"And the fact you’re getting a huge bonus after the review isn’t enough of a reward for you?" said Aaron. "That’s more money than your average joe will ever see in a decade. You can take a hundred vacations out of your own pocket when you get it."

"The review isn’t until December!" said Riley. He frowned. "Honestly, I don’t get what the big deal is. Why don’t you just let me go first? It’s not like the team is doing anything too involved right now. All you have to do is show up to work and make sure nothing goes wrong."

Aaron shook his head. Again, Riley made a good point, but one that could easily be turned around on him. "Then why don’t you let me go first? I get that you’re keen on taking a vacation, but you said it yourself. The next couple of weeks are going to basically be a vacation in and of themselves. It shouldn’t be too bad to wait just another week longer."

"We’re not getting anywhere with this," said Riley. The game of words was reaching its conclusion. Aaron had taken the advantage of the initiative, but now it was Riley’s play to make the challenge. "Why don’t we play a game to decide who gets to go first?"

"You’re on," said Aaron. He would have leaned forward to shake Riley’s hand for it, but the table in front of them was obstructed with pint glasses. "What do you have in mind?"

"Don’t think I haven’t noticed you eyeing that unmated cutie at the end of the bar," said Riley. He jerked his head in the guy’s direction, but didn’t need to. Aaron had definitely been eyeing the guy all night long.

Sitting at the end of the bar was a rather good looking young man, which wasn’t saying much as all the Alphas and omegas at Hierarch Industries could have passed for models. He had a tight body, not too muscular, but also not too slim, just the way that Aaron liked it.

The guy was relatively short, definitely shorter than either Aaron or Riley, and had a great sense of style about him. He carried himself with a confidence strange for an unmated omega that just drew Aaron’s attention even if he was just sitting there, sipping delicately at his martini.

"I have to say… I’m impressed," said Riley. Aaron had noticed Riley also stealing furtive glances at the boy at the end of the bar, which wasn’t surprising, as he knew that Riley liked boys who looked like himself. "I like your taste in boys. How about, whoever can get in his pants tonight gets the vacation?"

Aaron chuckled. He had been considering making a move on the boy at the far end of the bar at the end of the night, but Riley had just forced his hand. "Sure," he said. "But it has to be a blowjob and penetration."

Riley grinned. "Finally, you’re speaking my language, Aaron!" he said. "Bonus points if you get him to rim you. No flashing your status or promising him promotions to get him to sleep with you, either. And the time limit is sunrise. If neither of us gets him that time, I’ll just say that I lose."

What had started off as an exercise to determine which of them would be going on their vacation quickly turned into a bonding experience as the twunk at the end of the bar rebuffed any attempts at seduction.

"Just look at that perfect little smile. Ugh! I know this started out as a competition but I really want those lips wrapped around my cock, now," lamented Riley. So far, the most that either of the two Alphas had managed to do was get the guy’s name: Connor.

"It’s pretty well established that people tend to want things more when they know that they can’t get them," said Aaron. He wasn’t feeling the burn of rejection nearly as much as Riley, but it still stung a bit. He’d thought that he had hit it off with Connor a bit, only to get turned down when he offered to take Connor home with him.

Riley knocked back another pint of beer. His cheeks were flushed a pretty shade of pink, which meant that he was probably feeling the alcohol by now. Aaron hadn’t had another sip since they started their challenge, knowing that too much would impair his judgment.

"Ugh. Tell me about it," said Riley, staring longingly over his shoulder over at Connor at the end of the bar. "And that ass. God that ass looks fucking perfect. I could squeeze it and bite it and fuck it all night long."

Aaron reached over the table and placed a hand on Riley’s shoulder. However much of a headache Riley was, he understood too well the yearning for a mate. From what he knew, Riley hadn’t even sought out the companionship of an unmated omega in months, so he could really understand.

"It’s alright, buddy," said Aaron, gently squeezing Riley’s shoulder. "Why don’t we forget about Connor for now. We can find some other way to settle the score and figure out who gets to go on that vacation. No need to get so down."

"Shh!" said Riley. He knocked Aaron’s hand off his shoulder by suddenly twisting around in his seat to face the right direction. "He caught me looking! I think he’s coming this way."

Out of the corner of his eye, Aaron noticed Connor dismount from his bar stool to head in their direction. "Shit," he muttered under his breath. He took his hand back from Riley and grabbed one of the now-empty pint glasses. He continued to watch Connor out of the corner of his eye just in case Connor walked past.

Connor stopped right at their table. "Evening guys," said Connor. He had a wry smile on his face, the corner of his lips curled upward in an adorable little smirk. "Looks like my date is going to be busy for the rest of the night…"

Riley perked up. "So you’ll go home with me, right?" he said. Aaron rolled his eyes. It was a bit pathetic to see an Alpha in such a state, but he had to admit there was something cute about Riley acting like such a lost puppy.

"Actually," said Connor, looking at Aaron. "I was feeling bad that I had to turn both of you down… So, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to invite both of you up to my room."

"It’s fine with me," said Riley, clasping Connor’s hand in his own. "It would be an honor," he said. Aaron didn’t think he’d ever seen his colleague so enamored with anyone.

"Actually, I need to confess something," said Aaron. He hated having to be the mature one, but he felt Connor had the right to know. "Riley and I have been having a spat over who gets to take their vacation since there’s a bit of a conflict and we decided that whoever gets to bed you gets the vacation."

Connor didn’t seem the least bit offended by the thought. "And you decided to try to seduce me instead of any of the hundred other prettier boys in the bar tonight?" he said.

Aaron blushed. "I actually thought you were the prettiest boy in the bar tonight," he said. "Anyway… As you might have guessed, having both of us go up to your room with you renders the contest moot."

Connor pursed his lips. He seemed to think about the dilemma for a moment. "How about this, then? Whoever pleases me the most gets to go on the vacation? I get to have both of you, and you get to decide who gets to go. How does that sound?" he said, looking at Riley.

"Whatever you say… It sounds great," murmured Riley as he pressed his lips to the back of Connor’s hand. Aaron was a bit concerned that Riley seemed a lot more intoxicated than he should, but next to no Alphas had ever been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and exactly zero had died.

"I’m sorry about him," said Aaron, gesturing at Riley who shot him a dirty look. "He’s had a lot to drink so he might not be the most lucid right now. Anyway, I think that those terms are acceptable."

"Fantastic!" Connor clapped. "Follow me, gentlemen. I promise you, you’ll have a night to remember."

Aaron got up out of his chair and helped Riley to his feet. He let the younger Alpha sling an arm over his shoulders as the two of them followed Connor out of the bar, to the hotel lobby, onto the elevator, and out into the penthouse suite. "This is your room?" said Aaron, taken aback by the beautiful view of the skyline that was visible from nearly every angle.

Connor shrugged. "What can I say? I worked hard for the privilege. Also, it helps when they make a mistake and let someone else book for the room that you actually paid for. I’m going to go get something to help your friend stand on his own."

It only took a minute for Connor to return from the integrated kitchen with a shot glass of clear blue liquid. Aaron instantly recognized it as it was one of the products that he had helped develop. It was a formula to near-instantly kill an alcohol buzz. He had a fair bit of it at home for when he wasn’t feeling like reliving the days he still got hangovers.

Riley shakily accepted the glass from Connor and knocked it back with one gulp. Half a minute later, it was almost as if the haze of inebriation had lifted from his eyes. He removed his arm from around Aaron’s shoulders and straightened the front of his suit, looking more than a little embarrassed at the state that he had been in.

"I sincerely apologize for the way that I acted," said Riley, approaching Connor. "I would like to make it up to you."

Connor grinned and glanced at Aaron. "You two can make it up for me by showing me a good time," he said. "Why don’t you sit on the couch? Let’s get started."

Riley and Aaron shared a look. This whole situation was unconventional, but it wasn’t unheard of. They made their way to the couch and sat down, just as Connor had said.

Connor, on the other hand, brought a chair around and sat across the coffee table from them. He crossed his legs, a devilish little grin playing on his lips. "I think you’re both a little over-dressed for the occasion. Why don’t you guys get rid of your shirts?"

Again, Aaron and Riley shared a look. Normally, it was the Alphas taking control of the situation, but Connor was worth playing along. It wasn’t like Aaron didn’t enjoy being told what to do every now and again, even if it was a bit weird coming from an unmated omega.

Riley seemed more gung-ho about the whole thing than Aaron was, having already undone his tie. His hands went to his collar, looking straight at Connor with a smoldering gaze as he deftly unbuttoned his shirt.

Aaron remembered, with a start, that this was supposed to be a contest. He turned his attention away from Riley and looked at Connor. He chewed on his lower lip as he tugged on his tie. Since Riley was busy slowly revealing his chiseled, hairless chest, Aaron figured it would be best if he did something with more impact.

Connor smirked as Aaron grabbed the two halves of his shirt and heaved. Buttons popped off the fabric as he tore the nice dress shirt apart to reveal his own muscles, covered in sparse, coarse hair. He sat up straighter and shook off his shirt.

When he glanced over to the side, Aaron saw that Riley was looking at him with wide eyes. "Wish you’d thought of that, don’t you?" Aaron quipped, with a little smirk. Riley huffed and finished undressing, knowing that he had already been beat.

Connor got off his chair and crept onto the table. He knelt at the edge and placed his hands on both the Alphas’ chests. "I think that means one point to Aaron for the show, but I do like my men with a little more definition, so that’s one point for Riley. But a little bit of hair is quite sexy, which means it’s two to one for Aaron."

Feeling Connor’s fingers on his stomach kindled a strange heat Aaron’s chest. Judging by the flush on Riley’s face, the other Alpha was feeling the same sensation. Every omega had a different effect on Alphas, it was clear that this one was making them more eager to please.

Connor backed off the coffee table and settled into his chair. He sat with his legs open as both Aaron and Riley watched him like hawks. "I won’t be having any fun if you’re both as soft as you are right now," said Connor. "Why don’t you show me what you’re packing?"

Spurred to confidence by his lead over Riley, Aaron unbuttoned his pants. He had only just fished his cock out of his underwear when he saw that Riley was sitting buck-naked on the couch beside him. "I like the enthusiasm," said Connor, "I think that means a point for Riley."

Riley smirked at Aaron as both of them grabbed their cocks and started stroking. As hot-blooded Alphas, it didn’t take much stimulation at all to get them erect. With a hot boy in the room egging them on, it took even less.

To his dismay, Aaron realized that he was shorter than Riley by about an inch. Although, he was definitely girthier. "Mmm…" hummed Connor. "I think this one will have to be a tie. Your cock looks like it can hit all the right places, but your cock looks like it will fill me up even better…"

Aaron’s cock throbbed at the thought. He definitely would like to bend Connor over the coffee table and plunge his cock into that tight muscular ass.

"Ah, darn. Look what you boys have done to me," said Connor, spreading his legs even further. Aaron got to watch as the outline of Connor’s cock hardening stretched down the inside of Connor’s thigh. The omega was huge. Bigger than either Aaron or Riley.

Looking over his shoulder, Aaron could see that Riley was bug-eyed at the sight. He himself felt a sudden urge to play with the monster tool that the omega was sporting.

"Riley, why don’t you scoot closer to Aaron? Yeah. Just like that." The couch shifted under Riley’s weight as he did what Connor told him to do. "Aaron, let go of your cock. Riley, put your hand on Aaron’s cock."

The feeling of Riley’s fingers around his cock sent a tinge of pink to Aaron’s cheeks. He had never been this intimate with his subordinate. He had never even entertained the thought. But he had to admit that the gently calloused fingers felt good on the sensitive skin of his cock.

"Now, Aaron, why don’t you return the favor and put your hand on Riley’s cock?" said Connor, again with that devilish little smirk of his. "I won’t be satisfied by an Alpha that fucks and comes in the blink of an eye. First one to get the other to come gets a point."

It was as if the words were a gunshot that rang through the suite. Aaron locked eyes with Riley, Connor’s challenge igniting the competitive spirit inside both of them. Aaron worked his fist up and down Riley’s cock as fast and as hard as he could, while Riley took a more measured pace, twisting his hand up and down Aaron’s shaft.

As their mutual hand job intensified, Aaron had to grit his teeth. This was a contest of Alpha willpower, and he wasn’t about to lose. He had a few years on Riley and was perfectly in tune with his body. At the rate that Riley was going, Aaron had all the time in the world before he even approached the edge.

All the time, that was, until Riley decided to break eye contact, lean over and wrap his lips around the head of Aaron’s cock.

"H-Hey, that’s cheating!" said Aaron, moaning as he felt the warm, wet heat of Riley’s mouth envelop his erection. "T-This is cheating, right?" he said, looking at Connor.

Connor shrugged, a mischievous gleam in his eye. "I didn’t say you had to do it with your hand. I said the first one to make the other come would win."

While that was certainly not the way that Aaron had interpreted the challenge, he couldn’t really dispute the will of the issuer of the challenge. With a grunt, he grabbed Riley by the head and pulled the other Alpha off his cock. "It’s not fair if I can’t access your cock," he said.

"Ugh, fine," said Riley. He leaned forward until he could touch the floor with his hands and flipped his legs up onto the backrest of the couch. "Get under me," he said, forming an arch with his body.

"I see," said Aaron, his cock throbbing with excitement. For a moment, he forgot about Connor. He slid over under Riley and grabbed the other Alpha by the waist, pulling him up until Riley’s face was hovering over his cock, and Riley’s cock was hanging down just in front of his face.

Riley grabbed Aaron’s cock at the base, and moments later, he felt Riley’s hot mouth envelop his length again. Aaron leaned forward and pressed his lips up against Riley’s throbbing cock, swirling his tongue around the head for good measure before taking it into his throat.

Aaron moved his head back and forth onto Riley’s cock as the other Alpha bobbed up and down on his. He didn’t hold back on the moans, loving the way that Riley’s cock and legs twitched at the vibrations.

Aaron felt Riley tense up at around the same time that he teetered dangerously at the edge. Just a little more and he would lose, but he was determined not to. This whole time he’d been watching the way Riley’s pink pucker twitched and flexed in front of his eyes, and he’d found his coup de grâce.

As Riley sucked hard on his cock, Aaron rubbed his thumb around the other Alpha’s hole. He could feel it twitching and throbbing under the pad of his finger. And just as Aaron felt Riley’s body tense, Riley’s toes curling on either side of his head, he pushed his thumb in and relished in the sensation of hot fluid trickling down the back of his throat.

Riley’s delirious moans around his own cock pushed Aaron dangerously to the edge, but he managed to just hold back. Remembering that he was supposed to show that he’d made Riley come first, he pulled his head away and to make sure the last few dribbles of cum from Riley’s cock were visible to Connor.

Riley pulled off of Aaron’s cock with a loud, wet, slurp. The sensation of the seal suddenly being broken was enough to tip Aaron over the edge. His cock started spurting, blasting Riley right in the face with thick ropes of hot Alpha cum.

"Good job!" said Connor, as Aaron helped Riley back onto the couch. He had to admit, his rival Alpha looked particularly good with cum dripping over his face. "That’s a point to Aaron, but I think as a gesture of good showmanship, you should clean Riley up. Don’t you think?"

Connor didn’t have to ask Aaron twice. He grabbed Riley by the chin and started licking up all the cum that he’d sprayed on the Alpha’s face. He had just run his tongue over Riley’s full lips when he felt a hand on the back of his head, and lips on his own.

Aaron’s cock twitched, jumping back to full hardness as the kiss between him and Riley got hotter. He clambered onto Riley’s lap as their tongues slid one against the other, swapping his cum between their mouths. A low, needy growl escaped Aaron before he could do anything else, and he felt a hand at his hip, working his pants off.

Without breaking the kiss, Aaron reached back and removed his pants, letting them drop to the floor. He arched his back, not forgetting about Connor, letting the omega see his muscular ass, framed to perfection with the jockstrap that he had worn to work.

When the two Alphas finally pulled apart, they were both breathless. They were also both erect, their cocks rubbing against one another as they made out, making their stomachs slick with pre-cum.

It took a moment for their nature to reassert itself, and Aaron had to wrench himself from Riley’s lap onto the couch beside him. Connor’s clap helped to distract from the confusing jumble of emotions in Aaron’s stomach. "Wow," said Connor. "That was hot. Extra points to Riley for initiating that kiss. Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?"

The master bedroom of the suite was every bit as luxurious as the rest of it. Even more, if Aaron was right and that was a hot tub and steam room he spotted in his brief glimpse of the bathroom.

Riley was walking in front of Aaron, and Aaron was finding it hard not to be distracted by the way that the other Alpha’s tight, muscular butt rippled with every step. Not to say that there wasn’t another ass equally attractive nearby, but Connor was still wearing his pants.

"You boys get on the bed," said Connor. Riley looked over his shoulder at Aaron, biting his lower lip. The look sent a jolt of pleasure down Aaron’s spine, made his cock twitch. Aaron climbed into bed with Riley, not sure quite how to feel about what had just happened between them.

Connor had brought his chair along with him to the bedroom, which he set down at the foot of the bed before making his way to a nearby wardrobe. He returned to his chair carrying a quite intimidating double-ended dildo.

The hot twunk pulled his cock out of his pants and lined it up with one of the halves of the dildo. It wasn’t an exact copy, but it was a pretty good match in terms of girth. "I’ll have you know, boys, that I like giving as much as I like receiving. And I like my guys the same way. Show me which one of you is the more enthusiastic bottom, why don’t you?" said Connor, tossing the dildo onto the bed between the two Alphas.

"Oh, and here’s a tube of lube, if you need it," said Connor, tossing yet another of Hierarch Industries’ most popular products onto the sheets.

Aaron felt like he and Riley were being played for fools, but found that he didn’t really much care. He grabbed the tube of lube, and with Riley holding the dildo, he lubed up both ends.

"Actually, this is something that I’d like to watch from up close, if you don’t mind," said Connor. The omega got up from his chair and stripped off, letting his clothes fall into a crumpled heap on the ground. His cock was huge. Hard. Throbbing. A bead of clear pre-cum glistened on the tip as he clambered onto the bed.

Riley let Connor hold the dildo while he and Aaron got into position. Both of them, on hands and knees, backed toward the other as Connor kept the dildo in place.

Aaron winced, unaccustomed to penetration as Connor worked his end of the dildo into his hole, first. "Just breathe, Aaron," said Connor. "Yeah. Like that. Deep breaths. Push out. It makes it easier. Yeah. Just like that." With a grunt, Aaron felt the broad head of the rubber cock pop inside of him. "See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?"

Riley didn’t seem to have nearly as much trouble getting his end of the dildo into his hole. Aaron watched over his shoulder as Connor slowly twisted the other end of the dildo into Riley, shivered at the mewling, high-pitched sounds that were coming from the other Alpha.

"Mmm… That certainly is a sight for sore eyes," said Connor, giving Aaron’s ass a light slap. "Get started, boys. We’ve got all night, but I want to know which one of you’s going to be the bottom."

It was slow going at first, as Aaron struggled to get used to the sensation of being filled. But the more he worked his ass back onto the dildo, the more he realized that he actually enjoyed it.

It was a strange sensation, but it felt good. It wasn’t long before he felt his ass resting against the knuckles of Connor’s hand. Connor let go of the dildo soon after, and after backing up a little more, Aaron got to feel Riley’s ass cheeks resting against his.

Riley rolled his hips, bucking on the dildo against Aaron’s ass. He seemed to be enjoying it, moaning and groaning as he fucked himself on the double-ended dildo.

Aaron, not to be outdone, did the same thing. He was surprised at the electric sensation of the dildo sliding in his fuckchute. It rubbed at his prostate, making his cock drip as he rocked back and forth, working the dildo over with his hole.

Every buck, every movement, came faster than the last as Aaron felt the pleasure build. It was intense. It was novel. And it was so, so good. He rolled his hips, slapping his ass cheeks back against Riley’s as they moved in unison, fucking each other with the dildo that connected their asses together.

"Oh," said Connor, putting a hand on Aaron’s ass to stop him from moving. "I think we have a winner!" he said.

Looking over his shoulder, Aaron saw that Riley was slumped against the bed, his chest heaving, his legs trembling, his hole clearly quivering around the dildo buried inside it. On the sheets, between Riley’s splayed legs, was a mess of cum.

"Lick your mess up, Riley," said Connor. "Just like Aaron cleaned his."

"Fuck," Riley breathed. The dildo slipped out of his ass with a wet squelch, but remained firmly inside Aaron’s. He leaned over the puddle that he’d made and licked it all up.

"Now come over here and lube my cock up," said Connor. Aaron got to watch with amazement as the other Alpha, with whom he’d butted heads so many times over the last three years, crawled over to Connor and obediently suckled on the omega’s erection.

"And as your reward for being such a good little bottom for me, here’s a real cock for your hole to enjoy," said Connor. "Why don’t you go ahead and mount your friend, Aaron?"

Aaron gulped. The dildo was still inside of him. He could feel his hole clench around its girth. Watching Riley’s pucker wink and twitch in front of him as he sucked on Connor’s cock, Aaron had to admit that he had thought of shoving his own cock in there. Connor’s suggestion was the convenient excuse he needed to do it.

Not bothering with the dildo still buried in his ass, Aaron grabbed Riley by the hips, lined up his cock with that quivering hole, and slammed it home. Riley squealed around Connor’s cock, but didn’t attempt to break free or anything of the sort. "Fuck. More!" Riley demanded, briefly pulling off Connor’s cock.

Far be it from Aaron to deny his friend an indulgence. He had been ready to rut since the beginning of the night and a hole was a hole was a hole. Riley was even tighter than any omega that Aaron had had in his life, and he loved the sensation of the other Alpha’s walls clamping around him.

Without any concern that his partner might break under the intensity of his fuck, Aaron jackhammered his cock into Riley’s tight hole. He grunted and groaned from the exertion, moaning every time his movements would shove the dildo in his hole into his prostate.

Harder and faster with every thrust, it was easy to get lost in the brutal, animalistic rhythm of the rut. So easy, in fact, that Aaron failed to notice that Connor had finished using Riley’s mouth. His only warning before the omega’s thick cock slid into him was the sensation of sudden emptiness as the dildo was pulled out of his ass.

Aaron doubled over as he felt Connor spear him open. The omega’s cock felt so big. It filled him up so much. Lost in the haze of pleasure, all Aaron could do was thrust even faster. Even harder, fucking himself on Connor’s cock at the same time that he was coring out Riley’s hole.

A hand on Aaron’s back forced him down onto the bed, over Riley. He nuzzled the other Alpha’s neck, enjoying the earthy scent of arousal, and the musk of masculinity that he could pick up from Riley’s sweat.

Aaron pumped his hips as fast and as hard as he could but Connor had taken control of the pace of the rut. As his energy waned and his hips stopped moving on their own, Connor’s brutal thrusting kept the fuck going for all three of them.

Pleasure built and built and built until it reached a thunderous crescendo that triggered Aaron’s mating bite. He sank his teeth into Riley’s shoulder and all three of them groaned as an intense orgasm rolled over them.

The next time Aaron regained consciousness was when the sun streaming in through the windows nearly-blinded him. He could feel a warm body in front of his, wrapped up in his arm, and he could feel another warm body behind him. By scent alone, he could tell that he was holding Riley, and he could only imagine that Connor was the one gently working an erection up and down the cleft of his ass.

"Last night was intense, huh?" murmured Riley. Aaron moaned as he realized that his erection was buried in the other Alpha’s hole. "I can’t stop thinking about how good you felt inside me… It’s almost like you’ve got me hooked on that dick…"

"I can give you this dick any time of the week if you ask for it," said Aaron, instinctively licking the area that he’d bitten last night. "Sorry about that," he said, pressing a kiss to the teeth marks.

"Don’t be sorry. I plan on giving you one, too," said Riley. The promise in the other Alpha’s voice sent a shiver of pleasure up Aaron’s spine.

"Glad you boys have finally worked it out," said Connor. In the last few seconds, his scent had markedly changed, and it dawned on Aaron that Connor wasn’t an unmated omega at all. He was a mated Alpha. More than that, the sexy twunk was significantly higher up on the Hierarchy of Men than either him or Riley.

Connor got up off the bed and Aaron found himself missing the sensation of the hard cock rubbing up and down his crack. "I think I may have been remiss in my introduction," said Connor. "Connor Sebastian Fox. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Aaron’s jaw damn near dropped off his face. "But… But you’re the Seventh Hierarch," he managed to sputter. Riley seemed struck completely speechless. "What… Why… Huh?"

"I’m called the Alpha matchmaker for a reason," said Connor. "Whenever a new Alpha is entered into the company, they are checked against our entire database for compatibility, even including other Alphas. But the Alpha-Alpha test isn’t up to snuff just and in roughly 30% of cases, turns up false negatives."

Connor smirked as he pulled on his pants. "Let’s just say that I hunt down those false negatives and make sure things are set right, if they haven’t already been," he said. "It’s one of the perks of the job. I love playing with Alphas."

"But… You smelled like an unmated omega," said Riley.

"Hierarchs are, to Alphas and omegas, like Alphas and omegas are to normal humans," said Connor, brushing down the front of his shirt. "Some of us have unique abilities. Being able to consciously control my pheromones is mine. It’s not much, but you have to admit, it gets results."

Aaron blushed, but he didn’t let go of Riley given the new information. He would never have thought that his destined would be another Alpha. He’d been so focused on finding an omega that he’d failed to see what was right in front of his face. "Thank you," he said.

"No problem," said Connor. "Unfortunately, I have to get to work. But you guys feel free to use the penthouse to get better acquainted while I’m away. If you stay until I get back, I’d love to play some more."

"Will do, sir," said Riley. He looked over his shoulder, eyes shining, grinning. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

Connor stopped just as he was about to leave the bedroom. "Oh, and about that vacation thing. Don’t worry about it. I’ll take over Ophiuchus while you two take it together. Think of it as my mating gift."

The door had scarcely closed when Connor poked his head back into the room, looked at Riley, and said, "Oh, and Riley, make sure to give it to Aaron real hard. He likes it rough."

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3 thoughts on “Hierarch Hijinks

  1. Great story, great writing, very hot! But gahhhhh! I want to know about Project Ophiuchus!!! Is this something you’re exploring for later chapters, I hope?
    As always, thank you so much for your great writing and wonderful stories!

    • Of course! I try to build a self-consistent world for these stories and not just throw around random concepts, so we’re definitely going to revisit Ophiuchus at some point in the future. Thank you for your kind words! 😀

  2. I loved the story. All of your work is fantastic, but I especially love your ideas when it comes to the Hierarch Industries settings. Thank you so much for all of the great stories!

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