Super Sucker pt. 12

Corey learns of a more sinister facet of his powers, and finds out that he’s less of a goodie-two-shoes than he realizes.

"You weren’t kidding when you said that you were a quick study," said Imperious. It was high praise coming from Corey’s Master. It actually brought a smile to his lips, considering that Imperious was probably the quickest study that he had ever known. He still didn’t understand how Imperious had figured all this out about his powers before he had.

The ability to learn at a rather fast clip was part of the reason why Corey had internalized the rules of being a good jockboy so easily. Still, his progress was more than even he himself had anticipated. It made him proud, but it was also quite scary to see his potential laid out in front of him like this.

"You’re handsome," Corey murmured, after a few minutes of following Imperious around with his electro-sensory perception. "Even when you look like this," he said. In his mind’s eye, Imperious was just a human-shaped silhouette, surrounded by a thin, fuzzy field of static. The interior of that silhouette was filled with little sparks darting here and there, the impulses of Imperious’ nervous system.

"Flattery won’t make this any easier for you, my little thundercloud," said Imperious. Corey could practically envision in his mind the small smirk that tugged at the corner of Imperious’ lips.

Just yesterday, the most that Corey could manage was a vaguely person-shaped blob of sensation in the back of his head. It was truly mind-boggling how far he had come in the span of just a few hours.

Corey was still unable to figure out how to do it without calling on his lightning at all, but he was close. He could feel it in his bones. The amount of energy that he needed was such that he doubted he could shock an ant with the electricity tingling at his fingertips, but it still wasn’t zero. Which was a bit frustrating, even if he did understand that it was a bit unreasonable to expect that he would get there after only a day of practice.

"Is it at least coming easier now?" said Imperious. "Do you think you can do it with your eyes open?"

Corey nodded. He opened his eyes, and the visualization he’d conjured up in his head to help him comprehend the new sensory information, was overlaid on his vision. He could follow Imperious’ movements through the darkness.

"I don’t need to concentrate so much, anymore," said Corey, licking his lips. Though if he did, the fuzzy outline of the human-shaped silhouette would become more clear, allowing him to see the contours of Imperious’ body. He’d been staring at his Master’s flaccid cock every few minutes, if he was being honest. "But I think I’m ready to try something else."

Corey tilted his head. "Do you know if it’s possible to find out more than just direction with this?" he said. So far he’d been able to tell roughly where Imperious was, but he had absolutely no depth perception. He could tell which way to turn to face Imperious, but that was about it.

"Good to know that you’re paying attention," said Imperious. "It is possible to conjure a 3D map of your surroundings with your electro-sensory perception. But we need to start with something else, first. Stop focusing so much on finding organic signatures and look for artificial electric signatures."

Corey took a deep breath. He didn’t really know how to differentiate the two, but Imperious had given him enough of a clue to work with. Besides, he had a faint inkling of how electronics worked. He could use that knowledge to inform his search.

Pulling back was a strange sensation to Corey. It felt like he was leaving his body. But as he did so, he became acutely aware of electricity flowing through the light fixtures in the ceiling. It was actually more powerful than the electricity flowing through Imperious’ body, but he’d missed it until now because it felt entirely different.

As Corey expanded his awareness, he started to feel the threads of electricity thrumming through the wires embedded in the walls. As he did, he was able to construct a rough approximation of the room in his mind, and when he opened his eyes he could see it, faintly overlaid on his vision.

It was unfortunate that Corey’s range was still limited. He couldn’t really see past the walls of the room just yet. But the best part was that even zoomed out as he was, he could still see the image of Imperious, as crystal clear as it had been before.

With the additional environmental context, Corey was able to guess what Imperious wanted him to do. "You can use the lights as a measure of distance," said Imperious. "Each one is more or less five feet away from the next. Familiarize yourself with that metric and use it as a yardstick."

This was going to take a lot more concentration, but Corey was nothing if not determined. Besides, he could think of a thousand practical uses for the ability. If he could extend his range to encompass a much larger area, he could help even more in rescue situations by finding people that emergency responders otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Not only that, but Corey figured that if he could hone the ability far enough, he would be able to navigate any building with live wiring without needing the use of his sight. That would definitely be invaluable.

Corey gritted his teeth and got down to practice. Despite the disconnect between his noble intentions and the fact that he was learning this stuff to, no doubt, do something nefarious, he put his all into the work.

It took Corey the better part of an hour to get used to the new facet of his electro-sensory perception. Eventually he was able to correctly determine Imperious’ rough location from himself. Left to his own devices, he would have spent the rest of the day trying to get his perception down to an accuracy of centimeters, but Imperious reminded him that he didn’t need to have an accurate fix on people—whether he was fighting them or looking for them.

Imperious had a point. In a collapsed building, he didn’t need an exact location, just a good enough area to point emergency crews in. In a fight, if he couldn’t see his opponent, he would only need to know roughly where the enemy was so he could shoot his lightning there.

Still, Corey figured that he would need more practice. The controlled environment here at the manor was good for getting the basics down, but he needed real-world experience. Luckily he was returning to his dorm soon enough. With a building full of university kids, he would have an ample amount of people to test his abilities on.

Toward the end of their session, Imperious sat on the floor in front of Corey. They faced each other, quiet for a few minutes. Despite that, there wasn’t a hint of awkwardness in the air. "I don’t know if this has already occurred to you, my little thundercloud, but this particular ability can be applied in another way," said Imperious.

Corey tilted his head. He had been too busy pondering the implications of what he had already learned that he hadn’t even considered other possibilities yet. "What do you mean?" he said, though he could feel in his gut that what Imperious had in mind was less than wholesome.

There was a dark glee in Imperious’ words. "You are a meta-class super," said Imperious. Corey gulped. Was he, really? He had always thought that his powers came from a purely physical source. But now that he thought about it, there was no reason for him to be immune to his own lightning when his physiology didn’t much differ from other humans.

"I’m surprised that you didn’t know that," said Imperious, his lips thinning out into a line. He seemed amused. "Did it never occur to you why you were put under Lord Fulminant? To some degree, magic courses through your veins."

"Wait… So… Are you implying that I have the ability to control any electrical phenomenon?" said Corey, still somewhat in disbelief.

"It’s one of your many gifts," said Imperious, with a wry grin. "And I would say one of your best ones. Other than that ass, of course." Corey blushed. "Anything that relies on electricity, you will be able to control, given enough time and determination."

A mischievous gleam shone in Imperious’ eye. "Which brings me to my earlier point. Have you ever thought about how the nervous system is such a marvel of evolution? A bunch of cells, no smarter than your average rock, but together, with some chemistry and a little electricity, they become somehow capable of perception, and, at some point, even consciousness?"

Corey’s blood ran cold in his veins. What Imperious was implying… It couldn’t be possible. Shouldn’t be. And yet, somehow, the thought of it sent a thrill up Corey’s spine. Maybe his Master was rubbing off on him.

"Oh, I have my doubts that you will be able to control fine motor skills, or influence thought patterns, but there’s no harm in trying, is there?" said Imperious, getting up from the floor. "What do you say we spend a few more hours in here and give it a shot?"

In the few hours that they’d had remaining that night, Corey hadn’t managed to do much more than make Imperious put up his middle finger. They’d both laughed at that. But no evil deed went unpunished at the Master’s house, and late that night, jockboy Corey paid the price with twenty paddles to his ass.

It was already Wednesday and, as he laid in bed, Corey’s ass still stung a little bit. The villains had been suspiciously quiet in recent days, something which Corey imagined Imperious had a lot to do with. It was good, but it also meant that he didn’t have much to do other than stay in his room all day.

Castor and Pollux had yet to visit Corey, but he was expecting them any day now. The only reason he could think that they wouldn’t come at all, either alone or together, would be if Imperious had given them a job to do. He wasn’t privy to any of that stuff, though, so there was no way for him to know.

With as much free time as he had on his hands now, though, the only thing that Corey could think to do was practice the skills that he’d picked up over the weekend. Monday, he’d focused on improving his ability to "see" electricity in his surroundings.

By noon, Tuesday, Corey had managed to extend his range to encompass his entire floor, as well as a good portion of the floors directly above and below his. He knew Imperious would be proud once he reported his progress. His Master had set him a relatively modest goal and he’d already surpassed it many times over.

There was still the matter of Corey’s personal goals, though, and as far as those were concerned, he was still far short. He would have liked to be able to "see" the whole building by the time that he returned to Marcus’ mansion, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

Tuesday afternoon, Corey decided to switch gears just to keep things fresh. Without anyone to practice on, he went down to the lobby and did some people watching, feeling only a little guilty about using those same people as guinea-pigs. Imperious was definitely rubbing off on him, and unsurprisingly, he didn’t really mind.

Since he couldn’t really manage to control people’s movements by very much when he started out, Corey had to watch his subjects very closely. He prioritized manipulations that would have visible results. He stopped short of actually tripping people, but he did make a few of the students that were rushing in and out of the building drop their books or whatever they were carrying in their arms.

Today, Wednesday, Corey was a bit more confident about his abilities. He’d discovered that electrical manipulation was a lot easier when it came to artificial sources of electricity. He’d had a great time convincing people that the lampshade in the corner of the lobby was haunted.

It was a bit juvenile, if Corey was being honest, but it helped prove something that he had been suspecting. Even if he couldn’t see his target in the traditional way, as long as he could sense the target, he could use his abilities to manipulate it.

Right now, Corey was scanning the rooms closest to his to see if there was anyone he could try using his abilities on without causing too much trouble. The guy in the room to the left of his was cooking, from the looks of it, so that was an instant no just because of the risk of injury.

However, Corey found that the guy on the room to his right was lying in bed. The guy seemed to have a phone in his hand, or at least a mobile device of some description. More importantly, the guy’s arm and hand were moving up and down by his crotch in a very familiar motion that made Corey’s cock strain in its cage.

Corey rolled over onto his stomach and groaned as his cock tried and failed to swell in the cage that Master had slapped around it.

Taking a deep breath, Corey focused his attention on the guy next door. He retracted his awareness until his electro-sensory perception was centered only on the guy, with as little outside interference as possible. This way he could see every little nerve impulse that traveled along the guy’s nervous system.

Reaching down between his legs to squeeze his swollen balls, Corey bit back a moan. His entire body flushed with heat as he realized that he was essentially spying on another guy masturbating. It was hot, even if he could only see a faint electrical outline of the other guy.

Corey backed up on his bed until his ass was propped up by his knees. He became acutely aware of the metal buttplug buried in his hole as it started to heat up. He rocked his hips back and forth, moaning as he pretended to fuck the air, and his locked cock swung futilely between his legs.

Breathing heavily and panting against his pillow, Corey shut his eyes. He focused on the guy next door, specifically the guy’s arm. He put all of his concentration into getting the guy to stop moving his arm, but after about thirty seconds it became clear that that wasn’t going to happen.

As Corey felt a trickle of pre-cum dribble from the tip of his locked penis, he got an idea. He focused on the guy’s fingers, firmly fixing all five in his mind’s eye. Then, as the metal plug brushed against his prostate, he put all of his willpower into making the guy’s fingers splay open.

There was a loud, startled grunt from next door. Corey giggled to himself. It had worked. The guy had let go of his dick. But in the moment that he allowed his concentration to lapse, Corey also let the guy place his hand right back on his cock.

There was a small part of Corey that really wanted him to know that this was a bad thing, what he was doing. He was playing with another person without their consent, even if they didn’t know that he was doing it. It stood against all of his heroic ethics and yet he found that he didn’t really much care.

With a bit more glee than the situation probably warranted, Corey let the guy stroke off for about a minute before he jumped in and forced the guy’s hand open again.

The guy’s exasperation was clear in his voice this time. The guy was fighting Corey, and managing to move his fingers independently just a little bit, but Corey still had control. He refused to let the guy close his fist around his cock.

Corey slowly massaged his balls as he let go of the guy’s hand. He figured that the guy was probably really horny because those fingers went right back around the guy’s cock. That, or the guy was just really desperate for release at this point.

Another thought occurred to Corey. If he could read electrical impulses, then maybe he would be able to find patterns in the brain-region that had to do with certain emotions and sensations. He grinned and focused his attention on the guy’s head, watching the impulses like a hawk.

Corey picked up on something. An intensification of the impulses in certain areas. He was no neuroscientist, but he could guess what it meant. He immediately switched focus back to the guy’s hand and forced the fingers open again. Then, he looked at the brain and saw that the areas of increased activity were entirely different now.

If he had to venture a guess, Corey figured that he had found the "I’m coming!" and the "god fucking damn it!" parts of the brain. Or at least, this specific brain.

Corey waited for about a minute before he relinquished control of the guy’s hand back to the guy. Again, the guy just went right back to masturbating. Corey was impressed.

Corey peripherally watched the guy’s brain activity, to check for the "I’m coming!" signal. He focused on switching up the guy’s technique. So far, the guy was simply pumping his hand up and down his shaft. It was boring.

Though it took a little bit of effort and focus, Corey was able to introduce a little twisting to the guy’s strokes. He could immediately see the difference that it made, the way that the guy’s brain and crotch lit up. He kept at it until the guy was close to coming again and immediately stopped all movement.

In the brief reprieve that he had, Corey wondered if he could push the envelope. The guy was probably desperate to cum, by now, and less likely to resist. With a grin, he decided that he knew what to do next.

As soon as Corey let the guy take back control, the guy was pumping his dick again. This time, adding in the little twist that had been Corey’s idea. Corey just watched, rocking his hips back and forth, enjoying the sensation of the plug in his own ass while the guy brought himself closer and closer to the edge.

Once the guy was about to come, Corey threw the entirety of his willpower into manipulating the guy’s arm. It worked. The guy’s arm shot up into the air as he bucked his hips helplessly.

Corey grinned. He was enjoying this a lot more than he felt he should be. He could almost feel bad for the guy on the other side of the wall, tortured by his own body into edging over and over and over and over again, helpless to stop any of it.

Corey almost couldn’t blame the guy when he heard a gruff, exasperated, "Fuck this shit," from the next room over. In his mind’s eye, Corey saw the guy swing his legs over the edge of the bed and use his other arm to force the one that was raised over his head back down.

To say that Corey was a bit annoyed that his fun and training was over, would have been a bit of an understatement. He would have let the guy go, if not for the fact that he realized that if he applied himself, he should be able to control the guy’s body.

It took a great deal of concentration and effort, but Corey was able to force the guy to sit back down on the bed. Now, different parts of the guy’s brain were lighting up, and Corey had a sneaking suspicion that it was the fear center of the guy’s brain going into overdrive.

Corey should have stopped then, if he still had a single shred of heroes’ honor in his body. But then he felt heat blossom in his ass, the buttplug almost buzzing inside of him. And he thought about how proud Master would be to learn of what he had done, and all propriety went right out the window.

The more that he played with this guy, the easier the whole body manipulation thing was getting for Corey. He forced the guy to lie back down in bed and forced the guy to grab his now-flaccid cock.

But the guy was just lying there, breathing heavily. It was clear that the poor guy was terrified, which made masturbation unlikely. With a huff, Corey seized control of the guy’s arm, forcing the man to jerk off against his own will.

As could be expected of any young-blooded college kid, the guy’s body started responding to the stimulation before long. And the more aroused that the guy got, the easier it was for Corey to control his movements. For now, Corey was confined to controlling the guy’s arm, but he was confident that he would be able to do more soon enough.

Corey wasn’t an expert in teasing by any regard, but he managed. With every minute that passed, his influence over the guy in the other room grew. He kept a close eye on the guy’s arousal, watched for the signal that he was about to cum, and pulled back every time just as the guy was about to go over the edge.

The guy was grunting and groaning on the other side of the wall. It was pure sexual torture, Corey imagined. Getting edged repeatedly, unable to cum even if he wanted to, his own body refusing to follow his commands.

Corey grinned to himself. He could see why Master loved this kind of play. There was definitely something titillating to this, to watching the frustration grow and build in the other guy’s body, the desperate little bucks of the hips, the whimpering moans every time yet another orgasm was thwarted.

Corey was enjoying this. His entire body buzzed with arousal. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of his dick, pooling on the sheets between his legs. Part of why he was having such fun certainly had to do with the fact that he hadn’t even held his own dick in a month. He had his own frustrations, and he was taking it out on the poor guy one room over.

With a grunt, Corey decided to push the envelope. He tried to exert control over the guy’s whole body. It was difficult, but he was determined. It was a task made even more formidable by his divided attentions, as he was forcing the guy to continue masturbating while he did this.

At first, nothing happened. However much Corey threw his willpower into it, the guy managed to resist. But not for long. Every edge, every frustratingly close orgasm denied, made the guy slip.

Eventually, Corey managed. With an exertion that made him grunt, and his hole squeeze around his butt plug, Corey managed to get the guy on his stomach. Now that he had control over the guy’s entire body, what happened next was child’s play.

Orchestrating everything like an invisible puppeteer, Corey made the guy hike his ass into the air, propping it up with his knees on the bed, spread wide. The guy placed his fingers in his mouth, sucked on them, made them slick with spit. The guy then reached back and moved his fingers up and down the crack of his ass.

The guy swirled his index finger around his pucker, then pushed. It took a moment, but the ring of muscle gave, opening around the thick digit, which slid in all the way up to the knuckle.

The guy’s other hand continued to pump his cock, going faster and slower as Corey desired, fluttering just right at the edge as he fingered his own ass.

Before long, another finger was introduced, scissoring opened and closed. Corey could see the flare of pain in the guy’s head, but he persevered. Eventually, the pain dissipated as the guy’s hole became accustomed to the intrusion.

When Corey determined that the guy had sufficiently been prepared, he made the guy place a third finger into his hole. The guy would have squirmed if he could have, but Corey forced his body to remain rigid.

After giving the guy a few minutes to get accustomed to having three fingers in his ass, Corey forced the guy to stop masturbating. There was a frustrated grunt from the other room as the guy’s hard dick bobbed up and down in the air, but Corey didn’t care.

Slowly, Corey made the guy’s body move. He made the guy fuck himself on his fingers, and took a strange sort of sadistic glee in it. A part of him wanted to have this done to him, more than anything.

But the guy didn’t seem to be having as much fun as Corey thought that he should have. It was time for another experiment. Corey focused on the nerve endings in and around the guy’s cock. He wondered if he could overload them.

Corey started small, trying to call up a little bit of excitement in the area. It seemed to work. The guy’s cock throbbed and twitched, and he saw the pleasure centers of the brain light up.

As the guy fucked himself on his fingers faster and faster, Corey increased the amount of stimulation that he was giving the guy’s cock. He watched closely as the guy approached an orgasm.

This time, Corey had no intention of stopping. The guy bucked his ass onto his fingers over and over and over while his cock throbbed with pleasure unlike anything that he’d ever felt before. The edge approached rapidly and as it did, Corey ramped up the pleasure even more.

A rapturous scream of delight erupted from the room next door as the guy finally crested over the edge into an orgasm, at which point Corey promptly stopped any and all stimulation. The guy’s hips stopped in place, the pleasure tingling through his cock disappeared. And while he couldn’t directly see what was going on, Corey could imagine it already, the way that the cum just limply dribbled from the tip of the guy’s spent cock when it should have been shooting out.

"No, no, no, no!" screamed the guy in the other room, as the ruined orgasm dribbled out of him. But Corey held him in place, refusing to let the guy move an inch until his cock had gone completely soft.

Once that was done, Corey grinned and rolled over onto his back. He sighed happily. What he had just done was cruel, but it had felt fucking good. He was looking forward to doing it again.

Later that night, Corey was on the floor, bouncing on one of his dildos while he played with his nipples. His laptop was on the floor in front of him the camera angled in such a way that Marcus could see everything that he was doing.

Corey’s caged cock was flopping about in between his legs. It felt good. So good. It was actually quite difficult to think while he was doing this, but he had somehow managed to relay to Master just what he had accomplished that day.

"Is that so?" said Marcus, the corner of his lips curling up in a wry little smirk. "Well, I have to say, this was not a development that I was expecting. I am so proud of you, my little thundercloud, taking control of another man, using him for your own pleasure…" Marcus practically purred the last part of that sentence.

"But of course, you still think of yourself as a hero, right?" said Marcus. Corey nodded. Of course he did. He still wanted to help people, wanted to make the world a better place. Some part of him still felt that that was his responsibility. "But you’re just a hero with a darker side."

"Yes, Master," Corey gasped. The dildo was hitting his prostate. Pre-cum was leaking out of the tip of his cock in a steady stream. It was pooling on the floor. His brain was getting all sorts of fuzzy and foggy, and the only thing that he really wanted right now was to have Master’s cock buried in his throat.

"You can’t possibly be turning into a villain because that’s just not you, right?" said Marcus. There was a gleam of mischief in his eye, a dark edge to his voice that made Corey shiver. "Of course. Of course. You’re a hero through and through, my little thundercloud. Even when you get off on using other people for your own purposes."

"I think that my little thundercloud deserves a little reward for being a good boy. Don’t you think, my slutty jockboy?" said Marcus.

Corey nodded. "Yes, Master. Please! I’ve been a good boy!" he said.

Marcus smirked. "Very well, then you may keep the guy in the room next to yours as your pet," said Marcus. "You have my permission to make him yours. You’d like that won’t you, my little jockboy? A good slave of your own to take your frustrations out on?"

Corey moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head. It felt so good to fuck himself for Master. It felt so good to put on a show for Master. It felt so good to have impressed Master so much that he was getting a prize.

"Well, why don’t you start by getting his name?" said Marcus. "You’ve already shown him a taste of what he can experience under you. Now it’s just a matter of getting him hooked, of making it the only thing that he can think about. To the point that he’s begging you for it."

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