Window Shopping

The Artemisian Commonwealth is home to people of every stripe and creed, from the most mundane of everyday-men to the most spectacular of heroes.

But this story isn’t about heroes. In the Quayside Quarter of Seaside City, there’s a little street tucked away from the view of the major thoroughfares, where one could go to slake every perverted little appetite.

It’s Brian Hummer’s first time in Bacchus Boulevard, and he can’t take his eyes off the pretty slaves displayed in front of the shops. He’s sure that he wants one of them, but a particularly savvy businessman who has been watching him thinks he’d be better off being one.

Bacchus Boulevard was truly a sight to behold, a place where virtue and vice seem to have switched places to the joy of the people that go there. Anyone even half-paying attention to goings-on in the Commonwealth would know the name of the infamous street.

Named after the Greek God of wine and debauchery, Bacchus Boulevard was painted in his color by the tinted street lamps that lit up the dark sky overhead. To say that the place lived up to its namesake would be something of an understatement. Hedonism was the name of the game in Bacchus Boulevard.

There was something for everyone in Bacchus. However filthy rich or stinking poor, Bacchus was a place for indulging in one’s basest desires. After all, if there was one thing the haves share with the have-nots is that everyone was fucking horny. Hell, the disadvantaged of Seaside City flocked to the street for the surprisingly plentiful and stable employment opportunities.

Rumor had it that supers, too, were frequent patrons of Bacchus’ plentiful establishments. They all came on their personal time, wearing their secret identities. Their public images were far too important to mar with the tacitly-approved depravity that clung to every inch of Bacchus Boulevard.

Brian Hummer, however, wasn’t one of the gifted. Not that he would have admitted it if he was one. But he wasn’t. At least, not to his knowledge.

Brian had known about Bacchus ever since he was old enough to touch himself and get something out of it. He just had never had the chance. Even when he was transferred out to Seaside City by his company a year ago, he had been too swamped in the tumultuous transition to find enough personal time to see the sights. Now was his first opportunity to really take a step back and explore his new home.

Looking around at the lively folk moving up and down the street, Brian took a deep breath. The smell of sea-salt was thick in the air, and he could just hear the sound of churning waves above the quiet din of the crowd.

Now that he was here, standing at the entrance to the most infamous street in the entire Commonwealth, Brian just knew that every moment he’d waited for the chance to come here was well worth it. He couldn’t wait to become better acquainted with the place.

With a small smile, Brian stuck his hands in the pockets of his sweater. He walked down the street, excited for the big purchase that he had in mind for tonight. The extra few months of working had let him save up enough to outright purchase a slave boy’s contract, and from what he understood, Bacchus offered the best of them.

The boys weren’t actual slaves, though. They were all volunteers, submissive who wanted to experience being dehumanized and sold like chattel. Even if Bacchus Boulevard wasn’t exactly known for its strict adherence to the law, actual slavery was profoundly illegal in the Commonwealth, as well as a line that not even the most twisted of moguls would be willing to cross.

Brian quickly walked past the establishments closest to the entrance of the street. These were the shops and accommodations that catered to the lowest common denominator. They were largely vanilla, whorehouses and sex shops, there for the amusement of the common man.

For those who were a bit more in touch with their darker sides, Bacchus had even greater pleasure hidden within. Brian knew what he wanted and where to get it. He didn’t have time for baby’s first brothel.

As he was making his way down the street, Brian shivered as a thin, translucent silk scarf was draped around his shoulders and pulled away. The person it had belonged to, a scantily clad young man, danced and twirled away from him, coming to a stop in front of what appeared to be an Arabian-themed establishment.

The boy looked at Brian with smoldering eyes as he raised his arms above his head. The thin, jewel-encrusted golden manacles that were cinched around the boy’s wrist slid along his slender arm before coming to a stop about halfway down his forearm.

The boy was wearing a jewel-encrusted collar and a pair of jewel-encrusted manacles around his ankles to match the ones on his arms. Glittering, translucent sheets of silk were attached at one end to the cuffs around the boy’s wrists, and at the other end to the waistband of the golden chastity belt that rested enticingly on the boy’s hips.

Two more bolts of silk wrapped down the boy’s chest and upper abdomen and up over his back, attached to the loose net of fine gold chain draped over his shoulders.

As Brian approached he watched as the boy’s svelte figure undulated to the music drifting out from within the establishment. He danced seductively in front of the door, occasionally blowing kisses to passers by that were more than willing to give him a grope. And yet, he never once seemed to break eye contact with Brian.

For what it was worth, the boy seemed to enjoy the attention. Brian couldn’t help but drink in the sight of him. It was hard to miss the strand of clear fluid dripping from the hole at the bottom of the golden cup that prevented access to the boy’s cock. To say nothing of the pretty pink flush across the boy’s cheeks.

Brian smirked. Well, if he was going to partake in Bacchus, there was no time like the present to start. He walked up to the boy, seeing no reason to practice any restraint in this place.

For a moment, Brian stood in front of the boy and smiled. Bright, smoldering eyes and fluttering eyelashes looked up at him, as the corners of the boy’s plump, enticing lips pulled into a small, seductive curl. "Do I have to pay anything to touch you?" said Brian.

The boy grinned and took a step forward. His slender fingers wrapped around Brian’s wrist and guided Brian’s hand up to his smooth stomach. Brian’s cock responded to the proximity. "No, sir," said the boy. "Think of me as a free sample. Touch me all you like, and maybe if you enjoy me I could entice you to join me inside Iblis, hmm?"

Brian reached up and grasped the boy’s chin with his thumb and forefinger. "Maybe later," he said. "But I wouldn’t be opposed to a taste," he added, as he leaned in for a kiss. His other hand slid down the boy’s back and squeezed a handful of his pert little ass.

The kiss made Brian’s lips and skin tingle. It was an intense sensation for how short the kiss was. It was enough to bring heat to his cheeks, and make him grind his hard cock against the boy’s thigh. "You’re good," said Brian. "How long have you been doing this?"

The boy grinned. "Since I was eighteen," he said, walking two fingers slowly up Brian’s chest. "Twenty years ago."

Brian shivered. "You don’t look a day over twenty," he breathed. Wow. Such was the marvel of technology available to the rich, he supposed. Not that the tech wasn’t getting to the public for lack of trying.

"I’d love to take you with me," said Brian. "I’m out shopping for a boy slave to come home to, tonight… But I doubt that I could afford you even if I wanted to."

The "boy" smiled and tapped Brian’s cheek. "I like it here. Even if you could afford to buy out my contract, I wouldn’t want to do it. No offense, but I live for this life. If you do decide to come back and I’m not out here, go inside and ask for Amir."

"Ouch," said Brian, clutching his chest in mock-pain. He chuckled. "Talk about a blunt rejection… But thank you. I will keep that in mind, Amir. I’m Brian."

"Good luck, Brian," said Amir, as they took a step away from one another. "I hope you find the boy of your dreams. But do be careful. There’s plenty of men here who would want to do lots of nasty things to a pretty boy like you."

It didn’t take Brian too long to find his mark. It was certainly a difficult place to miss. The golden light from the interior flooded out into the street, giving the place an eerie, ethereal glow in the purple tinted haze. Just like every other establishment in Bacchus Boulevard, the Alhambra certainly had its charms.

The front of the building was wide open, decorated with Moorish arches and columns. There were two display sections out front, flanking the entranceway to either side. Each had three cushioned tiers were slave boys, in their glittering bindings, lounged for all to see.

One of the boys was riding an ivory dildo in open view of the street, his cock hidden behind the filigree of a golden chastity cage. A clear strand of fluid dribbled from the tip of his little dick as it strained against the confines of its cage, and the golden tan of his cheeks had taken on a faint reddish flush.

That was exactly the kind of boy that Brian wanted to have waiting for him at home. Watching that tight little ass bouncing smoothly on the thick ivory dildo had been enough to produce a wet spot in his pants, right about where the tip of his cock was.

All of the boys, except for the one riding a dildo, blew kisses at Brian as he walked into the Alhambra. He smiled and blew a kiss of his own toward one of the boys, the one with the green eyes, that really stroked his fancy.

Had he been paying closer attention to his environment, Brian might have noticed the discreet security cameras mounted on the walls. As it was, he was busy admiring the patronage and the staff of the Alhambra. There wasn’t an ugly mug in sight, which was to be expected given the quality of cosmetic surgery available to people of even modest means.

The interior of the Alhambra was tailored toward the best possible customer experience. The air was set to the temperature of a balmy summer day, in stark contrast to the cool evening air of Bacchus Boulevard just outside.

Display panels, custom, no doubt, spanned the walls around the main hall. They showed a beautiful sunlit Mediterranean paradise just beyond the ring of columns and arches at the edge of the raised platform that formed the floor of the central chamber.

The air was sweet with the smell of summer blossoms and fruit. There was also the faintest hint of seawater. It was clear that the owners had spared no expense in creating this place, and Brian was over the moon at the fact that he had a chance to experience it all.

The large circular platform at the center of the room had a pit in the center. Two ramps climbing up the sides of the pit allowed access for the clientele, while the scantily clad men that served as staff came and went through a spiral staircase at the center of the pit, leading down to the guts of the Alhambra.

Brian made his way down to the pit. The tables there were low to the ground, surrounded by plush cushions for lounging in. He picked one such table close to the edge of the pit and settled in, waiting for one of the staff members to come and attend to him.

"Good evening, sir," said the young man who came up to Brian’s table. There was no mistaking the servant’s Spanish heritage, not with his masculine jawline and golden complexion. His toned, muscular body was smooth all over, and glistened just a little in the artificial golden light of the Alhambra.

"Good evening," said Brian. He raked his eyes over the servant’s tight body. He wouldn’t object having that in his bed every now and again, though this one was definitely too much of a jock to be his houseboy.

"This one’s name is Tristan, sir. It will be serving you tonight," said the young man. He lowered himself to the ground. He leaned back and sat on his feet, bringing his knees together in front of him. It made his bulge, nestled in a tight little thong, even more prominent between his thighs. "Would you care for a menu, sir?"

"That would be lovely," said Brian, leaning back into the cushion and taking a deep breath. He was excited to buy his first contract, but he wasn’t in too much of a hurry. He could afford to savour some time in Bacchus Boulevard. It would be a shame to come in for one thing and leave after getting it.

"This one would be greatly honored to fulfill your request, sir," said Tristan, bowing his head deeply. "This one shall take only a moment. It will return with your menu. Should it bring water for you, sir?"

Brian thought about it for a moment and nodded. "As you command, sir, this one shall do," said Tristan, rising from his position by the table. Brian watched the jock’s tight ass as Tristan walked away from him for a moment. Yeah, he definitely wouldn’t object to having Tristan in his bed on occasion.

Out of the corner of his eye, Brian caught sight of a pair of silver foxes smoking a hookah. He looked at them and saw that they had a cute twink, exactly Brian’s type, sandwiched between them as they passed the pipe between one another.

Brian hadn’t been watching for long when Tristan returned with the menu tucked under his arm, a glass in one hand, and a pitcher of ice cold water in the other. Tristan set the glass and the pitcher down on the table first, and then took his kneeling position before presenting the menu to Brian.

"This one humbly apologizes for the delay," said Tristan. "If sir wishes, he may choose to have it punished, or punish it himself for no extra charge," Tristan added, keeping his head down in the perfect likeness of a repentant submissive.

Brian waved his hand as he took the menu from Tristan’s grip. "It’s fine," he said. Honestly, he didn’t even notice that there had been a delay. From his perspective Tristan had returned quite promptly. "Just make sure that it doesn’t happen again. If it does, ask for ten swats on each cheek."

Tristan nodded. "This one is grateful for your consideration of its current and future discipline, sir. Shall I pour out a glass of water for you while you peruse our offerings, sir?" Brian nodded.

Brian watched out of the corner of his eye as Tristan picked up the pitcher of water and carefully, almost reverently, tipped it over in such a way that a single, clear stream of water cascaded down into the glass. There was so much grace, so much elegance, so much art in that single movement that Brian wanted one of the Alhambra’s trained boys even more.

The menu was somewhat unorthodox. The first few pages were pretty reasonable, presenting an array of dishes and drinks available to the patrons of the Alhambra. The pages that followed weren’t quite so milquetoast. Arranged from tame to extreme, the latter half of the menu presented options for the kind of service that clients would want to procure from the pleasure slaves of the Alhambra.

Brian briefly set down the menu and grabbed the glass of water that Tristan had poured out for him. He took a sip and sighed as the refreshingly cool liquid slid down the back of his throat.

Brian already had a fairly good idea of what he wanted to order off the menu, but he took another look just to make sure. "I’ve figured out what I want," he said.

Tristan looked up and nodded meekly. "It would be this one’s honor to hear and fulfil your desires, sir."

Brian smiled. He described his ideal boy to Tristan and watched the way that the servant drank in his every word. These front of house staff must have been trained to have minds like steel traps because when he was finished, Tristan managed to repeat everything back to him verbatim.

After Brian explained the limits of his budget, he said, "I’d like you to bring me the best boy you have that fits within my price range, while leaving enough for a potential contract purchase later tonight. I’d like to book us a private room in a little bit, but I wouldn’t mind playing with him out here for a while."

Tristan bowed deeply. "This one will do its best to fulfill your every desire, sir. It shall return with what you have asked for in a few minutes. How will you be paying us tonight, sir?"

Brian pulled out his phone and waved the sheet of polyglass, one of the newer models, at Tristan. "I’ll be using a mobile payment system, if you don’t mind," he said. "I hope that’s acceptable."

"That is acceptable, sir. The Alhambra accepts most payment options, even unconventional ones," said Tristan, before departing to fulfill Brian’s "order."

About a minute after Tristan had left, another servant approached Brian’s table with the food that he had ordered. The servant was a pretty one. His swarthy complexion highlighted his brilliant blue eyes and the twin silver serpents that coiled around his arms, from the shoulders down to his wrists. He moved with the grace of a leopard, the silvery silk scarves draped over his body gently sliding across his smooth skin.

The servant placed an ornate bowl with a raised divot in the center on Brian’s table. The bowl was filled with flat bread, and the divot had what appeared to be yoghurt with a slice of lemon.

Accompanying the bowl was a gilded platter of chicken skewers. They glistened in the golden light of the Alhambra, and the aroma was simply exquisite and decadent. There mere smell of it made Brian’s stomach rumble. The servant then bowed and departed, only to return a short while later with a silver goblet and a pitcher of mulled wine.

While Brian intended to eat the food once his evening’s entertainment arrived at his table, all bets were off on the wine. He poured some out for himself and took a drink, sighing at the warm, fruity notes that popped on his tongue.

There was just so much atmosphere in the Alhambra that Brian found it hard to recognize that he wasn’t actually planetside, in Southern Spain. The quiet hum of conversation, the warm air, the faint strains of music winding through the central hall. This was definitely the vacation that he deserved.

Brian figured that he must have dozed off at some point, because the next thing he knew, Tristan had returned. He was kneeling next to the table with another young man, this one precisely Brian’s type.

"This one apologizes for disturbing your rest, sir. You may choose to have it punished or punish it yourself for no extra cost if you so desire. It simply believed you would want to know that your order has arrived," said Tristan, his head bowed so low his forehead was almost touching the ground.

Brian chuckled. He felt so good, so relaxed, that he honestly couldn’t have been mad at Tristan even if he had wanted to be. He waved his hand in dismissal. "No, that won’t be necessary, Tristan. Thank you. You may go."

"As you wish, sir," said Tristan. "If you wish to make use of this one’s services again, you need only raise your hand and it will come, sir." With that, Tristan bowed again and left, leaving Brian with his table full of food and the servant that Tristan had brought with him.

"Hello," said Brian. The other servant, who had been keeping his head down while Tristan talked to him, looked up for the first time. Bright green eyes were the first things Brian noticed. They made his heart skip a beat, and his cock twitch in his pants.

"This one’s given name is Simón, sir," said the servant, his green eyes seeming to sparkle. He was undeniably cute, and probably worth a lot of money for the Alhambra. "But it would be this one’s pleasure to use any name that you would like it to use."

"I like Simón," Brian murmured. The boy was breathtaking, particularly the way that his face seemed to brighten up at the compliment. "I think it’s a beautiful name," he added, with a wry grin.

Simón smiled. There was a small curl to the corner of his lips, and a faint pink tinge in his cheeks. He was bashful, adorable in all the right ways. The sight of him made Brian’s cock swell and his heart race. "Thank you, Master," said Simón. "It gives this one such joy to hear those words."

Brian patted the cushions next to him. "Come here," he said. He didn’t have much time with Simón—couldn’t afford more than the three hours he’d already purchased—but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to take advantage of every minute he had with the boy.

Simón crawled toward Brian. There was a slight hesitation in his every movement, as he put his hands down on the ground and crept forward. It certainly lent an air of genuineness to the virginal act that Simón was putting on for Brian’s benefit.

Brian was well aware that it was all just pretend. Simón was a trained whore, not a doe-eyed virgin. The hesitation, the shyness, the faintest pink blooming on the boy’s cheeks, it was all just a masterful performance. But Brian didn’t really care. Simón was so good at what he did that he could believe that he really was being served by a virgin, a boy brand new to slavery, if he wanted to.

Simón clambered onto the cushions beside Brian and leaned into him. Brian shivered as he felt Simón’s slender fingers on his arm. He looked down at the boy, who looked up at him with shining green eyes. "Will you take care of me tonight?"

A bashful little smile played on Simón’s lips and made Brian’s heart skip a beat. Simón pressed a kiss to Brian’s bicep and said, "Of course, master."

Simon’s slender fingers felt hot on either side of Brian’s head as their lips were locked in a sizzling kiss. His own hands were around Simon’s waist, his fingers gently caressing Simons’ tight little ass while his cock, painfully hard, rubbed up against Simon’s thigh.

For the last ten minutes, the two of them had been making out heatedly. True to the act, Simon had been shy at first, almost hesitant. But just as Brian had specified, once the two of them really got into it, Simon leaned into the kiss like a thirsty man after water.

Simon was on top of Brian’s lap, his hips grinding back and forth on top of Brian’s painfully hard cock. The petting had gotten heavy at some point in the last couple of minutes or so and Brian had given up any pretense of propriety, openly groping the boy’s ass in full view of any of the other patrons who might have been watching.

The bowl of bread and and platter of skewers were both empty on the table. Half of the pitcher of mulled wine was missing, most of it having contributed to the faint reddish tinge on Brian’s cheeks.

Brian could still taste the faint spices on Simon’s lips, the gentle acidity of the yoghurt on Simon’s tongue. It just made the kiss even hotter, to him. He rubbed his hands up and down Simon’s back as the kiss deepened, reveling in the quiet little moans and groans of the slave boy as he played with Simon’s slender body however he could.

By the time that they broke apart, Brian was breathing heavily. His heart was racing. His cock was rock hard. He felt dizzy and somewhat lightheaded. The kiss and the groping had been so amazing, and his lips still tingled in the aftermath.

"Let’s take this somewhere more private," Brian breathed, somewhat struggling to get on his feet. His knees felt like they were made of jelly. But he sucked it up. He took a deep breath and forced himself to stand. Then, he helped Simon up.

"This way, Master," said Simon, gesturing for Brian to follow him.

Brian did his best, but he was still unsteady on his feet. He didn’t think he’d had that much wine to drink, but he could barely remain upright. He’d thought that the dizziness and the lightheaded-ness would go away, but they hadn’t.

Simon looked at Brian with concern when Brian seemed to stumble over his own two feet. "Are you alright, Master?" said Simon, hurrying back to Brian’s side to help support him. "Master? Are you alright?" Simon repeated.

Brian struggled to say something, anything to assuage Simon’s worry. He couldn’t. His throat closed up around the words, even though he didn’t really have any trouble breathing. He wanted to say that he was okay, that he would be okay, but he didn’t really know that. Panic was starting to set in.

Simon somehow managed to keep Brian on his feet when Brian’s legs gave way. "Help!" Simon called out, and another servant came to help support Brian. It might have been Tristan, but Brian was too out of it to be sure. "Come on, let’s take him to a room," said Simon.

Brian’s heart was racing while the two boys dragged him up the ramp and out of the pit. Sweat trickled from his forehead and dripped onto the stone floor. This was absolutely not the way that he had thought the night would go. He had never once conceived that he would cause a scene in the middle of the Alhambra.

The last thing that Brian remembered was passing through a set of heavy stone doors to one of the Alhambra’s private room wings.

Brian shivered as he stood in front of the Alhambra. He shook his head. He’d been dwelling on that recurring nightmare he’d had for weeks, now. He had been strapped down to a chair in a dark room with only one source of light, a lamp on a circular track that swept around the chair.

If he was being honest, Brian wasn’t really ready to come back to the Alhambra just yet. The last time he’d been here, a month ago, he’d caused something of a scene. He still didn’t quite remember what happened, but he did know he had passed out.

Brian had woken up at home the day after the incident, half-naked and in bed, with a video message on his phone waiting for him. The message had surprised him. It had been the owner of the Alhambra, apologizing to him, and offering him a free voucher and a refund.

For a month, Brian had been too much of a coward to return, but now he could no longer resist. He looked up. Two of the boys in the display section were playing with themselves. They were still locked up, but their asses were connected with a long double-headed dildo. Their moans filtered out onto the street, making Brian’s cock twitch.

Brian walked into the establishment without another moment’s hesitation. He had to stop being such a wuss. He probably wasn’t the first person to be unable to handle the Alhambra, and he wouldn’t be the last. He just had to own up to it and be a man.

Once he was inside, a servant came up to Brian. He immediately recognized it as Tristan. He looked even more cut than he had the previous month. Brian hadn’t even thought that it would be possible for the boy to look any better than he had a month ago. But he supposed it was an eternal process of improvement for the Alhambra and its boys. "Hello, Tristan," he said. "Sorry about last time…"

"It was no problem, sir," said Tristan with a smile. "Might I ask what you’d like this evening? The Master of the house has instructed us to accommodate your every desire, free of charge, tonight."

It did occur to Brian that it was a bit strange that the Master would go out of his way to appease him. A man with as much money and power as the owner of the Alhambra was sure to have surely didn’t have time to worry about someone like Brian. Then again, Brian figured that maybe the Master was just trying to avoid a lawsuit.

"Oh, and the Master would like you to know that this offer extends up to and including buying a slave boy from our stables, sir," said Tristan.

Brian wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. "That is much appreciated, Tristan," said Brian. He felt a little bit guilty, taking advantage of the house like this, but they’d offered, and he wasn’t about to decline. "Please send the Master my regards."

"This one will be sure to send your kind words on to the Master," said Tristan.

Brian blinked as Tristan looked at him. Then, he realized that he hadn’t answered the earlier question. "I’d like to take a look at the boys, if you don’t mind," he said.

"Excellent, sir. If you would follow me," said Tristan, with a small smile.

Brian followed Tristan down one of the Alhambra’s wings until they were in a small waiting room. "Would you care for a drink while this one fetches you someone who could show you around the stables?" said Tristan.

"That would be lovely," said Brian, taking a seat on the nearby bench. For whatever reason, it was actually somewhat warm in the waiting room. Brian was beginning to sweat. He tugged at his collar in an effort to cool off a little. "Is it just me or is it warm in here?"

Tristan, who had been pouring out a drink from a nearby bar, looked up at Brian. "Oh, apologies, sir. The climate control system broke down this morning and the maintenance company hasn’t sent a technician around to take a look at it yet. Would you like me to bring something to help you cool off, sir?"

Brian shook his head. He was going to take advantage of the Master’s hospitality, but he didn’t want to impose. "That’s okay, Tristan. No need," he said. "Would you mind if I took my shirt off?"

"No one will judge, sir," said Tristan, returning to Brian with a drink in hand. It looked like refreshingly cool water. Brian took it gratefully and gulped it down. It really was quite hot. "This one will be back in a moment with a stablemaster, sir."

By the time that Brian nodded, Tristan had already taken off. He set the glass of water down on the bench beside him and tried to fan himself with his shirt. It didn’t do anything to cool him off, so he just took the damn thing off. Once he went bare-chested, Brian felt a lot better.

It was still hot in the room, but without the shirt, Brian felt that it was less stifling. He took another gulp of water and sighed, leaning back as he felt the cool liquid travel down his throat. It felt good. Very good.

Brian must have dozed off at some point because he woke up with a start when Tristan cleared his throat. "This one apologizes for the interruption, sir. It has the honor of introducing Nico Torres, stablemaster for the Alhambra. You will be in his care now, sir, but this one shall be close by if you need it."

Brian blearily blinked his eyes and nodded. Nico was a good looking young man. In his sleep-addled state, Brian estimated that Nico was probably around thirty. He was in good shape, and quite handsome at that, his gruff look enhanced by the dark scruff on his chin.

Nico’s chest was well-built. His arms bulged with muscle. His abs were, quite simply, to die for. And the polished leather harness that he wore over top of it all just served to accentuate the definition of his firm muscles. Brian couldn’t help but stare as Nico held out a hand in greeting.

It took Brian a moment to register what was expected of him. He reached out and shook Nico’s hand. "Nice to meet you, Nico," he said. If he was being honest, the guy was more than a little bit intimidating.

"Nice to meet you, sir," said Nico. "If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you around the stables. You’ve come at a good time, sir. The newest batch of newly-trained slave boys has been of above average quality, which is saying something since the Alhambra’s average is stellar."

Brian just nodded as he followed Nico through the door ostensibly leading to the stables. He hadn’t completely woken up yet. He was still feeling a little bit groggy, a little bit lightheaded. It was just like last time, but at least he could still walk. He figured it was just the heat.

The stables, at least the part that was meant to accommodate clientele, looked like it had been designed to impress. It had many of the same design motifs as the Alhambra as a whole, but the "holding cells" for the slaves were downright decadent, meant to show off the product in the best way possible.

Brian half-stumbled along behind Nico until they reached the first holding cell. Inside was a pretty young thing, twenty one according to Nico, who had finished training just a week ago. He was lounging, naked but for a chastity cage, a golden collar, and gold manacles around his wrists and ankles.

As Brian and Nico came up to the glass window separating the holding cell from the outside, the boy got up and bent over, arching his back to show off his tight little hole. He was smooth all over, body slim in just the way that Brian wanted. His ass was also pretty tight, but big enough that it jiggled every time that he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. Brian could already imagine what it would feel like to squeeze that ass.

The boy turned around and laid on his back, raising his legs in the air and spreading his ass cheeks. Brian liked the look of him, but there was a certain fiery mischievousness in the boy’s eyes that wasn’t quite what he was looking for. He wanted one that was more like Simón the first time he’d visited, and this one just didn’t look as innocent or shy.

Nico must have been briefed on Brian’s preference in boys because they went from one twink to the next. Brian struggled to keep everything straight in his head. He was still a bit dizzy, and it didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. The heat did nothing to help, instead making him sweat like a pig.

"What is that noise?" said Brian, propping himself up against the wall as they came up to another holding cell. He stuck his pinky into his ear and pulled it out quickly. The high-pitched humming buzz was getting really annoying, and it was making his head hurt.

Nico looked up at the ceiling. "It must be the climate control system, sir. The engineers are probably trying to get it to reboot without having maintenance from the manufacturer come down to take a look. Please just bear with it for a little longer. I’m sure it will go away soon."

After that, Nico turned to look at Brian. He seemed concerned by what he saw, which Brian figured wasn’t a good sign. "Are you okay, sir? You don’t look very well…" he said. Nico cursed under his breath. "It’s probably the heat…"

"I-It’s okay," Brian lied. "I’m… perfectly… fine…" he managed, through gritted teeth. He pushed himself off the wall only to fall back toward it. His shoulders hit the stone and he slowly slid down to the floor. "Okay, maybe I’m not perfectly fine… But I’m okay… I just need a moment."

Nico lowered himself to his haunches and held a hand up to Brian’s forehead. "You’re burning up, sir," he said. "We need to get you cooled down. We need to get air circulating over as much of your skin as possible, sir. Would you mind if I help you out of your pants?"

Brian rested his head back against the wall. He took a deep breath. The air felt so thick and muggy as it went down his throat that inhaling was difficult. "Please," he murmured, weakly bringing a hand up to his forehead to wipe the sweat from his brow. "I… I don’t know what’s happening to me."

It didn’t seem like Nico knew, either, because he didn’t say a word as he undid Brian’s belt and slid off Brian’s pants. As soon as the jeans were off, Brian immediately started feeling a little better. He certainly didn’t feel like he was being smothered anymore.

But Brian’s throat still felt parched. His mouth felt like it had been stuffed full of cotton balls. "Water," he croaked.

"I’ll be back with that for you as soon as I can, sir," said Nico. The stablemaster left, taking Brian’s pants with him. Brian would have protested but he didn’t have the strength, and he figured that his guide was probably just in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what to do with the situation in front of them.

Sitting there in just his boxers, Brian cursed his luck. What were the odds that two times in a row, he would come to the Alhambra and have some weird fit? There must have been something in the air, something about the place that just didn’t agree with him. He wondered what it could possibly be as his eyes slowly drifted shut.

After his episode in the stables, the physician on hand at the Alhambra had taken a look at Brian. He’d run an allergen panel, focusing on substances found in and around the Alhambra and turned up a positive reaction to a compound found in the smoke of the hookah that they used.

As a result, Brian had been unable to leave by the front of the house. Nico had helped him out to the back entrance of the building and the owner’s personal contragrav limo had taken him home.

Brian didn’t really remember much of the journey back. The doctor had given him some medicine for the allergy, but he was so out of it, even getting into the limo. He remembered blacking out at some point. He didn’t know how much time he’d lost. But he also remembered that he had had a voice call with the owner of the Alhambra shortly before getting dropped off, offering even more compensation for his experiences.

Considering the fact that he had just suffered a previously-unknown allergy visiting the Alhambra two previous times, Brian hadn’t really wanted to go. But the promise of a free slave boy was too good to give up.

"Penny for your thoughts?" said a familiar voice. Brian was startled from his thoughts. He looked up from the bench and saw Nico approaching. He’d been waiting for someone to show him around the stables again. Since this was his third attempt, he was going to leave the Alhambra with slave boy contract one way or another, come hell or high water.

Brian just wished that he wasn’t so fucking sleepy. He’d seen a sleep specialist about the recurring dream, but even the sleeping pills hadn’t helped. He still kept dreaming of being strapped down in a dark room, with a lamp slowly revolving around him.

The lamp would swing around behind him, then from left to right across his field of vision. Then behind him. Then left to right. Behind. Left to right. And it was just like that. Over and over again, as someone whispered from the darkness.

Brian blinked. Nico was looking at him with a wry smile. He must have drifted off for a second, or something. God he was sleepy. It was just such a fucking shame that thinking about that dream was enough to make him nod off when he wasn’t supposed to, but it kept him up all night.

"Sorry about the heat," said Nico. Brian hadn’t really noticed when he sat down, but then again he’d been so out of it. Now that Nico had mentioned it, there was no ignoring it. "The climate control broke again… Will you be alright this time?"

"I hope so," said Brian, shaking his head. "I haven’t been in contact with any allergens, and I have my meds to help me if I start feeling lightheaded or anything… But I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry."

Brian stripped off his shirt and his pants, though it only occurred to him that he was wearing only a jockstrap when he’d slid his pants down to his ankles and he could feel the air on his bare ass cheeks. He blushed furiously. "I-I hope this attire is okay," he said.

"Trust us. We’ve seen worse," said Nico. "Not that there’s anything bad about what I’m looking at right now."

Brian blushed again. Amir’s words from earlier rang true in his head. He hadn’t really considered himself as all that hot, but a boy like Amir calling him pretty, well, it had to have some truth in it. And there certainly were a lot of men in Bacchus Boulevard looking to do filthy things to pretty boys. Hell, he was one of them.

Another thing that Brian had noticed was that the staff didn’t seem quite as deferential to him as they had before. Then again, he could understand. He’d caused enough trouble as it was. It wasn’t like he expected to be treated like a king, anyway.

"Alright, shall we get going?" said Brian.

Nico handed him a glass of water. "Just to make sure," he said, refusing to budge until Brian had taken a drink from the glass. "And so you won’t have any trouble drinking your meds if you need them."

"Right," said Brian, retrieving the small bottle of pills that the doctor had given him to help his allergies, just in case they decided to flare up again. In fact, he was so concerned about having another attack that he figured it wouldn’t hurt to take one right away. He gulped it down with more of the deliciously cool water and sighed, practically moaning at the refreshing coolness that began to spread from his stomach.

The night ended in disappointment. Yes, the slave boy of his choice would be free, but this was one of the biggest commitments that Brian would be making in his life. Besides, there was more to taking care of a slave boy than just the price of his contract. Only the contract was free for Brian to take.

There were many boys, a lot of them physically what Brian was looking for. The only problem was that there was always something, some small but significant thing that just turned him off. He wasn’t trying to be nitpicky, but there was a part of him that just wanted this to be the perfect purchase.

Brian was hanging out with Nico in the stablemasters’ lounge at the end of their tour. He was talking to the stablemaster about his dilemma. The good thing, as Nico rightfully pointed out, was that he hadn’t suffered another attack.

Wearing nothing but his jockstrap had certainly helped keep the heat off Brian, and whenever he started feeling lightheaded and a bit dizzy, the meds helped to clear him right up. Even though it did leave him just a little bit fuzzier every time.

"Well, if you’d like, you can come back in about two weeks. A new batch of slave boys is going to finish their training at around that time," said Nico. "And my job tells me that I can’t say anything about them, but I think that there’s one there that will be the perfect boy for you."

"Oh, really?" said Brian. Nico craned his neck and looked up at Brian. Brian had been standing behind and to the side of Nico, who was sitting down on the sofa in the lounge. He hadn’t wanted to intrude or impose, so he refused to be seated. "That would be great," he said.

"The Master didn’t give you a time limit on the offer, right?" said Nico. Brian shook his head. "Then there’s no need to rush. You’re right. This is a big deal. You don’t want to pick a boy that you’ll regret at some point. The purchase is free, but the Master didn’t say anything about replacements."

"Besides," said Nico, retrieving a paneled wood box from under the coffee table and putting it on top of the polyglass surface. He pulled it open and there was a complete set of slave accoutrements inside. A golden collar, chastity cage, and manacles for the wrists and ankles. "These are all custom fit. You’re going to need new ones if you get a new slave unless you’re super lucky and get one with the same measurements."

Brian stared at the accessories. They looked pricey. Gold was definitely not the commodity that it once was, but it still carried a significant price tag. He would not want to be replacing those if not completely necessary. It was becoming more and more apparent that holding back on the purchase was a good idea.

There was something that intrigued Brian, though. The chastity cage. He’d always wondered how comfortable it would be to wear. "Hey… Just between you and me… Do you think I could try out that chastity cage for a little bit? I just want to know how it feels, you know? Get into the mind of a slave boy for a little bit."

Nico chuckled. "No need to explain yourself. I’ve been there before. Tried one on myself," he said. "I get it. It’s intriguing. I’ll help you put it on. Just pull it out."

Brian blushed as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jockstrap and worked it down his thighs. His cock flopped out, miraculously flaccid. Nico held the cage up to Brian’s package and laughed. "Hey, would you look at that? Seems like you’re about the right size for this cage."

Brian took a deep breath as Nico’s fingers slid the golden cock ring around the base of his cock. He tried his best to think of anything but sex, as the cage went onto his shaft. He managed to stay soft enough for Nico to put the key in the discreet locking mechanism and turn the tumbler before his cock tried to go into a full erection.

The sensation of his cock trying to expand and being held in by the filigree of the cage was intense in a way that Brian didn’t really know how to describe. It sent a shiver of pleasure right up his spine. He could see why the slave boys didn’t seem to complain about wearing their cages. It actually felt good and frustrating at the same time, somehow.

Brian was about to ask Nico to unlock him, but a sharp rap on the door forced him to do otherwise. He grabbed his jockstrap and pulled it up his legs as Tristan entered the room. "This one apologizes for the interruption, stablemaster, but there is an urgent phone call for our friend."

Brian walked over to where Tristan was and took the polyglass phone from his hands. He hoped that his walk hadn’t made it obvious he was wearing a chastity cage.

Holding the device up to his ear, Brian listened to the phone call for a minute, his eyes growing wider with every passing moment. When the call ended, he looked at Nico. "Something important?" asked the stablemaster.

"Yeah. Yeah. I got picked up for a major project at work… And I… Fuck, I need to leave right now!" Brian said, panicking just a little bit.

"I’ll get the limo," said Tristan.

"Thank you," said Brian. "I’m gonna go get my clothes," he said, before rushing out of the room. He was already halfway to his office, in the back of the limo, pulling on his pants when he realized that he had forgotten to get Nico to unlock him.

Brian was standing on his own in the middle of the stables. Nico had briefly excused himself to go take a piss. The last two weeks had been hell. The chastity cage was driving him up the wall. He was so fucking horny. And yet he didn’t really want to take it off.

There was a part of Brian that knew that it would have to come off at some point if he really wanted to make use of his new boy slave. Still, there was just something so titillating about being in chastity. Now that he was thinking about it, maybe he could use a double-ended dildo with his slave, just like the boys in front of the Alhambra.

Brian was unceremoniously disturbed from his thoughts by a large hand on the back of his head, and his cheek being smushed into a firm, hairy chest.

Despite himself, Brian couldn’t help but lean into the touch. It was so warm, and reassuring, so authoritative that a sigh escaped him before he could restrain himself. He tilted his head up and saw the handsome face of a silver fox smiling down at him, and at about that time he felt a calloused hand make its way down his back to cup one of his ass cheeks.

"Well, well, well, aren’t you a pretty one?" said the silver fox. "Why aren’t you at the front of the house? Is this where they’re keeping their prettiest boys?"

Brian stammered, not really sure how to answer. The man’s fingers on his skin tingled, and wherever they went they left trails of lingering heat. His brain was struggling to put together words, especially when the man’s finger gently pried at his pucker, eliciting a quiet moan from his throat.

"With all due respect, Mr. Conner, he is one of our clients," said Nico. Brian let out a quiet sigh of relief as the silver fox, Mr. Conner, let go of him. He stumbled backward, his legs a bit unsteady, his body kind of craving the man’s reassuring touch. "He might look it, but he’s not one of our boys."

"Oh… Oh! I see," said Mr. Conner, scratching the back of his head. He turned to Brian and said, "I’m sorry for being so forward, boy. You have to admit, looking like that, wearing that cage. You could have fooled me." Mr. Conner winked at Brian, making him blush.

With that, Nico placed an arm around Brian’s shoulder and gently steered him toward the stablemasters’ lounge. Once inside, Brian let out a nervous laugh. "That was… That was definitely something," he said, shifting in place. "A-Anyway, what do I have to sign?"

"Oh, that’s pretty simple," said Nico, producing a pen. He pulled a stack of papers from a nearby shelf and placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch. He also pulled out the paneled wood box and set it on top of the table. "You just have to sign and initial at the tabs, and you’re good to take your slave boy home tonight!"

Nico quickly flipped through the contract and muttered a curse under his breath. "Sorry," he said. "This contract is missing a page. Why don’t you get started signing this? I’ll go and print out another copy at the office."

Before Brian could get in another word edgewise, Nico had already left the room. He made his way over to the coffee table, still not really willing to sit down and impose any more than he already have. But the paneled wood box kept drawing his attention.

The box and its contents made Brian curious. The cage had turned out to feel better than he had expected. Maybe the collar and the manacles were similar. Brian hemmed and hawed about opening the box for a minute, but eventually he couldn’t resist any longer.

Brian popped the box open and pulled out the manacles first. He placed one around his ankle and shut it. It clicked, and he quickly found that he couldn’t take it off. Somehow, that didn’t make him panic. If anything, it sent a thrill up his spine.

Brian grabbed the other manacles and fastened them around his other ankle and his wrists. They were heavy, but they felt comfortable. Their weight was actually somewhat reassuring. The only thing left was the collar, which he picked up with trembling fingers. He could already imagine if the man from earlier, Mr. Conner, returned. He would definitely look the part once he put the collar on. But he had to know what it felt like.

With a deep breath, Brian shut the collar around his neck. Like the manacles, it clicked and proved to be impossible to remove. His cock strained against his cage.

It felt good. Brian could now see why the slave boys signed up for this. He even knelt in front of the table to sign the contract, quickly going through in his excitement to finally purchase his first slave boy contract. The prone position on the floor sent a wave of arousal through him, made him leak into the pouch of his jockstrap.

Brian dropped his pen to the floor with a clatter when the door to the lounge banged open. A rather severe, middle-aged, well-built man looked into the room. He pointed at Brian. "You," he said. "Are you done? Come on. I don’t like to be kept waiting."

Brian looked down at the contract, forgetting that Nico had left to get an important page. But the man had such a force of authority behind him that all Brian could do was nod meekly. "Come on, then! Let’s get going!"

With a gulp, Brian got up on his feet and walked toward the man. The man clipped a leash to the D-ring on the collar that he was wearing and slapped his ass. "Boy, you’re a pretty one, aren’t you?" said the man. "Glad you decided to sign on with us."

Things happened so quickly that Brian didn’t have a moment to process what was going on. The man shoved a glass of water into his hands and said, "Drink up. This is going to be the last drink you’re getting for a while. Trust me, it’s going to help."

Brian obliged, even though he didn’t really understand what was going on. The water was certainly pleasant. It was cool. It tingled on the way down his throat. And it filled his head with a pleasant fuzziness that he really couldn’t do much more than meekly follow behind the man to where he was being taken.

The fog in Brian’s head lasted until he was strapped down to a chair in a dark room. By then, it was already too late. The lamp, set on a circular track revolving around the chair, was already in motion.

The light swept around Brian, then from left to right. Behind him. Then in front, from left to right. Behind. Left. Right. Behind. Left. Right. Brian’s eyes slowly went out of focus, and he was none the wiser to what was happening to him. All he knew was that he liked it. And wanted it.

Brian giggled. There was a thick dildo buried in his boypussy, and he was having so much fun fucking himself on it. He didn’t really care that there was nothing else in his tiny little room, but he did wish so badly that one of the gentlemen that looked at him would buy him.

The golden collar around Brian’s neck made him feel like such a good, slutty little slave boy. And he was so glad that he had come to the Alhambra and volunteered to be enslaved. But he really wished that someone would already use him. He was so horny, and the only thing that would solve his issue was a master’s wonderful cock.

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