Super Sucker pt. 22

Marcus cements his control over Bernard before returning home to see how Corey and his new pet pup, Auggie, have been getting along in his absence.

Watching men come apart at his fingertips was a unique pleasure that had yet to lose its shine, as far as Marcus was concerned. there was a particular thrill to it, something he couldn’t quite describe in words that would do the sensation justice.

It was especially tantalizing when he had the opportunity to work his abilities on powerful and influential men. There was just something about watching the practiced dignity and composure that those men usually projected slowly crumble.

The sensation hardly ever disappointed and bringing Bernard under his thumb wasn’t an exception in the slightest. The mere sound of Bernard’s panting as he tried to catch his breath had a coil of arousal curling in the pit of Marcus’ stomach.

Marcus palmed the outline of his cock in his pants. Bernard had surrendered to him already, but that was just the first step. He had yet to solidify his control.

Fortunately for him, all men were at their most suggestible after orgasm. And as he’d been working the boy for quite some time now, Bernard was likely to be even more vulnerable to him.

It was the perfect opportunity to instill devotion and servitude. And it all started with an innocuous little suggestion.

"Feel good?" said Marcus with a little smirk.

Bernard nodded. "Yes," he said almost breathlessly. "Better than I’ve ever felt, I think… For once…I’m at peace!"

Marcus chuckled. It was the same for all men like Bernard. For heroes, especially. Those high-strung types who seemed to want to take all the world’s burdens on their shoulders out of some misguided sense of moral duty spent so much time thinking of solutions they became unable to stop.

For those types, Marcus had found, a moment of peace from their endless mile-a-minute thoughts was as good as an orgasm. It was a weakness he was often all too happy to exploit.

The corner of Marcus’ mouth curled in a little smirk. "I’m glad to know that my help has proved both effective and beneficial," he said.

Bernard nodded, though he continued to stare ahead, shoulders free of the tension they usually carried. "You don’t know how good this feels," he said softly.

Marcus laughed. "I think you’ll find I have some sense of understanding."

After a moment, Bernard tilted his head and looked at Marcus. He smiled and said, "I suppose you would…"

Bernard gulped audibly as he averted his gaze from Marcus. "This…this is a one-time thing, isn’t it? I know you’re a busy man and it would probably be healthier if I figured out a way to not think about the Barb in every waking moment, so…"

As Marcus had expected, it didn’t take long for the machinery in Bernard’s head to spin back up. He shook his head and chuckled. "While it is true that I am a busy man and that it would be healthier for you to find your own ways to cope, neither am I busy all the time nor did anyone say that you could have only one means by which to take your mind off the Barb."

Bernard’s eyes widened. "I…I hadn’t thought of it that way," he said softly. "You…you wouldn’t object to doing this again?"

Marcus chuckled. "Certainly not," he said.

Bernard met Marcus’ gaze and practically beamed. "Thank goodness," he said, seeming genuinely relieved. "The way you made me feel… It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before."

Marcus chuckled.

"No. Truthfully!" said Bernard. "I mean it when I say that I have never felt so at peace with myself before. I… I don’t even know how I could repay…you…"

Marcus surreptitiously spread his legs further apart, exposing the sizable lump pressed against his thigh. It didn’t escape Bernard’s notice, of course, which was the reason he’d trailed off in the first place.

He made no effort to hide his bulge. He cupped it with his fingers, pressing down around the base to stretch the cloth and make the outline even more prominent. "I can think of one or two ways."

Bernard visibly shivered. His cheeks took on a faint tinge of pink as he looked up at Marcus and said, "A-as I mentioned earlier, I’m not particularly experienced in this kind of thing."

"Of course," said Marcus with a little smirk. "Being a hero and taking care of the affairs of the Barb leaves little time for a boy to explore the pleasures of his body."

Bernard turned a shade darker. It was adorable. "A-and I have always been a bit on the shy side when it comes to such things."

"Cute," said Marcus as he rubbed his cock through his pants. "But if it’s experience you lack, you know by now that I am a very good teacher."

"That… That is true," Bernard relented.

Marcus smirked. He snapped the fingers of his other hand and pointed to the space between his legs. "Down, boy," he said.

Bernard flushed but didn’t hesitate to slip off the couch cushions. Marcus hadn’t been wrong when he pegged the boy for a natural submissive. His suggestions might have played their role, but all he’d done was bring out what had already been there in the first place.

Once Bernard was in place, kneeling between Marcus’ legs, Marcus reached down and threaded his fingers through the boy’s soft locks. He gently tugged, making Bernard lean forward into his crotch. "Hands behind your back."

Bernard quickly did as he was told before tilting his head back to meet Marcus’ gaze.

"Good boy," said Marcus with a little smile. He pushed down a little on Bernard’s head, guiding him into the right position. "Kiss it."

Marcus’ cock twitched at the warmth of Bernard’s lips pressing against it. He could feel the heat of Bernard’s breath even through the fabric of his dress pants. It made his skin tingle.

"Good boy. Now explore it with your mouth. Get to know its shape with your lips and taste the way it throbs against your tongue."

Bernard started hesitantly but to his credit, he was a quick study. Marcus groaned as the boy mouthed at the outline of his cock, the fabric growing damp with Bernard’s breath and spit.

There wasn’t much of an impetus to hurry so Marcus left Bernard to his work for a few minutes. He particularly relished the way that Bernard’s tongue traced the girth of his cock.

He also rather enjoyed the light nipping that Bernard was doing, completely unprompted. While he liked absolute obedience on occasion, this was not one such time.

Marcus liked the initiative. It was a good sign. It meant Bernard wasn’t just following his directions—Bernard was thinking about how to make it feel good for him.

Gently, he pulled Bernard off his cock. "Take it out," he said.

Bernard licked his lips and glanced up to meet Marcus’ gaze briefly. "Yes, Sir," he said before reaching for Marcus’ belt.

Marcus clicked his tongue. "Did I say you could use your hands?"

Bernard gulped audibly. He looked into Marcus’ eyes as he shook his head and moved his hands behind his back. "No, Sir," he said.

"Remember that."

Bernard nodded before turning his attention back to Marcus’ pants. He leaned forward and used his teeth to unbuckle the leather belt.

There was a clumsiness in Bernard’s movements at first but he quickly grew accustomed to his handicap. It was to be expected of a hero but was something that Marcus found remarkable nonetheless.

Bernard made short work of the clasp of Marcus’ pants, stopping briefly to lick his lips before leaning further in to catch the tab of the zipper in his teeth. He looked up and caught Marcus’ gaze, grinning as he yanked his head down and took the zipper with him.

Marcus shifted a little in his seat, inching his legs further apart to give Bernard better access. The two flaps of fabric in the front of his pants fell open to reveal the sleek blue bikini briefs he wore underneath.

If his erection had been prominent in his pants earlier, it bordered on the obscene outlined in the quality cotton of his underwear. The sight of it gave Bernard pause, a quiet moan spilling out of him.

Marcus didn’t object when Bernard took a minute or so to just mouth at his cock through his underwear. He couldn’t deny that he was eager to have the boy’s mouth on him without fabric in the way but the teasing promised to make it worth the wait.

It seemed that Bernard had used the time he spent working his lips up and down along the length of Marcus’ dick print to figure out how he would release Marcus’ cock from the underwear.

Bernard resumed his task with a determination that suggested he had a plan. He took the waistband of the briefs in his teeth and yanked them down, though the size of Marcus’ endowment meant that the head of his cock got caught in the elastic.

The setback was one that Bernard had accounted for, judging by the lack of frustration. Instead of stopping, Bernard pulled harder on the briefs, shuffling back a few inches just to have enough space to pull at the right angle.

The effort paid off. Marcus’ cock sprang free of the confines of his briefs, briefly smacking against the bottom of his belly and leaving a smear of pre-cum at the point of impact. Bernard hadn’t quite managed to free Marcus’ balls in the same way, but that hadn’t been part of the task anyway.

With a light tug on Bernard’s hair, Marcus prompted the boy to shuffle forward back into his earlier position. He used his free hand to push the waistband of his underwear further down, letting his balls flop out of the briefs.

Crawling his fingers down along Bernard’s scalp to the back of the boy’s head, Marcus pulled Bernard into his crotch. His cock jumped as it grazed the side of Bernard’s face, and again when the tip of the boy’s nose pressed into his sack.


Marcus sucked in a sharp breath as the wet heat of Bernard’s mouth enveloped one of his balls. It was one of his favorite things and he had to credit Bernard’s enthusiasm for it.

"Focus on your Master’s scent. The feeling of having one of my balls in your mouth. Let it fill your mind." He stroked his fingers along Bernard’s scalp, groaning softly as the boy suckled on his nut. "Let it push out all the silly thoughts in this pretty little head of yours."

"Fuck." Marcus grunted as Bernard managed to suck both balls into his mouth. He allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of his sack soaking in Bernard’s mouth for a few minutes.

The boy suckled so earnestly on Marcus’ balls that it was hard not to let him. The erection that was only just visible from Marcus’ vantage point showed that Bernard was enjoying it, too.

But Marcus had a limited amount of restraint and having the hot mouth of a newly-broken boy so close to his cock was a temptation like no other.

He tightened his grip on Bernard’s hair and gently tugged him off his balls. They slipped out with a lewd, wet pop, his sack dripping with spit.

Grabbing the base of his cock with one hand, Marcus tapped the side of Bernard’s face with his shaft. He traced his glans over the bridge of the boy’s nose, leaving a thin smear of pre-cum in its wake.

Bernard mouthed at it, his tongue reaching out to graze the underside of Marcus’ cock. He certainly was eager. And Marcus supposed he couldn’t fault him for it.

Pressing the tip of his cock against Bernard’s lips, Marcus smirked down at the boy and said, "Open up."

Bernard obediently wrapped his lips around the head of Marcus’ cock. He’d have swallowed more if Marcus hadn’t stopped him.

"Take a moment," said Marcus. Enthusiasm was a good thing, but there was a time and a place for it. He wanted to teach Bernard to enjoy servicing his cock and he couldn’t do that by rushing.

Bernard nodded and looked up at Marcus. He stayed there patiently, not breaking eye contact for even a moment as he waited for the next command.

Marcus couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. One of the little benefits of going after heroes to add to his collection was the fact that they tended to be fairly disciplined without needing to be trained. There were often small corrections to be made but in general, they knew how to follow orders and it made Marcus’ job that much easier.

"Good boy." Marcus gave Bernard a little smile. "Take this time to savor the taste of your Master’s cock."

He sucked in a sharp breath as the tip of Bernard’s tongue swirled around his piss-slit. The moan that followed made Marcus’ cock twitch. Having a sub vocalize while sucking on his cock was one of the best parts of getting head.

"Feel the texture of it."

Marcus’ cock jumped as Bernard’s tongue swirled around his glans. The boy even played with the crown, the tip of his tongue rubbing the sensitive flesh behind the ridge.

"Memorize the weight and shape of it on your tongue."

Bernard allowed Marcus’ cock to rest on his tongue, the edges curled against it as if to cradle its shape.

Marcus held Bernard in place for a good few minutes before saying, "Good boy," and ruffling his hair.

Bernard flushed, his lips curling around the girth of Marcus’ cock into a small smile. He tried to say something that vaguely sounded like "thank you," but with a cock in his mouth it was hopelessly muffled.

"Shh," said Marcus, reaching down with his free hand to wipe a trickle of spit from the corner of Bernard’s mouth before threading both hands through the boy’s hair.

Slowly, he pulled Bernard toward his crotch. His cock slid millimeter by millimeter past the boy’s full lips, the wet heat of Bernard’s mouth wrapping around his girth.

Marcus sank his cock into Bernard’s mouth until the head hit the back of the boy’s throat, making him choke and sputter. It was tempting to jam the rest of his cock down Bernard’s gullet but he much preferred the sensation of a boy’s throat opening up to accept him.

"Take a breath," said Marcus, withdrawing just enough that his cock wasn’t pressing at the back of Bernard’s throat. "Relax your throat and when I push forward, make sure to swallow. Ready?"

Bernard took a breath and nodded. His eyes met Marcus’ gaze, a determined light in them.

"Good boy," said Marcus. Without any more warning than that, he pushed his hips forward. For a moment, Bernard resisted him, gagging on the end of his cock like the first time.

Firmly but gently, Marcus said, "Focus. Relax. Swallow." This time, he didn’t pull back, pushing forward instead against the resistance in the back of Bernard’s throat.

Bernard closed his eyes for a moment, sucking in a deep breath through his nose. The muscles in his gullet began to loosen, slowly at first, and then all at once, opening up for Marcus’ cock.

Between the sudden relaxation of Bernard’s throat and the constant, firm pressure Marcus was applying with his hips, Bernard found himself swallowing Marcus to the root in a single gulp.

Bernard’s eyes widened in shock. It was clear he’d never deep-throated anyone before, much less someone modestly well-endowed like Marcus. He couldn’t help but moan, the vibrations sending a thrill of pleasure through the meat of Marcus’ cock that elicited a quiet grunt in response.

"Good boy," said Marcus, the urge to buck his hips and start face-fucking Bernard strong but manageable.

Pushing down on the back of Bernard’s head, he kept the boy in place, and his cock firmly buried in Bernard’s gullet. "Stay there. Stay still," he murmured.

Bernard did as he was told, his whole body almost locking into position at the command.

Marcus licked his lips and tightened his fingers in Bernard’s hair. "Focus. Feel. Don’t think," he said as he met Bernard’s gaze.

"Let the thoughts flow out with every breath. The only thing that matters is your Master’s cock."

Little by little, Bernard’s eyes became glassy and unfocused. His throat relaxed even more around Marcus’ cock, tightening only when he gulped every now and then.

"Let your Master’s scent fill your lungs. Focus on the heat of your Master’s cock. Savor the feeling of your throat stretching around my girth."

Marcus applied gentle and steady pressure on the back of Bernard’s head, keeping the boy in place while he slowly ground his hips against Bernard’s face.

"Let the sensations wash over you. Let it overcome your senses."

Bernard’s eyes glazed over. A soft moan spilled out around Marcus’ cock. The tension in his body slowly unraveled as he accepted Marcus’ cock even deeper into his throat.

Marcus used his foot to tease the underside of Bernard’s stiff erection. It jumped at the touch, spilling glistening pre-cum all over the perfectly polished leather.

"Focus on the throbbing. Feel your Master’s heartbeat through the cock in your throat. Count the pulses, your body flushing with arousal with every beat."

Bernard’s muffled moan sent a thrill of pleasure through Marcus’ cock. The boy was a natural and the way he slipped into trance was nothing if not a thrill all its own.

"It fills you with pleasure." Marcus lightly stroked the side of Bernard’s cock with the toes of his leather shoes. "You feel so good taking your Master’s cock. Being a passive, mindless receptacle for your Master’s cock."

Marcus leaned back, releasing his grip on the back of Bernard’s head. "Say it in your head: ‘I love being a passive, mindless receptacle for my Master’s cock.’ Say it until you mean it. Until you know it in your heart to be true. And don’t stop unless I tell you to."

He folded his arms behind his head and took a moment to just enjoy the sensation of Bernard’s throat around his cock. The occasional contractions and vibrations from the little noises of pleasure that Bernard made massaged his length so well.

A few minutes passed before Marcus sat back up with a small smirk on his lips. He’d have loved to let Bernard warm his cock a while longer, but right now wasn’t the time or the place.

He threaded his fingers through the soft locks of Bernard’s hair and stroked the boy’s scalp. "Good boy," he said. "You’re doing such a good job being a cock warmer for your Master."

Bernard beamed at Marcus, his lips curling into a little smile around the girth of Marcus’ cock. It was adorable.

Marcus chuckled. He patted Bernard on the head and said, "Do you know what good boys get?"

Bernard tilted his head ever so slightly in askance.

Marcus smirked. "A reward, of course," he said, tightening his grip on the soft locks of Bernard’s hair. "I’d imagine you have no objections. Yes?"

Bernard nodded with as much enthusiasm as he could without jostling Marcus’ cock too much.

Marcus grinned. "Good boy. Naturally, good behavior should be encouraged. Hard work and dedication should be incentivized." He licked his lips. "Are you ready for your reward, boy?"

As if the question even needed to be asked. Bernard nodded, his body practically trembling with anticipation.

Not that Marcus felt he needed permission, but such enthusiastic consent was always a treat. Using his grip on the boy’s hair, he kept Bernard firmly in place while he pulled his hips back, sliding his cock out of the boy’s throat until only the head remained inside, resting on Bernard’s tongue.

He stopped for a few moments to let the anticipation build before sliding his cock back down Bernard’s gullet in one smooth motion. It caught on the back of Bernard’s throat, but he didn’t stop. He pushed forward against the resistance until Bernard opened up for him and swallowed his length whole.

"Fuck," Marcus muttered under his breath as his balls came to rest under Bernard’s chin. Every boy was unique. Some were velvety. Some were tight. Some were eager and almost desperate to swallow him down. Bernard was more of the former, and it was a delectable sensation on his cock.

He pulled out again—nearly all the way—but this time he didn’t spend as much time waiting. A second or two was all the reprieve he gave Bernard before he thrust his cock home.

Bernard choked. His bright eyes watered. But his resistance broke down faster this time, and his throat vibrated around Marcus’ cock as he moaned.

Slowly, Marcus increased his pace. He didn’t thrust too forcefully, not when Bernard was still struggling to take him, but he was sure that would change soon enough.

He’d never met a boy whose throat didn’t eventually get used to the feeling of a cock sliding down it. And indeed, every thrust was smoother than the last. By the time Marcus was pumping his hips at a steady rhythm, there was nothing more than an involuntary twitch in the back of Bernard’s throat to stop him.

Marcus smirked. He would have time in the future to give Bernard a thorough lesson in getting skull-fucked but for now, he could at least give the boy a little taste.

Placing both hands on Bernard’s head—for better leverage and to keep him in place—Marcus steadily increased the force behind his thrusts. He didn’t use all his strength, but just enough that it didn’t take long for Bernard to start gagging around his girth.

The way Bernard’s velvety throat spasmed around his shaft with every thrust was incredible. Marcus groaned, keeping control of the rhythm and power of the throat-fucking only by sheer force of will.

Before long, he felt the familiar sensation of tension coiling in his groin. "Such a good boy," he said, taking the pace up by a hair as he felt his balls draw up against his body.

"Here comes your reward," said Marcus, looking down into Bernard’s eyes as he steadily pumped his cock in and out of the boy’s soft, warm gullet.

With a final thrust of his hips, he slid his cock as far down Bernard’s throat as he could force it, grinding the boy’s nose against his pelvis as his length pulsed and swelled, shooting thick wads of cum straight down Bernard’s throat.

As the orgasm tapered off, Marcus pulled back from Bernard, letting the head of his cock rest on the boy’s tongue as the final dribbles of cum leaked out of him. A low moan spilled out past the lips locked around his glans, making his spent manhood twitch.

"Good boy," said Marcus as he ruffled Bernard’s hair with a small smile.

Glancing down, he couldn’t help but notice that Bernard had leaked an awful lot but hadn’t come at all. Perfect, he thought to himself. It was certainly something he could make use of.

Marcus withdrew his cock from Bernard’s mouth with a lewd, wet sucking noise. "How do you feel?" he said.

Bernard gave him a dopey little smile. "Amazing," he said, his cock twitching as Marcus ran the tip of his shoe along the side of it.

"Good," said Marcus. "You will remember this feeling. You will understand that having a session with me will make you feel this way."

Bernard nodded, his eyes glassing over ever so slightly as the suggestions took root. "I understand," he said.

"You want to feel this way," said Marcus. " It feels good."

A small smile danced on Bernard’s lips. "I do," he said. "It feels like nothing else."

"Good boy," said Marcus. He grabbed his cock and stuffed it back into his pants. He played with Bernard’s cock with the toe of his shoe and said, "Unfortunately, it is time for me to go. You won’t come without permission. Yes?"

Bernard moaned softly, his cock twitching against Marcus’ shoe. "I-I won’t," he said. "W-when can I see you again?"

Marcus smirked. "You have my contact details. Just ask," he said as stood up from the couch and tightened his belt around his waist.

Marcus sighed as he made his way back to the basement chamber where he’d left Corey and Auggie before departing for the Barb. He’d certainly enjoyed his time with Bernard—bringing boys under his thumb was always fun—but he felt he could relax far more easily now that he was home.

He slipped into the chamber and stood by the door, undetected by the two boys inside. The interior was dark, but for a small circle in the middle where his favorite boy and newest pup were fucking.

As Marcus had expected, Corey wasn’t even on all fours anymore. He was flat on the floor, hands on either side of his head and his legs spread as wide apart as they could go.

Auggie on the other hand was hunched over on top of Corey. The muscles on his back glistened with a sheen of sweat and the tail plug in his ass wiggled frantically every which way as he humped his doggy-dick-sheathed cock into Corey’s hole.

"I’m home, boys," said Marcus with a little smirk as he walked into the room. Auggie glanced over his shoulder and gave him a happy little bark before turning his attention back to his bitch and pounding away with renewed vigor.

"W-welcome home, Master," Corey moaned weakly from under Auggie.

"I see you’ve been good in my absence," said Marcus with a little smirk.

He snapped his fingers and issued a sharp command. "Dismount," he said.

Auggie whined softly but obeyed without hesitation. He pulled his sheathed cock out of Corey with a lewd squelch and moved into a sitting position beside him.

"Heel." Marcus pointed at the ground beside him and Auggie immediately scampered over, rubbing his flank against the side of Marcus’ leg.

"Good boy," said Marcus as he ruffled Auggie’s hair. "Now, present."

Auggie raised himself into a kneeling position, spread his knees wide apart, placed his paws behind his head, and pushed his hips out.

Marcus smiled. "Such an obedient pup," he murmured.

He lowered himself onto his haunches and wrapped his fingers around Auggie’s doggy-dick sheath. It was slick with lubricant and Corey’s ass juices. He squeezed it from the root to the tip and looked closely to see if any white jism would spill out of the hole at the end of the narrow head. There wasn’t even a single drop of anything besides pre-cum.

"Good boy, not coming without permission," said Marcus with a little grin. "Stay."

Once he was done inspecting Auggie, Marcus made his way over to where Corey was lying limp on the ground. The poor boy’s hole was fucked out and gaping. The fat knot at the base of Auggie’s sheath must have broken him open.

Marcus licked his lips as he ran a finger along the rim of Corey’s twitching asshole. "M-Master…" Corey mewled weakly.

"You did such a good job taking your brother slave’s fat knot. Such a good jockboy," said Marcus.

The tips of Corey’s ears turned red. "T-thank you, Master," he murmured.

"Luckily for you, I have just the right reward in mind," said Marcus as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his belt loops. He tossed it aside before quickly unzipping and stepping out of his pants.

He knelt on the ground, straddling Corey’s hips with his knees. It had been an hour or so since he came down Bernard’s throat and the journey back home had done little to satiate his appetite so it was little wonder that his cock was fully erect when it bounced out of his underwear.

Marcus didn’t bother with any foreplay. Auggie had expertly prepared Corey’s hole for him and it was simply a matter of slipping inside.

The fucked-open jockboy yielded to him with ease. The velvety walls of Corey’s chute fluttered weakly against Marcus’ length, enveloping him in a soft heat.

Marcus deliberately angled his cock so that the head would graze Corey’s prostate on the way in and it had the desired effect. Corey’s fingers uselessly scrabbled at the stone floor as his back arched and a moan tore out of his mouth.

He had to wonder how many caged orgasms Auggie had given Corey, but it didn’t really matter. Marcus was going to give the boy another one—whether it was an actual orgasm or a dry one.

After he was firmly seated inside Corey, Marcus didn’t take even a moment to let the boy get accustomed to his girth. The sheath was much larger than his own endowment, after all, and Corey was more than ready for it.

He wasn’t going to prolong the fuck when Corey had been railed for hours now. He placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders for leverage and pumped his hips in earnest.

Marcus jackhammered his cock into Corey’s prostate, grunting in tandem with the boy’s nigh-delirious moaning. He fucked harder and faster with every thrust, the squelching of Corey’s sloppy, loose jockpussy filling the air.

The vicious rutting quickly reached a fever pitch. Marcus preferred something long and drawn out but he could well appreciate something quick and animalistic too.

He delivered a few ragged, uneven strokes into Corey, teasing the boy close and closer to the edge of orgasm before coming himself. He thrust his cock into Corey’s abused, fucked-out fuckhole with all the strength he could muster and drew out a raw, strangled cry from the boy as he shot a thick load into him.

Corey’s body tensed, his hole tightening around Marcus as much as it could as he was rocked with another orgasm of his own. He whimpered and whined as his body writhed under Marcus.

When the sensation subsided, Corey fell still, the only part of him moving was his chest, which rose and fell rapidly with his shallow, ragged breaths.

Marcus chuckled and leaned over Corey, pressing a kiss to the side of the boy’s face. "Well done, my little thundercloud. Well done."

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