Super Sucker pt. 6

Having defeated Pyroclast and Temblor, superheroes Tempest and Phantom must now figure out how to put a stop to the ritual that the two nefarious villains have put into motion. Luckily for them, they have exactly what they need.

Tempest chewed on his lower lip. Pyroclast’s cum cooled slowly on his face, trickling over his cheeks, leaving trails of tingling heat on his sensitive skin. The sensation was exquisite. He was proud to wear the cum on his face as a mark of victory. But that wasn’t the only reason he wasn’t cleaning up. The smell was also absolutely intoxicating.

Left with nothing else to do, Tempest knelt beside the unconscious villain. He sucked on his fingers, slicking them with his spit. He licked his lips as he pushed his fingers into his ass. He felt so empty. His hole tingled and twitched, eager to be filled.

His fingers weren’t thick enough and certainly didn’t reach deep enough to satisfy his body’s urges. Truth be told he was more than a little bit jealous of the thick cock that was still buried in Phantom’s boypussy.

As it was, Phantom was still slowly fucking himself on Temblor’s hard cock. The villain himself was out, chest rising and falling evenly. But Phantom looked like he hadn’t had enough yet.

Tempest bit back a quiet moan as he watched Phantom’s pear-shaped ass bounce up and down the thick shaft. He felt happy for his friend, even though he wished that it was his ass that was being impaled by a thick cock, instead.

Temblor’s erection lasted for about a minute more. After that it had softened enough to slip out of Phantom’s ass with a wet squelch and a trickle of cum.

Tempest’s eyes widened. He scrambled forward, his fingers still buried in his ass. He didn’t know what had come over him, but he felt a sudden desperation to not let even a single drop of Temblor’s cum go to waste.

With his free hand, Tempest pushed Phantom over onto his hands and knees before diving in to slurp at Phantom’s hole. He forced his nose as deep into Phantom’s crack as it would go, savoring the natural musk of Phantom as well as the sharp scent of sex, the stink of sweat, and the delectable aroma of cum.

He desperately lapped at the jism slowly oozing out of Phantom’s hole and groaned as he tasted the salty-sweet, earthy taste on his tongue. Phantom bucked his hips backward, mashing Tempest’s nose into his ass. Tempest responded by swiping his tongue around the tender boyhole, relishing the clean, musky taste of his friend’s boypussy.

Tempest flicked the tip of his tongue at the center of Phantom’s hole a few times, feeling it twitch at his ministrations. He did it until the cum leaking out slowed to a dribble. But Tempest wasn’t done. He chased after Temblor’s cum, working his tongue as far into Phantom as it would go.

It drove Phantom wild. The shapeshifter moaned and whimpered and groaned as he begged for Tempest to tongue-fuck his pussy. The words sent shivers of pleasure up Tempest’s spine. His fingers dug into the supple flesh of Phantom’s hips as the shapeshifter bucked backward into Tempest’s face, fucking himself on Tempest’s hot, wet tongue.

Tempest himself couldn’t stop, enchanted by the smell and taste of Phantom’s boyhole. The delighted in swirling his tongue around his friend and feeling the way that it tightened and twitched and pulsed around it.

He panted, breathing whenever he could move his nose free of Phantom’s thick cheeks. He humped the air, fucking it with his neglected cock but never once even thinking about removing his fingers from his ass to play with himself. He wasn’t satisfied until he was sure that he had cleaned out very last drop of Temblor’s cum from Phantom’s tight little pussy.

When he was done, Tempest gave Phantom’s pucker one last lick and a parting kiss, eliciting a quiet moan from the shapeshifter. He swatted Phantom’s ass as he watched his friend shudder in pleasure.

Tempest sat back for a moment, just watching the way that Phantom’s ass jiggled in the dim light of the machine. He licked his lips as the slightly-gaping hole twitched. Phantom looked so fucking delicious that he could scarcely resist diving in for seconds.

If not for the mission that they were on, he wouldn’t have hesitated. But unfortunately, they needed to stop the nefarious scheme that was still at play.

"Phantom, did you manage to get the information we needed out of Temblor?" said Tempest. His voice was a bit hoarse. His throat was still somewhat raw from the thorough pounding that Pyroclast had given it. But he had to manage.

Phantom didn’t respond immediately. He had a blank expression on his face, a small smile twitching at the corner of his lips as drool trickled from the tip of his chin. It took him a moment to come back to his senses, shaking his head as though to clear it of cobwebs.

Still on his hands and knees, back still arched, ass still pushed into the air, Phantom turned around to face Tempest. "Ugh…" Phantom moaned, shifting back until he was kneeling with his legs spread to either side of him. He sucked on his fingers and then slid them down the front of his body, pushing his hips into the air as he slipped his fingers into his hole.

"That was so good," said Phantom, with a vapid little giggle. He sounded so silly, so air-headed. For some reason that made Tempest’s cock twitch. "Um…" said Phantom, "Temblor said that the only way to stop the ritual was by extinguishing the two ends of the wand…"

Phantom giggled again. "He actually didn’t want to tell me how to do that, but you know me. I have my ways! He gave it up when I started squeezing his cock with my hole."

Tempest’s jockpussy twitched. He would have loved a thick cock to squeeze with his hole. As it was, he had to make do with his fingers. "He said that we just have to put both ends somewhere tight, hot, and moist," said Phantom.

That wasn’t good. Tempest wondered what Temblor could have meant. Whatever the case, maybe they could glean something if they actually had the wand to work with.

He pulled his fingers out of his ass and sighed with disappointment. He staggered to his feet and swayed dangerously from side to side. His knees felt like jelly. Phantom didn’t even try to stand up and honestly, Tempest couldn’t blame him. If he had taken a cock as thick as Temblor’s, he would have given up on the thought of walking out of the building instead of crawling.

Tottering forward, Tempest approached the machine. He grabbed at the long wand that was levitating above the dish perched on top of the ziggurat-shaped structure that capped the machine. As his fingers closed around the rod, he was amazed at how warm it felt. The texture was nothing like he could have imagined.

If he closed his eyes, Tempest would have been sure that he was holding on to someone’s arm. The surface of the rod felt supple. It felt like real flesh and blood, but it was obvious that it was made of something more rigid. Wood or plastic. Maybe even steel.

A small part of him recognized that there was something weird about the wand. He couldn’t quite put a finger on what, but maybe it had something to do with the two ends of the wand. They were shaped like penises but he couldn’t for the life of him, think of why that would be odd.

"Are wands supposed to look like this?" said Tempest. He made his way back to Phantom, but fell to his knees halfway there as his legs gave out from underneath him. He held the wand between his teeth as he crawled over to Phantom.

Phantom held out a hand and Tempest put the wand in it. Phantom examined the wand for a moment, his eyebrows knotted in concentration. It looked like he was really thinking hard, and Tempest appreciated the effort. He knew that Phantom found thinking difficult and unpleasant. He was glad that his friend would suffer that for him.

"Oh, yeah!" said Phantom. "I think I remember this from training. Wands are supposed to look like dicks because they’re supposed to use the power of cock or something like that," he said.

Strangely enough, Tempest didn’t remember any such lesson from superhero training. But Phantom had been on the force for longer than he had been, so he figured that he should just trust his friend. Even if Phantom was a bit of a dumb, ditzy slut, Tempest was confident in Phantom’s ability to remember important information, especially if it had anything to do with cock.

Phantom handed the wand back over to Tempest. As Tempest hefted it in his fingers, he couldn’t help but marvel at how lifelike it felt. He stroked it idly as he thought about their predicament. "Um… Do you have any idea where we can find something tight, hot, and moist to stick this thing into?" he said.

Maybe he shouldn’t have asked. For the second time in as many minutes, Tempest had to watch as Phantom’s face scrunched up. Phantom gave the question five seconds of thought, four more seconds than Tempest would have expected his cock-brained friend to spare. In the end, though, nothing came of it. Phantom just shrugged. "I dunno," he said. "I’m just really no good at this thinking thing."

Tempest chuckled. Wasn’t that the truth? He shook his head and kept stroking the wand. Obviously he was the one that was going to have to come up with ideas.

It was as he was staring at Phantom idly fingering his boypussy that the epiphany struck Tempest like a hard, heavy cock across the face. He grinned, rubbing his cheek, wishing that he had been slapped with a cock. "I think I know where we can put this wand!" he said. "But I’m going to need you to help loosen me up first."

Turning around so that his ass was facing Phantom, Tempest lowered his chest to the floor. He turned his head so that his cheek was resting against the smooth concrete. He reached back with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

The cool air in the basement felt good against his hole, but it was quickly replaced by the sensation of Phantom’s hot breath ghosting against his sensitive pucker. It made him shiver. He felt so sensitive. Not just in his hole, but all over. He was so horny, so needy, so desperate to be touched and fucked.

He waved his ass invitingly from side to side, hoping that Phantom would return the favor and tongue him out. It worked. Phantom licked a long stripe along the crack of his ass, his hot, wet tongue dragging across Tempest’s tight entrance, making it twitch.

Tempest moaned, not bothering to hide how slutty he sounded. He pushed his ass back, spreading his cheeks as far as they would go. He was rewarded with the sensation of Phantom’s tongue swirling around his jockpussy, making his cock twitch every time it swept over his hole. It felt good. So good.

But Phantom was a nasty little tease. He slobbered all over Tempest’s asscrack. He swept his tongue back and forth over the twitching rosebud. But he never really slurped at it, only flicking the tip of his tongue at the center of the twitching pucker or occasionally licking the rim.

As much as he wanted to do something, Tempest was powerless. The only thing that he could do was desperately buck his hips and whine, pulling his ass cheeks further apart in the hope of Phantom taking the chance to go deeper.

God, his hole felt so empty. He felt so jealous that Phantom had been able to ride a thick cock. He didn’t regret sucking Pyroclast off, but he was beginning to think that maybe he should have ridden the villain instead. There was just an itch deep inside of him that desperately needed to be scratched.

He was so busy quietly begging for more in his head that he nearly screamed when he felt Phantom’s tongue wriggle into him. His ass eagerly opened for it. It felt good. So good. Phantom’s tongue slid right into him, swirling around in his insides.

Tempest loved being rimmed. It made him hard, made his cock drip. It made his brains melt into total mush, his body following suit. All he could do was moan, panting against the floor as Phantom worked his tongue deeper and deeper inside of him

He ground his hips backward into Phantom’s face, shamelessly coaxing his friend’s tongue closer to the core of his being. He loved the sensations. The wetness he could feel around his rim, the heat of Phantom’s breath on his skin, the warmth of Phantom’s tongue inside of him. It sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. It made him want more. Need more.

He moaned shamelessly, letting go of any pretense of dignity. He could have happily spent the next eternity there, being rimmed, Phantom’s tongue swirling around in his guts, jabbing into the tightness of his jockpussy.

He was getting so into it that an involuntary, disappointed, disgruntled groan was ripped out of him when Phantom pulled away. He bucked his hips uselessly into the air. Please… Don’t stop," he moaned, uselessly humping backward onto a tongue that just wasn’t there anymore. "Please… Please… Please…" he begged, not caring about how much of a dirty, cheap whore he was sounding like.

Phantom’s finger sinking knuckle-deep inside of him shut him up promptly. Pleasure surged down his spine. Phantom curled the finger inside of Tempest, the pad brushing against Tempest’s prostate. Tempest screeched, his back arching, his toes curling, his cock uselessly dripping pre-cum onto the floor.

It wasn’t enough to scratch the itch inside of him, but it was better than using his own fingers. Phantom could reach deeper inside of him than he could. He just needed more. When he asked—begged—Phantom pushed a second and a third finger into him without hesitation.

Tempest moaned, feeling his hole stretch around the fingers. It burned a little. It hurt a little. But it was the good kind of pain. It sharpened and enhanced the pleasure.

Phantom gave Tempest all of five seconds before moving his fingers in and out of Tempest’s hole. Tempest whined, his fingers digging into the supple flesh of his ass as he met Phantom’s thrusts with desperate bucks of his hips. In and out. In and out. The rhythm was relentless and torturously slow. It was so maddeningly good that Tempest lost himself in the sensation.

A fourth finger was added at some point. By then Tempest was too far gone, drooling onto the floor, clutching his own ass as he hiked his legs further and further apart to get Phantom’s fingers deeper inside of him.

When Phantom started moving his fingers apart and back together, stretching Tempest’s hole, Tempest cried out. Lightning leapt from his fingertips to the concrete floor. It was painful. It hurt. It burned. But only for so long. It felt good after a little while. So good. And he was powerless to do anything about it.

Tempest had no idea how long he was finger-fucked by Phantom before the fingers left his hole. By the end of it, he was a wreck. For what felt like a long time afterward, his brain refused to work. His limbs failed to move like he wanted them to. He flopped onto the floor, breathing heavily, hole tingling from the vigorous stretching. Eventually, his mind cleared and he remembered; he and Phantom had a mission to complete.

Turning around to face Phantom, Tempest found that the shapeshifter was slobbering on the fingers that had been in his ass just a minute ago. He chuckled and shook his head. "Turn around," he said, and Phantom did so, still sucking on his fingers like they were a delicious treat.

Tempest took a deep breath, trying to regain at least a little bit of composure. Dignity, on the other hand, he was pretty sure he couldn’t get back. He reached over and picked up the wand, which had rolled a few feet away in the heat of the moment, and swallowed one end of it. He slurped at the cock-shaped rod, moaning at how realistic it felt. It was almost as good as Pyroclast’s pole.

He slobbered on the wand, making sure that it was slick with his spit. He patted Phantom on the ass and said, "Spread your cheeks." Phantom obliged with a quiet giggle, and Tempest gave his friend’s boypussy a quick kiss for good luck before working the spit-slicked end of the wand into it.

Phantom’s hole barely resisted, yielding to the pressure of the cock tip right away. Phantom’s pucker dilated around the broad cock head. Tempest watched as the ring of muscle stretched, as Phantom’s muscles tensed. The sound of Phantom’s high-pitched moan as the crown slipped past his ring made Tempest shiver with delight.

Tempest grinned. He slowly fucked the wand into Phantom, watching as the shapeshifter’s hole clung to the thick rod each time he tried to pull it out. It was beautiful. And soon, he would have the other end inside of him.

He gave one of Phantom’s pert asscheeks a quick swat as he worked the rest of Phantom’s end of the wand into Phantom’s hole. It sank smoothly into Phantom’s slutty boypussy, accompanied by a long, low moan of delight from the shapeshifter.

Once he was sure that the wand was well and truly lodged inside of Phantom’s ass, Tempest turned around and guided the other end to his hole. He shuffled backward until he could feel the head against his pucker. He pushed his ass onto the rod, feeling the blunt end of it knocking at his entrance, applying a sweet pressure that made him shiver with anticipation at his impending penetration.

Tempest pushed out with his hole, trying to invite the thick cockhead in. But it felt much bigger than he had anticipated. His hole simply refused to give, as much as he wanted it to. Frustrated, he increased the pressure he was applying gradually until finally, his hole gave up and the rod entered him.

He worked his legs further apart as the burning sensation in his jockpussy built. It hurt. Badly. With a grunt, he forced his hole to relax and gritted his teeth as he pushed the wand deeper inside of him. The pressure built and built and built until his hole stretched over the crown and his hole pulled the entire head of it inside of him. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head at how good it felt.

He held on to the middle of the wand as he skewered his ass onto his end of the rod. He let go when there was no space for his fingers anymore and worked his ass onto the rod until he could feel Phantom’s soft, smooth ass pressed up against his own.

Tempest groaned. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had been this full. He hadn’t gotten any dick since Luxus, a few days ago. And that had been intense for an entirely different reason. Right now, he was so full that he felt like he was going to burst and for some reason that was just so goddamn hot.

Slowly, Tempest rolled his hips, fucking himself on the wand but also jostling it inside of Phantom’s hole. His friend’s quiet moan sent a shiver up his spine. It felt good. So good. More so when Phantom started reciprocating his movements. But Tempest knew that he couldn’t lose himself entirely. They had a mission to do.

As he bucked his hips and felt the wand move inside of him, Tempest realized that his insides were beginning to heat up. "I…" Tempest gasped as the head of the rod grazed his prostate and made his cock leak a glob of pre-cum onto the floor. "I can feel the energy spreading into my jockpussy," he said.

Tempest gasped as the heat suffused his guts, making his insides tingle with a pleasant warmth. He could scarcely contain his enthusiasm. His hole twitched around the girth of the wand, loosening as it slid into him, and tightening as it slid out. In and out. In and out.

Phantom met his movements as they settled into a rhythm. Their ass cheeks met each time they bucked backwards, and each time the sensation inside of them intensified.

Thinking through the fog of arousal that descended over his head was difficult; Tempest felt like his thoughts were moving through treacle. But Tempest fought. He knew that he needed at least a semi-clear mind to figure out what they needed to do. But it would have been so much easier to just give in.

He spotted the pattern after a minute or so of gently fucking himself and Phantom on the thick, hot wand. It was the friction; the friction with their insides was sapping energy from the wand. "We need to keep fucking ourselves on it until the energy is fully dissipated!" he said.

But they weren’t going to get anywhere if they kept up their current pace. As his hole became accustomed to the large rod lodged up his jockpussy, Tempest moved his hips faster. Phantom was doing the same.

The heat as they increased their pace was intense. Tempest felt like his insides were on fire, liquefying from the heat of the fucking. But it felt good. So good. Now that he knew what he needed to do he could just surrender to the sensations and do what came naturally. Not that he thought he could stop even if he wanted to.

In and out. In and out. Faster with every moment. Tempest fucked himself on the thick rod and wondered how they looked. They were two fucked-out super sluts working over a thick wand in their asses. He had drying cum on his face. It was a humiliating scene, but the flush of embarrassment made his cock twitch with arousal.

Tempest could only imagine the scandal that would arise if one of the news drones made its way down into the basement to record footage of his and Phantom’s depravity. Not only would he be revealed as nothing more than a perverted little whore that threw his body rather than his powers at his enemies to defeat them. Corey Cooper, star athlete and star student, would also be exposed as a fraud, as nothing more than a cock-hungry bitch.

He recognized that it should have terrified him, but the pang of fear that Tempest thought he should have felt at the notion of being exposed didn’t come. Instead, the intense heat inside him surged until he could feel it in his throat. His arousal rocketed skyward. The shame, the humiliation, the degradation, it was hot, not horrifying.

Tempest moaned. His cock was rock hard. It felt like it was on fire with pleasure, the orgasm slowly building inside of him.

The two heroes moaned and grunted, their mewling probably loud enough to be heard throughout the deepest basement level of the Tether. The rod in their asses just felt so good. So hot. So good. They couldn’t help but buck their hips in a frantic rhythm, with ever-increasing desperation.

Tempest felt like a coiled spring, just ready to snap and release all that pent-up energy as he rode the edge. The wand was so hot it felt like there was a second sun inside of his body.

He panted and moaned, drool dripping liberally from the tip of his chin as the heat spread into his face and into his head. His mind_melted_ from the assault of warmth and pleasure from his insides.

In and out. In and out. Faster and harder with every passing moment. The orgasm building and building and building until at last the dam broke. The start of the orgasm hit him. Like a blinding light it flooded into him, his cock pulsing and throbbing between his legs, the cum rushing up his shaft.

But he never got the pleasure of relief as the world went white.

Tempest gasped for air when he came to. His breath was hot. The air felt heavy. It stung his throat on the way down and burned in his lungs. It was like the air itself was burning as it entered his body, making him choke and splutter on his own breath.

He felt hot, too. All over. His entire body felt as hot as his insides had felt toward the end, before he had passed out fucking himself on the wand.

He willed his eyes to open, but almost immediately they started to water, forcing him to squint. The powerful gusts of wind blowing across his body stung his eyes and burned his skin. Wherever he was, it was definitely not the basement of the Tether anymore.

One thing hadn’t changed. His ass was still fill; the wand was still lodged in it. Not only that, but he could also still feel Phantom’s ass cheeks pressed up against his own. "Phantom?" he said, the words coming out in a pained grunt as he tried to speak through the howling wind and the sting of hot air in his throat.

There was no response. Tempest couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to exert control over the winds, but they didn’t respond to him. He closed his eyes, concentrated, and tried again. There was no change. Frustrated, he tried to summon his lightning but couldn’t muster even the tiniest charge.

He needed to know if Phantom was okay, but in their current state he couldn’t really do that. The one thing he could at least tell was that Phantom was breathing. Wherever the two of them had found themselves, it was obvious that their powers had been nullified. Or, at the very least, Tempest’s had been.

A low, booming chuckle sent a shiver of pleasure down Tempest’s spine. The first indication that he had of Phantom finally coming to consciousness was the shifting of the rod inside his ass. Before he could say anything to his friend, he heard a gasp and a loud moan from Phantom.

He could only imagine that Phantom had seen the source of the voice, of the chuckle. Now he was intrigued. But he couldn’t even open his eyes against the wind, and Phantom resisted his attempts to turn the two of them around.

"I am sorry," said the deep, seductive voice that thundered through the air from behind Tempest. "Are you boys uncomfortable? It has been quite a while since a mortal has appeared in my realm unprotected. I apologize as I have come to forget that the Winds of Lazateth are caustic to your kind."

The sharp sound of fingers snapping cut through the air. The blistering, buffeting gale and the associated stinging sensation on Tempest’s skin subsided. When he opened his eyes, they didn’t water as much. Though they did widen as he saw where he and Phantom were.

Ahead of him stretched a desolate, volcanic wasteland. Sparse, bone-white clouds streaked across the heavens, far above. The distant, rolling hills covered with cracked, baked dirt were decorated with the occasional tuft of hardy grass.

Around Tempest was what looked to be an obsidian platform raised up from the ground by about a foot or two. The surface was smooth, no doubt scoured by the the gale-force wind that swept across the rest of the place. He had thought that the winds had stopped, but as he looked around he realized that he and Phantom had just been enclosed in a protective bubble.

"Hmm…" said that voice, again sending a tingle of pleasure up Tempest’s spine. "This simply won’t do. I would prefer it if the mortals in my presence could gaze upon my glorious countenance… But I’m certain you boys would not appreciate losing your toy… So instead of resorting to something so dramatic, let’s just make a few little changes."

Tempest moaned, closing his eyes as he felt the rod buried in his ass shift. A moment later he felt something strange resting against his ass. It was like a pair of balls. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the rod had split into two dildos, and that he was now free to crawl over to stand beside Phantom.

But what he saw stopped him in his tracks. He set his gaze on the thing that had made Phantom moan so loudly. A large demon. Probably half again as tall as he was. Sitting on a high-backed obsidian throne.

Tempest licked his lips. He crept toward the throne, stopping when he was level with Phantom. His friend was staring, wide-eyed and drooling. Tempest could understand why.

The demon had one leg up on the seat, an arm draped over his knee. His other leg was hanging down the front of the throne, while his other arm was propped up on one of the arm rests by the elbow, the demon’s handsome face leaning on the clenched fist at the end of it.

The demon’s eyes had black sclerae, which were somewhat unsettling. But he also had the most beautiful golden irises that glowed like embers. They were not quite as beautiful as Marcus’ had been, but they were up there in the ranks of the most beautiful eyes that Tempest had seen in his life.

The demon was built. As was to be expected. His pecs were large and firm, two golden nipple rings pierced through his nipples. His biceps bulged and were probably as thick around as Tempest’s head. He sported 16-pack abs and thighs the girth of tree trunks.

Powerful, leathery wings were folded behind the demon’s back. The velvet membrane shone slightly in the dim, reddish-orange light that suffused the air. A tapered, arrow-shaped tail dangled from the edge of the throne, twitching every now and again.

But truly, the crown of the sight in front of Tempest, the thing that drew his attention and kept it, was the pair of large, erect cocks jutting out from the demon’s crotch. They were red, like the rest of the demon, and they rested on a pair of balls that looked to be just brimming with infernal seed.

The demon’s physique made Tempest’s throat run even drier than it already was. It made his cock throb with need between his legs. His hole twitched around the dildo buried inside it as he yearned to take the demon’s cocks. He needed them inside him. But unfortunately, he had to keep his mind on the mission.

The demon grinned. God, was he pretty, thought Tempest as he chewed on his lower lip.

The demon’s eyes sparkled with amusement. The golden ornaments hanging from the two large horns that curved upward and over the demon’s head from his temples jingled as he breathed a hearty chuckle. "The dildos I have given you have suction cups," said the demon. "If you so desire, you may ride them like I know you want to whilst we speak."

Tempest reached between his legs and felt for the base of the dildo. There was a suction cup there. He smiled to himself and shifted his position. He didn’t think he had ever met someone as polite and accommodating as the demon in front of him now. And that was saying something since apparently, according to the mystics in the Hall, demons were supposed to be quite unpleasant characters.

Groaning as he worked the dildo out of his hole just enough to get it to suction to the floor without having to remove it, Tempest considered getting into a more comfortable position. Kneeling and bouncing on the dildo sounded appealing, but he wanted to do something else. He felt a strange compulsion to show off for the demon. Maybe if he showed that he could pleasure a cock well, the demon would let him ride one of those thick red cocks, he reasoned.

So Tempest leaned back. He shifted his legs forward and planted his feet on the floor while he propped up his upper body with his arms behind his back. If he recalled correctly, it was the crab position. It was a bit uncomfortable, but this way he could expose himself to the demon lord.

"Oh, where are my manners," said the demon, the golden ornaments affixed to his horns swinging from side to side as he shook his head. "I believe that introductions are in order. I am the demon lord Melthazadaan. I know your names. Corey Cooper. Castor Caldwell."

Tempest felt the demon lord’s eye on him. There was a glint of hunger there as he shifted his feet further apart, exposing himself even further. The thought that he had aroused the demon lord’s lust sent a wave of pleasure washing over Tempest’s body.

Melthazadaan smiled. "However," he said, "for bringing me such entertainment on this dreary day, I will festoon upon you the privilege of calling me by a more familiar name. You may call me Thaz or Lord Thaz, if that better suits your mortal tongues."

"T-Thank you, my lord!" Tempest managed, gasping from the intensity of the pleasure that hit him at the realization that he and Phantom had amused Lord Thaz. "W-Where are we, my lord? H-How did we get here?" he stammered.

Tempest looked over to the side, to where Phantom was, hoping to maybe get some backup from his friend. But Phantom was busily riding his dildo reverse cowgirl, moaning like the empty-headed little slut that he was.

It was precisely what Tempest should have expected Phantom to do. But still, he had hoped that maybe the strangeness of the situation would have distracted Phantom from his usual slutty antics. Unfortunately it didn’t seem that that was the case.

Lord Thaz smiled. It was a gentle expression, gentler than what Tempest would have expected to see on a self-proclaimed demon lord. "You are currently in my realm, the fiery plains of Belgarad," said Lord Thaz. "As for why you are here, that is of your own doing."

Tempest blinked. It was their fault? Before he could ask the question out loud, Lord Thaz answered. "The ritual that you interrupted was meant to channel some of my realm’s energy into your world to unleash a new volcano. By disrupting the ritual, you released the energy of my realm. It wanted to return, but since you had absorbed the energy into your bodies, it dragged you along as well."

That made some sort of sense. At least, as far as Tempest could figure. His mind was fogging up again. It was really hard to think. The dildo inside him was hitting all the right spots as he impaled himself on it for Lord Thaz’s amusement, and the heat of the air all around him didn’t help things.

Losing track of the mission for a moment, Tempest looked down at his own body. His abs were tightening and loosening with every bounce. It felt so good to watch his own cock flop around uselessly while he fucked himself over and over and over again on the thick dildo buried halfway up his jockpussy.

"I-Is there any way that you can send us home?" said Tempest, struggling to get his head back in the game. He was panting. The muscles in his arms and legs burned from the exertion of keeping his position. But somehow he just kept finding the energy to keep going.

His entire body was glistening with sweat, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He didn’t want to stop. It just felt so good to debase himself like this in front of Lord Thaz.

"Oh, that’s rather simple," said Lord Thaz. "I myself cannot step into your realm due to the Paling, but I can send mortals through easily enough."

Lord Thaz’s expression warped into something that was more familiar on a demon’s face. He grinned, his sharp teeth flashing in the reddish-orange light of Belgarad, a predatory gleam in his eyes. "But the question is whether I should. Why would I want to give up the only mortals that have given me such amusement in decades?"

Tempest chewed on his lower lip. Why, indeed? He and Phantom had transported themselves here, even if unintentionally. Technically they were trespassing on Lord Thaz’s property.

And Belgarad was Lord Thaz’s realm. It was likely that he owned everything in Belgarad. Since Tempest and Phantom were both in Belgarad now, with no way to get out of their own, Tempest supposed that they were Lord Thaz’s property, too. By extension. Probably.

Something told Tempest that there was a major flaw in the logic of his self-argument, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

As he bounced himself on the dildo, he tried to reason it out. But it was hard to think. Really hard. It was easier to just let it go. He wasn’t supposed to think. Not that hard at least. Jockboys were just supposed to go with their instincts. So he let go and ignored the small voice in the back of his head. He gave in to the pleasure, figuring that only Lord Thaz’s thoughts mattered at the moment, anyway.

"The truth, however, is that the two of you won’t last long here," said Lord Thaz. "I don’t have any food for you, and Belgarad was not meant for mortal souls. I would rather leave the door open for future visits. So, tell you what, if you two can do something for me, then I will transport you back to your world."

It took a moment for Tempest to process Lord Thaz’s offer. He moaned, his cock leaking pre-cum all over his belly. When he realized how generous the demon lord was being, he smiled. Looking at Lord Thaz, he said, "Thank you, my lord. Anything you want or need, just ask it of us. We would be more than happy to oblige," he said.

"Is that so?" said Lord Thaz, with a small smirk. "Well, I must admit that I feel somewhat envious of those cocks that you are currently riding. For you see, mine have been rather neglected. And after a few millennia my own hands have lost their allure…"

The expression on Lord Thaz’s face could not be described by any word other than devilish, and it made Tempest’s hole quiver with anticipation. "If the two of you could warm my cocks for at least a little while, then I would be more than happy to send you back."

Phantom perked up at those words. Tempest, too, felt a thrill of excitement. He couldn’t believe it. He and Phantom were being given the chance to service those beautiful cocks. He looked into Lord Thaz’s eyes, searching for any hint of malice or deceit, but they did not betray such intentions. "W-We would be honored, Lord Thaz!" said Tempest.

The demon lord smiled and beckoned them forward. Tempest and Phantom both wrenched their dildos free from the obsidian floor and crept toward the base of Lord Thaz’s throne. Something about Belgarad must have been messing with their perception because, as it turned out, the throne was further away than Tempest had thought, and as a result he had underestimated just how big Lord Thaz truly was.

Eventually they arrived at the foot of Lord Thaz’s throne. His spade-tipped tail slithered out from underneath him and brushed up against the side of Tempest’s face before lightly tracing the underside of Phantom’s bobbing cock.

From there, Tempest was able to reevaluate his earlier estimate and realized, with a bit of surprise, that Lord Thaz was, in actuality, about four and a half times as tall as him.

Lord Thaz’s thighs were thicker than Tempest’s shoulders were broad, and his arms were of similar width. The two throbbing red cocks that had looked so inviting and intimidating earlier now looked impossibly large in front of Tempest’s eyes. Each one was probably as thick around as the circumference of his head, and a head and a half taller than him. "Come up on Daddy Thaz’s lap, boys," said Lord Thaz, with a predatory grin.

Tempest hesitated. Phantom didn’t. Dildo still firmly lodged in his ass, Phantom clambered up into the seat of Lord Thaz’s throne and parked his perky bottom on the demon lord’s thigh. His eyes widened as his bare ass hit Lord Thaz’s crimson skin and he exclaimed "Hot!" with a vapid little giggle to boot.

Swallowing his own apprehension, Tempest followed suit. He sat on Lord Thaz’s other knee. Phantom was not kidding. Lord Thaz’s skin was hot to the touch. Almost like a shower turned up to the highest bearable temperature. It was a bit uncomfortable, but the longer he spent in contact with Lord Thaz, the more he became accustomed to the heat. In fact, it started to feel downright pleasant.

Lord Thaz leaned back, draping his arms lazily over the sides of the throne. His two cocks reared up in front of the two heroes, tall and imposing.

Tempest licked his lips and shuffled forward, straddling Lord Thaz’s thigh until he was sitting at the base of Lord Thaz’s cock. On the other side, Phantom had already thrown himself against the throbbing red pillar of cockflesh and was busily moaning deliriously into it as he rubbed his chest against the hot meat.

Following his friend’s lead, Tempest sidled up toward Lord Thaz’s cock. He got as close to it as possible and wrapped his arms around it. It was far too thick to get his fingers around. And there was no way he could fit it in his mouth or his ass. The best thing he could do was use his body to jerk it off, and it didn’t seem like Lord Thaz would mind.

Tempest nuzzled the throbbing mass of demon flesh, rubbing his cheek against the hot skin of Lord Thaz’s cock. It smelled so good. It was like the distilled scent of masculinity and sexual prowess, with a faint undertone of smoke and brimstone. The scent alone sent shivers of pleasure up and down his spine.

Slowly at first, Tempest rubbed his face and his chest against the supple flesh of Lord Thaz’s mighty member. "Yeah," groaned the demon lord, with an encouraging note in his voice. "That’s it, boys. Keep doing that… Give your bodies to my pleasure…"

Tempest moaned. He felt something that smelled even more intensely of Lord Thaz’s unique musk drip onto his head. He looked up and saw that the tip of Lord Thaz’s cock was leaking pre-cum. Pre-cum that was oozing over the sides of Lord Thaz’s cock and was now soaking into his hair.

It was hot. Hotter than Lord Thaz’s skin. It stung his skin as it flowed over his scalp and his face, forcing his eyes shut. But it also felt good. It made his skin tingle as it flowed over his body, lubing him up and slicking the shaft that he had his arms wrapped around.

Taking advantage of his new situation, Tempest moved his arms up and down Lord Thaz’s shaft. He cinched them tighter, too, every now and again. Up and down. Up and down. The pre-cum flowed freely between him and Lord Thaz’s flesh, making sure that everything was nice, slippery, and hot.

His eyes closed, Tempest leaned his head against Lord Thaz’s cock and stuck his tongue out. He lapped at Lord Thaz’s hot skin and moaned at the delicious salty-sweetness that exploded on his tongue. He slurped and kissed every inch of skin that he had access to, and was rewarded with a groan from the demon lord.

Tempest couldn’t resist the urge to do more. Lust and arousal surged through his veins. He tightened his grip on Lord Thaz’s cock and moved his arms up and down faster. He whipped the pre-cum flowing around him into a bit of a froth as he wrapped his legs around the base of Lord Thaz’s cock.

He humped Lord Thaz’s mighty pole, rubbing his cock against the demon lord’s hot dick. The same motion made his ass bounce on the dildo that was still buried inside of him. Every time his cock grazed Lord Thaz’s cock, and every time the dildo’s head pushed up against his prostate, he felt a fresh explosion of pleasure inside of him and it was just too much.

Tempest lost himself in the pleasure as he felt Lord Thaz’s body rumble underneath him. Pre-cum flowed liberally over him, soaking into his skin, burning him but in a good way. Gasping and sputtering for breath as the flow increased, he could only desperately hump into Lord Thaz’s cock and rub his own erection against it.

Pleasure built inside him as he felt Lord Thaz’s muscles tense underneath him. He felt the demon lord’s testicles tighten up, churning the precious seed inside them. Lord Thaz’s thick red cock pulsed and throbbed and swelled, pushing against Tempest’s arms and forcing them apart.

When the orgasm hit, Tempest cried out in pleasure. It was like the pleasure he felt doubled, and then doubled again. And again. And again. It was madness. Pure, blissful madness. But his own cock didn’t shoot. Instead, what he felt was a full-body orgasm as he felt the cum rush up out of Lord Thaz’s cock, the culmination of his efforts.

He tilted his head upward, unable to see what was going on but able to imagine the fountain of cum erupting out of Lord Thaz’s two massive cocks. The first thick glob of demon-cum landed on him moments later. It was even hotter than the pre-cum. He could feel himself cooking in it, but he didn’t care.

The cum drenched Tempest thoroughly, coated his entire body in a thick layer of sizzling hot cum. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was even more overwhelming. He gulped down what he could, feeling it burn on the way down into his stomach. But there was just so much. Too much. He couldn’t keep up.

Tempest gasped for air, his lungs burning. He didn’t dare hope that the flow would stop soon, but he at least hoped that he would be able to breathe. It never happened. He lost the battle. In a moment of clarity, he lamented that this was how he was going to die, drowned in a torrent of demon cum.

A heartbeat later, his body forced him to inhale. The burning hot cum surged up his nose and down into his lungs. The most exquisite pain-pleasure lanced through him, piercing his very soul. The world went white, drowned in agonized bliss.

The last thought Tempest had before he felt himself disintegrate was disappointment that he had failed his lord and master.

Tempest started awake. He felt weird. There was something wet and hot on his face. In his hair. All over his body. It was… It was cum. He felt like he should have been concerned, but couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out why.

It took him a moment to realize that he was wearing his visor. That he was standing in broad daylight. In front of the Tether Building. Leading a handcuffed and power-dampened Pyroclast toward a Hall of Heroes custody van.

He licked his lips and tasted cum on his tongue, sending a shiver of pleasure up his spine. His cock twitched in his skin-tight suit, itself wet with cum. He recognized that it would be bad if other people discovered his current state, but he didn’t know why. He was just glad that the visor was keeping his cum-encrusted face hidden from the authorities, and his skin-tight, waterproof suit wasn’t showing any indication that it was filled with fluid inside.

Phantom was there, too. Standing beside him with Temblor in custody. Phantom was wearing a visor, too. Tempest struggled to figure out what was happening. This was like a few days ago, with Luxus. He didn’t remember the encounter with the villains at all, only the ending.

Once the authorities had put Pyroclast and Temblor away, packed into the van, and driven off, Phantom tugged Tempest by the arm and whispered, "Hey… I think we need to talk… Can we go back to your apartment?"

Tempest nodded. He felt a bit unsteady on his feet, but he was pretty sure he could manage to fly himself and Phantom to his apartment.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed news crews approaching. He held out a hand to them and shook his head as he wrapped his arms around Phantom’s midsection. He launched himself into the air before any questions could be asked. He didn’t think either of them could manage talking to the media.

Tempest briefly considered going back for the clothes he’d set aside in the alleyway before flying to the Tether, but he figured that SIBYL would have already gotten a team around to collect the clothes. He put the thought out of his mind. He would just go down to the Hall at some other time to retrieve them.

When they arrived at the apartment, Tempest closed the windows, shuttered the blinds, and said "What do you… remember?"

Phantom shook his head and rubbed his temples. Both of them were still wearing their visors, but Tempest thought nothing weird of it. "There… There was a fight, I think…" said Phantom. "And… And Pyroclast got you… And then he released some sort of poison gas… I can’t remember very well, either… I feel weird…"

Tempest felt a bit too self-conscious to ask if Phantom was also drenched in cum. Besides, he felt like that wasn’t something he could ask yet. The best he could manage was, "I feel weird, too… Maybe we should continue this tomorrow…"

"Yeah…" said Phantom. Without deactivating the visor, he shifted back into his normal form. He just looked like he was dressed normally, but Tempest knew it was just the suit. If Phantom was drenched in cum like he was, then Phantom would still be drenched when he stripped off his suit.

"Maybe you’re right… But thanks for today," said Castor, with a small smile and what Tempest genuinely thought was an adorable little blush.

"You’re welcome," said Tempest. "And hey, give yourself some credit. You helped save the day! Phantom has proven that he still has what it takes after decades of non-active duty!"

Castor scratched the back of his head and giggled. "I suppose you’re right!" he said. "But it’s still rally not my scene, though… I think I’ve seen enough action for a lifetime…"

Tempest laughed as Castor made his way to the door. "We’ll see, man," he said. "We’ll see."

Once Castor was gone, Tempest deactivated his visor. It was a bit weird that he hadn’t deactivated it sooner, since he had been in the privacy of his dorm. But he just dismissed it as part of the confusion.

He walked to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror as he stripped out of his suit. The inside of the suit was damp. His skin was bright pink and glistened with a thick layer of cum. His face, especially, looked absolutely soaked.

He grinned at himself in the mirror. Some small part of him said that this was wrong, that this wasn’t the way things were supposed to be, but he found nothing wrong whatsoever with what he was seeing.

He turned around to see if his back was the same. It was. His skin was pink and drenched in cum. But there was something new there, a tattoo he’d never had. At the top of his right ass cheek, right where it met the hip, was a small flame with what looked like a T inside of it.

A feeling of fondness overcame Corey at the sight of the tattoo. He brushed his thumb over it and was nearly bowled over at the intense pleasure that surged up his spine as a result. His cock twitched. He felt ready to blow. But he didn’t get there.

Something else caught his attention. Something shiny was protruding from between his ass cheeks. He shifted back toward the sink and lifted a leg onto the countertop, giving himself a better view of what was there. It was a jewel. One with deep reds, oranges, and bright yellows. It looked like crystallized fire.

He touched it and felt something shift inside of him. He grunted and moaned as he slowly worked it out. It was a metal buttplug in the shape of a cock. Well, the top five inches of one, at least. Just before the flared, jeweled base, the thick cock-shaped plug gave way to a neck that was about two inches in diameter.

With a quiet moan, Corey worked the buttplug back inside of him. It was hot, and it vibrated slightly. It almost felt like a real cock and it filled him with a warm giddiness.

He had no idea where the plug had come from, or why it was lodged in his ass, but he had no qualms about it. He loved it. And as he pressed his butt against the edge of the sink and rocked his hips to jostle the plug inside him, he wondered if Marcus would love it, too.

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