Super Sucker pt. 7

Two weeks have passed since the Tether building incident, and while the supervillains seem to have been twiddling their thumbs following the failed plot, Corey has been quite busy moving along in his relationship with the blue-eyed man Marcus.

Corey groaned when he heard the phone ping. He lifted his head off the bed and untangled his fingers from the sheets. He picked the piece of carbonate-backed poly-glass off the bed and navigated to his home screen to view his notifications.

The moment that he saw the sender, he gasped, eyes going wide. He nearly dropped the damn thing in the mad scramble to open the message. He moaned quietly when he saw the contents of the message, squeezing his thighs together from the sudden flush of arousal that coursed through him.

Taking care not to unseat or otherwise jostle the vibrator that had been pulsing incessantly in his ass for the last three hours, Corey crawled off the bed. He scampered over to his desk and, using his chair for leverage, pulled himself back up onto his two feet. In doing so, he couldn’t help but groan as the change in posture pressed the bulbous end of the vibrator against his prostate.

He logged on to his computer and opened Mercury, a secure commercial communications platform. The window opened and he was treated to the usual loading animation, a pair of winged boots walking back and forth on top of Lunatech’s logo.

Once the app had been completely launched, he typed in a few quick commands and watched as the sleek chrome sphere resting in its dock beside his computer whirred to life and rose into the air. He fought down the rush of giddy excitement that he felt at seeing it at work.

Corey had to admit that he may have splurged a little bit in getting himself a camera drone, and one of the newest models, at that. But if he was being honest, he was glad for it. It meant that he would no longer have to awkwardly fiddle with the web-cam trying to get a good angle for Marcus.

The drone was a piece of tech that Corey might have never purchased for himself, truth be told, if not for the fact that Marcus had offered to pay half of the not-inconsiderable price tag. Honestly, Corey was happy to have been talked into it.

From now on, whenever they had a video call, the camera feed was all in Marcus’ hands since the drone could be controlled remotely and he had already given Marcus the credentials to do so. It was honestly a relief.

Corey was more than happy to hand over control of the camera to Marcus. He didn’t really want to have to think of it. It ruined the mood. Whenever Marcus called he just really wanted to talk to Marcus, listen to Marcus’ voice, and look into Marcus’ bright blue eyes. He didn’t want to have to worry whenever he put on his little shows.

The app chiming to tell Corey that he had an incoming call interrupted his thoughts. It was Marcus. Corey shivered with excitement and picked it up. "Hello boy," said Marcus, his voice sending shivers of delight up and down Corey’s spine.

"Are you naked like I told you to be, boy?" said Marcus. Corey looked away from the screen toward the drone that was now hovering to the right of his head. He nodded, emphatically and took a step back to give the drone a better view. The polished sphere whirred and clicked as the camera swept up and down.

"Aren’t you a good boy?" said Marcus, as Corey turned back to face the screen. Corey felt a flush of arousal through his body. A quiet little moan bubbled up from his throat as heat flooded into his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

"Why don’t you get on that chair over there and spread those muscular legs of yours for me, Corey?" said Marcus. Corey didn’t have to be told twice. He sat on the chair and raised his legs in the air, draping them over the arm rests as he pushed himself up the back rest.

The drone followed him, whirring as it leveled with his crotch. "How have you liked the vibrator I had you put in that tight little jockpussy, boy?" said Marcus.

"I-I love it, sir," Corey said, gasping and moaning as he felt the vibrations kick up a notch. Like the drone, the vibrator could be controlled remotely and Marcus had the controls. Over the past three hours it had been on a relatively low setting, but now Marcus had kicked it up a little bit, sending helpless shivers of pleasure through Corey’s body.

"And how have you liked the last two weeks of being locked up?" said Marcus. Corey looked between his legs, where his cock was straining inside a smooth metallic cup that followed the contours of his crotch. It was something that Marcus had bought for him, a sophisticated chastity cage compared to the old fashioned metal and plastic models.

Corey placed a hand on the cup and rubbed it. It was fruitless. The only thing he was able to do was make his cock feel the pressure of his hand on top of its cage. It provided no relief, no pleasure. But the fact that he could rub his hands all over his crotch for hours without getting any pleasure out of it never failed to make his cock leak pre-cum out of the hole at the bottom of the cage.

For two weeks, he hadn’t been able to see his cock. But he had been more acutely aware of its presence in those two weeks than any other moment in his life. It was so frustrating, but at the same time it was just so fucking hot.

Over the last two weeks, Marcus had taken complete control of his sex life, making him buy a safe to put all of his sex toys in. The safe was remote-controlled, built specifically for the type of relationship power exchange that he and Marcus had going.

Ever since puberty he had been so used to taking his pleasure into his own hands, but now if he so much as wanted to ride a dildo, he had to beg Marcus for the privilege of it. He loved how little control he now had over his own sex life.

As his cock tried and failed to swell, constricted by its cage, Corey let out a low, guttural moan. "I-I’ve loved it, sir," Corey stammered, so horny that he was rubbing his crotch even though the cage made it impossible for him to get any pleasure out of it. "I’m so horny, sir."

Corey just wanted to cum. Couldn’t stop thinking of cumming. And that was a problem. He was lucky that no big-name super villains had shown up in the two weeks since the kerfuffle at the Tether building. But that didn’t mean that it had all been smooth sailing for the hero of Selene City.

A handful of times over the last two weeks, Tempest had had to jump to the rescue of civilians. The only difference was that he’d done so wearing a chastity cage and a vibrating butt plug. The feeling of the plug repeatedly buzzing against his prostate and his cock straining against its cage while leaking pre-cum all over the inside of his thighs had been a major distraction.

Beyond being just a distraction, chastity also meant that Corey couldn’t use his body as a weapon against the villains. Marcus had been explicit about that. Just because he had his mouth didn’t mean that he could use it freely. Marcus controlled that too.

Fortunately, the small-time villains that had cropped up had been relatively easy to deal with. A well-placed gust of wind here, and a hailstone to the back of the head there, were often enough to lead to a satisfactory resolution to most situations.

"Oh, you poor boy. So horny, are we?" said Marcus, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips. His smooth baritone voice served as the perfect distraction from Corey’s thoughts. Really, he shouldn’t have even taken his attention away from Marcus, but he couldn’t help it. He had just been so scattered ever since Marcus ordered him to put the chastity cage on.

It was like his mind was clinging on to anything and everything that it could to not think about how goddamn horny he was all the time. It meant that his concentration was shot. He couldn’t even watch TV or bear to focus on a video game for any longer than a few minutes. The two hours of porn that Marcus ordered him to watch every day for the duration of his lock-up was almost torture.

"Were you just thinking of the last two weeks, my little thundercloud?" Marcus teased. Corey shivered at the tone of his voice. Just like Castor had suggested during their little coffee ‘date’ before the confrontation with Temblor and Pyroclast, he had told Marcus everything. "How did it feel fighting those villains while acutely aware of the fact that you were in chastity and wearing a butt plug because of me?"

Corey groaned as the vibrations in his ass got even stronger. He bucked his hips, desperate for release but helpless to do anything about it. He’d been leaking profusely for the past couple of hours, and that was without considering how much he leaked even without the vibrations. "I loved watching you on television, struggling to stay in control because of me…"

The realization hit Corey. He hadn’t even thought that Marcus had been watching! Marcus had never said anything about seeing him on television, though he supposed it really should have been obvious. "Really, master?" he said, trying not to sound as excited or happy as he really felt, "you were watching me on TV?"

"Of course I was," said Marcus, his bright blue eyes capturing Corey’s attention and holding it. Every time he stared into those azure eyes, Corey felt like he could get lost in them. He could fall into them for all eternity and be happy for it. "I like to keep an eye on my boys, Corey," said Marcus. "You’re important to me, after all…"

Corey’s chest swelled with happiness. He moaned as the vibrations in his ass got even more intense. His body was awash with pleasure at both the buzzing against his prostate, and the praise. "Y-You think I’m important to you, sir?" he whispered, his face flushed with arousal, happiness, and awe.

"Of course you are," said Marcus. His voice was quiet. Gentle. To Corey, it felt like Marcus’ words were cradling his mind as he stared into those bright blue eyes. Marcus’ voice soothed the troubled thoughts in the back of his consciousness, letting him forget about the stress of rent, and of having to go back to school soon.

"You know, when I first met you, I saw such a nervous and uncertain young man," said Marcus. His eyes seemed to sparkle. They were so enthralling. So enchanting. Corey couldn’t tear his gaze away from the screen. "I never would have guessed that you were Selene City’s own Tempest. He had always seemed so confident and sure of himself to me…"

"Do you remember when you used to be so shy you didn’t want to get naked on video with me?" said Marcus. The small smile that tugged on his lips made Corey smile too. He did remember. Faintly. Fuzzily. He wasn’t sure that it was shyness, exactly, but clearly Marcus thought so. And he trusted Marcus. So he trusted Marcus’ version of events since his own memories were so fuzzy.

"Now look at you, Corey," said Marcus. "You put your cock in a cage for me. You fought villains with a plug inside you for me. I tell you that I want to see you and you don’t hesitate to show yourself off for me anymore. You’ve come so far. I’m proud of you."

Corey flushed at the praise. He moaned, the vibration in his ass becoming almost unbearably good. He couldn’t muster the words to thank Marcus. His thoughts felt like they were being torn apart in the intense pleasure that was rushing through his body. But he was glad that he had made his master proud.

"Aren’t you happy that you accepted my guidance, Corey?" said Marcus, his eyes burning with blue light as they bored into Corey’s. Corey nodded. Of course. He was more than happy. He was thankful. Because Marcus was right. Always right. Without a guiding light, without a hand to control him, Corey would have lost his way. He would never have had the confidence to show himself off like a whore.

After a moment, the incessant buzzing in Corey’s ass subsided. He took a deep breath to regain his composure, at least a little bit of it. Dignity, he let go of. He didn’t need any dignity when he was talking to Marcus.

"Tell me, Corey, my boy, do you want to cum?" said Marcus. He grinned broadly, showing his teeth. There was a mischievous gleam in his eye. Corey wondered what it meant, but only for a microsecond. He was too horny to give up the chance to cum.

"Y-Yes, master!" Corey blurted out.

"Good, good," said Marcus. "Be a good jockboy, Corey. Do as I say and I’ll consider letting you cum." For a moment, Corey felt like his brain had ground to a complete halt. He stared at the computer screen, jaw slack. Drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he felt something akin to icy water trickled down the curve of his spine.

Then, Corey’s mind cleared. He felt even hornier, even sluttier. He squeezed his tight little jockpussy around the butt plug that Marcus had made him put in. He waited for Marcus to give him his next order. "Go get that jeweled butt plug that you got a little while back and replace the vibrator with it," said Marcus. "Then, go get your Tempest suit and put it on."

Corey moaned at the orders. He suspected what would happen next as he swiveled the chair and retrieved the item that Marcus had ordered him to get from the night stand. He pushed the metal butt plug with a jeweled base into his jockpussy. It pulsed and throbbed inside him, making him feel warm and tingly all over.

For a moment, Corey tried to stand, but his knees were like jelly. He got down to all fours and crawled over to the laundry pile, where his Tempest suit was lying. He grabbed it and pulled it on, moaning at the sensation of the skin-tight suit as it glided over his skin.

When Corey was done, he heard the drone whir and chirp, Marcus’ voice coming through one of the built in speakers. "Good boy," said Marcus. "Now I want you to get in front of your full length mirror."

Corey did exactly as he was told. "I want you kneeling," said Marcus. Corey leaned back until his weight was resting on his knees.

"Present," said Marcus. Corey shuffled his knees wider apart and pushed his crotch out. He straightened his posture and folded his arms behind his head. In the mirror, he could see the effect of the suit and the chastity cage. His entire front was smooth like a mannequin.

"Good, good," said Marcus. "Now, tell the man in the mirror what you are. Repeat yourself until he knows in his heart what you are. What you always will be. Do you understand?"

Corey nodded. He looked himself in the eye. He looked Tempest in the eye. "I am a good jockboy," he said, his cock throbbing in its cage, leaking pre-cum between his thighs. "I am a good, obedient jockboy," he said.

"I obey Master Marcus," Corey whispered, feeling the pleasure building in the pit of his stomach. He loved this. Loved every moment of it. "I am nothing but a slave. A good jockboy slave. Master Marcus owns me. Master Marcus owns my ass. My cock. My mouth. I belong to Master Marcus, body, mind, and soul. I am nothing more than his eager little jockboy slut."

Corey shivered. It felt good to admit out loud. He loved debasing himself while in uniform, while Marcus listened and watched. Tempest’s eyes were wide, his pupils dilated. His cheeks were flushed with arousal, Corey could tell.

Just as Marcus had commanded, Corey repeated the words. He wanted Tempest to know them. More than that, he wanted Tempest to internalize them, wanted Tempest to know them to be true. "I am a good jockboy," he said, his cock pulsing, his hole twitching around the plug.

"I am a good, obedient jockboy," Corey said. "I obey Master Marcus. I am nothing but a slave. A good jockboy slave. Master Marcus owns me. Master Marcus owns my ass. My cock. My mouth." His heart swelled with happiness at the affirmation. It was true. Every word.

"I belong to Master Marcus, body, mind, and soul. I am nothing more than his eager little jockboy slut," said Corey, gasping from the pleasure that washed over him upon finishing the mantra a second time. Across from him, in the mirror, Tempest looked dazed, his jaw slack as his chest rose and fell.

"I am a good jockboy…" Corey started, feeling his cock pulse and throb and strain inside the confines of its cage. His mouth watered. His mind felt like it was stuffed full of cotton. He barely noticed the sensation of drool dribbling from the corner of his mouth and rolling down his chest.

"Cum for me, little thundercloud," said the voice of Marcus. Just like that, all of the tension that had been building in Corey’s body, the lust, the arousal, snapped free. He threw his head back and curled his toes, clenching his fingers in his own hair as his cock pulsed and throbbed and strained. But it was still caged.

Cum trickled out of him in a weak, unsatisfactory flow. He could feel it running down his legs, making his suit sticky on the inside. But the horniness, the arousal, it was still there in full force. He whimpered.

Marcus chuckled. "I never said I’d let you out of the cage. Now, listen to me, boy. Tomorrow, something very important is going to happen…"

Corey swallowed his nervousness as he walked up the cobblestone path to the front stoop of Marcus’ stately manor in Tranquility. His hole tingled around the neck of the jeweled butt plug buried in his ass, but not because of the plug itself. It was just as well. From what he understood, he was going to be part of the entertainment for the evening’s festivities.

Every time Marcus had taken Corey home to his penthouse condo suite overlooking the riverbank district, Corey had gotten some idea of how wealthy Marcus actually was. But he hadn’t expected the lavish home that Marcus kept outside of the city. And he certainly hadn’t expected the contragrav limo that had arrived at his front door.

Corey reached for the doorbell to ring it, but the door swung inward before he could get the chance. Marcus walked up to the threshold, leaning on the door jamb while his hand rested on the door knob. He was dressed impeccably in a pair of jeans that clung to his muscular legs, and a flannel button-up shirt that showed off the contours of his deliciously cut body. "Hello, Corey. I hope you didn’t find the trip here too tedious?" he said.

Corey stared into Marcus’ bright blue eyes for a moment, unable to find the words to speak. Marcus always had such a strong effect on him. Chewing on his lower lip, Corey shook his head. How could it have been tedious? He had blocked out a good two hours of his day to accommodate the contragrav train trip out to Tranquility, only to be picked up by a limo. A contragrav limo! "I-It was wonderful," said Corey, heat blossoming on his cheeks.

The truth was that Corey wasn’t used to luxury in any way. The Hall of Heroes had no time for the cushy. As far as organizations went, the Hall was pretty utilitarian in its spending. It was part of the reason that Corey had a dorm room and not an apartment of his own. It just wasn’t in the budget.

A normal limo would have been a first for Corey to begin with. A contragrav limo, which probably cost more than the entirety of his mountain of student debt, was just out there. He’d been worried his dirty peasant shoes would scuff the interior and cost Marcus more than he had any hope of making on his paltry allowance from the Hall.

Fortunately, Marcus had been there to assuage his feelings. That, and make sure that he was occupied for much of the long ride. It was the reason his hole was still tingling and involved sitting on the dildo that came up through the seat and putting on a show.

"Come on inside, boy," said Marcus, gesturing for Corey to enter. If Corey was being honest, he felt a bit under-dressed. Marcus’ manor looked very much like a black tie sort of place while he was wearing a shirt, sweat pants, sneakers, and nothing else. Not even underwear. On Marcus’ order.

As Corey shuffled past Marcus, Marcus leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Did you see the gazebo in the backyard as you were coming in?" Corey shivered at the tone of Marcus’ voice, his arousal surging at the thinly-veiled promise. "Yes. That’s right, boy. The next time that you come over, I have every intention of bending you over the white-washed railing and having my way with that tight little jockpussy of yours."

Corey bit back a strangled yelp as Marcus slid a hand down the back of his pants. Marcus’ fingers brushed against the tattoo on Corey’s ass cheek, sending a burst of tingling heat through his insides from the jeweled butt plug. "W-Why can’t we do it today, master?" Corey whispered.

"Tempting, boy," said Marcus, sliding his arm around Corey’s waist. Corey leaned into the touch, and against Marcus’ side, craving the affection. "But I don’t think so. There are guests coming tonight and we need to prepare. You especially, as you and Castor are to be the star attraction."

Marcus brushed a thumb along Corey’s cheek bone and smiled. "The last thing that we need is for you to get dirty right before the party starts," said Marcus.

"But… But isn’t the point to get dirty anyway, master?" said Corey, not wanting to contradict Marcus but curious nonetheless.

"During the party, sure," said Marcus, with a small smile. "However, that dirtying is going to be in a very calm and very controlled manner. As it should be, don’t you agree, boy?" he added. Corey nodded. Of course. That only made sense. He had been afraid that he would be tossed to the wolves, but he was glad that Marcus would keep control on the situation.

In the space of a heartbeat, however, Marcus’ expression became steely and cold. He grabbed Corey by the chin, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger. "Tonight may be an event for the high-society elites of Selene City, but do not be deceived by their lavish cuts of cloth and jeweled appendages. Among them are degenerates of the most foul kind."

Corey shivered. He hadn’t known that. While he wasn’t one to question Marcus’ actions, he definitely wished that he had been provided a pamphlet before being told to come for the party.

"If you think that I would let them lay their grubby little fingers on my most precious boys," said Marcus, rubbing his thumb in small circles on Corey’s chin, "then I shall be very disappointed in your lack of confidence in my ability to protect you."

Corey gulped audibly. The last thing that he wanted to do was disappoint Marcus. In any capacity. "I… I… Thank you, master," said Corey. "For making sure that everything is safe," he said.

"No need to thank me, boy," said Marcus. "I’m simply looking out for you. You are very important to me."

Corey looked at himself in the mirror, tugging at the shirt cuffs wrapped around his wrists. He couldn’t stop fidgeting with his outfit. It was important that he look his best. He didn’t want to embarrass Marcus. Worse still, he didn’t want to disappoint the master of the house.

"How do I look?" Corey said, turning toward the other boy in the room with him. Castor was bent over, tying the black-and-white high tops that he had been given. His tight muscular ass was framed by the straps of a sexy black jockstrap, and the base of the jeweled butt plug gleamed from between his cheeks.

Castor looked up and walked across the room to Corey. "You look good, bro," he said, with a sardonic grin, though there was a faint tinge of pink on his cheeks. Corey frowned at him. Castor rolled his eyes. "You need to stop worrying so much and just go with the flow. It’s not about what you’re wearing, anyway. It’s about that nice, hot bod." said Castor, punctuating his point by rubbing his fingers down Corey’s chest and stomach.

"Just, please? Tell me if there’s anything that I need to fix?" said Corey.

Castor rolled his eyes again and reached up. "Here. Your bowtie is a bit loose," he said, tugging on both the straps of the bowtie and the flaps of the collar around Corey’s neck. "There. You look perfect," said Castor.

Corey turned around and looked at himself in the mirror. He was tempted to tug on the collar since it felt uncomfortably tight, but Castor had told him it was perfect and he didn’t want to be anything but. Apart from the dress shirt cuffs he was wearing on his wrists and the high-top shoes on his feet, the only other thing he was wearing was a sleek black jockstrap.

It was a special jockstrap with a hole in the front pouch for Corey’s cock to hang out of, highlighting his chastened state. He wasn’t wearing the sleek metallic cup that Marcus had bought for him. Instead, he was wearing a much more aesthetically pleasing, and more traditional cock cage.

The only word that could really be used to describe the cage was pretty. It wasn’t decorated with gems or anything gaudy like that, but the metal wire that was used in its construction glimmered like gold.

The main body of the cage, the part that was wrapped around his shaft, was filigreed in design. It was covered in motifs of lightning bolts that cradled his forcibly-softened dick. The only thing missing was a padlock, but that was probably for the best, as it would have only ruined the aesthetic. Instead, the cage had come with a digital lock that only Marcus’ fingerprint could release.

Castor was wearing a similar cage, though his lacked the lightning motifs. Instead, Castor’s looked like it had vines and leaves crisscrossing through trellises. It was less personal to Castor, compared to Corey’s, but it wasn’t any less pretty.

Another thing that they had in common was the string of clear pre-cum clinging to the tips of their cages. "God…" Corey moaned. "I’m so fucking horny, Castor. I haven’t been able to have a proper orgasm in two weeks."

"Ugh… Tell me about it," said Castor, reaching down to jostle his cock. It bounced up and down from the weight of the cage, letting loose another dribble of pre-cum. "It’s been driving me up the wall. I was so used to jerking my cock two, three, four times a day before this. I just wish master would let us masturbate…"

"Maybe if you’re really good," said the familiar, smooth baritone voice of Marcus from the door. Castor and Corey whirled around at the same time to face their master and fell to their knees, the metal butt plugs in their asses vibrating softly. "But I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon," said Marcus.

"Eyes up. Have you boys been enjoying yourselves?" said Marcus as he walked toward Castor and Corey. He struck an imposing and handsome figure in his three-piece suit. It hugged his form perfectly, and moved fluidly with his every motion.

"Y-Yes, master," Castor stammered. "We’ve dressed up as you instructed. I-I helped Corey with his collar," he said, the pink tinge on his cheeks deepening as his eyes raked up and down Marcus’ impeccable dress.

"Is this true?" said Marcus, glancing at Corey. Corey gulped, swallowing down the moan that had threatened to spill out of him as those blue eyes locked onto his own.

For a moment, Corey was at a loss for words, but he snapped out of his stupor quickly, knowing that delaying an answer was unacceptable. He shook his head slightly and said, "Yes, master. It’s true."

Marcus smiled. "Such good boys you are," he said, reaching down to pat their heads. Corey’s entire body flushed with heat, happiness, and satisfaction at the touch. "Why don’t you stand up and let me get a good look at you?"

"Such pretty boys," said Marcus, as Castor and Corey straightened. "Turn around," he commanded, sternly. Without breaking step or thinking twice, the boys followed and presented their backs to him. "Bend over," he said. The boys did as instructed.

"Good, good," said Marcus, rubbing his hands over their butt cheeks, one each for the boys. "So pretty… And so well decorated, too," he said, reaching between their legs to tap the jeweled base of their identical butt plugs and to wrap his fingers around their gilded chastity cages. "You’re going to be wonderful tonight."

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