Super Sucker pt. 7

Two weeks have passed since the Tether building incident, and while the supervillains seem to have been twiddling their thumbs following the failed plot, Corey has been quite busy moving along in his relationship with the blue-eyed man Marcus.

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Super Sucker pt. 6

Having defeated Pyroclast and Temblor, superheroes Tempest and Phantom must now figure out how to put a stop to the ritual that the two nefarious villains have put into motion. Luckily for them, they have exactly what they need.

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Super Sucker pt. 5

The only two heroes close enough to respond to the scene of the crime, Tempest and Phantom enter the Tether to confront Pyroclast and Temblor.

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Super Sucker pt. 4

After quashing a plot by the Azure Flame to take over Seaside City, Tempest returns to Selene City to hopefully take a break from all the action. But the supervillain assault continues. Only this time, the shapeshifter Castor is caught up in the crossfire.

Castor and Tempest must work together to ensure that Selene City survives the coming storm but neither have realized that not everything is as it seems.

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Super Sucker pt. 3

An indisputable wonder of the age, the Hall of Heroes is an institution devoted to tearing down villainy wherever it dares to rear its ugly head. Last month, one of its darling prodigies, Tempest, disappeared from Selene City after an attack by the villain Shatter and the newly-fallen hero Luxus.

In the wake of his disappearance, the people feared that the worst had happened to their beloved hero. But the Hall managed to rescue Tempest from the clutches of a new cabal of villains that call themselves the Azure Flame.

The city is abuzz with relief and excitement as Tempest is taken in for treatment of his injuries. But what seems to be a victory for heroes and the values that they stand for might in fact be a crippling blow for those who stand for truth and justice.

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Super Sucker pt. 2

Corey Cooper, superhero by night, star quarterback and summa cum laude contender by day, has a dark and dirty secret. He fantasizes about being brainwashed by a villain into a cum-hungry, slutty, mindless little whore.

When the cruel, capricious, and impossibly hot Imperious shows up to play in Selene City, will he be able to resist his urges and remain as the lightning-wielding Tempest? Or is he doomed to give in and end up on his knees at Imperious’ side?

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Super Sucker

Corey Cooper is the kind of over-achieving kid that everyone would hate if not for his enduring charisma but he has a secret. A 4.0 GPA star quarterback by day, by night Corey is the masked hero known as Tempest.

But that isn’t his secret. His secret is that he goes to bed each night fantasizing about being brainwashed into an obedient, horny, mindless sex slave by a supervillain. Particularly the hot, cruel, impossibly handsome Imperious.

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