An Omega Hangover

“Please, my friends will take me…”

The intake clerk huffed. “We have to observe you for 36 hours. We can’t have omegas running wild.”

“I’m not subbing!”

“The officer that found you skinny-dipping in the town fountain this morning disagrees.”

“I was drunk!”

“If it is a mistake, we’ll find you an omega for free. If not, we’ll make sure to find you a great Alpha. I’ll be back.”

Alan sighed, watching the clerk leave. He’d window shopped for omegas before. He’d never thought he’d be on the other side.

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How had life turned out this way for Alan? Not more than a month ago, he had graduated, at last, from his honors program at university. He’d been at the top of his class, riding a wave of success that had been building ever since he achieved the highest academic honors at his old high school and subsequently won a free ride scholarship to his dream university. He had grossly underestimated how competitive his field was. He’d expected that, given his scholarly pedigree, he would have no trouble finding a job. Even if it was just an entry-level position in his field of choice. But here he was, a month later, still unemployed and thoroughly unaccustomed to failure. Not to mention, he had just spent the last of his meagre savings on drink when really it should have gone toward paying this month’s rent.

As he sat there, head in his hands, he guessed that things could be worse. For instance, he could be buried under a staggering mountain of student debt. If there was anything that his academic prowess had managed to do for him, it at least managed to get him out of college without back-breaking debt. He sighed. He had always imagined that the wave of success would continue carrying him forward. He had always imagined that by now he would be a well-established Alpha, looking for an omega that could complete him. Maybe he should have gotten himself tested instead of being so confident in himself because there was nothing quite as humiliating as getting your true nature revealed by a naked, inebriated escapade through town.

Surprisingly, though, he didn’t feel too bad about being an omega. If anything, he felt at ease for once in his life. He’d always had doubts about his sexual prowess. He’d always topped before, but he’d always worried that he wasn’t pleasuring his partners enough. They’d insisted that he was fine, but he’d always had that niggling doubt in the back of his mind. Now that he knew there was a distinct possibility he was actually an omega, somehow it all just made sense. If anything, he was just angry at himself for being so stupid. He couldn’t help but think that no Alpha would want him now that he was a mess, rather than the confident, bright-eyed academic idealist that he had been just a little under a month ago.

Alan looked up as he heard the door open. The intake clerk walked back into the room and took a seat on the single other chair in the room. “Good news and bad news,” he said. “Which do you want to hear first?” Alan shrugged. He didn’t really care. He just wanted to get out of here and wallow in his misery some more. “Okay. Post-presentation depression. Not a good sign, but we should be able to remedy that soon enough…” murmured the clerk.

“Anyway, good news. We don’t have to hold you for 36 hours anymore.”

Alan sighed in relief.

“Bad news, you’re an omega. And you’re way past due for basically… everything.” The clerk tapped his pen on the clipboard he had balanced on his lap. “Not to worry, though. It’s not unheard of. Sometimes a person is just so busy that their body decides to stay out of their way for as long as possible. But now that you’ve presented as an omega, your body is going to start craving the touch of an Alpha, and let me tell you, it’s generally not pretty for late bloomers. So… We decided to go ahead and find out if you match with anyone on record.”

The clerk got up and walked over to where Alan was sitting in stunned silence. He put a hand on Alan’s shoulder and said, “Now remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get mated today, but we need to get ahead of your body and ease you into your new role. So why don’t you be a good boy, and get on all fours on top of the bed?”

Alan sighed and did as he was asked. He was surprised to find that his back arched to push his ass out, like he’d seen many an omega do. It felt right. It felt good. It made arousal swell in the pit of his stomach. And when the door opened to reveal a veritable god of a man, his cock shot to full hardness so fast that he felt a bit light-headed. The scent was so good. It was intoxicating. It made him salivate.

He didn’t remember what happened after that. Only that he felt thoroughly fucked out when the Alpha left the room, and the clerk returned to congratulate him on his new mating.

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