A Himbo’s Guide to Himboing

Hi! Can you write a list of rules for a dumb illiterate twink house boy slave? Maybe things with keeping his mind dumb, what he has to wear, what he should think about, and how he should act?

Thanks. 🙂

Story Request by @letsgayboi77

Of course I can do that. They’re quite simple, really, the rules that empty-headed little houseboy slave sluts like you need to follow. And, honestly, they have to be. Because otherwise, how would you be able to understand them? Dumb little whores like you don’t have the time or the brainpower to process complex thoughts, after all, so the rules have to be pretty straightforward or you’re going to end up busting an artery from all the thinking that you have to do. And we don’t want that to happen, do we? You’re already so dumb that it’s a wonder you can even function. Don’t want you to lose even the last little shred of brain that’s left in there.

And so we come to rule number one: Make your owner happy. Now, don’t try to think about this too much, sluts. You might see on TV that sometimes people give each other roses, or chocolates, or meaningful gifts to make them happy. Let me ask you this: Do you even know how to buy those things? Probably not. And even if you did, you don’t know math so how could you possibly make sure that the vendor isn’t ripping you off? No, no. There’s only one thing that you’re good for, and that’s being a sexy little slut. So, when I say “Make your owner happy,” that means wrapping those plump lips of yours around his cock, or bouncing that fat bubbly ass on his lap. Got me?

Rule number two: Don’t think. Let your owner think for you. Do everything he tells you. This one’s pretty easy. You’re not that good at thinking to begin with, anyway. And we don’t want you wearing yourselves out trying to make those tiny little cock-filled heads think. So just do whatever your owner tells you. It feels good to let other men think for you, anyway. It’s so much more fun.

Rule number three: Always wear slutty clothes. This one’s pretty easy, too, isn’t it? Your owner got you not because you’re smart, not because you’re a good conversationalist, if you even know what that means. Your owner got you because you look pretty and you’ve got a rocking bod and an ass that he can bury his dick in for hours on end. Make sure you show it off for him and for everyone else so that there’s no question that you’re nothing but a silly little cock-whore with cotton candy for brains.

Rule number four: Keep your mind on cock. This one is probably going to be easy for you sluts. It’s all you ever think about anyway. But it bears repeating. Your owner doesn’t want an intellectual equal. He wants a pair of holes that will eagerly service him whenever he wants it to. He wants an empty-headed little slut that will do everything he tells it to. So don’t go ruining it by filling your head with dumb things like news, politics, or even math and science. Just keep watching reality TV with hot guys, and whenever you have the time, think of your owner’s cock. That should be enough to keep you nice and dumb for your owner.

So. There you go. Just a couple little rules for dumb slaves like yourself. Not that you can read them right now. But I’m sure your owner would love to remind you of them. 

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