The Price of Impudence

Hey, Pink Fairy, I don’t believe in your magic at all. I mean, it’s not like you can turn my best friend into a muscled leather pup who is into hardcore shit like fisting and piss. In fact, I dare you to do it. Heck, if it works, I will ask your little purple friend to make me his slut… Oh wait, you can’t! Haha!

Story Request by @solulnua

Has no one ever taught you that challenging cosmic entities is not a good idea? That it scarcely goes the way you want it to go? Even if all you’re trying to accomplish is get exactly what you want? Trust me, they’ve seen it all. A hundred times over. A thousand. Maybe even more. But oh well. If not for the arrogance of humans, we’d never stand to have this much fun.

You wake up in a cold sweat. You’re lying in bed. Naked. On top of the covers. There’s someone in bed with you. A twink. His slender body seems to glow with health in the bright morning sunlight. His lips are slightly pouted as he sleeps, his quiet breaths making your cock stir in your loins.

You reach down, ready to grab your morning wood when you find that it’s locked behind the metal bars of a chastity cage. You moan out of frustration, shaking it, jingling the brass lock. This isn’t what you wanted. Maybe you should have thought twice about throwing a challenge the way of the Pink Fairy.

You end up rubbing your locked up nub for a few minutes before the twink beside you wakes up. When he does, you take a closer look at him and realize that this is your best friend. He looks at you, cracks a small smile, and says, “aww… are you feeling pent up, boy?” he whispers, his high-pitched voice a strange juxtaposition against the authoritative tone he takes.

You don’t know why but you nod. Your friend clambers onto you, straddling your hips. You can see that a key is fastened around his neck, hanging from a golden chain. His cock is unlocked and you fear for a moment that he’ll fuck you. But instead, he takes off the necklace and unlocks your cock.

Your meat springs free and to immediate attention. He leans down and blows on it, making it twitch. Then he mounts you, rubbing your cock up and down the crack of his thick bubble butt. You can only watch and moan as he takes complete control of the scenario, slipping your cock inside of him.

When he does, pain and pleasure shoot up your spine, burning away your thoughts, your intelligence, your knowledge. Your eyes roll back into your head as you feel everything that you are leak out of your cock as pre-cum, lubricating your friend’s chute. You groan, trying to figure out the simplest of math problems to test how far you’ve fallen. You settle on 2+2 = 6 and you know that’s wrong, but you can’t figure out why.

By the time your friend starts moving, rolling and bucking his hips, you’re completely lost. Moaning and gurgling like a cheap whore. This isn’t exactly what you wanted. This isn’t what you tried to manipulate the Pink Fairy into doing. But maybe you shouldn’t have challenged him in the first place.

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