There’s this really hot new guy at the grocery store I work at. Looking at him makes my brain feel like mush…

He’s really hot, but he’s straight. And even if he wasn’t, I’m fat…

I’d give anything to get to be with him!

Story Request by @hypnomule
(Source: @venezuelabulge)

“Excuse me, sir, are you okay?” The sweet dulcet tones of that baritone voice bring you drifting back to reality from the pleasant darkness of the void. You blink as your vision clears only for the face of an angel to come into view. A small smile crosses your lips, only to fall right off a moment later as you realize that you’re standing at the checkout of your grocery store, late at night.

“I-I’m sorry… I must have zoned off,” you say. You hold your head in your hands. You feel dizzy. Hazy. Foggy. Your thoughts feel like they’re creeping through molasses, making it difficult to think altogether. You’re not even sure what you were daydreaming about, or if you were daydreaming at all. In the back of your mind all you can remember is the fading image of a rainswept city and a bright pink neon sign.

“Are you sure?” says the man behind the counter, the gorgeous man, the angel. “You don’t look so good…” He looks around and finds a chair. He puts it next to you. “Sit,” he says. “I’ll just close shop. And then I think I’ll take you home.”

God, you think to yourself. How pathetic can you be? You’re pretty sure this is the third time you’ve gone grocery shopping this week. All just to see his pretty face. And you know he’s way out of your league anyway. You look down at your hands, at a loss, when you realize that something’s different. You look at your arms. They’re bigger. Muscle bound. You feel up your own chest. Your pecs are firm. You have abs. You stand up. Your legs are like tree trunks.

You’re a fucking hunk. If it weren’t for the fact that it feels so good to be in such a beautiful body, you would scream. The clerk comes back around, having closed up, and he gets you to sling your arm over his shoulders. You’re pretty sure as you get out that he cops a feel of your ass, but you can’t be certain.

He takes you to your car and drives you home, only the old ratty apartment building that you used to live in appears to have become an upscale condo. He takes you up to your floor. You don’t know what comes over you, but you invite him in. He seems excited.

Before you know it, despite your bulk, you’re pinned against the wall, his lips hot against yours, his erection pressing into your thigh. One thing leads to another. Your hands roam as much over his tight little body as over your new muscular one, and the two of you end up in bed.

For a moment, you think you’re going to get a chance to test out the new monster swinging between your legs, but as soon as he slips between your two muscular ass cheeks and licks your hole, you know for a fact that this new body is a total bottom. You squeal from the pleasure as he sinks his dick in you, leaking pre-cum profusely onto the sheets.

You have never felt anything so good before. You watch yourself in a nearby mirror get fucked. He pounds you into the bed. Your eyes roll up into your head as he jostles your brain free, fucks it into mush. You moan his name like a cheap whore and you know that you belong to him.

He brings you to hands-free orgasm three times before he pushes into you as far as he can go and deposits his own load. As his hot cum fills you, you know that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. As the last dregs of your intelligence fade away like delicate little soap bubbles, your last cogent thought is that you regret nothing.

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