The Devil’s in the Details

A guy has hypnotized me a couple of times, but we’ve not had a session in a few months because of scheduling, anxiety, and other general stuff. But I can’t stop thinking about him!

Is this normal?

Story Request by @hypnoticprey
(Source: @kinkygayporn)

You must dream about him all the time, his tight muscular body looming over yours, pinning you to the couch, making you melt with the touch of his hands. It must make your cock so hard that you can’t help but be drawn to that pulsating need between your legs, your fingers aching to wrap around your throbbing cock, to pump your flesh until you hit that delicious edge.

It’s strange, isn’t it? How hypnosis can make something that is already so pleasurable feel like utter rapture. It’s what got you hooked in the first place. A few whispered words. The sensation of falling. Deeper and deeper with every breath that you take, your chest rising and falling as you sink into that trance, your body relaxing from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, a pleasant blankness washing over you as you become vulnerable to the very power of his words.

There’s nothing quite like it. It’s intense, and under the right circumstances, it can feel intensely good. You can’t stop thinking about it because there’s something intoxicating about that loss of control, about letting someone else root around in your mind, sharpening the pleasures that you feel and otherwise molding you into the perfect subject for them. You should be more careful. You might find yourself agreeing to more changes than you initially bargained for.

In fact, you’re not so sure you asked to be this way. Constantly distracted. Horny. Thinking about going under. Being ravaged while you’re in that state of mindless bliss. Brain melting out through your ears as the dulcet tones of his words massage you from the inside out, turning you into a dumb little himbo slut.

Then again… How sure are you, exactly, that you haven’t had a session in a few months? 

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