Relaxing All The Way

I’ve been trying to take my husband’s fist since before we got married. We try and try but I just can’t get past the widest part of his hand…

Is there a special lube or anything that could make that happen?

Story Request by @thebluebeaglepup

“Hey, babe, wanna try this one out? See if it helps?” The voice of your husband jolts you out of the somewhat pleasant daydream that you’d been having of bouncing your ass on his forearm. You don’t quite remember when you’d drifted off, nor do you even remember going out for groceries, but as you come back to reality, you realize that you’re holding on to the handle of a grocery car, and your husband is standing there looking at you with a raised eyebrow and a bottle of pink lube in one hand.

By this point, the two of you have exhausted most of your options. What’s a different brand of lube this time? As you shake your head, and the memory of standing in front of a bright neon pink sign in a city drenched with rain fades from the back of your mind, you pick up the bottle that your husband unceremoniously tossed into the cart and read the words printed on the label. “Anal lube for him. Helps clear the mind because nothing can cockblock quite as hard as a full head.”

If you’re being honest, you’re not even sure this is going to be quality lube, but it can’t hurt to try. Unsurprisingly, you’re correct. By the time that you give up, you’re excessively frustrated, and your hole is tingling. It’s a good sensation, but it isn’t quite the sensation of fullness that you’re going after. Your husband soothes you as the two of you clean up and cuddle under the covers for bed.

When you wake up the next morning, your head feels strangely fuzzy. Under normal circumstances you’d be worried, but the fog overwhelming your thoughts is actually quite pleasant. It lets you enjoy the pleasure of your morning wood more than usual. Though it does become a bit annoying by the time that you get to work and you find that you can’t focus on any one thing for more than two seconds.

You end up calling it a day before long and heading home. As the hours pass, your head feels foggier and foggier, but at the same time you get hornier and hornier. It’s not long before you break out your favorite dildo and start playing with your hole. You start out jerking your cock, but even that loses its charm after a while.

It’s only when you hear the door opening and your husband calling out for you that you realize the hours have gotten away from you. Wiping up the drool from the corner of your lips, you sit up and call for him, surprised at how ditzy your voice sounds, but giggling at how airheaded you are all the same. When your husband comes into the room you let the dildo in your ass slip out and present him with your gaping hole.

You giggle vapidly again as he frowns and picks up the bottle of pink lube that you’ve been using all day. But he doesn’t complain. He strips off his clothes and strokes his cock. He’s already hard.

He clambers into bed beside you and massages your ass. He slips a few fingers in, fucking into and out of your sloppy hole as you moan, your cock twitching between your legs, dribbling pre-cum and intelligence out of your head and onto the sheets underneath.

You squirm, bucking your hips desperately, feeling emptier and emptier, and not just in your head, but also in your ass. It isn’t long before he’s trying to fit his fist inside of you. You moan, feeling the stretch. There is no pain though, unlike before. And as the widest part of his hand enters you, you can’t help but moan as it finally breaches your hole.

You shiver, cum dribbling out of your cock from the sensation of being filled up. The lube was right. You just needed to empty your head.

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