A Dash of Salt

Hello, Echo. First of all, I’m a big fan! I’ve read a lot of your stories and captions, especially the Pink Fairy’s work. And after reading about all these different transformations, I was hoping the great Pink Fairy could help me out.

I’m a scrawny and unnoticeable guy and I wanted to be this manly, rugged, hung tough guy. It’s all I ever really wanted to be… So could you please help me out?

Story Request by @bigmanz-f-u
(Source: Mark Henderson)

You have always wanted to be something that you’re not. You’ve always failed. And not for lack of trying. But no matter how hard you try, no matter the extents to which you go, one fact stands out clear to you: it seems there is no way for you to defeat the results you got from the genetic lottery. It seems that you are destined to remain the way you are for the rest of your life. At this point, even though you’re not entirely sure your wish will be granted, supplicating a higher power seems to be your only option.

For a while, nothing happens. This is just what you expected. Maybe even the fairies can’t change you. But one day you wake up with a cold sweat. Even though you’ve never experienced this before, this is something new to you, you know exactly what it is. You don’t even try to remember what happened before you woke up, because you know the memory of that strange sex shop at a crossroads that shouldn’t exist would already be fading.

When you swing your legs over the side of the bed, you’re surprised to find how much denser your body feels. You look down at yourself and marvel the chiseled musculature that adorns you. You moan as your huge cock throbs between your legs, getting harder and harder with every passing moment, making you feel light-headed with pleasure. Only, the fog of mindlessness doesn’t go away when you finally cum all over yourself, painting your pecs with slick white jism, letting the pearlescent seed run down the gutters of your abs.

If anything, that fog intensifies. Memories of a new life assert themselves. Being a bad boy all through school. Not giving a fuck about academics. Shunning books. Avoiding science and math. Getting dumber and dumber with every passing moment to fit your new self.

You get out of bed and walk over to the full length mirror in one corner of your room. You rub your hands all over yourself, massaging your cum into your skin. Your huge cock is rising to attention again, but you know that you have to save it up for the thirsty fags that will pay good money for the cam show that is your primary source of income, now that you’re far too cognitively impaired to hold down any sort of office job. Not that you complain. It’s good money. And you get to get off while on the job.

But if you’re being entirely honest, the whole bad boy persona is a bit exhausting to keep up. Your followers for the most part have played along, but some are catching on to what you really are. And you don’t think you can resist them for long.

There’s nothing you crave more than being held in the strong arms of another man, getting fucked mindless, cumming hands-free in front of the camera. Maybe one day. But not today. Today, you’re a tough dom top demanding the attention of the fags that watch your stream. Hopefully not for much longer.

You yearn for another man to own you. For someone else to do all the thinking for you. You can be a bad boy on the outside, for sure, but deep down you crave submission. It’s just what empty-headed little sluts like you were made for.

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