The Challenger

Not looking for a transformation… Just a story. Has the Purple Fairy ever been out-Alpha-ed?

Story Request by @glurple6

Out-Alpha-ed? No. Never. The Purple Fairy is the very incarnation of what being an Alpha means. No other Alpha can upstage him because by definition he upstages that Alpha. Not that people haven’t tried. And I say people because seeking power and climbing an imaginary hierarchy isn’t important to true Alphas. Only self-proclaimed Alphas are occupied by such meaningless things.

Andy thought that he would try his luck at getting a fucking cosmic entity to submit to him. And he was unpleasant enough to be around that there was no one to tell him how bad of an idea that was. So he went and planned how to trap the Purple Fairy, how to torture him, and how to get him to finally submit. He was stupid enough that he never imagined the Purple Fairy was aware of his plans and was only playing along.

Needless to say, he sprung the trap, started his torture, and got nowhere fast. The Purple Fairy begged and screamed and cried, but never submitted. He waited until Andy was tired and exhausted before he showed that he had never been affected anyway. It wasn’t long after that when Andy found himself pinned against the wall, his cheek pressed into the plaster. He started crying once the Purple Fairy told him that he was going to be taught what a real Alpha is like.

Andy was never the same after that. The Purple Fairy’s massive Alpha cock had cored a pussy out of his ass and had shattered his pre-conceived notions about his own importance. Nowadays he spends his time in hotels as their live-in whore, giving up his ass to any passing cock. He pretends like he resents what’s happened to him, but to hear him squeal and moan as he’s being pounded by one of his regulars, you can tell that he really loves what he’s become.

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