Toy Story

Hello, Pink Fairy. I’d like to offer my body to you and the Purple Fairy as a gift.

I’d love for you to use me as a living dildo, cock always hard, erect, and throbbing yet never cumming — never released from desperate horniness that enslaves me and melts my mind.

Of course, my hole, my nipples, my balls… all parts of my body… shall be yours to do with as you please. If you prefer to keep me as an ever horny puppy or a boytoy is fully up to you.

Story Request by @chyrow

You would have never expected to come across a cult like this. Dedicated to the worship of two fairies, allegedly cosmic forces of perversion and gay sex. And yet, they had found you at your darkest hour and raised you from the shadow and into the light. There was never a dull moment with your brothers in the cult, and the sex was fantastic. They helped you put your life together and craft the body that you had always wanted. You became confident, self-assured. But at the same time your libido intensified to a level where not even your brothers could keep up with it at times.

And so you decided to offer yourself up to your gods. To the fairies. Today is the day that you transcend your mortal form. Or at least that’s what you’ve been led to believe. You are kneeling in the middle of an arcane circle that has been drawn with stripper glitter. All around you, brothers are in varied poses of sexual ecstasy, riding cocks, fucked on all fours, being carried around while being fucked.

You lower yourself onto the massive dildo that protrudes from the centre of the circle and spread your arms, raising your eyes to the massive fresco of the Pink and Purple Fairies that form the back wall of your temple. You roll your hips, moaning and groaning as the "priests" walk around the circle, chanting strange words in a language that you do not understand. They are jerking themselves off, their cocks growing bigger and fatter with every stroke, their balls swelling full of precious seed.

The low drone of a rapid drumbeat pounding through the room reaches a fever pitch before suddenly going silent. As one the priests turn toward the center of the circle. The sounds of men reaching orgasm fills the entire chamber as the priests blow their loads, covering you in scorching hot cum. The pleasure is intense, overwhelming. Your mind blanks out, your hole cinching around the base of the dildo buried in your ass, and you pass out.

When you come to, your senses are filled with divine light and the heavenly scent of sex, sweat, and manliness. You open your eyes and find yourself at a veritable Greek temple, two thrones at the far end. A man, tall, imposing, the apex of manhood, lounges on one of them wearing a purple robe. A twink, with a mischievous glint in his eye and a smirk on his face, is perched much more provocatively on his throne, wearing nothing more than a pink leather harness and a pink thong.

"Welcome," thunders the Purple Fairy. His eyes look you up and down. You can tell he is discerning you, reading the very depths of your soul. He smirks.

"Oooooh," says the Pink Fairy, clapping his hands delicately. "I like him. We accept the offering!" With a snap of his fingers you feel a sucking sensation around your crotch. Then, you feel the Pink Fairy’s fingers around the base of your cock, slowly stroking you up and down. Too late, you realize, that your cock has popped off of your crotch and is currently in the Pink Fairy’s hands, while all that’s left on you is a smooth mound in your groin.

Blood rushes to your face, and your cock, which you can still feel fully as though it’s attached to you, twitches and leaks pre-cum. The Pink Fairy jerks you off for a few minutes while the Purple Fairy watches with a bemused expression. Then, he swallows your cock, making you moan. You don’t think you’ve ever felt so good before. You hit the edge rapidly, but it’s more like hitting a brick wall. As good as you feel, as close to exploding as you get, you know that you’re never going to get there. You’re never going to feel sweet release.

The Purple Fairy hooks his finger in your direction and makes a come hither gesture. You feel yourself float across the temple floor toward him. "Sit on my cock," he commands, brushing aside his robe to release his massive cock. You do as he tells you, your mind going completely blank as you feel him splitting you open. There is no pain, only pleasure.

You moan as the Purple Fairy languidly fucks your hole, and the Pink Fairy spits out your cock to ride it. The pleasure is too intense. Too overwhelming. Your mind can’t handle it. You can feel your brain melting from the overload. The mortal mind was never meant to handle this kind of neverending pleasure. But this was exactly what you’d signed up for. All you can do is lay back and take it, screaming in ecstasy as the Purple Fairy reaches up and pinches your nipples.

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