A Bubble Boy Dilemma

What other Bubble Boy Virus strains are there other than Alpha and Sub? Because I’ve been doing weird things unrelated to those two and I don’t know if I’m infected or if it’s just me wanting to be…?

Story Request by @judealostcause

Does it really matter which one it is? No, really, consider that question for a moment. Not too long. I know it probably makes your head hurt when you think too much, too hard these days. It doesn’t matter if you have the Bubble Boy Virus or not, as long as you’re having a good time. I’m willing to bet that you’re having a lot more sex these days than you’re used to, and I bet that you’ve been enjoying it a lot more, as well. Just giving in to those primal instincts has probably come a lot easier to you and is probably much more enjoyable now, too.

And I know that you haven’t spent much time doing intellectual pursuits. Probably for months now. You’ve been ignoring the news, doing the minimum that you can do for school. You must not have noticed any change at first, but now I bet you can tell that your brain has changed, too. It’s gotten used to not working so hard. It’s gotten used to slower, more simple thoughts. That’s why it’s so much harder to be smart these days. Well, that and the chance that you’ve actually got the virus.

But is it really so bad? Is there really anything to complain about? Doesn’t life feel so much better now that you don’t worry too much about the future, now that you don’t think over every social encounter over and over and over while you lie awake at night wondering if you’ve fucked any of them up? The truth is that life like this is much better, isn’t it? Not thinking as much, letting other people be smart, just living in the moment and enjoying your body. Maybe there’s a chance that you can take back your smarts, but why would you ever want to? Why is that good and this life is bad? Just give in. It’s so much better anyway.

And who cares if you have the Alpha strain or the Sub strain or the Himbo strain? Certainly not you. How do you know you don’t have the Jock strain? Or the Faggot strain? What’s important is that you enjoy it all. Have fun. You might not even have the virus. But again, that doesn’t matter. It’s all about letting go of those silly little smarts in that silly little head of yours. Living in the moment. Letting other people do the thinking for you. Not worrying so much anymore. Just having fun and focusing on the fun things like cock and cum.

So just keep letting that brain rot away. Watch stupid shows. Ignore the news. Avoid reading. Let yourself get dumber and dumber and dumber. If you can do it, then spend your days masturbating. Get stupid. Goon. If you can’t, then fuck yourself stupid on a dildo for as long as you can. It’s all about getting rid of those silly brains. You don’t need them. It’s so much better just being a vapid, empty slut.

And who knows? Maybe you don’t have the virus. Maybe you do. But if you let yourself get dumb enough, I’m more than willing to bet no one will be able to tell. Not even you.

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