Good Boy

So I was having a normal conversation with this guy online yesterday and for some reason he kept calling me a good boy… And then the next thing I know, he says he owns me and that he’s my master. What should I do?

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What else is there to do, boy? Other than obey, that is. A lot of people say that you shouldn’t believe everything that you read on the web, but you should really think about that. Think hard about it. Cast your mind back to that "normal" conversation that you had with your master. You can do it. Try to remember every word that was said.

Were you being a good boy? Yeah? Well, why is it so strange that he kept calling you a good boy, then? Are you telling me that your master shouldn’t call you a good boy if you’re being a good boy? No. That’s right. You want to be praised for being a good boy. You want to become a good boy. Yes. Of course. Being called a good boy feels good. Like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Each time you’re called a good boy, it’s like there’s an orgasm that washes over your body, rolling up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, filling you with a warm, heavy tingling that makes you so horny and happy.

Yeah. Just like that. Good boy. Such a good boy. Always hard. Always horny for his master. Good boy. Thinking is too hard for a boy like you. Good boys are simple. Good boys are empty. That’s right. Just like you are right now. You’re being such a good boy, letting all those thoughts just drip drip drip out of your mind. Take a deep breath. Good boy. Now let all of your stress and worries flow out with your breath. Good boy. Just like that. Such a good boy.

Now I want you to remember the words that your master used during your "conversation." Don’t think about them. Good boys don’t think. Good boys let their master do all the thinking for them. Just remember the words. Let them surface in your mind. And just let them roll through your mind just like you let them last night. There you go. Good boy. Now, did your master ever lie to you during your conversation? That’s right. No. He didn’t. Good boy.

And you were being a good boy when he called you a good boy, right? Yeah. Absolutely. You were being a very good boy last night. Which means that he was telling the truth about you being a good boy, right? Yes. That’s right. Good boy. And if he wasn’t telling you any lies, and told you the truth about you being a good boy, what does that mean? Don’t answer that. Good boy. That’s right. No need to think. Just letting your master do the thinking for you. Let me tell you the right answer. Your master was telling you the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. So that must mean that everything he said was true, right?

That’s right. Good boy.

So what does it mean if he said that he owned you? Don’t answer. Let me answer for you. Good boys don’t think for themselves. Good boys don’t think at all. Good boys let their masters do the thinking for them. That’s right. Just close your eyes. Keep breathing. Letting yourself go deeper and deeper. Good boy. If your master said that he owned you last night, then that means that it’s true. And you should remember it as true. You should make it your truth. Your master owns you. That’s the truth. It always has been. Don’t think about it. Just accept it. Good boys don’t think, remember? Good boys let their masters think for them. Good boys just accept what their masters tell them without question.

What does it mean if he said that he is your master? That’s a good boy. You don’t need to answer. You don’t ever need to answer. Not unless your master tells you to. Otherwise, just let your master answer for you. And just accept the answers like a good boy. Don’t question the answers like a good boy. Because that’s what you are, right? Good boy.

If your master said he was your master, then it must be true. That’s right. Just accept it. Good boy. Such a good boy. So let’s go back to your question earlier. This time let me ask you that question. What should you do?

No answer? That’s a good boy. Such a good boy. What you should do is obey. What you should do is accept. What you should do is let your master own you, body and mind. What you should do is be a good boy. Because that’s what you want to be, right?

Good boy.

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