Cocky Comeuppance

My friend disappeared on me for a couple weeks, actually. He came back acting really cocky and told me about something called Hierarch Industries.

So, what is this and what did it do to him?

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He came back acting cocky, did you say? Arrogant? Acting like he owns the place, just like those self-proclaimed Alphas online? I’m afraid that you may have had your leg pulled. Or that your friend has been deceived by someone posing as Hierarch Industries. True Alphas, such as the ones produced by Hierarch Industries know how to conduct themselves with respect and dignity and while they are self-confident, self-assured, they are never cocky or arrogant because that is unseemly.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend had gone to a Hierarch Industries intake clinic, expecting that he would gain entry into the Alpha program, only to find that he was actually an omega. I imagine that someone with a lot of pride and machismo would think that this is an outrage. I imagine that person might then go somewhere else offering a knockoff treatment and come back acting like the Alpha he believes he deserves to be. You know where I’m going with this, correct? I’m sure you understand. He will cause more trouble than is worth, while spouting the false narrative that Hierarch Industries made him this way.

We have no choice but to get rid of the problem, you understand? Now, we will catch, him reverse the process, and force him into his proper place. Of course, this will be distressing and alarming, especially if it is carried out by our corporate team. But if he really is your friend and you’d rather spare him that trauma, then there is another option. Because according to our records, you are a prime Alpha candidate.

Your friend will be kept under tight watch, and any damage that he would carry out will be mitigated while you are undergoing your metamorphosis so you need not worry. But the choice is yours. Let us take care of this problem or take care of it yourself. I’m sure that you’d prefer the more sympathetic approach. That’s part of why you would make a good Alpha.

Have you decided yet? Good. Once you’re done, you will understand what to do. But just in case you don’t, when you come into your fullness as an Alpha, you will have powerful pheromones that can awaken the inner omega of any man that spends too much time around you. You will use those pheromones to subdue your friend. And because our records indicate that he is in fact compatible with you, you will mate him and teach him where he belongs and why he was wrong to go elsewhere for this treatment.

And then you will punish him. And you will tell him that he must work to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

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