Sneaking Around

I’m a journalist. Recently, I was tipped that something weird was happening at Hierarch Industries.

The more I pursued the story, the stranger it got. So I’ve decided to get myself into that place, hide until night, and figure some things out. I mean, what could go wrong?

Story Request by @boysloveyaoistuff

Maybe the fact that you’re able to infiltrate a corporate HQ that’s normally locked down tight with security should have been your first sign that something was wrong, but you were just overcome by the giddiness, by the excitement of actually managing to pull off something that by all accounts should have been impossible that you fail to notice this one important fact. But your mission is far from done. You don’t know the layout of the building to begin with, and under the cover of night it’s going to be even more difficult.

You take out your voice recorder, hand on the button, ready to record at the drop of a hat. You creep through the darkened corridors, relying on the light streaming in through the windows to guide your path. The first couple of floors look well enough like normal offices that you know you’re not going to find the answers you seek there. So you make your way up, ignoring the sense of foreboding in the back of your mind.

You sneak past a patrol and make your way to one of the building’s elevators. You slip in before you are seen and jam your finger at the button that looks fanciest. That’s probably where all the data is, you imagine. When the door does open you’re immediately hit by an overpowering cinnamon scent that makes your knees turn to jelly.

You stagger out of the elevator and onto the landing. The smooth walls around you pulse with faint blue light. Your head feels fuzzy, your skin feels hot. Something strange is definitely happening here, and you try to say as much to your voice recorder. But something distracts you. The sound of machines winding down. The light on the walls fading. The sudden sharp increase in the intensity of that intoxicating cinnamon scent.

You fall to your knees, gasping for breath, as you pull at your collar. You rip your shirt off, feeling too hot in it. Your skin itches and tingles. Your asshole twitches. You rip your pants off, too, squirming on the ground as your cock bobs up and down in the air painfully hard and dripping on the floor. Your fingers are in your hole before you can even control yourself. And then you pass out.

The next time you come to, you feel like you’re in someone else’s body. You feel so light, so energized, and so, so horny. You look at yourself in the mirror and marvel at the muscles that seem to have grown overnight. You flex, your cock twitching at the sight. You look over your shoulder at your bubble butt, framed by a jockstrap, and give them a jiggle just as the most handsome man you’ve ever seen enters the room with a glass of water.

"Oh, you’re awake," he says, the corner of his lip twitching up into a small smile. He’s wearing a towel around his waist and you suddenly become hyper-aware of the bulge underneath it. "Is that what you want right now?" he says, with a small smirk. "Want me to mate you? Want me to breed that tight little ass? Make you mine?"

Yes. You gasp. You want nothing more than you want that right now. He tells you to get on all fours and lines his cock up with your hole. Before he pushes in he asks you what you intend to do about the story you were working on. Whimpering with need, you tell him that you will tell the world that nothing strange is going on at Hierarch Industries and that the only thing happening would in fact be beneficial to mankind. You imagine your Alpha likes your answer, because he rewards you by sliding his thick cock in your tight hole.

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