Out of The Closet And into The Cage

I have always fantasized about being a gay hypno pup for a dom master, being his puppy, sucking his bone, taking his bone in my ass, moving in and being his pup forever…

But the problem is, I’m a bisexual, closet gay. Can the Pink Fairy help me live this fantasy and help me come out of the closet and be the pup I have always longed to be?

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Well, the first question that you should ask yourself is why you are hiding your true self from the world. Why do you say you’re bisexual when by your own admission, you’re really after only the rougher sex? There are no wrong answers, of course. Everyone has their reasons. And as the Fairy that lords over perversion and deviance, I am hardly qualified to judge you for them. But without knowing the root of the problem, any solution will just be a band-aid. Or at least that’s what all those smart men who gave up their smarts to me over the millennia seem to think.

I have a hypothesis. And you tell me whether I’m right or wrong, though I doubt that I can be wrong because to tell you the truth this is a situation that I’ve seen play out countless times in my long life. The reason that you’re not out as the gay man that you are is because you’re afraid of the repercussions. While you say you’re bisexual you can at least convince the people who will be the most critical in your life that you can be "straight" if you want to be. No longer if you come out as fully homosexual. In short, societal expectation weighs heavy on your shoulders. Even thinking about coming out makes you anxious about how other people will react, how their treatment of you will change. Is that right?

I thought so. Well, the solution, it seems to me, is frightfully simple. Just don’t think about coming out. Do it. Don’t think about it. That’s all that you need to do. And then you’ll be on your way to a happy life of servitude and puppyhood. But let’s be real. If it were really that easy, then you wouldn’t have come to me, would you? I’m sure you’ve already stumbled upon this solution. But try as you might you couldn’t not think about coming out. You could never quite muster the courage, or the nonchalance to do it.

Well, that’s to be expected. Smart little cookies like you hardly ever get a moment’s peace from the torrent of thoughts that thunder through your brains. It’s a wonder that you can even manage those precious few moments of focus when you’re working on something that interests you rather than worrying about what other people think of you.

So here’s the plan. I take it all away. That’s my price. All those thoughts. Those memories. All that knowledge that you spent years in school and thousands of dollars in tuition to receive. I’ll take it all away. In exchange for making it easy for you to come out. In exchange for making your life into what you have always wanted it to be. What do you think, pup? Well, truth be told, it doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m going to do anyway. Did you think that you would have a choice once I brought you before me? Well, don’t you feel silly now?

I bet you do. I bet you feel very silly. Coming here and expecting to be told that you can back out of the deal. Yeah. So silly. Hold on to that feeling. You’re going to be feeling it a lot more from now on. That will be your new normal. Feeling silly. Not being able to figure out the most basic of problems, be it mathematical, scientific, or even linguistic. I bet you can already feel it. Your thoughts becoming fuzzy. It’s like a fog is wrapping itself around your mind. It’s like your brains are melting away, being replaced by cotton candy.

Here. Look into the mirror. Look into your own eyes. See how sharp they are? See how they sparkle with intelligence? Yeah. Now watch as they grow dull. Watch as they glaze over. As your cheeks become pink, like the haze that’s in your mind. Watch as your body flushes.

That’s a nice cock you have between those legs, pup. Would be a shame if anything happened to it. Oh. Look. It’s sticking straight up. You’re turned on, aren’t you? Well, it’s not your fault. I bet that right now you’re finding the thought of being turned into a dumb mindless little pup extremely appealing. Look at that puppy prick twitch.

You’re leaking. Can you see it? Dripping down the side of your twitching cock. Glistening in the light. That’s the old you. Your smarts. Your memories. Your identity. Just melting away in the heat of your arousal. Thinking’s becoming hard. Impossible, even. Your thoughts are slow, now, if they move at all. And they’re probably very simple. Horny. Hard. Want master! Want to be a good boy! Those are probably the only thoughts left in your mind now.

I wonder if you can even understand me anymore. Well, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Look at you. Cute little pup. Tongue out. Drooling. Panting like a good boy. That’s right. You’re a good boy. But there’s something missing. See this? Yeah. Let’s wrap this cage around that puppy prick. Good boys don’t cum without permission from their masters. Good boys are horny and dumb and blank and mindless all the time. And I’m going to make sure to find a master that won’t let you cum so that you stay horny and dumb and blank and mindless forever. What do you say?

Good boy. Now, close your eyes. It’s time to send you back to your new world. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

You startle awake by the sound of rustling overhead. You try to sit up but you bump your head on the metal top of your cage. You’re a confused pup. You had a weird dream where you were a human. But that doesn’t make sense. You’ve always been a pup. Always been horny. Dumb. Blank. Mindless. Letting your master do all the thinking for you because he is the smart human and you’re the dumb little sub pup.

You sidle over to the bars of your cage and look up toward your master on the bed on top of you. He smiles down at you and unlocks the door. He tells you to get on the bed. You obey. Of course you do. You love your master. You belong to your master. Good pups like you obey their master without question.

He tells you to put your butt up in the air and you do so, shaking your tail from side to side eagerly because you know what’s coming up next. You feel your master shift as he picks up the remote from the night stand. Then, he lines up his cock with your hole. As he presses his hips forward, pushing his thick hard cock into you and holding on to your leash with one hand, he turns on the television at the foot of the bed.

Your favorite spiral comes on and automatically your eyes are riveted to the center. You moan as your eyes glaze over, and your puppy prick swells in its cage, leaking onto the bed. You feel yourself grow even more blank, even more mindless, as drool drips down your chin. Master fucks you roughly, pistoning his cock in and out of your eager hole and as he does so he tells you that you can feel his cock in your head.

And you do. You can feel his cock in your head. You can feel it sliding in and out of your skull. Fucking your brains. Turning them to mush. Like a good pup’s brains should be. And all you can do is moan and whimper and leak through your locked up puppy prick because this is your new life now and even if you could still think for yourself, you would hardly have any reason to change anything.

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