Perks of Being a Vampire

Lord Salim has been around for 1800 years. It’s about time for him to get a house boy.

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Lord Salim had been sired in the 3rd century AD by a cunning temptress that had seen his youthful beauty and charm as an invaluable asset. After all, there were men she couldn’t seduce the breeches off because of their natural proclivities. In fact, Salim had been one of those men. Had always been.

Of course, Salim’s sire had long since gone on to the long night. It had been an awful accident, indeed. Salim had been busy cutting firewood one night, a few years after they had moved to Norway, and it just so happened that his sire came out of the house, screaming. She fell and tripped on a small stone.

Tragically Salim’s sire had fallen on one of the wedges of firewood that had turned out sharper than Salim intended. And by some twist of awful misfortune, it had pierced her right through the heart.

To make matters worse, Salim had had to watch as the axe he’d momentarily set down on the stump he’d been using to cut his firewood fell from where he’d left it and decapitated the vampiress. It had been such a sad day, indeed. But Salim had recovered from the trauma and had moved on to have a very happy un-life.

Indeed, over the past 1800 years, Salim had amassed for himself quite a fortune, spread out over a thousand bank accounts of varying sizes, of course. He would have gone on to Neravichia with the rest of his kind, but he had always been more of the solitary type of vampire. Besides, he enjoyed living in the human world, despite the disadvantages inherent therein.

This century, however, Salim had chosen to forego his more usual humble trappings. He had bought himself a small manse. It was nothing spectacular, but it was definitely luxurious. Enough, perhaps to make a celebrity or two envious.

Besides, Salim liked little improvement projects. He had the time and money to tend to them. Immortality had its perks, after all. And in this age of enlightenment, he well-deserved it after having lived through all the worst eras in history to be gay.

In this more accepting world, Salim had little trouble wrapping pretty men around his finger. He could have fun as much as he wanted, with little care for the consequences. But as he had found through his years, archaic beliefs were stubborn. They took far longer to die than they should.

Occasionally, Salim would still encounter the occasional homophobe. He left them alone for the most part, but this one in particular, Jude, ticked him off.

After crossing paths with the douchebag who thought he owned the street outside the local gay bar, Salim decided that it was time for him to get a quasi-immortal houseboy to service him for eternity. Or, at least, until he got tired of him. So, before Jude thought of doing anything like beating up a young couple coming to or leaving from the gay bar in the dead of the night, Salim had him… picked up.

Having nearly-limitless wealth at his fingertips meant a certain degree of latitude, so to speak. Salim exercised every bit of influence that he could muster to get what he wanted.

Now, months after his first encounter with Jude, Salim had an opportunity to see the result of his investment. The transformation was beyond spectacular. Before, Jude had been a rather hulking beast of a man. He had been sinfully hairy, enormous in every way, and copiously endowed. Such a shame that a glorious body had been wasted on such a shitty person.

Now, though, Jude was none of those things. He had spent the past few months more sedated than awake. And he was hardly lucid when he was awake. Today was as much a revelation for Jude as it was for Salim.

And much to his delight, Salim got to watch and feel the emotions that tore through Jude as the sedative wore off and he became aware of his new self.

Predictably, Jude wasn’t having it. He was confused, at first. Then, realization set in as he stared at his crotch, the deflated pouch of the white briefs he’d come in. Anger followed soon after, but all he could do was shake impotently in place. The tears didn’t take long after that.

In one glorious moment, the hyper-masculine bully was shattered into a thousand pieces. And from the sound of his sobs, Salim was more than willing to bet that Jude wouldn’t be too much harder to train into a perfect house boy.

Jude stood in front of Salim, shaking quietly, as Salim examined the merchandise. Salim leaned into Jude’s ear and whispered all the different things that they would do together. It only prompted louder, more terrified sniffles from the boy.

Salim reached up and shook the bathrobe off of Jude’s shoulders. Jude didn’t fight. It was hard to see how he could, anyway. He seemed to be in shock.

Salim loved what the people he’d contracted had done to Jude. The new unit had a plump fuckable ass, perfect for eating and pounding. And Jude’s once-mighty cock had been reduced to little more than a nub, leaking profuse amounts of clear liquid.

Despite the distress that Salim could sense from his new toy, he could tell that the old Jude was still in there somewhere, waiting to reassert himself when the time was right. But Salim wasn’t afraid. After all, what could Jude possibly do to his immortal, invulnerable ass?

With a small smirk, Salim took a step back to admire his newest possession. He was going to enjoy breaking this one. Jude might still be wearing CK’s and thinking that he was straight and hated gays, but Salim had no doubt that the boy would soon be wearing pretty pink thongs to hold his jeweled buttplug in place and to keep his little nub out of the way when real men plowed his rpetty bubble.

Soon, Jude would be speaking with a lisp and giggling vapidly, walking with a sashay to rival the most intensely flaming homos Salim had seen in his long life. Soon, Salim would have Jude begging with those plump lips of his (the ones on his face and the ones in his ass) for cock.

And there would be no need for magic. No need for hypnosis. No need for drugs. Nothing. Salim would make sure that Jude did every last one of those things of his own free will.

Salim was going to break Jude. Salim was going to have his soul. And when Salim was done with Jude, Jude would willingly erase everything that he once was for him.

It didn’t matter how long it would take. Jude would never be able to hurt Salim. And Salim had all the time in the world.

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