Application Alteration

Nate has a serious case of FOMO, but it comes around to bite him in the ass when he picks up an app that changes his life irrevocably.

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FOMO. Funny how a major existential crisis can be summed up in four letters. Nate didn’t know why it was such a big deal for him, but it was. He couldn’t stand the thought of not doing something and regretting it for the rest of his life.

So when the new app was making the rounds in his friend group, Nate just had to pick it up for himself. It was simple enough, requiring that you trace a path from a key to a door without crossing any of the lines spread throughout the screen. But merely by opening the little game, Nate had already sealed his fate.

Nate wasn’t due to see his friends for about another week or so, which meant that he wasn’t privy to their transformation. Not that it would matter for very long, because he had his own transformation to look forward to.

As Nate played the app, surprisingly engaged by the deceptively simple stages, he felt a strange heat blossoming across his chest. The game could be played with one hand so he tugged at his collar with his free hand, trying to get cool. But that didn’t work.

Before long, Nate was feeling sweaty and sticky. It was gross. Disgusting. The cotton of his shirt was making it especially bad. Setting the phone down briefly, Nate grabbed the hem of his shirt and ripped it off his body, tossing it halfway across the room as he laid back in bed to play.

A few levels later, Nate’s pants started feeling tight. The game’s underlying programming had finally kicked into full gear. Anyone watching from outside would notice that the screen was flickering every so often. Not to mention the fact that anyone watching from the outside would also soon succumb to the powerful subliminals flashing across the screen.

All this time the game had been slowly rewiring Nate’s brain. Not that he was aware of it. He could feel his cock hardening, and despite trying to keep his focus on the game he couldn’t stop thinking about his friends. The times that he’d seen them naked in the gym showers.

For the first time in his life, Nate started thinking of these men in a sexual way. They were hot. Their ripped, muscular bodies were almost enough to make him drool, and they were certainly enough to make him slide his hand under the waistband of his pants.

With a slow, dopey grin, Nate rubbed his hardening cock through his underwear. He closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the sensation, imagining that he was playing with his best friend Chris’ cock, instead.

When he opened his eyes again, Nate noticed that the app was asking him to download another program. He happily did so, and while it was installing, he realized that his pants were feeling uncomfortably tight. He unbuckled his pants and slipped them halfway down his thighs.

The new app booted and immediately, Nate was enchanted by what he saw on the screen. It was simply a keyhole with a spiral in the background.

Words flashed across the front of the keyhole.

That’s it, boy… Rub your cock through your underwear… It feels good, doesn’t it? You want to grab it and jerk it, don’t you? Getting hornier and hornier and hornier… Almost like you’re about to bust your nut…

You’re getting closer and closer and closer to the edge… And as you get closer to cumming, the deeper you fall into this nice, obedient, relaxed trance…

That’s it… Getting closer… Getting closer… But just befroe you cum, you suddenly feel a hard plastic shell form over your cock… You rub it and you rub it and you hump your hand and you hump the bed but it cuts off all simulation…

Nate moaned. He could feel it. The plastic shell. Making it impossible to cum. Impossible to stimulate his cock. It wasn’t actually there, but in his mind it was. And no matter how much he tried to rub and stroke his cock through his underwear he couldn’t feel it.

You try and you try but nothing seems to work. Your cock never goes soft. Your horniness doesn’t go down… You remain in this state, becoming hornier and hornier and hornier until you’re so desperate to cum that you’ll do anything I tell you…

And when you’re this desperate, it doesn’t matter what your sexuality was before… The desperate need to cum makes you want to seek out cock. Lots of cock. A cock in your mouth. cock in your ass. Cock on your face.

Blowjobs will help stave off the desperation for a little while, but the shell around your cock will stay… It only goes away when you get a guy to fuck you and leave a load in your ass… After that, the shell will vanish. For five minutes…

And when it does, you’ll rub yourself, you’ll hump your hand, you’ll pull your cock and tug it and stroke it. You’ll get so close to cumming. So, so close, but whenever you’re just about to cum, the shell will return until you get fucked again.

Nate moaned, a small part of him that was still lucid recognizing what was going to happen to him but powerless to prevent it. The thought didn’t linger for very long, swept away by the rising tide of arousal and lust and pent-up horniness that was slowly filling him.

And every time that you get fucked, your desperation to cum will turn into a desperaton for cum. And when you’re getting fucked not because you watn to cum, but because the thought of not having cum in your as just fills you with dread, your little cock will finally cum.

And all your old thoughts, memories, desires, dreams, and aspirations will go out with it. Everything will be replaced with cock. And cum. And being the best little slut that you can ever be.

Nate whimpered. It was both terrifying and incredibly hot. He was going to destroy his own mind by his own hand.

That’s right, boy… You’ll become nothing more than a dumbslut himbo who’s not good for anything other than getting fucked and getting filled with cum.

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