Breaking Butt

I’ve always had a really flat shapeless ass, so guys don’t really look at me much. Could the Purple Fairy give me a really huge ass if I promised to let him fuck it after he’s done?

Story Request by Anonymous

The feeling of ice-cold driving rain was still fresh on Ray’s skin when he woke up to the sunlight streaming in through his window. He had had a strange dream, but he couldn’t quite remember it, as if the more he reached for the memory, the more it faded from his mind.

Ray’s sheets were drenched through with cold sweat, some of which was still dripping from his forehead onto his bed. As he woke up, he realized that he was in a strange position. His arms were up by his head. His chest was pressed up against the sheets. His ass was up in the air, propped up by his knees.

All that Ray really could do in the moment was moan as he felt the cool morning air waft across his exposed butt cheeks. His ass was so fucking sensitive, even just the gentle brush of the wind felt like someone was touching him.

Ray felt his hole twitch and flutter as he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking himself on an invisible cock. Every motion, every back and forth, sent a tingle of pleasure up his spine, eliciting a quiet moan from his lips.

With a grunt, Ray reached between his legs with one of his hands. His cock was swollen and throbbing, a silvery strand of pre-cum dripping from the tip. He was so horny. His mind felt all sorts of fuzzy and hazy with lust. He could scarcely think of anything other than coming.

As he worked his fist up and down the length of his shaft, Ray realized that his cock was shrinking. His girth was the first to go, but length was quick to follow. Eventually, he was left with a tiny one-inch nub. All he could do was moan as he rubbed his crotch to either side of it, the nub itself far too sensitive to even stroke delicately with his thumb and forefinger.

Shortly thereafter, Ray felt something else happening to him. His body felt like it was pulling in on itself. He had never been the most built guy, but he had definitely worked on his muscles to make up for his less-than impressive ass.

While Ray watched, the muscle on the arm that was still up by his head slowly retreated back into his body, leaving him with a stick thin arm. In his shock, Ray could only stare numbly as his body shrank, leaving him bereft of the only thing that he could be proud of given his ass and what had already happened to his cock.

Before Ray could sink from shock into despair, pleasure unlike anything that he’d ever felt before crashed through his body. His eyes rolled back into his head and he felt his little cocklet spurt clear fluid from the tip.

Ray’s back arched, pushing out his ass as the flesh of his butt cheeks seemed to bubble and ripple. He moaned, another not-quite orgasm tearing through him as his ass swelled.

There was a moment of quiet, just enough for Ray to take a deep breath before yet another orgasm hit and his ass ballooned out even more. Where he’d had a flat, unremarkable ass, he now had a beautiful little bubble that looked so much bigger on his now-much-smaller body.

The transformations didn’t change there, however. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm battered Ray’s body and mind as his ass continued to grow, seemingly taking all the mass that his body had lost and depositing it into the fat bubbly cheeks that were now jutting out obscenely from his hips.

By the time that it was over, Ray could only lie panting against the bed. His ass was huge. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he was more ass than he was human. So much blood went to his cheeks and twitching hole that his brain felt like it was being starved, leaving him lightheaded and nearly unable to think.

One thought dominated Ray’s mind, and that was getting fucked. He had the kind of ass that any man would happily suffocate in, but he didn’t have any man buried either face-first or hilt-deep in his ass. His hole was twitching madly, desperate for any stimulation.

Ray would have fingered himself, but his ass was simply too big to reach around. The most he could do was pull his ass cheeks apart and push them together while humping backward into the air. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. Far from it.

Something solid, a hand, it felt like, materialized from thin air and settled against one of Ray’s voluminous ass cheeks. For a moment, he was struck with clarity. He remembered the wish that he had made, and the promise that he had slipped in there hoping that it would make the wish more likely to be granted.

A husky voice that sent a shiver down the length of Ray’s spine whispered in his ear. "You mortals all think that you’re brave enough to offer yourselves up to the service of the Sídhe. You think that you can take it, because your tiny little mortal brains can’t really comprehend us as anything beyond pretty looking people with magic."

Ray squirmed as he felt teeth graze the curve of his back. "But none of you are ever ready to take on even a fraction of our true selves. Not that I particularly care whether you are, or not."

Something big and hard pressed up against Ray’s hole. It felt as thick around as a baseball bat, and it was pushing into him with insistence. His hole quivered, and then started to leak something hot, wet, and slippery. He opened up, and the enormous cock slid into him, inch after inch after endless inch, until he could feel it at his throat.

Ray squeezed his eyes shut as he was lifted into the air and bounced on the huge fuckpole buried almost all the way through his body. His ass tingled and surged with electric pleasure as he bobbed up and down, his insides getting rearranged with every thrust.

As the rut picked up in speed and ferocity, Ray felt a strange new sensation. He felt like his entire body was being smothered by hot, hard cocks. He cracked open an eye and saw that his skin was glistening, like it had been covered by pre-cum.

But Ray didn’t have more than a moment to think about that. Something else happened. It was strange, but he could almost feel like there was a cock poking through his skull, piercing into his mind.

The cock was huge. It was hard. It throbbed and leaked pre-cum. It thrust back and forth and back and forth, pushing out the contents of his mind as it ruthlessly fucked his brain. It wasn’t the only one. More and more cocks joined in, skewering his mind, flooding it with cum.

By the time that the Purple Fairy was done with him, the only thing that Ray could do was lie in bed, soaked with cum, his ass throbbing and ever-hungry for more.

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