Long Day

An omega and his Alpha settle in for the end of a long day at work.

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Not every Alpha, and certainly not every omega, works at Hierarch Industries. The Hierarchs have an agenda, things to do, people to "convince," propaganda to spread, and markets to infiltrate. Those chosen few who sojourn beyond the hallowed halls of Hierarch Industries’ inner world are known as the Vanguard.

You and your Alpha belong to this elite group, put on assignment based on your individual merits. It’s a good life, one filled with purpose beyond just being the best omega for your Alpha that you can be. You dedicate yourself to the service of the Hierarchs and the new order that they are building.

But sometimes, life as a member of the Vanguard can be difficult. Unlike most other Alphas and omegas under the purview of Hierarch Industries, you and your Alpha live in a normal residence, away from many of the luxuries offered by the company. There are certainly pros to this life, but it certainly also has its cons.

It’s been a long day for you and your Alpha. You both work for different companies—rival ones, in fact. Although usually this means that you will cuddle in bed and watch a movie that happens to be so bad it veers in the direction of good, this time is a little bit different.

There is a lot of tension in the pit of your stomach. The two of you haven’t had a chance to really have a go at each other for a while, no thanks to work. And if the text messages that you’ve gotten from your Alpha are any indication, you know that he’s every bit as anxious to come home to you as you are.

You arrive at home before your Alpha does. You’ve been distracted and unable to concentrate all day, but your mind seems to snap into sudden clarity when you walk into the house. You know what you need to do, what things you need to get straight so that there won’t be any interruptions when your Alpha comes home.

You set to cleaning the house and do so in record time. Every inch is sparkling by the time that you look at the clock and realize that he is coming any moment now. You hurry up the stairs to your bedroom and briefly glance at the paddle.

You’ve been horny, but you’ve been a good boy. Mostly. You haven’t touched yourself, but you have humped your desk at work. And even if no one was looking, you know you’ll have to confess. A momentary lapse of discipline had to be punished, lest it become more than momentary, so you grab the paddle and lay it on top of the sheets.

You strip naked and fold your clothes and put them away. You won’t need them for the rest of the evening. Nor for the next few days as it’s a long weekend. You clamber onto the bed and lounge there, bare and eager for your Alpha to arrive and claim you.

A few minutes later you hear a car pull up into the driveway. The front door opens. The stairs creak faintly as someone climbs. The door to the room swings on its hinges and in he walks, every bit as naked as you are. He chuckles, and the sight of his smile makes you tingle all over and deep inside.

You crawl to the edge of the bed. You want him. Badly. And you can tell that he wants you just as much from the way that his already-hard cock bounces between his legs. It’s a pity that you don’t have the luxury, the cage wrapped around your member thwarting any attempt at getting an erection. "God, baby," your Alpha whispers, cradling the side of your face, "You’re gorgeous."

You smile at your Alpha, already leaking from your cage. He places a hand on your head and rakes his fingers through your hair. "Work was a bitch today," he says. You can sympathize. He’s tall and strong, every bit the Alpha that you know he is, but you can also tell that he’s tired and on edge. Not in the good way. But you also know that as his omega, you are uniquely positioned to take care of his needs.

His grip tightens in your hair. His cock is at eye level, a strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip. You lick your lips in anticipation, but know better than to do anything without permission. "I hope you’re hungry, baby," he mutters, "Daddy’s got a lot of steam to blow off."

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