Doped Down

Having always had dreams of becoming a body-builder despite his skinny body, Joe takes a bit too much of a shine to a new and experimental drug that his friend Lucas has been working on. Against his better judgment, he decides to sneak a dose of the drug and realizes that the physical changes come with significant psychological ones.

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"It’s quite amazing, actually," said Lucas. He tapped his pass card on the card reader by the door of the biochem laboratory building. It was by far the largest building on campus, and the newest. There was a quiet beep as the small indicator light on the lock turned green and the door swung open of its own accord.

Joe walked into the building when Lucas motioned for him to go in. He knew the score—it was much the same for the physics labs. The door was going to start closing as soon as the pass card used to open it moved past the threshold.

"I know all the jargon I was talking about earlier probably didn’t mean much to you," said Lucas, as he followed behind Joe. The door closed behind them. "But I appreciate that you at least pretended to understand what I was saying."

"Wow. This place is just… Wow. Wish my department had this kind of funding," said Joe. He could only marvel at the facilities. It was all so modern, in comparison to the physics building which was constructed a few decades ago.

The labs that bordered the main corridor were sealed off with airlocks. Through the glass doors, Joe could see that they were fitted with the latest, state-of-the-art biochem tech. It boggled the mind to think of how much money had gone into building and outfitting all the labs, and while he was more of a theoretician than an experimentalist, Joe couldn’t help but be a little envious of all the shiny gizmos.

"Anyway, the point is, this new formula boosts muscle growth, muscle density, muscle definition, muscle strength, and muscle endurance with seemingly no detrimental effects," said Lucas. "Well, other than maybe an increased appetite."

Joe and Lucas walked a little ways down the hall to lab 2F. Lucas got the outer door of the airlock open with his pass and had Joe step inside. He followed after, and handed Joe a lab coat, pair of goggles, and hairnet from a hook on the wall. "Put these on," said Lucas.

Joe looked at what he’d been handed. "Do I really have to?" he said. He was excited to see the drug that Lucas was talking about, but he wasn’t exactly keen on wearing a probably-itchy and ill-fitting lab coat.

Lucas, on the other hand, was already wearing his set of clothes. "You don’t have to," said Lucas. "But then you’d have to walk back out. Besides, I’m sure this is something that you’d want to see. When we get this to market, this could finally be the thing that lets you get over that major roadblock you call your body."

Joe blushed as he tugged the lab coat on. He really shouldn’t have told Lucas about his dreams to become a bodybuilder. It had been his most vain and futile ambition, from the moment he was able to safely work out without stunting his growth.

Some days, Joe wished that he could just set the idea aside since the years had made it clear to him that it was never going to happen, and not for lack of trying on his part. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the strength nor discipline to do the workouts and diet that was required, just that his body, for whatever reason, refused to put on muscle mass.

"Alright, fine," said Joe, smoothing the lab coat down over his front. The sleeves were huge on his thin limbs, and it draped loosely over his narrow shoulders. As if he needed another reminder that his body was the biggest obstacle in the way of the one dream he couldn’t let go.

Joe tugged the hairnet over his head. When it was firmly seated, Lucas pushed a button on the wall. There was a hiss as air blew down from the ceiling. After a minute or so, there was a buzz, and the door that led into the lab opened.

Lucas took the lead this time, and Joe followed behind him. "Here, take a look at this," said Lucas, picking up something from one of the desks near the entrance. It took a moment for Joe to register that it was a picture frame.

Behind the glass were what appeared to be pictures of two different rabbits at first glance, but the patterns on the thing’s body left little doubt that it was the same rabbit before and after treatment. "What the fuck?!" said Joe.

Lucas chuckled. "That there was the first ever successful test of the formula. We called him J.R. for Jacked Rabbit. He’s not with us anymore, but he was fun while he was around."

Joe could see why the researchers had settled on that name. The thin emaciated rabbit in the "before" picture seemed like an entirely different animal from the tough, muscular rabbit in the "after" picture. If he didn’t know better, Joe would have said that the second picture was photoshopped, but it just looked too realistic and too perfect to be anything but real.

"Anyway, we’ve been testing on larger animals since," said Lucas. He motioned for Joe to follow and led Joe to a small enclosure with a pig that Joe could only describe as "swole" on the other side. "He’s had only one dose of the formula but, as you can see, the results are quite promising."

Promising, my ass. Joe thought to himself. The results weren’t promising. They were downright miraculous! "How are you getting the drug inside the animal?" said Joe. He could guess that the researchers were using some sort of injection, but he didn’t imagine that was easy or pleasant for the animals.

With a hand on Joe’s shoulder, Lucas led him over to a nearby table. A half-dozen small bottles filled with pills were arranged in a neat row on top of the table. "Oral, if you could believe it. It works better, and it’s much easier to get inside the animals without causing too much distress."

Oral. Joe couldn’t believe it. The solution to all his problems, the answer to his prayers, was within his grasp. He didn’t know if he could wait for the research to receive approval for human experimentation because he was definitely going to volunteer. One thing he did know for sure was that he was going to go crazy if he had to wait for it to hit the market.

Joe’s thoughts were interrupted by the familiar tune of an over-played pop song as Lucas’ phone rang. Lucas seemed perturbed by the sight of the caller ID, but all he said was, "One sec. I just gotta answer this call. Don’t touch anything."

As Lucas walked away, the seed of a very bad, very irresponsible, and possibly very stupid idea took shape in the back of Joe’s head. He glanced at the pill bottles, and at the pig. A heartbeat was all it took him to make his decision. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Joe tried his best not to seem fidgety or nervous as he and Lucas exited the building. Their next destination was a bar, or, to be more precise, a series of bars, but Lucas seemed less enthused than he had been at the start of the evening.

"What’s the matter?" said Joe. He stuck his hand in his pocket to make sure that he still had the pill bottle he’d taken from the lab. He kept rubbing his thumb in circles over the cap of the bottle. He was anxious to try it out.

"It’s nothing," said Lucas. "Remember when I told you J.R. isn’t with us any longer? That’s just because we sent him off to a behavioral lab to see if the meds had any psychological effects and the head just called with the preliminary results."

"Ah," said Joe. "Are the results bad? Did you accidentally make a hyper-aggressive rabbit with a taste for human flesh?" He felt a cold sweat trickle down his spine. He certainly hoped not. Because this drug was his last real chance to get where he wanted to be.

"No, nothing like that," said Lucas. "They say J.R. is still a dear. It’s something else that they noticed. But we can’t know for sure right now. And you probably don’t want me to talk about this right now, anyway."

"Right. Right," said Joe. He couldn’t very well press Lucas on the topic without sounding suspicious. Maybe it was a relatively minor thing and Lucas was worried that it would make the project would struggle to get approval for human testing, rather than a huge world-ending problem. Yeah. Joe could accept that explanation.

"Thank fuck it’s Friday," said Lucas. "I’m so done with finals. Tonight’s a night to celebrate, so I’m going to celebrate. J.R. can wait for Monday. Not that I can do anything about it anyhow." The rideshare that they had ordered pulled up to the curb and the two boys clambered in. "Time to party!" said Lucas.

While he sat at the first bar, Joe struggled with his anxiety to take the drug. He knew that he probably should wait until he got home, but he didn’t think he could. He didn’t have enough willpower to resist.

Ultimately, Joe succumbed to the temptation. While Lucas was looking away, he slipped one of the pills into his mouth and washed it down with his first drink of the night. It was probably an even stupider idea to take the drug with alcohol, but Joe was far past caring. He was desperate enough to try anything to fulfil his dream of being a body-builder.

Although he didn’t really expect that the drug would work right away, Joe couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed when he didn’t feel the slightest bit of a tingle. He and Lucas had two more drinks at the bar before they left and walked to the second bar on their itinerary.

It was only as they walked through the door of the second bar that Joe started to feel something. He felt warm, like the temperature in the bar was a couple of degrees higher than outside, but he couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol or the drug. It felt similar enough to a buzz that he figured it was the drink.

After another two drinks, Joe and Lucas made their way to the third bar of the evening. By then it was midnight, and Lucas was a little bit more drunk than Joe was. "Are you okay, man?" said Lucas, draping an arm over Joe’s shoulders. "Wow. Did you have a growth spurt? I could have sworn you were thinner than this," said Lucas.

Joe brushed Lucas off, annoyed. He didn’t need the teasing. Not now. He just wished that the drug would fucking start working already.

It was a cool night out but by the time that Joe and Lucas made their way into the third bar, Joe was sweating bullets. His shirt and pants felt like they fit him a little better. Coupled with Lucas’ comment from earlier, no one could have blamed Joe for believing that the drug was working, but he tried not to get his hopes up.

Joe told himself that it was entirely possible that his alcohol-addled mind was just making things up, though it didn’t stop him from having another couple of drinks before heading out with Lucas for the fourth and penultimate bar of the night.

The fourth bar was a bit of a blur. The only thing Joe remembered was feeling so hot that he had to remove his sweater. He remembered how horny he’d gotten, how tight his shirt had felt on his torso. The last thing he remembered was being in the middle of the dance floor, stealing the show as he ground against a couple of guys for the better part of an hour.

It was somewhere between the fourth bar and the last bar that Joe completely lost track of what was happening. The only thing he could recall was how hot and tingly his whole body had felt, the sound of cloth tearing as his clothes strained against his arms and legs. He remembered making a joke about how his clothes were shrinking, but that was about it.

The next thing that Joe knew, the sun was shining through the window of a room that he didn’t recognize. He grunted and turned away from the window. He was in a bed that wasn’t his, his arms wrapped tightly around a tight body that definitely wasn’t a pillow.

Joe struggled to remember how he’d got in such a situation, but he couldn’t remember how much he’d had to drink the previous evening, much less what happened after the fifth bar. The only thing he knew was that he’d had enough to regret all of it.

Surprisingly, Joe didn’t have a headache, or any of the classic signs of a hangover. In fact, he felt better than he’d ever felt in his life. The only thing was, his head felt foggy and fuzzy. Thoughts were difficult and slow. He tried to figure out what he was going to do next but had to give up when the concept just refused to come together in his head.

Joe was horny. His cock was hard, and it didn’t help that the guy next to him was shifting in his sleep. He fought down the moan that threatened to spill out of him, but he could only do so much.

It felt so good. The haze in Joe’s head was pleasant, warding away all the worries, all the stress of his life. For once in his life he could focus on the now.

Without thinking, and truly, unable to think about what he was doing, Joe slowly humped the body in bed next to him. His cock rubbed up and down the cleft of the guy’s bare ass. He was leaking, pre-cum lubricating the guy’s crack as his cock got even harder.

It didn’t take long before all the movement woke the guy up. He turned around to face Joe, a lazy little smile on his cute face, framed with blond hair. A name drifted through the fog in Joe’s thoughts. Colt. "Mmmm… Morning," said Colt, burying his face in Joe’s chest. "Fuck. I love your tits, man."

It was only at that point that Joe realized the drug had worked, that Colt wasn’t a tiny man but that he had grown over the course of last night’s bar-hopping. He would have never expected the drug to take effect so quickly but he wasn’t complaining. It felt good. He felt amazing.

Joe shivered as he felt Colt’s hand travel down his body, fingers trailing over the curve of his side. Colt reached down between the two of them and wrapped his fingers around their cocks. Joe had never been the most endowed, but now his cock dwarfed even the modest five and a half inches of Colt’s.

Fireworks went off in Joe’s head as Colt leaned in and kissed him. His entire body tingled, flooding with even more lust and arousal than he’d woken up with. He moaned into the kiss, powerless despite his larger body, as Colt flipped him onto his back to straddle him.

Colt rocked his hips back and forth, fucking his hand, rubbing his cock up against Joe’s cock, and it was the hottest thing Joe had ever felt. He clutched the sheets as Colt worked him over, giving in to the sensations.

"I can’t fucking get enough of this cock," Colt moaned, breaking away from Joe’s lips. A single glistening strand of spit connected their lower lips, and Joe didn’t think he’d ever seen anything sexier. Colt adjusted his position and perched with his hole just above Joe’s cock.

Slowly, Colt lowered himself onto Joe’s cock. There was a moment of resistance as Joe’s cock head met Colt’s pucker, but it lasted for all of a heartbeat. Joe moaned, eyes rolling back into his head, as his cock popped into Colt’s pussy. Warm heat enveloped his cock and flooded into his head. As he bottomed out, his world went white with pleasure.

By the time that Joe regained his senses, or most of them, at least, the sun was already setting outside. Colt was pinned under him, buried under the weight of his mass. His cock was still hard but for the moment, at least, he had no desire to continue fucking the boy under him.

Joe pulled out slowly, worried that he might wake Colt, but Colt was fast asleep. His cock slid out with a wet pop, and a glob of thick cum dribbled out of Colt’s abused boypussy when he did so.

Joe’s head didn’t feel any better than it had that morning. He still felt fuzzy. Foggy. He couldn’t think. Not as well as he used to, anyway. But he felt great. He felt amazing. He certainly felt better than he had felt in years, considering his dreams had come true overnight.

It took Joe some time to find the bathroom. Mostly because he kept forgetting which doors he’d checked already. At one point he even forgot that he was looking for the bathroom, only managing to get where he needed to go when he opened the door and was immediately captivated by the sight of his body in the mirror over the bathroom sink.

Joe lumbered in, squeezing his broad muscular frame through the doorway. He looked amazing. He had a body that any bodybuilder would kill for, and it was almost like the drug had perfected his masculine qualities. He was actually quite handsome, now.

Chuckling to himself, Joe eventually found his way back to Colt’s room. He spotted his sweater and picked out the bottle of pills that had given him this gift. He popped another one in his mouth and swallowed it with little effort. Without bothering to get properly dressed since his shirt was torn to shreds just like the rest of his clothes, he turned on his phone and left Cole’s place.

As soon as he stepped out onto the street, Joe felt something sharp like a bee sting on the back of his neck. He reached around and plucked what looked like a feathered dart out of the corded muscles of his neck and tossed it. He shook off the sudden drowsiness that came over him and continued down the street. He made it a good half-minute before he collapsed face-first into the pavement.

Lucas shook his head. Of all the idiotic things that Joe had done in the years they’d known each other, this one definitely took the cake. "I’m sorry, Lucas. I know he was your friend. But until we can figure out a way to restore his mind—if there is even one—I’m afraid we’ll just have to keep him like the rest of the animals," said the Lucas’ team lead, patting him on the shoulder.

"I’ll be alright, Dr. Ryder," said Lucas. "I just can’t believe he could be this stupid." He crossed his arms and shook his head. Joe, his best friend in the whole wide world, and quite possibly the biggest idiot in the history of idiots, was naked, hard, and idly jerking off in a partition of his own adjacent to the pig’s.

"Well, desperation often pushes people into doing things that they otherwise wouldn’t do," said Dr. Ryder, squeezing Lucas’ shoulder. "But we might as well make the best of a bad situation and conduct tests on him anyway. Gods know we won’t get another chance for a while until we figure out the whole cognitive impairment thing."

"Silver linings and all of that," said Lucas, still shaking his head. He placed his hand on the glass of the viewing window and watched as the door opened and the newest intern, Colt, walked into the room. Joe visibly brightened, though his eyes remained as dull and stupid as ever, but the flow of lubricant from his cock doubled in volume.

"Well, at least he looks happy," said Lucas. For the bulk of his muscular body, Joe moved rather quickly. Within moments, he had Colt pinned to the floor. A heartbeat later, he’d torn Colt’s pants off.

The preliminary results of their observations suggested that the pre-cum dripping from Joe’s cock in copious amounts served as some sort of muscle relaxant. It was the only way to explain why Colt was having such a good time instead of screaming bloody murder considering the girth of Joe’s cock.

Lucas stood there, watching and rubbing himself through his pants as Joe impaled the intern. He wouldn’t mind a go at riding Joe at some point in the future. Hell, he knew more than a couple of the guys on the team wanted to give it a shot. But Dr. Ryder wasn’t going to let them do anything with Joe until the tests had been conducted so he was just going to have to be patient.

Lucas was okay with that. It wasn’t like the big dope was going to get any smarter in the foreseeable future.

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