Cough Drops

Doug gives his roommate Troy his just desserts when Troy comes down with the flu.

Troy Whitaker was an academic powerhouse. He had been the undisputed top of his class from the moment he stepped foot onto the campus of NYU three years ago. He was loved by the teachers and most of his classmates, but if Doug was being honest, Troy was also the most insufferable, most arrogant, and most condescending piece of shit he’d ever had the utter misfortune of getting as a roommate.

Doug had never really believed in the existence of God, but if there was some higher power out there in the multiverse, he wouldn’t have any trouble believing that he was being tested.

Truth be told, if Troy wasn’t so patronizing and condescending all the time, Doug would have found some way to live amicably with him. Doug didn’t know if it was something he did the first day they met, or something about the way he looked or smelled or acted, but it was like Troy was under the impression that he was a Neanderthal.

Doug supposed it might have something to do with the fact that he was more than happy to pass his classes. He had never really aimed for academic excellence even though he was sure he could manage better grades if he tried. Being roommates with Troy and seeing him stress out for his classes was more than enough to convince Doug that his attitude with regard to academics was the right attitude for him. He didn’t want to spend his life with his nose stuck in a book.

There was also the fact that Doug didn’t hesitate to play sports every now and again. He wasn’t on any of the university teams, unlike in high school when he’d been one of the jocks, but he certainly kept himself fit. For whatever reason, Troy seemed to think that made him an uncultured brute.

If only university worked the same as high school, a nerd like Troy would have never dared act the way Troy acted around a jock like Doug. Unfortunately, Troy was the darling of the faculty and was therefore nigh-invincible to any shenanigans.

Revenge was at best a fantasy for the longest time. Doug wanted so badly to knock Troy down a peg or two, but it was unlikely to happen while they were at university, and it was unlikely he and Troy would ever cross paths out in the wider world.

Troy was probably going to end up with a bright future ahead of him, thanks to his brilliance. Doug’s prospects were a comfortable job and a comfortable life and not much more than that. After graduation, the two of them would go their separate ways and Doug would never have to see Troy’s insufferable face again.

Under normal circumstances, that should have been something to look forward to. However, after years of constantly being condescended to, of constantly being patronized, the idea that Troy would go on to live the rest of his brilliantly successful life just didn’t sit well with Doug and yet he was completely powerless to bring any sort of comeuppance to bear against Troy.

Everything changed when Doug came upon the webpage of an up-and-coming company while browsing porn to blow off stress. The company name, in bold letters, was splashed across the center of the page. DIQ. From the look of the webpage, DIQ was a manufacturer and distributor of men’s underwear and sex toys, but as he scrolled down the page to look at all the hot models, Doug realized that DIQ claimed to do so much more.

To say that Doug was skeptical when it came to the more outlandish claims presented on the webpage would have been the understatement of the century. A lot of it ran contrary to the conventional understanding of what was possible through science, after all. Even though his grasp of science probably wasn’t as strong as Troy’s, Doug knew more than enough to immediately think most of it was impossible.

Still, just the chance that DIQ might not be making it all up intrigued Doug. He clicked through to one of the videos presented as "evidence" for DIQ’s claims.

The video started off innocent enough. A handsome, scruffy man was in frame. Only the upper part of his body was visible, but he was shirtless, and had broad muscular shoulders. His green eyes seemed to glimmer in the sunlight that was bathing his face.

Under his breath, the guy said, "Hey guys. I’m Miles, and today I’m having my boyfriend Louie open a little present. It’s a nice pair of underwear from the guys over at DIQ, so shout-out to the best underwear company ever! Anyway, I should probably stop whispering to the camera before he gets suspicious."

Miles turned the camera around at another young man. Louie looked a lot thinner than Miles despite the too-big shirt loosely draped around his frame. He looked rather squirrely, and with the glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, he looked like the archetypal nerd. "Open the box, babe!" Miles called, from behind the camera.

Louie looked down at the small, gift-wrapped box that he was holding in his hands. "O-Okay… Um…" said Louie. He looked up at Miles and raised an eyebrow at the camera. "W-Why are you even filming this, Miles?" said Louie, as he absentmindedly tried to peel the tape off the fold down the middle of the gift-wrapping.

The camera turned around again to put Miles in the frame. "Because, Louie! For posterity! I just want to record what you think of the gift that I got you!" Miles winked at the camera. "I think you’re going to love it! Well, maybe not at first, but trust me, you’re definitely going to grow to love it."

When the camera swung around to Louie, Louie had managed to pull the gift-wrapping off the box in one piece. He carefully removed the tape from the edges of the wrapping paper and folded it into a square with neat creases along the edges. "Jesus, Louie. Why can’t you unwrap presents like everyone else?"

"I-I just don’t want to make a mess!" said Louie, blushing furiously. He looked at the sleek black box in his hands with the DIQ logo printed in metallic ink on the cover. "A-And you still haven’t told me why I had to take that test before you would give me this present…"

"You know that theory where they say people appreciate things more when they feel like they’ve earned it? I just wanted you to feel like you were receiving a prize for doing well on a test so you’d like my gift better!" said Miles. The camera crept closer to Louie. "And for goodness’ sake, babe. Just open the damn box!"

"A-Alright, alright! I was getting there!" said Louie, slapping away Miles’ hand as it reached for the box from behind the camera. Louie pulled the lid off the box and reached inside. He lifted what seemed like a scrap of bright pink fabric out of the velvet-lined interior of the box. "I-Is this a thong?!" said Louie, his face slowly turning a deep shade of scarlet.

"Yeah it is, babe," said Miles, his voice low and suggestive. Miles’ face briefly entered the frame as he leaned in to kiss Louie at the base of his neck. "Now, I want you to put it on."

Doug paused the video. For whatever reason, he was getting hard. He still wasn’t convinced, and hadn’t seen anything to convince him, but the scenario playing out in front of him was kind of hot. He reached for the mouse and rubbed himself through his pants. He clicked resume on the player and sat back to watch the rest of the scene unfold.

R-Right now?" said Louie. "O-On video? A-Are you sure?" Despite the reluctance clear in Louie’s voice, despite the way that his fingers were trembling, Louie got to his feet all the same. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants and then stopped to look at Miles and the camera. "Y-You’re not putting this up online, are you?"

"No, no, not at all! This will be for our personal enjoyment for sure," said Miles. Miles briefly turned the camera around to wink at it before training it on Louie again. "Go on! I want to see my boyfriend wearing the thong I got him!"

Louie sighed and slid his sweatpants and boxer briefs down his legs. His cock was disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body, though his ass was rather flat and somewhat disappointing. It was clear that Louie’s body wasn’t really the best-suited to sporting a thong.

Slowly, Louie pulled the scrap of pink fabric up his thin legs. He was nervous, and his fingers were trembling, but the slow pace was inadvertently giving Miles and the camera quite the show.

Doug squeezed his shot. God, this was hot. He was still skeptical about DIQ’s claims, but he was sold that the video was genuine and not something that the company cooked up in its marketing department. If it was, then it was goddamn effective.

"Turn around," said Miles. After a moment of hesitation, Louie did just as he was told, and the camera got a court-side seat as the thin string at the back of the thong slid into place between Louie’s disappointingly flat ass cheeks.

"O-Oh wow, that tingles…" said Louie. There was a strange lilt to his voice, almost like mirth. There was a small smile playing on his lips as he turned back around to face Miles, with his hands covering his crotch. "A-Are you sure we shouldn’t have washed this before trying it on?" said Louie.

"You don’t have to wash everything before wearing it for the first time," said Miles. "And what’s the point of taking a video of you in sexy underwear if you’re just going to cover up?"

Louie blushed and let his hands fall away from his groin. The pouch of the thong was bulging. Louie was getting hard, and the small silk pouch wasn’t enough to contain his formidable endowment. The head of Louie’s cock was already poking out the side, and only jutted out further as Miles whistled and said, "Nice."

"I’m glad you like your new underwear… I didn’t think it would make you so horny…" said Miles. He set the camera down and walked into the frame. He came up to Louie and wrapped his arms around the nerd’s waist. "Why don’t you take this shirt off so we can see the full effect?"

"O-Okay," said Louie, blushing even redder as Miles slipped the shirt off his wiry frame. "F-Fuck," he said, leaning against Miles’ chest. "M-My hole itches so bad!"

"Want me to scratch it for you?" said Miles. Louie nodded against Miles’ chest. Louie was too far gone to notice as Miles shifted their position so that Louie’s ass was facing the camera while he reached down and pried the string of the thong to the side.

Miles rubbed his middle finger over Louie’s hole, eliciting a quiet moan from the little nerd. "Watch," Miles mouthed silently to the camera, as he gently worked his finger, dry, into Louie’s hole.

At first, Doug wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be watching, but his eyes widened, and his cock got even harder when he realized that Louie’s ass was swelling. The flat, disappointing cheeks were bubbling outward as if to accentuate the thong rather than the other way around. Doug would have said that it was just CGI, but it looked so real that he couldn’t conceive of it as fake.

The growth continued and even accelerated as Miles slipped a second finger into his nerdy boyfriend. By then Louie was moaning and mewling and babbling incoherently against Miles’ chest. Before long he was sporting an ass that any stripper would have been proud of, but the transformation didn’t stop there.

Doug watched, getting hornier and hornier as Louie’s body swelled with muscle. The scrawny, shrimpy nerd was gradually replaced by a hot bodybuilder with an ass to die for, and a hungry hungry hole that was clamping hard around Miles’ fingers.

Sucking in a breath, Doug watched the video and pumped his hands up and down his shaft as Miles spun Louie around to reveal the muscle tits that had grown on the nerd’s once-flat chest. Miles squeezed and kneaded and groped the firm mounds of muscle on Louie’s chest, eliciting increasingly delirious giggles and moans from the stud.

In the process of his transformation, Louie’s cock had grown even bigger. It was as thick as a wrist, now, and as long as a forearm. It was dripping pre-cum liberally onto the floor and yet, apart from a light tap on the glans, it went largely neglected.

"Time for the grand finale," said Miles, reaching down to squeeze Louie’s nipples. Louie tossed his head back, moaned, and went rigid. His back arched, his toes curled, his fingers curled into fists as his cock strained and swelled and exploded massive ropes of cum all over the place.

Once the orgasm died down, Miles sat Louie down on a nearby couch and gave him a paper. Doug couldn’t tell what it was, but he imagined it was a test similar to the one that Miles had had Louie take before putting the thong on. "Why don’t you try to answer these questions?"

Louie looked at the paper, his eyes dull, his expression devoid of understanding. "Um… Like, can’t words…" said Louie.

Doug moaned. He hit the edge and came at the moment he heard Louie speak with that dull, empty-headed voice. He sprayed cum all over himself and sat there, panting, as he realized that he could now get the revenge that he’d wanted from the start.

Once he recovered from probably the most intense orgasm of his life, Doug browsed the catalogue of DIQ products, hoping to find one that he could use for Troy. He had the solutions at the tips of his fingers. The problem was finding one that would work because he was sure that it would be a cold day in hell before he managed to convince Troy to put a thong on.

The answer to Doug’s dilemma showered lightly onto his lap while he was doing his homework. As per usual, Troy was being a little shit, looking over his shoulder to see what he was doing. What wasn’t usual was the way that Troy kept sniffling. Troy had just sneezed over his shoulder.

At any other time, the sneeze would have been just gross, but Doug was willing to overlook it this time because it had given him an idea for how he could get a DIQ product into Troy without resorting to force. Since it was flu season, and it was well-documented that the flu was going around the campus, Doug was sure his plan would work.

The nigh-invincible Troy turned out to not be so invincible at all. "Are you alright?" said Doug, looking over his shoulder at Troy. "Maybe you should go sit down or lie down. Take a rest. That might be the flu so you’d want to get ahead of it."

"Get ahead of the flu? Do you even know what the fuck you’re talking about?" Troy scoffed, derisively. He shook his head and smiled that small smile that he always had whenever he found Doug’s "ignorance" amusing. "This is just allergies, thank you. I think I’d know if I had the fucking flu."

Doug took a deep breath. He needed to keep calm. He needed to keep a level-head. He wanted to punch Troy in the face so badly, but that was only going to complicate things if he let himself get out of hand. "Besides, your DNA’s probably different enough that you couldn’t catch the flu even if you wanted it," Troy snorted.

Wonderful, Doug thought to himself. Troy had made yet another Neanderthal jab at him. He had been feeling a little bit guilty about what he planned to do. Not anymore. Not in the slightest.

Troy needed to be taken down now more than ever, and thanks to him, Doug knew just the thing to use. "I won’t get the flu because I got my shot, dipshit," said Doug, shaking his head as he turned back to his homework.

Doug’s fingers trembled as he held the spoonful of bright pink syrup up against Troy’s lips. He wasn’t so much nervous as he was excited. Just as he had suspected and hoped, Troy had come down with the flu. Thanks to Troy’s own arrogance, Troy had neglected to seek treatment until it was too late.

"Come on. Drink up. This should help you with the coughing and the phlegm," said Doug. He was just lucky that Troy had decided to put off treatment for so long. Otherwise, it would have been much harder to switch out the normal medicine for the formula he’d bought from DIQ.

"W-What is it?" Troy croaked. Doug pulled the spoon back as Troy attempted to sit up. Troy’s skepticism, despite being fucked up by a fever, stuffed nose, and lungs that were rumbling like a truck engine, had to be commended. "A-Are you sure that’s medicine? It doesn’t look like medicine…"

"Yes, it’s medicine," said Doug. He shook his head. He’d spent the last couple of hours trying to build some rapport with Troy, but the guy was every bit as infuriating sick as he was healthy. He hadn’t expected the guy to trust him, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t disappointed that Troy was still suspicious. "It’s just a new flavor. Did you really think I was going to poison you?"

Thankfully, Troy’s mental defenses had been weakened enough by illness that he accepted the lame excuse at face value. "O-Okay," said Troy. He leaned forward, shoulders trembling, and opened his mouth to swallow the syrup from the spoon.

Troy let out a little gasp, and a little bit of the formula trickled out of the corner of his mouth. Doug leaned forward and scooped up the drop with his thumb. He smeared the spilled medicine on Troy’s lips and watched as Troy licked it up and smiled.

"You should rest and go to sleep," said Doug. He gently pushed Troy back down onto the bed and drew the blanket over him. The medicine was going to take effect soon and the warmer Troy got, the more potent the formula would get.

"Doug… Doug…" Troy croaked. Doug looked up from his homework and smiled. He’d decided to get some schoolwork done while waiting for the medicine to do its thing, and now it seemed like it had worked its way through Troy’s body.

Doug craned his neck over his shoulder and glanced at Troy. Troy had thrown the blanket off his body and was lying on top of the sheets naked. One of Troy’s hands was at his chest, rubbing and squeezing and pinching his nipple while the other was between his legs, desperately rubbing at his hole.

"Doug… Doug… I feel so hot…" Troy moaned, bucking his hips into the air as if to fuck the empty space with his cock. "M-My pussy feels so empty… H-Hehe. Pussy…" The quiet, vapid little giggle sent a bolt of pleasure right to Doug’s cock.

Doug got up from his desk, grinning. He’d gone commando for precisely this reason. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his gym shorts and stepped out of them. He clambered onto Troy’s bed and positioned himself between his once-insufferable roommate’s splayed legs.

As Troy hiked his legs further into the air, Doug got even harder. He placed both legs on his shoulders as he spat on his palm to wet Troy’s hole. He pushed a few fingers inside, marveling at the way that the tight, velvety warmth as the sphincter clamped around his knuckles.

Doug couldn’t wait any longer. He lined himself up with Troy’s hole and said, "Alright, alright. I’m here to help. Let’s get those smarts fucked out of you."

In the days and weeks that followed, Doug saw a marked increase in his grades. He was nowhere near the powerhouse that Troy was, but he still ended up doing much better than he usually did. He chalked it up to having an outlet for his stress in the form of Troy’s greedy, pliable fuckhole.

The same couldn’t be said of Troy. From the moment he recovered from his flu, Troy’s grades started their precipitous drop. Troy’s once-perfect GPA tanked faster than a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building, largely because Troy forgot about classes most days and stayed home playing with his hole for the camera.

Just the one dose of the pink medicine that Doug had given Troy had been enough to slash his IQ to the double digits. He’d made sure to give Troy the rest of the bottle to make sure that the effects were permanent, and if he was being honest, every time Troy came, it was like his IQ dropped a few more points on top of the loss he’d already suffered.

Doug grinned. Troy was currently fucking himself desperately on Doug’s hard cock, mouth open, drool dripping onto the bed. Doug reached between Troy’s legs to fondle the chastity cage locked tightly around Troy’s cock. The more desperate Troy got to cum, the better the sex got, so Doug had no intentions of ever letting him out.

Compared to where his life had been a few weeks ago, Doug felt like he was in paradise. Now he had what was essentially a living sex toy to dump all his cum into, and he only had DIQ to thank for it. He made sure to write a glowing testimonial, and wrote to the company to let them know that he would recommend DIQ to everyone he knew.

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