Heat Pink

When Kurt sees the hot pink dildo and thong in his gym bag, he thinks he’s been pranked. In truth, his life is about to change in ways the rising star athlete would have never seen coming.

The first time Kurt ever set sights on the dildo felt like ages ago, now. It had been wrapped in a tiny pink thong, stuffed into his gym bag. He’d been straight, then, fucking a new woman every night he had the chance.

The money, the women, the fame, it was all thanks to Kurt’s athletic stardom. He’d never been much of a poster boy for humility, but when it became clear he would be picked up by the big league teams after graduation, it definitely got to his head. His rise was meteoric, and it looked like no one would be able to stop him. For a while, he felt not just invincible, but untouchable.

The glitz, the glamor, and the bright future that had been ahead of Kurt were now little more than a faint and fading dream. While at first, he’d thought the dildo was a prank, it didn’t take long for him to realize that it was anything but.

Kurt tenuously remembered being so angry upon first finding the dildo. He remembered picking it up, loudly swearing that he was going to use it to beat the fucker who put it in his bag.

Although at the time he had been visibly fuming, Kurt’s teammates had just laughed at him as he swung the dildo around, the thong hanging from the blunt rubbery tip. One of his teammates clapped a hand on his bare shoulder and asked him, "You sure it’s not yours, man?" Kurt faintly remembered being slapped on the ass afterward. "I mean, with an ass like this, it’s like you’re working out to impress the butt bandits on campus, bro!"

Whatever happened immediately after was a bit hazy in Kurt’s mind. The next thing he did remember was waking up in bed with the dildo beside him.

Kurt had some difficulty getting out of bed. He had slept so damn well, and the gentle warmth of the sunlight streaming in through the window seemed to increase the pull of gravity tenfold. It was only as he rolled over onto his side that he caught sight of his clock and realized that he was running late for class.

With a fire suddenly lit under his ass, Kurt jumped out of bed. He got dressed in record time and stuffed some extra gym clothes into his bag in case he had time to get a workout done. Not wanting anyone to discover the dildo in his room while he was out, he stuffed the toy into his bag and left. Little did he know that doing so would be the beginning of the end for him.

Mercifully, Kurt’s professor didn’t give him much of a hard time for being late. The lecture went well. He was able to follow along despite missing the first few minutes, which was more than he could say most days. Though his day was off to a good start, he was oblivious to what was happening inside of his gym bag.

Since his schedule was packed, Kurt didn’t really have time between classes to mess around. Without his knowing, the clothes in his bag were turning pink. More than that, they were turning into what Kurt thought were sissy clothes.

All of Kurt’s jockstraps and briefs turned into tight pink thongs, with a pouch much too small to hold even the most modest package. His shirts became crop tops with slutty slogans printed across them. His pants turned into short shorts, while his sweat pants became lycra booty shorts. Had he had a chance to look inside his bag, Kurt would have been disgusted.

As the dildo’s influence spread, Kurt slowly got hornier and hornier through the course of the day. By the time that he got back to his dorm room, he was sporting a full-on erection that had attracted more than its fair share of lustful looks.

Eager to get a workout in to blow off some steam, Kurt ripped open his gym bag to see the damage that the dildo had wrought. The alarm that Kurt felt was muted, almost like it was someone else’s emotion. Instead, he felt a faint flush of arousal through the pleasant haze in his head as he picked up one of the thongs and ran his fingers over the scrap of cloth.

Kurt didn’t really know what possessed him to do it, but he pulled the thong on. It slid smoothly up his hairless legs and made his skin tingle. He tried his best to stuff his junk into the pouch in front, but that was never going to happen. He had a small mirror in his room and he had to admit, it was strangely hot to see the way that the tiny pouch made his cock look obscenely large.

It was in front of the mirror that Kurt grabbed himself through the thong. He didn’t stroke himself so much as he rubbed his fingers along his cock and balls as they dangled out of the pouch. He came harder than he had ever come in front of the mirror, but it was only the first orgasm of the night.

The next day, Kurt found that the horniness hadn’t subsided by one bit. He went through his morning routine in an almost-robotic fashion with one exception: he rubbed himself throughout the whole thing. He walked out of the room with a huge hardon, and a small dumb smile on his face as he rubbed the head of his cock with one hand in his front pocket.

It wasn’t until halfway through his first class, when he reached into his pants to adjust himself, that Kurt realized he’d worn a thong to class. It explained the snickering of the guys behind him, but for whatever reason, he felt no compulsion to beat them up like he normally would have.

The only downside to knowing that he was wearing a thong was that Kurt was acutely aware of it. As much as he tried to push the sensation out of his mind, he couldn’t. The string was rubbing up against his asshole, making it itch and quiver. After class, he darted into the nearest washroom and locked himself in a cubicle.

Kurt shoved a hand down the back of his pants and rubbed at his hole, hoping it would take care of the itching. It didn’t. If anything, it only drove the itching deeper. What else was Kurt to do but chase the itch? It was just on the inside of his ring so he imagined it wasn’t too bad.

Although it was absolutely a little faggy, Kurt stuck his fingers into his mouth to slick them up with his spit before pushing them down the back of his pants again. Kurt’s hole twitched as he worked his fingers under the taut string of the thong, but it gave way easily as he tried to push his fingers inside of him.

It worked, just as Kurt had, somehow, instinctively known it would. He rubbed the inner ring of his ass for a minute or so, scratching that itch until it went away for what he felt was for good.

Relief was short-lived for Kurt. Halfway through the next class, the itch returned with a vengeance, only it was deeper this time. He got up, went to the washroom, and fingered himself a little more, shoving his fingers past the first knuckle this time. The itch went away, but seemingly for less time than before.

By the time that class was over, Kurt had gone another five times to the washroom to take care of things. He spent so long in there, trying to get two fingers into his hole all the way up to the third knuckle, that class ended and he had to quickly sneak into the next class to retrieve his gym bag.

Since the sensation was too intense to ignore, Kurt opted to go back to his dorm room before he did anything else to embarrass himself. He needed a more permanent solution than his fingers, or at least, he needed to scratch that itch until it went away for good.

Once he was back in his room, Kurt stripped off all his clothes except for the thong and planted himself face down on the bed with his ass up in the air. He shoved his fingers as deep as into his meaty ass as he could and while he was able to scratch the itch for a little while, it just kept moving deeper and deeper.

Horror dawned on Kurt as he realized that his fingers just wouldn’t cut it anymore. He was near tears when he found a glimmer of hope.

Kurt practically dove out of bed for his gym bag. He grabbed the dildo, only to realize that he didn’t have any lube. He never fucked with lube. But if spit had worked with his fingers, he reasoned, spit should work just fine with the toy.

Tilting his head back, so desperate to scratch the itch inside of him, Kurt crammed the dildo as deep into his mouth as it would go. He choked the first time he felt it come into contact with the back of his throat, but he persevered. He kept going until it was buried balls-deep in his mouth. The thought of just spitting on the thing never occurred to him.

Not that Kurt would have willingly let it out of his mouth once he realized just how good it felt to choke down a rubber cock. He stood there for a good twenty minutes, eyes glazed over, mindlessly deep-throating the dildo until the itch in his ass intensified so much even the pleasure couldn’t mask it anymore.

Lying on his side, Kurt pulled the string of the thong to the side and lined the dildo up with his hole. The itch was so bad Kurt couldn’t help but tear up. With no time to wait or do it gently, Kurt plunged the dildo inside of him in one fell swoop.

As soon as the column of pink rubbery cock was buried balls-deep inside of Kurt, he felt his old jock personality get completely shunted to the side. New desires and motivations asserted themselves inside of him. Where once he wanted to play professional football was now a craving for cock—and cock, alone.

Kurt wanted cock. He wanted it on him. He wanted it in him. Down his throat. Up his ass. Between his ass cheeks sliding up and down and making him feel hot like a bitch in heat. More than that, he wanted cum, too. He wanted it on his face. Flooding his guts. Covering every inch of his whore body.

Moaning, Kurt fucked his ass with the dildo. He was hesitant at first, but harder and faster as the pleasure built. He couldn’t have stopped himself even if he wanted to. It felt so good that he only wanted more of it. His cock was hard. Harder than it had ever been. And he felt the orgasm building in his groin.

Without even once having to touch his cock, Kurt started coming. Just the stimulation to his ass was enough. Spurt after spurt after spurt of thick creamy white cum shot out of the tip of his cock.

Every breath that he took felt like a breath of hot, humid sauna air, filling his lungs with the intoxicating musk of cum and sex. The sensations went straight to his head. His mind felt fuzzy and foggy and hot. It was almost as if his brains were melting out of him, dribbling out the tip of his cock as the last little bits of cum pulsed out of him.

Once he was done, Kurt pulled the dildo out of his ass, kissed the tip, and hugged it against his chest. He chuckled dully. "You’re my new best friend," he said.

Kurt moaned. Remembering his fall never failed to make him horny. His ass, as it turned out, was self-lubricating. He could feel the slick dripping out of him, soaking through the string of the tight pink thong that could barely contain his large, mostly-useless manhood.

In the days and weeks that had followed his first ass-gasm, Kurt not only flunked out of his courses, but also completely shit the bed when it came to his sport. He was too distracted by all the hot guys, who in turn were all too happy to abuse their newfound bitch of a teammate.

Everything went downhill from there for Kurt, but luckily he wasn’t alone on his descent into becoming a degenerate whore. His co-captain, who’d always hated him for his guts, started experiencing the same symptoms. He ended up even dumber and even sluttier than Kurt, which was okay. It brought in more clients for the two of them.

Horny as he was right now, Kurt saw no reason not to start a show for his loyal fans. He pressed the button on the remote that a helpful little geek had set up for him. The remote simplified the process of starting and stopping a stream to a level that Kurt could understand, which he was very grateful for.

As soon as the camera was on and the chatroom opened, guys flooded in to watch him. With a dumb giggle, Kurt said "Hi everyone!" He mounted a fucking machine against the headboard and lined his ass up with it. "Enjoy!" he said, pushing another button on the remote that got the machine started immediately on the "pound hole open" setting.

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