I was getting my bulk on with my girl at the gym last night, but as we left, some dude stopped me, mentioned what I was wearing, and said “fuckboys should fuck boys…” We laughed it off, but when I woke up today, I felt sorta funny, and my girl doesn’t seem to be around anywhere…

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It was an innocuous comment, entirely out of place in its context, that set everything in motion. Steven and his girlfriend were lifestyle gurus who used the term "influencer" unironically both as a badge of status and as a means to browbeat small business owners into providing them with free services and products in exchange for "exposure."

It was a Thursday evening when the fateful words were uttered. Steven and his girlfriend Maria had just finished up their weekly workout livestream at the local gym and were on their way out when one of the patrons of the gym walked up to the two of them and introduced himself.

"Hey guys, I know you don’t know me, but I’m Chester," said the guy, extending a hand for both Steven and Maria to shake. "I used to be super overweight in high school. Like—" he held his arms out to either side of him, indicating the size he used to be, "—Really overweight. It was your guys’ whole thing that helped me realize I needed to take care of my body and now here I am."

If he was being honest, Steven had a hard time imagining Chester as anything other than the broad, muscular stud standing there in front of him. He was sure that Chester must have been exaggerating his old size.

Blessed with good looks, bright blue eyes, and blond hair like fine-spun gold underneath a backward baseball cap, Chester looked like he belonged on the set of some frat-boy porno. Steven was sure Chester could make a killing fucking women on camera if he wanted to.

"Anyway," said Chester, "I just wanted to say thank you, to you guys. You do important work inspiring people to be healthy. Keep doing what you do."

"Thanks," said Steven, pulling Chester in for a quick hug and patting the kid on the back. This was the kind of thing that he lived for. Seeing the progress that the people he managed to inspire by example into bettering themselves never failed to give him the biggest rush. "I don’t intend to stop," he said.

"Oh, by the way, great shirt, bro," said Chester, gesturing at the tank top that Steven was wearing.

Steven looked down at his sweat-soaked tank top, the word "fuckboy" printed across his wide chest. "Heh. Thanks," he said. He’d have complimented Chester’s shirt, too, but the guy wasn’t wearing one at the moment.

"So is it true, then?" said Chester, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. The way that his muscles rippled as his body settled into his new pose was admirable, even for Steven. "You and Maria have a bit of an open relationship?"

Steven grinned. He and Maria shared a look. "Yeah," he said. "Look, our perspective is, no one can be 100% compatible, especially when it comes to sex. So it makes no sense to look for certain kinds of fulfilment that your partner won’t be able to provide. That’ll just cause trouble, so why not open it up to other people who can fulfill those other needs?"

"Hey, I getcha, bro. No judgment from me," said Chester. He put up his fist and Steven bumped it. After, he leaned, close enough that only Steven heard his whispered words. "But between you and me, I think fuckboys should fuck boys," Chester murmured.

For a moment, Steven felt as if a thick blanket had been cast over his mind, and as much as he struggled to find the words to respond he couldn’t. "Anyway, I should probably let you go," said Chester. He turned to Maria, leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, and said, "It was really nice meeting you guys. I hope we can talk again some other time. Have a good evening!"

"You have a great evening too," said Maria, waving as Chester went back into the gym proper. She turned to Steven, hooked her arm into his, and said, "I like that boy."

Still somewhat dazed, though he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why, Steven could only numbly agree. "Yeah…" he muttered, his body moving of its own accord to take Maria out to the car. "I like him too…"

Steven woke the next day to an empty bed and a throbbing hard-on. He’d gone to bed with Maria, but it wasn’t all that uncommon for him to wake to find her gone. She had things to do, work she had to take care of beyond what she did to help him outside social media because she wanted to have something to fall back on.

There was also the possibility that Maria was off to meet one of her other lovers and hadn’t told Steven, though that was unlikely. If she was with a lover, the reason he didn’t remember was probably because he forgot rather than any malice on her part.

Steven trusted Maria enough that he didn’t have to worry about her too much whenever he had no idea where she’d gone, but that didn’t change the fact that he had a major hardon he now had to take care of by himself.

As a couple, neither Steven nor Maria had particularly shied away from sex toys. Right now, Steven was feeling like using the tight butthole fleshlight that Maria had gotten him as something of a gag-gift for their most recent anniversary.

Steven rummaged around in the nightstand for a bit before he found the toy. He pulled it out, dribbled a little lube on his cock, and lined it up with the rubbery hole. He let out a low moan as he slid in, the silicone gripping him tightly as it swallowed his cock all the way to the root.

With a grunt, Steven slowly moved the body of the fleshlight up and down his cock. He’d forgotten how intense it felt at the beginning, between the cold rubber and the cold lube and how tight it gripped. It made his cock tingle as he fucked it up and down his throbbing shaft.

As the toy began to warm up with his body heat and took on some of the characteristics of an actual human, Steven tossed his head back and moaned. He closed his eyes, eager to imagine Maria riding him reverse cowgirl, bouncing her thick muscular cheeks on his ass.

The image that greeted him, however, in the darkness behind his eyelids was that of Chester’s. He sucked in a sharp breath. The image was so real he felt like he could almost reach out and touch it. The way that Chester’s hole spread around the girth of his cock, the walls clinging gently to his shaft as it slid out, and then giving way on the downward stroke. It was so real in his head and so inexplicably hot.

Up until very recently, Steven had expressed certain kinds of views about men who slept with men. Despite being a big proponent of the body positivity movement, he had certain attitudes that were more associated with classical machismo. Simply put, he thought that guys who took it up the ass were little sissies unworthy of being called actual men.

But as Steven’s mind’s eye assaulted him with the not-entirely-unwelcome image of Chester bouncing on his hard cock, he was coming around to the whole gay thing. He bit back another moan as Chester rolled his hips and ground them against Steven’s pelvis.

Oh, god it felt so good. The moan that he’d been stifling behind a clenched fist escaped Steven before he knew what was happening. He opened his eyes, gasping, as the walls of the fleshlight gripped his rock-hard cock tightly. Even with his eyes open he couldn’t get the thought of fucking Chester out of his head.

Struggling to maintain his balance, Steven got onto his hands and knees while he continued to fuck the fleshlight on his cock. Once he’d gotten himself in a sufficiently stable position, he lowered his hips to the bed until he could place the fleshlight against the mattress while fucking it.

Sweat dripped from Steven’s brow onto the sheets as he pounded the fleshlight into the bed. It felt so, so good. Much better than it had felt at any time before. He squeezed his eyes shut as the orgasm approached and saw again, in his mind’s eye, Chester.

This time, the jockboy was spread out on the bed underneath Steven, pinned down by Steven’s weight on top of him. His legs were spread to either side of Steven’s, and Steven’s fuckpole was buried snugly between his cheeks. With a low roar, Steven thrust his hips a few more times and came, filling the fleshlight with his thick, creamy cum.

Tossing the fleshlight unceremoniously onto the sheets, Steven got up and made his way to the kitchen to fix him up some breakfast. He didn’t want to have anything particularly heavy since he had yet to work out and he had enough energy in his body that he didn’t need to top up very much.

As he leaned against the counter eating his sandwich, Steven thought about his fantasies from earlier. He’d never been the most accepting guy, but he attributed that to his upbringing for the most part. The only reason he’d found the idea of being with guys repulsive was that he’d been told that it was from a young age.

Steven had made as much known on his platform before, and gotten a whole lot of trouble as a result. The years had been kind to him, and instead of doubling down on his past beliefs, he’d found himself re-evaluating them in light of new evidence. Healthy skepticism was something that he didn’t learn until he got into the fitness scene—because there was an awful lot of misinformation and outright deception out there.

Once he learned the fundamentals of evidence-based thinking, Steven had to take a look at everything that he’d once believed. Religion was one of the first things to go, and maybe for the best. It had taken with it the hang-ups about homosexuality and, in time, had actually led to Steven discovering he was a little bi-curious.

Steven hadn’t admitted it out loud to anyone other than Maria yet, but he imagined he would have to, soon enough. Especially considering only the other week he and Maria had been involved in a threesome with a guy that had wanted to top Steven and was only dissuaded when he threatened to walk out if the topic was brought up again.

Fuck. The faint memory of the guy’s lips on his own sent a tingling warmth down Steven’s spine and made his cock rise to attention. He trudged back to the bedroom, intent on getting off again before getting to the work that he had to do today.

Steven hopped into bed and grabbed the silicone ass toy that was still leaking cum from where he’d fucked it earlier. A part of him wished that it was Maria’s ass instead, but it was a close substitute. It certainly jiggled in the same appealing way that hers did.

With a little bit of finagling, Steven managed to get the toy up against the edge of the bed. He pushed two fingers in, coating both in thick cum which he brought up to his lips and sucked off. It was nice and sweet, slightly-tangy, and just as intoxicating as ever.

Steven had never tasted another man’s spunk but he was very curious what it would taste like. His cock throbbed, his body impatient and thrumming with arousal. With a groan, he slid his erection all the way into the slippery rubber hole.

The toy was still slightly warm from the first round of fucking that Steven had given it. It felt a lot like a real ass, though it didn’t grip him nearly as tightly. He let out a moan as he pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the head of his cock inside.

With a guttural growl, Steven snapped his hips forward and slammed his cock into the toy so hard that it poked out the hole at the other end of the molded toy.

Steven’s pace picked up quickly after that. He fucked the rubber ass with as much enthusiasm and energy as he fucked either of his girlfriend’s holes and it felt so good. God he could already imagine if this was Chester’s ass. He didn’t think he’d be able to hold his load even if he had already cum.

Grunting and groaning and growling like a beast in heat, Steven mercilessly jackhammered his cock into the cavity of the toy. It felt so good. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. Though it too decidedly longer than the first time, orgasm approached before long.

This time, Steven rode the edge for a little while. He didn’t slow his pace one bit, though. He gritted his teeth and forced the cum to stay inside by sheer force of will until his concentration broke about ten minutes later, blasting the insides of the toy with hot jizz.

Pearly droplets dribbled from the hole on the other end of the toy as Steven struggled to catch his breath. The second load had been just as big as the first one, and his cock was still hard and throbbing. What he needed was a real hole to fuck, but unfortunately it didn’t seem like there was one on the menu.

As Steven was catching his breath, his phone pinged with a notification on the nightstand beside him. He picked it up, stuck his thumb into his mouth to suck off the dollop of cum on it, and swiped across the screen to unlock it.

Steven had been hoping that his boyfriend Mario had texted him back, but instead it was just one of the boys from Grindr texting him wondering if he would be free on the weekend. "Sorry," he muttered under his breath as he informed the poor guy that he and Mario were supposed to have plans to get out of town over the weekend.

"Aww, are you sure you don’t want to play with this instead?" said the reply that arrived not more than half a minute later, of the boy Andy standing in front of a bathroom mirror with his shorts pulled down under the thick, fleshy globes of his bubble butt.

"Sorry, as much as I would love to, I can’t," Steven sent back. "Mario would kill me if I cancelled our reservations. Wish you were here to take care of this instead," he added, sending another message on the tail of the previous one, this time with an accompanying picture of his still-hard cock.

"Oh fuck, Steven, don’t make me horny, I’m in class and I’m supposed to be giving a presentation in a few minutes," said Andy, who sent another picture, this time a selfie with the backdrop of a lecture hall. "Please!"

When he came out as bisexual to his followers, Steven had expected that he would lose quite a few in the process. The support that he received was remarkable, though, especially after he apologized for all the homophobic comments he’d made while in denial.

At the time, Steven had been broken up with his ex-girlfriend Jeanine for three months. The fanbase quickly forgave everything, though, as soon as he introduced his hot Chilean boyfriend Mario—though he suspected it had something to do with how he’d introduced Mario, namely with a two-minute make-out session in front of the camera.

Never, in all the years he’d lived as a closeted man would Steven have imagined that he would have a boyfriend, and regular fuckbuddies who could take care of the needs he had on the side. "Maybe I want to hear you beg more," said Steven, in his next reply.

Andy sent a picture of himself pouting. Steven just grinned. He recorded a short clip of himself. He flexed for the camera, let his tongue out, and winked before turning it around to record as he smacked his heavy cock on the crack of the silicone ass and cock hanging off the side of the bed.

Steven sent the clip off to Andy. He didn’t get any sort of a response until a few minutes later, when he got a video call from the boy. Steven picked up the call and the video feed cut in just as Andy was locking the door to what appeared to be a public washroom.

"Holy fuck that’s hot, Steven," Andy breathed. His face was flushed, and Steven got to watch as he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. He even reached down and groped his hardening cock through his pants.

"You want to watch me fuck this ass, Andy?" said Steven. He set his phone down on the nightstand, leaning it against the lamp so that the camera was facing him. He sat down on the edge of the bed, picked up the rubber ass and cock and set it on his lap, rubbing his cock up and down the silicone crack.

"This is such a bad idea but I don’t care," said Andy, taking his cock out and stroking it openly in front of the mirror. "I’ll have to go back soon but god damn it if I don’t want to watch."

Steven gave Andy a lopsided grin as he pushed his cock into the cum-slicked hole of the toy. It was always such a pleasure to watch the rubber cock bounce up and down while he fucked the ever-living daylights out of the rubber ass.

"Ohhh fuck," said Andy. "Um, why don’t you lie down? I want to see your cock sliding in and out of that boypussy."

Steven wasn’t one to take orders from his boys but he liked the idea so he indulged it. He leaned back until he was lying on top of the sheets, with his hands around the rubber toy at his groin. With a grunt, he slowly fucked his cock in and out of it.

Slowly at first and then faster and faster as the volume of Andy’s moaning increased, Steven bounced the toy on his cock with his hands. It felt good. So good.

In no time at all, Steven reached the edge and groaned. He rode the crest of the wave of pleasure building inside of him but never let himself pitch over into the release that was just waiting inside of him, coiled in a tight knot in his groin.

"Oh fuck. Oh, fuck!" Andy moaned. Steven sat up and watched as thick globes of hot white cum shot out of Andy’s cock and splattered against the mirror. The feed cut out just as Steven heard hard knocking on the bathroom door on Andy’s side.

Too deep into the playing now to stop, Steven kept riding the edge until he completely lost track of time. It just felt so good he never wanted it to end. It was torture, but in the most exquisite way possible.

Steven’s cock kept throbbing and swelling and twitching and it wouldn’t stop. It felt so so good as the orgasm kept building and building and building inside of him only to be denied. It was a whole other level of consciousness that he’d only rarely reached before, and it was wonderful.

Fitness was Steven’s first claim to fame. A lot of people saw him as genuine, not someone trying to push product or shepherd people into the newest health craze. It wasn’t really until he came out as gay on stream with his boyfriend Mario that things took off for him.

It was an offhand comment by one of the friends he’d made through the community that made Steven explore the more… adult side of his trade. He was still a fitness guru, to men, women, and everyone in between and beyond, regardless of sexuality, nationality, or creed, but he also liked to do porn for his more… dedicated fans.

Some days, Steven couldn’t help but wonder what some of the people who followed him in the beginning but dropped him after he came out, or had dropped him since for one reason or another, would think of the more adult content that he made.

Right now, through the thick fog of lust in his mind, that made it almost impossible to think, Steven wondered what they would think if they saw him like this, completely gooned out on a rubber toy, face contorted into a stupid, perverted expression with drool dripping out of his open mouth, off his lolled-out tongue, and onto his chest.

Steven was stuck in that state of mind until a knock on the door interrupted his rhythm. Before he could say anything, the knob turned and opened. Chester walked in, one of his newest fuck-buddies with a grin on his face.

Chester was naked as he crawled into bed with Steven. "God, how long have you been edging like this?" said Chester, with a chuckle. "You look like a total mess! No boys to fuck today, fuckboy?"

Steven felt as if the power of speech had deserted him. He shook his head, his cock twitching as it was exposed fully to the cool air for the first time since he started that call with Andy.

"Fuck, this place smells like sex and desperation," said Chester as he got on his hands and knees. He backed his ass up toward Steven until his firm, muscular ass cheeks were cradling Steven’s sensitive cock.

The difference between a real ass and the toy was immediately apparent. The heat of Chester’s skin made Steven’s cock jump, and nearly lost him his load. With a grunt, he grabbed Chester’s hips and lined up to push in, a glob of pre-cum dripping from the tip of his cock onto Chester’s crack.

As the head of Steven’s cock entered Chester’s hole, the tight, vice-like velvety warmth sent electric shocks of pleasure up his spine. It intensified the fog in his head, made it thicker, made it even more impossible to think. Drool dripped from Steven’s open mouth onto the small of Chester’s back as he slid in all the way to the hilt.

Chester moaned, rolling his hips against the movement of Steven’s. "Fuck yeah," Chester grunted, as Steven gradually picked up the pace. "Just like that, fuckboy. Fuck this boy real good," Chester moaned.

The sex was intense. To Steven, every thrust felt like he was plunging his cock into molten heat and it felt so fucking good. He fucked Chester with abandon, rutting hard into the jock until his legs gave out from under him and he collapsed onto Chester, pinning the boy to the bed with his weight.

Even then, Steven kept going. While his thrusts couldn’t be as long or as hard as they were at the start, he still managed to rapidly drill his cock into Chester’s hole. The whole time he surfed the edge, feeling his mind drop deeper and deeper into that gooner bliss.

Eventually, Steven felt Chester’s hole clamping around his dick, milking him for everything that he was worth and yet he still refused to cum. The sheets between Chester’s legs became sticky with cum, but Steven just kept riding the edge.

"Fuuuck yeah," Steven groaned, as Chester gently rolled him off, his cock twitching and throbbing in the air. He immediately grabbed it and stroked it, bucking his hips helplessly as the pleasure kept coming.

Carefully, Chester placed the silicone cock and ass in Steven’s hands and quietly left the room.

The only thing Chester was wearing as he walked out of Steven’s large seaside home was the gym bag slung over his shoulders. He walked over to his car, pulled his phone out of the bag, and checked to see if the last of the changes had already taken place.

Spread out across the front of the internet’s most prominent gay porn site was the live-stream of Steven, still gooning with that rubber ass. If the modified memories of the new reality were to be believed, Chester was the fifth boy to come to the house to get fucked.

The changes were complete. The great fuckboy Steven would fuck boys like he was meant to. Twinks, jocks, anything with a nice fat fuckable ass would provide hours and hours of entertainment for his most faithful fans, and for Steven himself.

Chester smirked as he got into the car and drove out of the driveway. The whole thing had been motivated by revenge but he had to admit that Steven was a powerhouse fucker. He would be coming back, soon, just to enjoy that thick cock laying into him with little regard.

In many ways, Chester was glad that his uncle was an idiot, and that Steven had been so eager to exploit the goodwill of others. If not for the fact that the gym was losing money hand over fist because of Steven driving away all of the patrons that didn’t want to be on camera all the time, Chester would never have made the deal that he did.

Chester was aware that every time he went back to get fucked by Steven, he’d lose just a little bit more of his intelligence to pay the price of the magic, but that was okay. He’d used his brains enough and the thought of being a dumb bottom boy actually appealed to him quite a bit.

Since Chester, his uncle, and Mario all had equal shares of Steven’s income from the stream, it was unlikely that Chester would have to worry about money even when he did finally get all of his brains fucked to mush. And that was alright with him.

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