White Bred Sub

Hello Pink Fairy, I hope you and the Purple Fairy are well. I’m not sure about how you feel about racists, but I need help with one. I recently found out my roommate is quite racists towards Asians. By a similar stroke of fate, I have recently started dating a cutie who happens to be Asian, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a past customer of yours. Naturally, my roommate’s bigotry and flat out stupidity has made the relationship unnecessarily hard. As such, I wanted to request your help. Do with my roommate whatever you wish. Make him a twin of my new boyfriend or just screw with his brains. As long as rent’s flowing, I don’t care. We were never that close anyway.

Beta Patron Request by @karkat-kanaya-mix

Cal gritted his teeth and balled his fingers into a fist. He was ready to give his roommate a piece of his mind. It was the 21st century, not the 18th, and he was pissed. The only thing that stopped him was a hand on his wrist and the gentle reassuring voice of his boyfriend.

"It’s fine, Cal. Seriously. It’s no big deal. I’ve dealt with worse. He’s not worth the effort," said Shin. Cal could tell his boyfriend was trying to be calm and reassuring but he wasn’t that easy to fool. He could hear the weariness in Shin’s voice.

It was too late to give chase, though. Rick had already taken off down the street. At the very least, Cal was glad the racist coward hadn’t decided to stay and make the day more miserable than it already was. "That doesn’t mean I have to stand here and let you take it," he said, reaching for Shin’s hand.

Shin slapped Cal’s hand away and glared at him. Shin’s voice was terse when he spoke. "I said it’s fine." He slipped off his shoes and set them aside as Cal closed the front door behind them. "Do you really think I’m that fragile? I don’t need you to defend me. My whole family’s been dealing with his type all our lives. Stop making such a fucking big deal out of it."

Cal gritted his teeth. "But it should be a big deal," said Cal, following Shin into the house. "Just because you’re used to it doesn’t make it right. Hell, I think it’s fucking infuriating that it happens so much you’re used to it. I just don’t want you to have to deal with that every time you come over."

Shin whirled around on his heels. He stabbed a finger in Cal’s direction. "I have the perfect solution to that. How about I stop coming over, then? Is that what you want?" he said.

Cal shook his head. No. That wasn’t what he wanted at all. It was the last thing he wanted. "No, but—"

"Then stop," said Shin. "I said it’s fine. It’s not like you can break your lease for a while, anyway. There’s nothing you can do so would you just leave it alone?"

Cal sighed. There was no use arguing. Shin had a point. Bar some miraculous revelation that would change Rick’s mind, the only thing he could do was move, but that wasn’t going to be practical for a while. "Alright. Fine," he said, begrudgingly.

"Great," said Shin, as he flopped down on the couch. "Now are we going to continue watching that series we started the other day, or are we going to keep talking about how racism is wrong and how it’s made my life unnecessarily difficult?"

Cal sat down beside Shin and rested his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. "Let’s just watch," he said, pulling up the remote to turn the TV on. At least the show would be able to take his mind off of things.

Cal pulled the microphone on his headset away from his mouth and sighed. He stared, blankly, at the screen. In front of him was a grid of video feeds, one for each of his colleagues at the meeting. "This thing has gone off the fucking rails, again," he muttered.

Shin was curled up on the opposite side of the couch from Cal. He was playing some game on his phone but looked up at Cal when he spoke. "Seriously? Didn’t yesterday’s go off-track, too? Don’t you have anyone in charge that could keep everyone on topic?"

Cal grimaced. "That’s the problem," he said. He glanced back at the screen, just to make sure he wasn’t missing anything important. Predictably, he wasn’t. "The manager in charge of the meeting is the reason we keep going off on tangents. He was always a bit of a dick but he keeps trying to tell us how to do our jobs."

"Ugh," Shin groaned. "Reminds me of that one supervisor I had a while ago. Got transferred to my department when our old supervisor retired. Made us change everything so we’d be more ‘efficient.’ All he managed to accomplish was double the waiting time for our tickets."

Cal suppressed a laugh. He held a finger up to his mouth as he turned his attention back to the meeting. Someone had just addressed him. Fortunately, he’d been half-listening so he knew what was being talked about.

"Honestly, guys, I don’t know which approach would be better," said Cal, doing his best to keep the exasperation out of his voice. "I can see Vince’s point, but I think Bertram makes a pretty good point, as well. It’s probably just a matter of balancing things out."

Shin chuckled when Cal looked at him and made a face. "Want me to help get you out of there?" he said.

Cal leaned out of the frame of his webcam and put his hands together in a prayer position. "Please!" he mouthed.

Shin got up from the couch and winked. Cal turned back to the meeting and made sure that his mic was off-mute. He glanced at Shin, who grinned and promptly cried out. "Cal, I need your help!"

"Babe, I’m in a meeting!" Cal called back.

"I’m fucking serious, Cal!" said Shin, mock-urgency in his voice. "I need you, Cal. Holy shit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Right fucking now, Cal! If I break something I swear to God I’m going to—"

Cal looked back at his computer screen. Everyone had gone quiet. "Sorry, guys, looks like I’m going to have to bow out—"

"Cal, for fuck’s sake!" Shin yelled, at the top of his lungs.

"Okay! Okay! I’m coming!" Cal responded. Then, to his coworkers, he said, "Just keep me updated, okay? Bye, guys." Before anyone could complain or object, he exited the call. He looked at Shin and laughed as he closed his laptop and set it down on top of the coffee table.

Cal got up from the couch and walked over to Shin. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and leaned in to kiss him. Shin’s hands came up to hold the sides of his head as the kiss deepened, and he felt Shin’s cute little cock plumping up against his thigh.

It wasn’t long before they were grinding up against each other. Cal’s hands wandered, slipping down the back of Shin’s pants. He grabbed Shin’s bubble butt, squeezing and kneading the ample cheeks as Shin moaned into his mouth.

It had been a while since the last time they slept together. Cal was rock hard, and he was sure Shin could feel it. He was more than ready to take things to the bedroom and was just about to say so when a shriek from the entryway into the living room interrupted what had otherwise been a rather happy occasion.

"What the fuck is he doing here?!" screeched Rick. The sound was so incongruous for an adult man that it would have been funny if it hadn’t been so fucking infuriating. Somehow, Rick just had the most amazing penchant for making good days instantly worse.

Cal couldn’t help but groan. Just when things were starting to get good, too. He pulled away from Shin and turned around to look at his asshole roommate. The mere sight of Rick was giving him a minor headache already. The guy was in a ridiculous get-up, wearing a zipped-up sweater, latex gloves, and a surgical mask.

"Oh my God, I’m so sick of having this conversation," said Cal. Shin put a hand on his arm but he shook it off. He’d had enough. He wasn’t in the mood to de-escalate. "I’m just going to say this. I don’t fucking have to explain anything to you! I don’t have to justify why my boyfriend is visiting with me."

"I don’t fucking care if it was fucking Mother Teresa visiting you," said Rick, clearly seething under his mask. "He needs to leave, and you need to sanitize this whole place just to make sure he hasn’t fucking infected it."

Cal clenched his fists. He was more than ready to let Rick have it; the only reason he hadn’t yet was Shin. Shin was still convinced that he didn’t need defending but Shin was also too meek and soft-spoken to do it himself.

"It’s fine, I didn’t intend to stay, anyway. I just dropped by to say hi to Cal," said Shin, quietly. He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

Shin was smiling, but Cal had heard the hurt in Shin’s voice. It made his heart ache and his blood boil. He was going to say something, regardless of what Shin had told him about not needing a knight in shining armor, but the look Shin shot his way was enough to make him reconsider. It was frustrating, but things had been difficult enough recently with Shin that he didn’t want to risk another argument.

All Cal could do was watch as Shin walked over to where Rick was standing. "I’m leaving," said Shin, stiffly. "Please let me through."

Rick sneered as he stepped aside. As Shin was passing by him, he stuck his leg out in Shin’s way. Shin stumbled but was, fortunately, able to catch himself before he spilled onto the floor. Cal was sure he heard a couple of sniffles shortly before the front door opened and slammed shut.

"Good fucking riddance," said Rick. He looked back in the direction that Shin had gone and sniffed derisively. He glanced at Cal and said, "Seriously, man? What the hell is wrong with you? You know he’s probably just using you for citizenship, right? Why can’t you just be like the other gays I know and date a hot white guy? You can do so much better than a chink like that one."

Cal fumed. Every instinct he had was screaming at him to lunge across the room and give Rick a piece of his mind through the medium of a clenched fist. The last thing he needed was to get in trouble on Shin’s behalf, though.

Unbidden, the memory of something weird he’d come across while researching the next video on the channel he ran on the side came up in Cal’s head. It was a strange subculture on the gay side of the internet that, as far as he could tell, revolved around two allegedly-powerful mythical entities possessed of the powers of transformation and wish-granting.

Cal had had a chuckle the first time he started going down that particular rabbit hole. It was all hogwash and superstitious nonsense to him, but what he found amusing was that it centered around two fairies. Even he had to admit that gay guys were sometimes rather predictable.

It didn’t take much thinking to figure out why the memory had resurfaced. Part of why Cal had dismissed the stories was that they had all sounded like a persecuted gay man’s fantasies. The testimonials talked at length about terrible people getting reduced into happy, harmless nymphomaniacs through the power of the fairies.

There wasn’t a bone in Cal’s body that believed that any of it was real, but there was a small voice in the back of his head that just said, "what if?"

What if, indeed? Making a wish to something that likely didn’t exist was harmless, but if the fairies were real, and if they did dispense a very gay brand of justice on terrible people, then they were the perfect solution for Cal’s problem with Rick.

Cal took a deep breath. He closed his eyes. He loosened his fingers briefly, then clenched them into fists again. He poured all the fury burning in his veins into a single wish and screamed it out in his mind with all his might. If anyone was listening, he was sure they would have heard him, even if he doubted there was anyone, to begin with.

When Cal opened his eyes again, Rick had made himself at home on the sofa, feet propped up on the coffee table. He had the remote control in his hands and he’d turned the TV to Fox News. Cal should have known it wouldn’t work. Rick was still his usual douchebag self.

Cal had barely had the opportunity to sigh to himself when he heard the front door bang open. Rick started from his otherwise comfortable position on the couch and looked over toward the entrance to the living room.

Shin stormed into the room, red-faced and short of breath. He slung the backpack off his shoulders and set it down by the doorway. He was shaking, and it was clear that he’d been crying. "Shut the fuck up," he growled, as Rick opened his mouth to say something. "I’ve spent the last few months listening to you spew vile shit from your face-hole and I’m fucking done, do you hear me, shitbag?"

Cal had to suppress the smile on his face. He was so happy, not to mention proud, that Shin was standing up for himself.

"I grew up in fucking Washington State! I’m every bit as American as you are! And I have every right to be here with my boyfriend and not have to fucking suffer the sight of some sorry racist piece of shit every time I want to have a nice day with someone I love!" Shin yelled, spittle flying from his lips.

"So I’m not going to go anywhere. Cal invited me, and we were just about to have some fucking hot, loud sex because we’re both pent up and have missed each other," said Shin. Cal blushed. He’d never heard Shin be so graphic, and he kind of liked it. "If you have a problem with that, then either lock yourself in your room like the loser you are or get the fuck out!"

"Y-You ca—!" Rick started.

Shin wasn’t going to let him get a word in, though. "Fuck off!" he screamed, in Rick’s face.

The look in Rick’s eyes was priceless. The fucker looked scared shitless. Rick grabbed his things and sheepishly scrambled out of the room like the coward he was. A short while later, Cal heard the front door close as Rick fled from the house.

Laughing, he ran up to Shin and hugged him tightly. "Holy crap, Shin. That was awesome," he said. He kissed Shin deeply, a shiver tracing the curve of his spine as Shin moaned into his mouth. He couldn’t stop thinking about how badass Shin had been, and it made him so fucking hard.

When the two pulled apart, Shin scratched the back of his head and chuckled nervously. He held his hand up in front of his face and said, "Fuck, Cal. I’m still shaking…" Cal gently grabbed Shin’s hand and pressed his lips to the tips of Shin’s slender fingers. "But that felt so good."

"I bet it did," said Cal, grinning. "Wanna take this upstairs?"

Shin grinned. For a moment, he looked downright wolfish. He pulled his hand out of Cal’s grasp and shoved it down the front of Cal’s pants. "I wanna take you right here," he said, voice low and seductive, as he pushed Cal down to the couch.

Cal couldn’t resist. He reached up and squeezed one of Shin’s biceps. "Have you been working out, babe?" he said, marveling at the firm muscle he could feel under his fingers. Shin had been a bit of a twink before, but he’d put on a little meat since the last time he was over.

It had already been a week, but Cal just couldn’t stop thinking about what Shin had done. He liked the shiny new spine on his boyfriend. Every time his mind replayed the scene in his head, it would make him horny. He’d never seen Rick get put in his place so badly.

"Oh, yeah," said Shin, almost bashfully. He scratched the back of his head. "I’d been meaning to start for a couple of years now but after I gave Rick a piece of my mind I just couldn’t stop thinking that now was a good time to actually commit to it so I bought a couple of pieces of equipment."

Cal was impressed. Shin had made so much progress in such a short time. Shin was still a bit lanky but there was markedly more definition in his body. "All this is just from working out at home?"

"Yeah," said Shin, beaming. "Well, not entirely, I guess. I’ve been getting some advice from a fitness community online. I was a bit skeptical at first but I mean, it’s hard to argue with the results!"

Licking his lips, Cal couldn’t help but imagine what Shin would look like in a couple of weeks. He wasn’t one to put looks first, but he’d always been partial to the jock body type. He didn’t have the slightest idea if Shin would even go that far or if Shin just wanted to put some definition on, but the idea was enough to give him a half-chub.

"Everything alright, babe?" said Shin, draping an arm along the back of the couch, around Cal. He leaned on Cal’s shoulder and said, "You suddenly got all quiet. I didn’t say anything to upset you, did I?"

"No. No!" said Cal, perhaps a bit too hastily. His face got hot as pink bloomed across his cheeks. He could feel Shin’s index finger lightly tracing random patterns on his thigh, which wasn’t helping the situation in his pants. "I-I was just thinking…"

"Oh yeah? What were you thinking of, babe?" said Shin, a small smile tugging on the corners of his lips. Cal’s cheeks got hotter. He quickly averted his gaze. God. Shin was already so sexy as it was, he didn’t know if he would be able to manage if Shin got an even better body.

"I-It was nothing. J-Just some stupid crap. Y-You wouldn’t want to hear about it. So, a-anyway, what kind of workout are you doing these days?" said Cal. The attempt at deflection was flimsy at best, and his hopes that it had worked were dashed rather quickly when Shin raised an eyebrow at him.

"I’m pretty sure I would… If this is what it’s doing to you," said Shin, something dangerous and predatory in the tone of his voice. The way he spoke made Cal shiver. He jumped when he felt Shin’s finger lightly graze the outline of his cock in his pants. "Won’t you tell me, please?"

Cal gulped audibly. Shin didn’t normally press matters like this. It was new, but it wasn’t exactly unwelcome. A part of Cal rather liked the newfound confidence. He’d always hoped that Shin would be a bit more assertive than he usually was, after all.

"O-Okay, fine," Cal said, somehow managing to stammer the words out despite the embarrassment. He felt like his face was going to catch fire at any moment now. "I-I was just thinking about… um… H-How hot you would look… I-If you kept working out… A-And—!"

Whatever else Cal had been about to say was lost. His train of thought didn’t only derail, it plummeted off the side of a cliff. His brain short-circuited the moment Shin’s lips touched his, making them tingle, but the kicker was the desperate moan that escaped him when Shin’s tongue slid into his mouth.

When Shin pulled away, Cal took a single shuddering breath. Cool air filled his lungs as he looked up into Shin’s eyes, feeling a little bit faint and dazed. Shin was rarely the one to initiate things. Cal couldn’t help but think that Shin should initiate things more often if that was how he did it.

Shin had always been a good kisser, but that last kiss had been beyond phenomenal. Cal hadn’t even noticed that Shin had laid him down on the couch until they pulled apart. He wasn’t used to being the one on his back.

"I think it’s hot you’re fantasizing about me while I’m right here next to you," said Shin. He licked his lips and Cal almost came right then and there. Shin looked so goddamn sexy, and the way he slid his hands down the front of Cal’s pants made Cal feel like he was on the verge of bursting apart.

Shin’s fingers lightly squeezed Cal’s cock when they passed by but they didn’t stop there. Cal instinctively hiked his legs apart as Shin’s hand slid between them. He moaned before he could process what was happening when Shin rubbed and teased his hole.

"Y-You want to fuck me?" Cal muttered, throwing his arms around the back of Shin’s neck.

"Yeah," said Shin, a lopsided smirk gracing his lips. "Do you have any objections?" he added, as he rubbed Cal’s pucker more insistently.

Cal moaned. No. He didn’t. Not in the slightest. He shook his head, just in time for his thoughts to unravel in the kiss that Shin pressed into his lips.

Cal was lucky enough that the nature of his work let him do it from home. The moment things took a turn for the worse, his company had made the call to make everyone work from home.

It was both a blessing and a curse in disguise. For one thing, Cal was glad that he didn’t have to commute to work nearly as much, and he could get as comfortable as he wanted during his working hours. On the other hand, though, it meant spending most of the day at home. With Rick.

Despite a marked improvement in his attitude since Shin put him in his place, Rick was no less of a thorn in Cal’s side. If anything, the guy seemed constantly on edge. He kept asking if Shin was coming over, looking terrified.

That was another rather unpleasant consequence of the whole situation. Cal didn’t get to see Shin nearly as much as he wanted to. Shin was considered an essential worker since he was a manager at a local big box store. Even if he wasn’t, though, neither Cal nor Shin were particularly keen on flouting the health authority’s advice.

Today was an exception, and Cal could scarcely wait. He hadn’t seen Shin in the better part of two weeks but had gotten pictures back that showed off Shin’s progress in his working out.

For the last little while, Cal had been more than happy to let Shin take the lead in their relationship. He largely let Shin make the decisions—not that there were many to be made given what was going on. He had every intention of sharing the lead equally with Shin at some point, but for now, he was more than happy to go along with things.

The visit today hadn’t even been Cal’s idea. Shin had decided that two weeks was too long to wait and that it was about time they saw each other again. Cal had to admit, he’d had his reservations, but he’d also been craving to feel Shin’s body pressed up against his again.

Rick froze the moment the doorbell rang. He gaped at Cal, mouth opening and closing wordlessly. Cal just raised an eyebrow at him and got up from the couch to answer the door.

Cal’s heart skipped a beat when he opened the door and saw that it was Shin. The transformation was even more pronounced in person. He looked taller. Broader. Stronger. And the sight of him made Cal’s cock twitch.

Shin walked in. Though his mouth and nose were covered, Cal could see the twinkle in his eye. "I would love to kiss you right now, but that’s probably a bad idea," said Shin, with a light chuckle. "How about this? I’ll go take a shower. You still have some of my clothes in your closet, right? I’ll go get changed and then we can cuddle all we want."

Cal shivered. Shin’s voice sounded richer and ever so slightly deeper. It made the tips of his ears tingle. The audio on their nightly video chats didn’t do it justice. He could only nod, at a loss for words in the sudden intensity of Shin’s presence.

"In the meantime… Have you eaten yet?" said Shin. Cal shook his head. He’d been too antsy for Shin to get there that he’d entirely forgotten about breakfast. "I see. Well, you’re probably as hungry as I am, so why don’t you make us both something to eat while I get cleaned up and changed, yeah?"

"S-Sure, Shin," said Cal. His heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t noticed until now, but Shin had changed. Shin was taking charge as if it was the most natural thing in the world and Cal couldn’t decide if it scared him or if it turned him on—though the way his cock was throbbing certainly made it seem like the latter.

Cal licked his lips. "I-Is there anything i-in particular that you want?" he said. He’d never been much of a people-pleaser but for some reason, he just wanted to make Shin happy.

"No, not in particular. I mean, we’re serious about this, aren’t we? Why don’t you show me the kind of thing you’d make me when we live together?" said Shin. Cal gawked at him, at the casual way that he talked about moving in together as if it weren’t some major step but a foregone conclusion in their relationship. Furthermore, it seemed as if Shin had decided that Cal was going to be the one doing the cooking—or at least the one making breakfast—when they cohabitated.

It wasn’t that Cal had any objections. If that was what Shin wanted him to do, then he was happy to do it. It was just that he thought these were the kinds of things that people talked about. One partner wasn’t supposed to make unilateral decisions about how things were going to be.

Cal didn’t see any point in arguing, though. It had been too long since he was last physically with Shin. He didn’t want to rock the boat too much. Besides, it did make him feel a little warm inside that Shin had been thinking about how things would be when they lived together that he could probably let it go. He would just have to put his foot down and make sure his voice would be heard next time.

"Okay, babe," said Cal. "I’ll do my best."

The corners of Shin’s eyes crinkled as he smiled. "I know you will. Tell you what. If you impress me, next time I come over, I’ll show you what I would make you for breakfast. How’s that for a trade?"

Cal nodded. "I’ll hold you to that," he said, as Shin walked past him into the living room. "I want something that will fill me up."

"I’m a man of my word, baby. I won’t disappoint," Shin called back.

Cal made his way to the kitchen. He was just about to open the fridge to see what they had when he heard Shin’s voice cut through the air. He couldn’t help but grin at the sound of it. "Stay right where you are, Ricky. You and I need to have a chat."

Cal was in the middle of cooking breakfast when he heard Shin coming back down the stairs. He’d chosen to cook something big and filling, as he figured Shin would appreciate it. He could only imagine the kind of breakfast that Shin was having every day for those gains.

A few seconds later Cal was able to make out the sound of Shin’s voice over the sizzling and popping of the bacon in his pan. He couldn’t quite discern what was being said, but Shin was talking with a confident evenness which made him feel at ease. Perhaps more importantly, Cal didn’t hear Rick’s whiny voice interrupting Shin. Whatever it was the two were talking about seemed to be going well enough that he felt no need to intervene.

"Do you mind if we ate here in the living room, baby?" Shin called out. Cal shivered. He wasn’t sure if his mind was just playing tricks on him or what, but he could have sworn that Shin’s voice sounded a faint bit deeper than it had before he took a shower. "Just bring the food out here. And tell me if you need any help!"

"That’s fine, babe! I’m just finishing up. I’ll bring it out in a little bit, okay?" Cal called back. A short while later, the bacon was done to perfection. He slid the strips of meat out of the pan and onto the two plates that he’d prepared beforehand, with the rest of the meal, and headed out of the kitchen.

When Cal entered the living room, he nearly dropped what he was carrying. Shin was sitting naked on the couch, a towel spread out under him. A faint sheen of moisture still clung to his skin, and his jet black hair was slicked back over his head.

"Hey, baby… That all smells so fucking good. I’m starving." said Shin, a small lopsided grin lazily spreading across his lips. Cal could do little more than stand there and stare because… wow.

Cal gulped, audibly, as he set the plates down on the coffee table to avoid any accidents. He couldn’t stop looking. He could scarcely resist the urge to run over and run his hands over Shin’s broad shoulders and muscular arms. He wanted to feel those firm pecs up and rub his face against those tight, washboard abs. Most of all, Cal wanted to be right where Rick was, face buried nose-deep in Shin’s crotch.

An embarrassingly long couple of seconds passed before Cal registered that Rick was sucking his boyfriend off. That Shin’s thighs were clamped tightly around Rick’s head, forcing him to deepthroat his cock.

Cal blinked. He felt like his brain had just short-circuited. He almost couldn’t comprehend the scene unfolding in front of him. Nor did he entirely understand why his cock was reacting the way it was, twitching with every gurgling, choking sound that Rick made. "What… What. What. What? What? W-What’s going on?!" he said, struggling to get the words out.

"Aw, baby, don’t look so distressed. Come here," said Shin, beckoning for Cal to approach. For some reason, instead of backing away in revulsion at the infidelity so brazenly taking place in front of him, Cal felt compelled to do as he was told.

Before Cal could even think of what he was doing, his feet had already carried him forward. Once he was within reach, Shin reached out and gently grabbed one of his hands, pulling him even closer. "Here. Let me kiss you better. This isn’t what it looks like," he said.

Cal licked his lips as Shin pulled him down. He closed his eyes, feeling the heat rush into his cheeks as Shin’s hand traveled up his arm to cup the back of his head. He moaned, cock throbbing, as Shin caught his lips in a quick, chaste kiss.

"You know I love you, right, baby?" said Shin. His dark eyes locked gazes with Cal’s, and there was nothing there but genuine, sincere affection.

Cal nodded, mutely. He knew that Shin loved him. That much was true. That much was certain. He just didn’t understand why Rick was sucking Shin off. "Please… Um… C-Can you explain?"

"Of course, baby," said Shin, rubbing the back of Cal’s ear with his thumb. "All I’m doing is showing your roommate the truth. He’s always so grumpy and difficult about me and I know that’s been getting on your nerves so I decided I would do something about it."

"I-I don’t understand," Cal stammered. He had to admit, he’d never felt so dumb in his life. Shin was talking as if what he was doing was the most natural thing in the world. Cal couldn’t help but think that he was missing something, that somehow, Shin knew something he didn’t.

"Of course you don’t, baby. That’s fine. Stop thinking about it so much. I don’t like it when you look so distressed." said Shin.

Cal blushed. He couldn’t help it. Shin wasn’t his first, but he’d been burned before. Shin had been so good to him and so good for him that he was terrified of losing him. Shin was right, though. He hadn’t even given Shin a chance to finish his explanation. He just had to sit back and listen and not think about it too much. Shin probably had a good reason for what was going on, anyway.

"Here. Let me make things easier for you," said Shin, patting the side of Cal’s face. "All I’m doing right now is helping Rick overcome his racism. See, he has this weird idea that somehow being white makes him better than me, but you and I both know that isn’t true, right baby?"

Cal nodded. Of course. Just because someone was white didn’t automatically mean they were superior. He still didn’t get what that had to do with deepthroating, though.

"Basically, I’m just teaching him that really, pretty little white boys like him are meant to be on their knees in front of hot Asian masters like me," said Shin.

Cal felt like there was something wrong with what Shin had just said, but Shin had said it so it must be right. Shin was just so much smarter than he was, after all. It was often just a lot easier to trust Shin’s judgment over his own since Shin was almost always right, anyway. That way he didn’t have to do too much thinking, which was more than a little bit stressful if he had to be honest.

"So, to cure little Ricky’s delusions, I showed him that what he really needs to feel fulfilled in life isn’t a sense of superiority but a big fat Asian cock to own him, just like you," said Shin.

Cal blushed. It was true. He had never felt so fulfilled in life as when Shin’s cock was inside of him. "Now, why don’t you strip out of those silly white boy clothes of yours and eat with me? You’re gonna need all the energy you can get if you want to play with this once little Ricky’s done choking on it," said Shin.

It had been two weeks since the last time Shin visited. Cal was excited. The last two weeks had been torture. He couldn’t stop thinking of Shin, of those broad shoulders, those meaty thighs, that perfect body. He licked his lips. He couldn’t wait.

The first few days had been at least tolerable. Now, though, even work failed to hold Cal’s attention for longer than 5 minutes. He wasn’t even sure how he got hired. Everything was so difficult. A part of him remembered being better at it, but the code was so complex, and he kept forgetting how to do things.

It was just so much easier for Cal to give up on the coding. Thoughts of Shin kept distracting him, anyway, especially when they made his cock hard. It was a bit embarrassing but he was just so fucking horny that he spent most of his days jerking off to porn.

Ever since he was given a dose of fat Asian cock straight down his throat, Ricky had been a fair bit more tolerable to live with. His situation didn’t seem much different from Cal’s. Every time Cal saw him, he had a massive boner and did very little to hide it.

It got so bad one night that Ricky and Cal jerked off together in the living room. Cal had felt so bad about it he confessed the indiscretion to Shin, but instead of being angry, Shin had only seemed amused.

Cal jumped when his phone rang. He practically vibrated when he saw that it was Shin. "Hey babe!" he said, barely able to hold back his excitement. "O-Oh, sure. I can get the garage opened for you… Um… Would it be okay if I asked—O-Okay. I-I can wait."

When Cal got up to do as he’d been asked, he realized that Ricky had disappeared. It wasn’t until he heard the door to the garage open that he realized Ricky had gone and done it himself. He went over to the kitchen to see what the fuss was all about and saw Ricky helping Shin with a couple of bags and a suitcase.

Cal’s heart skipped a beat. "U-Um, what’s going on?" he said.

"Well, after you told me about what you and Ricky did last week, I realized that two pretty little white boys like the two of you couldn’t be trusted with looking after a house on your own. So, I decided I had to do something. I talked to your landlord and had him transfer both of your leases to my name," said Shin. "That means, at least until we can find a better place, that I’ll be living here with you."

Cal’s cock twitched. A part of him still wanted his voice to be heard, wanted his opinions to be considered, but for the most part, he didn’t exactly mind that Shin had made yet another major decision without his input. If anything, in a strange sort of way, it turned him on to have the choice taken from his hands.

"Alright, you can set those down in the living room for now. We can go back for the boxes later," said Shin, turning to Ricky. With uncharacteristic enthusiasm, Ricky nodded and dragged the bags and suitcase off to the living room.

Shin grinned as he walked over to Cal. Cal moaned when Shin wrapped his arms around him. Shin kissed him on the cheek and said, "I’m going to be taking over your room since it’s the bigger one. I’m also going to trust that you’ve kept your room nice and clean for me."

Cal smiled. Of course, he kept his room clean. He liked to keep his personal spaces neat and tidy. "Of course, that means that you’re going to have to move in with Ricky in his room but I’m sure he won’t mind," said Shin.

"W-What?" said Cal, as his heart sank. He thought he’d be sharing his bed with Shin. He didn’t want to share a room with Ricky, much less a bed. "B-But you…" Cal trailed off. He couldn’t tell Shin that he couldn’t force him out of his room, because Shin certainly could. "I-I thought you loved me…" he whined, instead.

"Oh, of course, I love you, baby," said Shin. "But a Man’s gotta have his own space, you know? You’re gonna be spending most nights with me, of course, but I can’t have you thinking that you’re my equal. You get that, right, baby?"

Cal sighed. He did. "O-Of course, babe," he said. "I just… I wanted to share a room with you…"

"And you will. Most nights. I just have to make sure that you remember your place. You want to be a good little white boy for me, right?" said Shin.

"O-Of course, babe," Cal stammered.

"And about that? I don’t want you calling me babe anymore. It might give you weird ideas about who’s really in charge here. Either call me Daddy, or Sir, or Master. Whatever you want, as long as you’re being respectful and recognize that I’m in charge, got it?" said Shin.

Cal could only nod. "Y-Yes b—" He cut himself off. This was going to take some getting used to. "Y-Yes, Sir," he said. Strangely enough, it felt weirdly appropriate to address his boyfriend like that.

A chill ran up Cal’s spine as Shin patted him on the head and ruffled his hair. "Good boy!" said Shin. "Now doesn’t that feel a lot more natural for a good little white boy to say?"

Cal blushed, the heat flooding his cheeks. "Y-Yes, Sir… I-It really does…"

"Come on, let’s not keep Ricky waiting in the living room," said Shin. With his hand on the small of Cal’s back, he took him to the living room and sat him down on the couch beside Ricky. "Now, boys. You’re going to do what I tell you to do, right?"

Cal nodded. He couldn’t even begin to think of why he wouldn’t. Then again, he wasn’t particularly good at thinking. Maybe there was a good reason, but he certainly couldn’t come up with it on his own. "Y-Yes, Sir!" he said.

Ricky glanced at Cal sideways before quietly repeating, "Y-Yes, Sir!" and then smacking his lips as if trying to figure out whether he liked the taste of the words on his tongue.

"Good. Because I want the two of you to strip," said Shin.

Cal looked at Ricky. Their eyes met and they both blushed, averting their gazes from one another. Still, neither one was particularly keen on disobeying so they did as they were told. "All the way," Shin helpfully provided, when Cal hesitated with stripping off his underwear.

"Now, since the two of you proved to me last week that neither of you could be trusted with those cute little things between your legs, I’m going to need you to put these on," said Shin, handing a velvet pouch to each of them. "These will make sure that you don’t get any ideas about playing with those nubbins without permission from a real man."

Cal tipped the contents of his bag out into his palm. It was a chastity cage, and the metal felt cold against his skin. His cock jumped, plumping up visibly while Ricky stared at his with confusion. Cal, wanting to show Shin that he was a very good boy, slipped the ring and cage onto his cock before he could get too hard to do it.

Shin grinned at Cal. "Good boy," he said, pulling out a padlock which he threaded through the shackle hole of the cage. He clicked it shut and pocketed the keys. "There. Now, doesn’t that feel much better?"

Cal nodded. "Y-Yes, Sir! It feels much better, Sir!" he said, cock straining against the metal bars of its new cage. God. He felt hornier already. Ricky copied Cal and got his cock locked away before long, letting out a low moan as Shin gently squeezed his balls after clicking the lock shut.

"Alright. Why don’t you two boys get familiar with each other’s new cages? I’m going to go to the kitchen to prepare that breakfast I promised Cal I’d make," said Shin, disappearing before either Cal or Ricky could say a thing.

For a long moment, Cal and Ricky just stared at each other, uncertain what to do, before the horniness inspired by the cock cages got the better of them. Cal grabbed Ricky’s package and moaned as Ricky grabbed his back. It was so fucking hot but so fucking frustrating at the same time.

The cage didn’t entirely prevent stimulation, but what stimulation it did let through was not enough for any sort of satisfaction. Cal groaned, humping his hips into Ricky’s hand as his cock swelled even more in its cage.

The little show was interrupted by Shin’s return. He had two large mugs in his hands, which he set down on the coffee table in front of him. "Who’s up for a nice, big breakfast, boys?"

As if on cue, Cal’s stomach growled. Beside him, Ricky shot his hand into the air.

"Good," said Shin, as he unbuttoned his pants and undid his fly. HE reached into his boxer briefs and pulled out his cock. It was even bigger than Cal remembered. Even soft, it was almost as long as his forearm and probably just as thick, with a nice set of juicy balls to match.

Shin gave himself a couple of tugs, swelling to full hardness. He used his other hand to pinch a nipple through his skin-tight shirt and groaned as he jerked off over the two mugs.

Cal and Ricky watched, spellbound, as the skin of Shin’s cock slid back and forth over the large meaty head. After a short while, Shin’s large balls pulled up against his body and the first shot of milky white cum spilled out of him.

Shin aimed his cock at the two mugs, spewing copious amounts of cum enough to fill both mugs to the brim and then some. "Eat up, boys. I promised a hearty breakfast, didn’t I?"

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