Shadow Lust

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Persona 5 AU – Akechi Goro and Kurusu Akira are in university now, and continuing the work of the Phantom Thieves, keeping Mementos in check and making sure to collapse any palaces that crop up. A mission goes awry, however, when they face a shadow unlike any they’ve fought before.

Story Request by @icecladshade

The light rap on his dorm room door pulled Akechi’s attention away from the video lecture he was watching on his laptop. "Come in, it’s open," he called out, turning back to his note-taking to finish up the last line he’d been writing before the interruption.

"Hey," said Akira’s familiar voice. "You ready to go?"

Akechi glanced at the clock on the corner of his laptop screen. He’d lost track of the time. It was so easy to get lost in studying for his courses. He’d pushed himself to do it for the sake of his image in the past, but now it was a strange comfort because of the familiarity.

"Yeah, sorry," said Akechi, stripping his headphones off. He closed his laptop and set the headphones on top. He swiveled the chair around and got up, grabbing his phone in the process. "I didn’t realize the time. Is it just the two of us tonight?" he said when he saw that Akira was alone.

"Looks like it," said Akira, the corner of his lips pulling up in a small smirk. Akechi’s stomach fluttered. The look in Akira’s eyes was dangerous, and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

It had been a couple of years since the whole Yaldabaoth incident. It had certainly been something, fighting against a god. There were some days that Akechi lay awake in bed wondering if they had actually triumphed in the end. The fact that Mementos hadn’t disappeared like they expected it to, played into his fears.

Igor hadn’t had any satisfying answers for them, either. He assured them that the chances of Yaldabaoth returning were slim, but also said that humanity probably wasn’t ready to let go of Mementos. Akechi had to admit it was somewhat depressing to think that humanity could be so nihilistic as a collective.

There wasn’t anything that could be done about it, though, so Akechi tried his best not to dwell on the matter too much. All that he and the rest of the Phantom Thieves could do was make sure that Mementos stayed as dormant as they could.

The work was difficult. Everyone was in university, now, which meant that they didn’t have nearly as much free time as they used to have. The only good thing was that they were all so much stronger now so they didn’t have to all jump into the meta-verse unless they were facing a particularly difficult task.

"Everyone else has plans tonight, so it’ll just be you and me tonight, baby," said Akira. Akechi groaned. He should have expected as much when he saw that gleam in Akira’s eye. It had been a few years since Akira had rescued him from his cognition-self and he still wasn’t used to Akira’s roguish, flirtatious charm.

"That just means we’re more likely to get into trouble we’re not prepared for," said Akechi. He waved his hand dismissively in an attempt to hide the way Akira was making him feel. Not that it would be successful. Somehow Akira always knew.

Akira slung an arm over Akechi’s shoulders. "Oh, come on. We’re two wild-cards. What could possibly go wrong?" he said, with a grin.

Akechi rolled his eyes. Akira did so love tempting fate. "More than you think," he said.

"Pfft. Look, you got Robin Hood and Loki, and I’ve got Satanael. If we’re not going after a palace ruler, I don’t think there’s anything we have to worry about," said Akira. "So… If we get a moment to ourselves down there… What do you say we sneak off and…"

Heat rushed into Akechi’s cheeks. He shoved Akira away from him, face burning. "Oh my god, you horndog," he said, shaking his head. "How about we focus on the mission?"

Akira laughed, bumping his side into Akechi’s. He traced his index finger down the side of Akechi’s face. "Remember what I told you a couple of years ago? You’re my mission, baby."

"Ugh," said Akechi, stomping off as he tried his best to suppress the smile that threatened to break out on his lips.

Akechi clutched his shoulder. His whole damn arm was numb from the blow he’d just had to parry. He should have expected it if he was being honest. It had been far too easy. He’d never heard or seen a palace that was empty of even the most minor of threats. He’d gotten complacent when he was supposed to be the more paranoid one of the two of them, and here they were suffering for it.

For what it was worth, at least Akechi’s strategy of protecting Akira had been working. Akira looked a fair bit better off than he did, and it was thanks in no small part to his efforts. As much as it stung to admit, Akira was the stronger one between the two of them when it came to direct offense.

"Crow! Watch out!" said Akira. Akechi made the mistake of looking at Akira instead of the enemy. Too late, he heard the twang of a bowstring being released.

As Akechi turned to face their foe, a red-white lance of light slammed into his leg. It pierced through his shin, the head of the glowing red arrow sticking out at an angle from his calf. The bright, searing agony that followed drove him gasping to his knees.

"Fuck!" Akechi growled, through gritted teeth. He looked up and glared at their opponent. At any other time, he might have admired the shadow before them, but the pain made it difficult to not just outright hate the damn thing. Still, he couldn’t deny that it was beautiful.

The shadow had the body of a Greek god. Its form was chiseled as if it had been hewn from a block of solid marble. Its arms were large, but not excessively so, corded with muscle that became all the more apparent as it drew back on the bowstring of its large golden bow, conjuring yet another arrow of searing red-white energy.

Behind the shadow’s broad shoulders sprouted a pair of feathery white wings. They were stretched wide to either side of the creature, though it was clear they weren’t necessary for flight as the shadow’s feet were hovering a good foot off the ground despite the wings being motionless.

Despite the situation, Akechi couldn’t help but stare at the shadow’s firm chest and the well-defined line that split the two blocks of hard muscle. His gaze drifted further down, unbidden, to the cut washboard of the shadow’s abs and the perfect V of its waist.

All of a sudden Akechi’s mouth and throat fell dry as his gaze wandered even further down the shadow’s body to its tree-trunk thighs. He shivered, licking his lips as his eyes traced over the sculpted calves and perfect feet.

A golden circlet was set upon the shadow’s brow, nestled in its hair of fine-spun gold and set above its full, bushy brows. Its face was handsome, then kind Akechi had only ever seen on male supermodels, except without any of the flaws a normal human face might have.

Akechi’s heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t noticed until now since he very rarely had any reason to look into a shadow’s eyes, but these were a very nice and striking reddish-purple. The shadow’s gaze was piercing and intelligent, and looking into its eyes made Akechi’s cheeks flush with heat and his head foggy with a strange, not-unpleasant haze.

Bar the golden bands cinched around the shadow’s wrists and ankles, the only other things it wore were a fine leather harness and a sheer silken loincloth. Where the leather harness was supposed to have metal studs and buckles and rings were fixings made of lustrous gold. It seemed excessive for what was essentially a glorified strap bandolier for the quiver slung across the shadow’s back.

The loincloth seemed entirely unnecessary as well, but for different reasons. It was held in place by a golden band that rested loosely on the shadow’s hips, to which the sheer silken fabric was attached in two rectangular pieces that went down the front and back respectively.

The front panel of cloth was not only semi-transparent, but it also draped over the thick slab of meat that dangled between the shadow’s legs. Akechi tried not to stare, especially since it seemed he couldn’t help but salivate at the sight, but it was difficult not to. Not only was the huge cock attention-grabbing, but so were the two large juicy balls behind it.

Akechi fought through the pain and the strange lust that had overcome him and glanced at Akira. He could see the doubt and the concern in the other thief’s eyes but he couldn’t let that stand. He would have been flattered if he didn’t hurt so much. He had to be the more rational one, though. "Focus on the fight, Joker!" he said, through gritted teeth. "I’m fine." He wasn’t.

It was plain on Akira’s face that he wasn’t convinced, but he turned his attention back to the shadow. It was the right call, as far as Akechi was concerned. The injury wasn’t as bad as it had felt at first. The arrow wasn’t physical, and the pain had faded to a dull throbbing. The problem was the intense tingling heat that was radiating out from the shaft still buried in Akechi’s leg.

The sensation was impossible to ignore. In a strange sort of way it was even good. Every time Akechi tried to focus on the battle playing out in front of him, the feeling would surge, almost as if it were a fire, eating him from the inside. By the time it subsided his train of thought would have long since derailed.

"Fuck," Akechi muttered. Even his breath was hot. He was sweating under his mask and his costume. He was burning up, burning up so badly.

To make matters worse, Akechi could feel the heat pooling in his groin. He gritted his teeth and fought it but his arousal was already spiking. He bit down on his lower lip, struggling to hold in the moan, but his cock was chubbing up in his tight pants, pressing up against the leather. Why the hell did this guy have to be so fucking sexy? he asked himself, shocked at his own downright-casual admission of the shadow’s physical attractiveness.

A roar and the crack of a gunshot jolted Akechi’s attention away from the sensations racing through his body. He looked up and to the side. Akira was standing there, gun arm outstretched, and a smaller version of the persona he’d fought Yaldabaoth with hovering behind him.

The end of Akira’s gun was smoking and the shadow they’d been fighting was on one knee on the ground in front of him. It seemed the shot had clipped the shadow on the shoulder. Black flecks were rising into the air like embers from the bullet hole, dissolving into nothing when they got a certain distance away from the shadow’s body.

"You’re strong. I’ll give you that," said the shadow, the first time it had spoken since the beginning of their battle. Its deep voice, with a rich and gravelly timbre, sent a shock of pleasure and arousal through Akechi’s body. He couldn’t help but cling to every syllable, his cock throbbing with need in his pants.

Akira smirked and Akechi rolled his eyes on reflex. Akira was such a cocky bastard, but even Akechi had to admit it was part of the guy’s charm. It wasn’t like the confidence was unearned. "I beat you fair and square, so I think it’s my right to ask that you lend me your power," said Akira.

What followed next was the typical routine of one of Akira’s negotiations with shadows. It remained baffling and impenetrable to Akechi, especially now that his insistent cock kept distracting him. He didn’t know how Akira did it, and even when he did pay attention it only seemed nonsensical to him.

Eventually, Akira and the shadow came to what seemed to be a mutual understanding. It was typical at this point. Akira had gotten so good at his negotiations that the failures he occasionally got in the past were but a faded memory at this point.

Unlike Akira’s usual negotiations, however, this particular shadow dissolved into threads of pink, red, and white light instead of the usual blue and white. The mask that it created was different as well, changing the black that surrounded Akira’s eyes to a luscious red.

With the defeat of the shadow, the glowing arrow that had struck Akechi in his leg dissolved into nothingness. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to his feet. He still felt so fucking hot under the collar, and it took every bit of willpower he had in his body to ignore the outline of his hard cock down his pants leg.

Despite how Akechi was feeling, it seemed that everything was on the up and up as Akira turned to grin at him. It was in the next moment that everything went pear-shaped as the strange new mask fell off Akira’s face and his eyes took on a red-white glow.

The shadow they’d been fighting emerged behind Akira, hovering behind him with a lopsided smirk on its handsome face. Akechi moaned before he could stop himself, the heat in his body intensifying with every heartbeat.

Akira’s grin widened as a faint pink flush crept into his cheeks. He snapped his fingers and red-white flames enveloped his body, burning away every last shred of his clothing until he was standing there in all his naked glory. Akira was hard. Probably every bit as hard as Akechi was. His cock was sticking out in front of him, leaking clear strands of pre-cum onto the floor.

Akechi took a step back as Akira approached him. He gulped, throat dry at the sight of his friend’s naked body. He could scarcely think. It was like a fog had settled over his mind. And his gaze couldn’t help but drift down to Akira’s rock-hard erection.

"A-Akira, wait," Akechi stammered, as Akira pointed a hand in his direction. A plume of red-white fire not unlike the Agi skill erupted from his palm and leaped toward Akechi. It was too fast to avoid and all Akechi could do was flinch as the flames splashed on his chest.

The pain that Akechi expected didn’t accompany the flame. Instead, the heat went straight to his insides, pooling in his stomach, his groin, and his ass. He moaned, the sensations crashing into him like a tidal wave as the flames spread all over his body, eating away at his clothes.

When the flames dissipated, the heat that they’d arrived with didn’t go with them. Akechi could only moan as his cock sprang free of the confines of his tight pants, throbbing and pulsing and insistent with need.

Akechi’s mind spun. Thoughts formed and burst apart like delicate soap bubbles as the heat of his arousal continued to climb. He felt like he was melting, inside and out, and was all the hornier for it. Before he knew what was happening, Akira was there, in front of him.

Akira was naked. And close. So close. All the inhibitions that had allowed Akechi to keep his hands to himself when all he wanted was to put them all over Akira had fallen away. The haze in his head made it nigh-impossible to think of reasons not to indulge his desires when he felt so fucking desperate and horny.

Akechi grabbed the sides of Akira’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. It was a hot, sloppy, messy kiss but he didn’t care. He moaned into Akira’s mouth as Akira’s arms wound around his waist and pulled their naked bodies together. The heat of Akira’s skin on his made Akechi want to cry out in ecstasy.

The temperature in the room felt like it rose by a few degrees as Akechi ground his hips into Akira’s. Their hard cocks rubbed up against one another, sending jolts of pleasure up Akechi’s spine.

The two spent what felt like an eternity grinding up against one another. It felt so good that Akechi got so close to cumming. Just a little bit more, rubbing his cock against Akira’s, and he was sure he would explode. At the last moment, though, Akira pulled away, licking his lips.

"Turn around," said Akira, voice low and sultry in a way that made Akechi shiver with anticipation even as his cock pulsed desperately for release. Akechi did as he was told, and then, Akira said, "Lean against the wall. Spread your legs. Put your hands above your head. Yeah. Just like that."

Akechi’s asshole quivered as Akira’s fingers traced his sides, leaving tingling trails of heat in their wake. Akira pressed up against his back and kissed the nape of his neck and the curve of his shoulder. He moaned, bucking his hips backward as Akira humped him, cock sliding up and down the cleft of his ass.

Just as Akechi was sure Akira was going to push into him, though Akira backed off. He looked over his shoulder, ready to snap at Akira or beg, whichever worked to get him fucked, but what he saw made his heart skip a beat.

Akira’s eyes had a strange and dangerous gleam in them as he held his fingers up and snapped them. Akechi moaned as he felt something tight and cold cinch around the base of his cock. It was a golden cock-ring, and the way that it squeezed around his cock and balls made him even harder than he thought was possible.

Before Akechi could process what was happening he felt cold metal clamp around his wrists. Two golden manacles materialized around his wrists, the chain between them attached to a hook up on the wall. He felt the same sensation as a pair of golden manacles around his ankles bound him to the wall.

Akechi moaned. He was no stranger to bondage, though it was a rare indulgence. It was something he and Akira did only when they had the time to get it right, which was rather difficult to come by with university hovering over their shoulders.

What Akechi didn’t expect was Akira taking the same position beside him and getting similarly strung up. The sight of Akira was stunning, and him being so close made Akechi want nothing more than to tear free of his bindings to touch him.

Seeing Akira all chained up against the wall granted Akechi a brief moment of clarity. He realized how precarious their situation was, how quickly they’d turned from victors to prisoners. He tried to call on his personas, but neither Loki nor Robin Hood would heed his summons. Instead, Akechi felt a strange hollowness inside of him where the personas should have been.

Before he could think to try anything else, the moment passed. Akechi moaned as the arousal in him flared. His cock throbbed. He pumped his hips, rubbing it against the wall in a desperate search for relief. Beside him, Akira was doing the same.

Desperate and harder than he had ever been before, Akechi could do little but watch as the rogue persona pressed up against Akira’s back. It traced its fingers down along Akira’s sides, making the black-haired rogue shiver at the touch. It humped Akira’s backside, sliding its huge cock up and down the cleft of Akira’s ass.

Akechi moaned. There was a knot of jealousy in his stomach, but it wasn’t so much that he wanted to be the one doing that to Akira, rather he wanted to be the one the persona was doing it to.

The golden chains jangled as Akechi pulled against them to no avail. He whined, hole twitching as the persona spread Akira’s ass cheeks and lined his cock up with it. He had to watch, burning with envy, as the persona speared Akira with its enormous pole, forcing Akira open as it sank inch by inch into him.

Akira’s eyes rolled back as a pink haze surrounded his head. Akechi watched as the swirling tendrils of pinkish smoke were drawn into Akira’s nose and mouth with every inward breath followed by a low, delirious moan.

It wasn’t long before the persona had Akira fully impaled on its cock, and it was pretty clear that Akira was loving it. His eyes were unfocused and glazed over. His mouth was open, tongue lolling out, dribbling drool all over himself and the wall as the persona pinned him against it.

Akechi whined. He knew the persona was fucking with Akira’s mind but he didn’t give a damn. He wanted that treatment, too. He wanted that cock inside of him. He could only imagine how it would feel, splitting him open, ruining his asshole, punching his guts. It was so big he could see it pushing up against the inside of Akira’s stomach.

The chains jangled as the persona started moving. Akechi licked his lips as he watched the delicious thickness of it pull out of and plunge back into Akira. He’d never heard his maybe-boyfriend—it was complicated—moan like such a cheap whore before.

The persona fucked Akira mercilessly, harder and faster with every pump of its hips. Akira was meeting each thrust unashamedly, the chains binding him to the wall rattling as he used them for leverage to shove his ass backward over and over again onto the monster cock pummeling his insides.

A strange mad light had taken over Akira’s eyes and they were beautiful. He looked like he wanted nothing more than to be the persona’s fucktoy and cock sleeve for the rest of his life. Or at least Akechi was pretty sure those were the thoughts going through Akira’s head. Because they were certainly the ones going through his.

Akira’s fucking lasted for what felt like an eternity. Akechi was bone-tired by the time it finished but energy surged back into his lips as he watched the persona shove its cock hilt-deep in Akira for one last time before filling him up.

Akira’s stomach bulged from the sheer volume of the cum that was pumped into him. It almost looked as if he was in the early stages of pregnancy with how much his stomach was distended. Predictably, when the persona pulled its large battering ram of a dick out of his ass, a gush of cum followed.

The trickle of seed flowing from Akira’s ass was stoppered by a large golden butt plug that the persona seemed to produce from thin air. The persona shoved it up Akira’s backside with little fanfare, though Akira moaned as it was being pushed in.

Akechi shivered with anticipation when the persona’s attention turned to him. It grinned and walked behind him, its fingers curling around his hips as it pulled him away from the wall and lined its cock up with his hole.

A long, low moan escaped Akechi as the persona’s thick cock breached him. It was so big. It felt so good. It made him feel so full that his mind short-circuited entirely. All he could do was moan unintelligibly, his thoughts getting foggier and foggier with every breath as the cock sank into him.

By the time the persona started fucking him, the only thing Akechi could think about was how fucking right it felt to have the monster so deep inside of him. How much he wanted the persona’s cum to fill him up like it had filled Akira. How much he didn’t care that it seemed to be grinding his brain to mush.

Akechi moaned. He’d been naked in bed all day, jerking off. His room smelled like ass, but he didn’t care. He hadn’t cum at all. Not since last night.

The door to Akechi’s room crashed open. Akira staggered in, half-naked and with a wild look in his eyes. All he had on was a pair of sweat pants that did little to hide his enormous erection. "H-Hey, do you want to go back?" Akira stammered, as he stared at Akechi’s cock and licked his lips.

Akechi’s eyes fluttered. "What kind of stupid question is that?" he grunted, grabbing his phone from his nightstand.

"A-Aren’t you worried about school?" said Akira, frantically stepping out of his sweat pants. He jumped into bed next to Akechi, joining the ex-detective in furiously pumping his cock.

"F-Fuck school," said Akechi, through gritted teeth. He hadn’t been able to take his mind off the phantom that had conquered the two of them last night. "W-Who cares about school? I-I want more… I want to go back," he said.

Akira gulped, audibly. Akechi took it as his cue and used the navigator app to take them to the palace they’d been exploring last night.

The two arrived naked instead of in their usual Phantom Thief clothing. The only articles they had on were the golden cock-rings that had appeared on them last night, along with the golden manacles on their wrists and ankles.

Both Akira and Akechi were also wearing heavy gold collars clamped tightly around their necks. Neither of them remembered having a collar last night, but both felt that it was just right. On instinct, they both fell to their hands and knees as they entered the palace, eager to please their new master.

As it turned out, apparently the shadow they’d fought yesterday was the ruler of the palace. It had faked its defeat and let Akira borrow its powers to corrupt the two of them from the inside. They were both now its slaves, and if he was being honest, Akechi couldn’t be happier.

The hole in Akechi’s chest, where his personas had once been, had been filled with nothing but adoration for his new master. He didn’t even particularly care that he and Akira were vulnerable now that their personas were gone.

According to the master, if Akechi and Akira stayed long enough in the metaverse, if they let themselves get corrupted deeply enough, they’d become part of the palace. They’d stop existing for real, reduced to shadows under the control of the ruler.

The thought should have been terrifying but it wasn’t. In fact, Akechi was rather looking forward to it.

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