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Being smart is difficult enough without wanting to change the world too and Robbie’s had enough. Maybe he can find a different way to make the world a better place, and maybe he won’t have to use his silly little head as much for it.

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Everyone has their burdens, that much is true, but it so often turns out that the most brilliant minds are also the ones that spend every day wading through a thick morass of misery. Maybe it’s something intrinsic about intelligence, or maybe it’s the fact that they are more acutely aware of the flaws of the world, the things that make the otherwise shiny façade of modern life look dull and pitted and cracked like it truly is.

In some cases, ambition helps these people see through all the muck and grime of life. In others, an almost-unhealthy obsession with work lets them push aside the dark thoughts that linger at the edges of their consciousnesses.

All too often, though, the darkness can be too much to bear for any one person. Sometimes, intelligence starts to be seen as more of a curse than a blessing. No one wants to be acutely aware of everything wrong with the world all the time, and it’s almost impossible to avoid when your mind can’t help but latch on and process that information.

Little wonder, then, that it’s the intellectuals who often find the Pink Fairy and his counterpart. It would seem a strange thing to those on the outside, but those similarly afflicted can probably understand and see the appeal of it.

That was Robbie’s story. In his case, the offhanded comment of a high school friend was all that was needed to change the life of the lifelong intellectual.

It happened over drinks, as most bad decisions tend to. Robbie was fresh out of his Pharmacy program and had invited an old buddy out to drink to celebrate his graduation.

Their lives had drifted apart over the years. It was only to be expected. They’d chosen to follow different paths after high school. Still, they had the steadfast kind of friendship that could weather many storms, so it was no secret that they still enjoyed each other’s company when things permitted.

Robbie and Leroy hadn’t been much different, in the past. They’d both been considered "gifted" from a young age. They’d both done really well in high school. People had had the same high expectations of them. Everyone thought they’d both go to university and come out successful young men with bright futures ahead of them, but things didn’t turn out that way.

It was the summer before they were supposed to go off to university when Leroy asked Robbie if he ever wished that his life could be different. Robbie had been having doubts at the time, but he didn’t have the heart to admit them so he’d told Leroy that he didn’t.

Shortly thereafter, Leroy changed. He was still the lovable old friend that Robbie had, but for some reason, his priorities seemed to shift. He started going to the gym, for one, but Leroy had always been eccentric so Robbie had just chalked it up to that. It wasn’t until Leroy started zoning out whenever he tried to hold an intelligent conversation that Robbie really took notice of what was happening.

Needless to say, at the end of the summer, Leroy declared that he wasn’t going to go into university. By then, he’d been the talk of the town. His scrawny body had grown into that of an Adonis over the course of a couple of months and everyone wanted to know his secret. Suffice to say, no one was particularly surprised when he made his announcement—except Robbie, of course.

Robbie had always wondered what happened to Leroy. It wasn’t until that fateful night, over drinks, that he found out. "I got the Pink Fairy to take away my smarts and it feels so fuckin’ good, Robbie," Leroy had slurred, breaking into giggles after the words slipped out of him.

Anyone else would have dismissed it outright, but not Robbie. Somehow, he felt that Leroy was telling the truth.

And so Robbie sought the Pink Fairy out. He liked what he was doing well enough, but he wasn’t exactly passionate about it. Maybe he had been, at one time, but it didn’t make him happy the way that it used to.

Robbie used to have dreams of using his degree in pharmacy to make the world a better place but he’d failed to take into account the intrinsic shittiness of people. It weighed on him. Kept him awake at night. What could one small cog in the machine do when the rest of it was bent on making the world a living hell for anyone who didn’t fit in?

Robbie found what he was looking for. Scores of testimonials about the Pink Fairy’s work. Small communities. Chat groups. Forums. All dedicated to talking about what the Pink Fairy could do for you.

Some of it was gross, Robbie had to admit. Some of it read like fantasies or baby’s first attempt at erotica. Still, there were enough diamonds in the rough that he knew there was something there that he just couldn’t discount.

When Robbie realized what he was doing, he had to step away for a little while. He didn’t come back to his research for weeks. A part of him wanted nothing more than to follow in Leroy’s footsteps but another part was scared of giving up so much of what had defined him for so long.

Then, Robbie moved to L.A. to do his Master’s, and the Pink Fairy was forgotten in the midst of the hustle, bustle, and stress of moving to a new city. He got himself a nice flat and started looking around for work. He went on a few dates, but apart from some banging sex on a few occasions, they never really went anywhere.

It wasn’t until halfway through lectures on the first day of his Master’s that Robbie realized he was miserable. He was doing well but he felt alone, and he had difficulty forming relationships with other people because he couldn’t help but wonder what sorts of dark things they were hiding.

Robbie found his resolve. He dusted off his research on the Pink Fairy and he made his impassioned plea. Nothing happened right away, but he at least knew to expect that results might be slow in coming.

The first time Robbie was sitting in lecture and felt the urge to go to the gym instead of listening to his professor drone on was the first time that he truly let himself believe that the Pink Fairy was real. That magic was real.

For the first time in his life, Robbie let his desires guide him, instead of his head. When he thought he wanted to go to lecture, he let his body carry him to the gym. When he thought he wanted to watch the news, he let his hand flick the remote over to sports, the lifestyle network, or something mindless he could half-pay attention to while he did a few at-home exercises.

Over the course of weeks and months, Robbie gradually felt the fog rolling over his mind, making it difficult to think, but also making it blissfully quiet in his head. He was happy. He was healthy. And he was fucking sexy, too.

One day, out of the blue, Robbie got a message from Leroy. As it turned out, Leroy had also moved to L.A. He had a flat not far from Robbie’s and wanted to invite him over to talk about a business opportunity.

Robbie didn’t even spare it a second thought. He jogged down to Leroy’s place as soon as he could. When he got there, he was surprised to find quite a few shirtless guys wearing short shorts standing around, working filming equipment. Instead of overthinking it like he used to, he just rolled with it.

Robbie didn’t notice Leroy until he felt hands tugging his shorts down. They slid down his muscular thighs, catching briefly on the head of his rock-hard cock before releasing it to thwack against his stomach.

There were a couple of appreciative whistles from around the room that only made Robbie’s erection harder, just as a pair of hands clapped on his muscular ass cheeks. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah," groaned Leroy, in that low, dull voice of his as he kneaded Robbie’s ass like a thick ball of dough. "That’s a Pink Fairy ass, alright," he said, with a laugh.

"Fuck, man, I’ve never felt better," Robbie admitted. He sounded much different from how he used to. Gone was the shrill, nasally nerd, replaced by a deep, dumb baritone complete with a vacuous jock-like chuckle. "What’s this all about?"

"Dude, making the world a better place," said Leroy, slapping Robbie’s ass.

"You’re fuckin’ with me, man," said Robbie, shuffling along as Leroy led him with a hand on the shoulder to the bedroom where a model wearing nothing but a jockstrap was posing sluttily on top of the sheets for a camera.

"Nah, man!" said Leroy. "Here’s how it works, yeah? You know the world’s shitty, right? Because there are all these shitty people making it shitty. That makes sense, right?"

Robbie shrugged. He supposed so. Not that much made any sense to him, these days. "Anyway, you said you never felt better than when the Pink Fairy took away all those smarts of yours, right?"

Robbie nodded. "Yeah," he said. That much was true. Some days he missed being able to do basic math in his head but that was what a smartphone was for.

"You think any guy’s gonna be able to resist this fuckin’ ass?" said Leroy, rubbing his hand over one of Robbie’s meaty cheeks. "You think anyone can look at that and say ‘Nah, man, gross’?"

Robbie chuckled. He might have said a straight man would, but experience said otherwise. He’d scored a few straight men with his rear in the past couple of months. "Still don’t get it, bro," he said.

"I’m getting there. I’m getting there!" said Leroy.

"Anyway, remember those shitty people? Yeah. My plan is to get ’em hooked on this sexy ass," Leroy said, slapping Robbie’s ass. "That sexy ass," he continued, pointing at the guy on the bed.

"And all these sexy asses in this apartment!" Leroy said, raising his voice.

There was a round of cheering and hooting from the rest of the guys.

"And we’ll get them cumming all those silly little brains out just like we did," said Leroy, with a low, conspiratorial chuckle.

"You said you’ve never felt better than when you lost all those smarts. Now, just imagine how much better the world could be if everyone was just as fucking dumb as you," said Leroy.

"Oh fuck," said Robbie, a few minutes later, when he finally managed to wrap his head around Leroy’s plan.

"Oh, fuck," Robbie said, as he rubbed the dildo up and down his ass crack for the video that Leroy was taking.

"Oh, fuck is right, baby," said Leroy. "Say hi to Daddy Alabama Republican Senator. We’re hoping he comes his brains all over that anti-abortion bill tonight! We’ll be turning the Senate Pink yet!"

Robbie chucked, inching his knees apart to give Leroy a better view of his ass crack as the blunt head of the 13-inch dildo pried his cheeks apart. "Think he’d like to see me riding this baby, Leroy?"

"Fuck yeah, baby," said Leroy. "Ride that fat dildo for Daddy Alabama!"

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