Locktober Liturgy

The members of a fundamentalist congregation discover a brand new way to show devotion.

"Brothers, it gladdens my heart to see you all gathered before me, today."

It had been a long time since Barry last came to church and longer still since the last time he attended a service. His most recent foray into a house of God involved breaking into the husk of an old, abandoned church and having sinful sodomite sex in front of the altar as a middle finger to the Enemy.

This time, Barry had good reason to drop in on the inner-city congregation. Ever since his Change, he’d been an eager fighter for the Cause. He knew intimately that he didn’t have the raw strength of some of the other warriors of the Cause, but that didn’t mean that he had nothing to contribute. He could well wage war in his own way, and he was no less effective for it.

"As some among you might well have noticed, today, we are unburdened by the presence of the young, the elderly, and the fairer sex."

In the backmost pew, Barry leaned forward. He was scarcely able to contain his excitement. Like a child, he sat with his legs apart, hands planted in the space between them, clutching the edge of the seat.

The church was half-empty and there was no one to witness Barry’s grin or the way he was practically vibrating in his seat. The attendees were men, between the ages of 18 and 60. All of them were crowded toward the front, watching the young early-30’s pastor with rapt attention.

"It may, perhaps, seem strange to you that I have called only you today, but be not concerned. I seek only a return to tradition, where it was man’s privilege to bask in the light of God."

Barry suppressed a snicker. So that was how the pastor rationalized holding a men-only service. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad.

The rest of the congregation ate it up. As far as congregations in the city went, this one was pretty fundamentalist in its views. Critical thinking wasn’t particularly encouraged, and questioning authority was outright condemned. It wasn’t at all surprising to hear the smattering of murmurs of agreement at the pastor’s words.

In any other context, it would have been infuriating, but not in this one. If anything, it made Barry’s job easier.

"However, the modern world is fraught with sin. Every day mankind strays further and further from the path set by God. Everywhere we look, godlessness and temptation are the rule of the land but for sanctuaries like our very own where righteousness yet prevails."

The words set off another wave of murmurs through the gathered men. Barry supposed it made sense to them. He didn’t see it, personally.

As far as Barry was concerned, the modern world was a fantastic place. There weren’t as many things that could kill a person, for one thing. Diseases that used to be a death sentence were either treatable or outright preventable.

Barry didn’t get it. Sex was such a natural and beautiful thing. It was strange to him how some people thought sexual attraction was something shameful. If he had to choose between a world with vaccines and a world where everyone dressed modestly and advertising wasn’t so sex-centered, he’d choose the vaccines any day.

If anything, the fact that there were so many hot men willing to bare skin and show off muscle to sell products was the cherry on top of the cake for Barry.

"Though we are men of God, we are still men. In today’s world, it takes extraordinary willpower and courage to deny the devil’s temptations, but we are flawed. We have moments of weakness: moments where we give in to our lust and pursue pleasure to the detriment of our eternal souls."

Barry nearly laughed at the sound of awkward shuffling from the front of the church. As stuck-up as these guys were, it was hilarious to hear their tacit admission that they masturbated and looked at porn.

From his seat in the back, Barry could tell that a couple of the younger guys were beet-red in embarrassment at the call-out.

"However, despite the trials that we might face in the modern world, God is not without grace or mercy. As a friend of our congregation showed me, God has seen fit to bless some of our brothers with the wherewithal to create tools with which we may fight the temptations of the modern world!"

Barry leaned forward in his seat. Here it was. The pastor had taken his bait hook, line, and sinker and it was beautiful to behold. He wanted to laugh, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment either.

"It is every man’s prerogative to resist the temptations of the world but never was it said in scripture that he may not do so with the help of tools wrought by his own hand."

The men of the congregation seemed somewhat confused but were still paying close attention to the pastor’s words. If anything, some of them seemed excited at the notion that the pastor had discovered some way to prevent the "issue" of lust.

Barry’s cock throbbed against his leg. He wasn’t sure if the other men noticed, but the pastor’s cheeks were flushed red, a sheen of sweat on his brow as he worked himself into a frenzy.

The pastor raised his arms into the air.

"While the rest of the world participates in the heathen, pagan, devil-worshipping indulgence of ‘Halloween,’ I beseech you, brothers. Join me. Dedicate this month to your purity. Let me help you fight the sinful demon of lust!"

Barry licked his lips. He’d been sweating since the beginning of the sermon. He’d made sure to turn the thermostat up as soon as everyone was in the room, and by now his pheromones should have suffused the air, making the men nice and suggestible.

The pastor stepped out in front of his podium. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was locked in a chastity device. One of those Bluetooth ones that had recently been reported in the news as having security issues.

It was clear that the pastor was straining in the cage, leaking pre-cum from the slit at the end.

There was silence in the congregation.

"So you see, brothers? As aroused as one might be, as tempting as the devil’s whispers might be, this device prevents even a momentary lapse of judgment!"

The pastor tugged at the cage. It was snugly fitted onto his cock and showed no sign of slipping loose. It was clear that it would be very difficult to tamper with, if not outright impossible.

"As it has no physical key, you will not be tempted to release yourselves. Because you may access it through an application on your mobile phone, you can keep each other accountable. Modern technology has caused hardship and promoted sin. Let us prove that it can be used to ensure righteousness in the eyes of the Lord!"

The pastor chewed on his lower lip, eyes lidded. His cock was twitching in its cage. The men were watching him closely, in a similar state.

"Who shall be the first among you to receive this device? Who shall be the first among you to join me, to reclaim control of our bodies and minds from the devil so that we might again bask in the pure light of God?"

One of the young men out front, probably in his early twenties, stood up. "Me, brother, I will do it!" he exclaimed.

The pastor’s eyes rolled. A low moan escaped him. His caged cock bobbed up and down as he panted and thick white jism dribbled out of the tip.

"Come, brother. Thank you for your bravery," said the pastor, hoarsely, as his orgasm passed.

Barry chuckled. His work here was done. All he had to do was make sure that all the men in the congregation received their device and then the fun could finally begin.

A month later, Barry found himself back in the same church. Things had changed since the last time he was in, and for the better. It was amazing how pliable arousal made the minds of men. They had all been so eager to accept his suggestions—the pastor most of all.

All of the men looked better off than they had a month ago. They looked healthier and seemed to have a glow about them. They weren’t dressed nearly as conservatively anymore, either, putting on display the gains of the past month with tight shirts, tank tops, sweat pants, and shorts.

Barry licked his lips as he watched from the back. He hadn’t expected the suggestion to be so effective. All he’d told the pastor was that it would be wise if all the energy they used to put into indulging their lustful fantasies was funneled into bettering themselves and taking care of their bodies.

It looked like every single man in the room had signed up for a gym membership, if he hadn’t had one already. There was an electric energy in the air that made the hairs on the back of Barry’s neck stand on end and it was exciting.

Barry wouldn’t have been surprised if going to the gym had taken on an almost religious significance to these men. Where they used to go to church to gulp down doctrine they now pumped iron and took care of themselves. It was truly a sight to see.

"Brothers. A month has passed. It has been difficult, no doubt, but I do not think any here would say that their life has not been improved by chastity."

There were nods around the room, though not as many as Barry would have liked. It seemed that some of the men at least thought that not all of the changes had been positive.

"It has, however, come to my attention that some of you are experiencing difficulties at home…"

Some of the men nodded.

Barry was interested. He had dropped by but a handful of times since the last time he was in—if only to check on the progress of the men. He wondered what these domestic issues could be.

"As I understand it, your wives are none too pleased by your lack of carnal affections?"

Barry almost laughed as the married men in the congregation nodded. He was a bit nervous about how the pastor would address the issue but he was confident that the way he’d worded his suggestions would ensure that things would still break his way.

"Rebuke them!"

The ferocity of the pastor’s voice was surprising. Barry was taken aback.

"Reflect upon all that you have accomplished this past month and consider that it would all have been naught had you given in to the temptation of these enchantresses!"

There was a smattering of agreement from the men. Barry saw a couple shift in their seats and nod.

"Pray consider whether the constant presence of such temptation in your lives is worth it."

Barry was at the edge of his seat. He watched the men closely, eager to see how they would react. All of them shook their heads.

"Then so be it. Brothers, we are here to provide you aid and succor should you desire it. Our homes are open to you as your refuge from temptation should you need it."

Barry laughed before he realized, clapping a hand over his mouth before anyone noticed. Things couldn’t have turned out better. Not only were the married men getting out of their relationships, they were going to be moving in with the single men, too. It was perfect. He couldn’t have planned it any better himself.

"Now, I understand that the past month has not been without its challenges, but I am proud of all of us, brothers, that we have made it to the end without breaking. It is my belief that we have earned a reward for our righteousness."

The men cheered.

"Today, in this place, I give you my blessing to unlock yourselves and enjoy the bliss of release!"

The men, paired up with their accountability partners, took out their phones. In front of the congregation, the pastor and his partner stood before the podium, cocks out, fingers poised on the unlock button.

"Congratulations, brothers. You have earned this."

The pastor pressed the button. His partner did the same. All around the congregation, men pushed the buttons that should have allowed their partners release from the confines of their cages but nothing happened.

Barry suppressed his chuckles. The first thing he’d done once everyone was locked up was ensure that none of the devices could be opened up again.

There was palpable distress in the air as men shook their locked cocks to no avail. As the implications dawned on them, the shock gave way to arousal. Many of the men tried to suppress it, but the low moans came out anyway.

The air was electric. As each man came to terms with the cages on their cocks no longer being in their control, their arousal grew.

The pastor was the first domino to fall. He clutched the podium for support as his knees trembled and his cock twitched in its confines. He came, white jism dribbling from the tip of his cock cage as he panted, face red with arousal. His partner followed suit.

Before long, the church was filled with the sounds of moaning as the men, pent up for a month, came hands-free at the sight of the others doing the same.

Once he was able to collect himself, the pastor stood straight and said, shakily:

"P-perhaps this is a sign, brothers, that w-we should s-stay the course. That we should continue to use these devices to protect ourselves from temptation!"

The men of the congregation murmured in hushed agreement. A couple were looking down at their cages, rubbing their fingers uselessly over the hard shells that confined their cocks. All were flushed. All were aroused.

It was just as Barry wanted.

In the days, weeks, and months that followed, none of the men of the congregation even considered tampering with their cages. The men moved in together with their accountability partners in order to "help one another cope with the challenges" of being in permanent chastity—another of Barry’s suggestions to the pastor.

It was only a matter of time before the men started exploring coping strategies. At first, it was mundane stuff, but then one of the more curious guys asked his partner to finger-bang him in the ass. Suffice to say, that particular "strategy" spread like wildfire.

Little by little, the religious aspect of the practice faded. Forgotten in the perpetual haze of lust that had snared the men. Once they discovered their prostates, they could not get enough, the denial and the pleasure of it consuming their lives.

Before long, Sunday services became less about worship to a God that barely even crossed the men’s minds anymore and more about sharing and discovering new "coping strategies." Even when Barry eventually restored the men’s ability to unlock themselves, not a single one so much as thought about doing so. More than a few had even deleted the app by then.

Suffice to say, Barry was satisfied with his work. It was a marvel what a little nudging could accomplish, and he was going to be proud of what he had managed for a while yet. He knew he’d truly done a good job when he stopped by one week and saw the pastor and his partner going at it ass-to-ass on a double-headed dildo in front of the congregation.

The final part of Barry’s grand plan involved dropping in on the pastor’s home one day and letting himself in. All he’d had to do was drop his pants and the pastor was slobbering all over his fat knob like a starving wolf in moments.

The deal was sealed by a few words whispered into the pastor’s ear as Barry gave him a thorough education in how good it felt to get fucked by a real cock. Scarcely a day later, the rebranded church’s doors were flung open to the world, promising a brand new and intensely pleasurable form of devotion that would no doubt attract many followers.

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