All the Boys in the Yard

A new milkshake place is the talk of the town, but Tanner doesn’t really pay much attention until his staunchly anti-capitalist, “Eat the Rich!” emo roommate applies for a job at the place and practically disappears. Now, he has to know what all the fuss is about—and it’s not like the muscle-bound himbo servers in their tight tank-tops and short shorts are bad to look at.

Beta Patron Request by @wigglywogglywaffles

Tanner stood on the sidewalk just watching the goings-on at the new milkshake place down the road.

He was suspicious, to say the least. Something was off about the place. There wasn’t a single woman in sight, for one. But, then again, that might have come down to the marketing.

The place was called "Dude Dairy," after all.

Regardless. Gender imbalance aside, the place seemed to employ only the dumbest, fittest guys around. They were real nice to look at, he had to admit, but still. It was a wonder how the shop could run so well when the wait staff could barely count to three on their fingers.

The customers were another cause for concern. While the joint had enjoyed a rather diverse clientele, at first, the place was practically overrun by gym bunnies now.

Eight years, Tanner had lived in the neighborhood. He’d been up and down the block more times than he cared to count. He sure as shit knew there weren’t that many hot guys within a half-dozen miles before Dude Dairy came to town.

He glanced at his phone. Ever since his staunchly anti-capitalist, "kill the rich," "burn the corporations to the ground," emo roommate applied for a job at Dude Dairy and failed to return, he’d been doing his research.

Dude Dairy was apparently one of the fastest-growing fast-food franchises in urban America. Hundreds of store locations had popped up across the country in the last year or so and the company was raking in billions in profit.

As far as he was aware, Dude Dairy was a subsidiary of DIQ. He’d heard the name before, but only in the context of gay menswear. Which, come to think of it, wasn’t much of a surprise considering the employees.

It also happened that Dude Dairy shakes were—apparently, anyway—the latest superfood craze.

Tanner had had a laugh when he read about that. He’d thought he was reading satire the whole time. Unfortunately, the author of the article had been perfectly serious and it made no sense, whatsoever.

In fact, Dude Dairy had become such a big name in the health foods industry that many of the biggest gym chains in the country were lining up to get affiliated. Some were even building Dude Dairy franchises next door—if not right inside the lobby.

People were going absolutely gaga over Dude Dairy and it made not a single lick of sense. Especially not in the health-conscious spirit of the day.

The demographics were all over the place, as well. Adult men loved Dude Dairy. Women and minors, on the other hand, didn’t much care for it. And yet, hardly anyone seemed to be reporting on the incredible asymmetry.

Nothing made sense and at this point, he just had to know what all the fuss was about. That, and a little gremlin in the back of his head just wanted to get a good close look at the muscle-bound himbos in their tight tank tops and short shorts.

Tanner came up to the Dude Dairy. The setup was definitely unorthodox. While the main building itself looked like a fairly straightforward fast-food franchise, it had a pretty spacious front yard.

Much of it was fenced in and served as an outdoor dining sort of area. There were tables and benches all around the perimeter of the fence, arranged around an open-air gym set in the middle.

The place was packed. It looked like a men’s fitness magazine shoot with all the attractive masculinity on display.

Staff members were working out in the middle of the yard. They were beautiful specimens, each and every one. Tanner nearly started drooling as he watched them work their swollen muscles into a sweaty sheen.

Tanner particularly enjoyed the store-brand compression shorts and the way they clung to the guys’ asses. But since he’d come with a purpose, he tore his eyes away from the show and marched himself into the store.

Indoors was packed, too. Tanner had to wonder if every guy in the neighborhood had come to the place. He definitely wouldn’t have been surprised, just based on sheer numbers.

He somehow managed to snag a seat by a window that looked out over the yard, though. He sat down and waited for his order while watching the show on the front lawn.

While it was tempting to go out and join the other guys watching the employees work out, he wasn’t too keen on staying out in the blistering sun. He much preferred the air-conditioned interior. And since he still had a view of the open-air gym, he hardly had anything to complain about.

15 minutes later, his order arrived. The server that brought it to him was hot. He was incredibly handsome, built like a fucking truck, with glossy dark hair and mournful blue eyes.

"Hey… Have we met before?" said Tanner.

The guy thought about it for a moment. He stuffed his empty tray under his armpit and sat down opposite Tanner. "Don’t think so, babe," said the guy with a dumb chuckle.

Tanner frowned. "Okay…" He could have sworn he’d seen the guy before. It was on the tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

"Brady," said the guy as he held a hand out for Tanner to shake.

Brady’s grip was strong. Tanner winced as he shook the big guy’s hand. "Tanner," he said.

"You been here before, Tanner?" said Brady.

Tanner blushed. "N-no," he said. He could hardly stand to look into the big guy’s eyes. They were so pretty.

Brady laughed boisterously. "Thought so," he said. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Tanner, but I gotta get back to work and all. I’ll see you next time, bro."

Tanner gave Brady a little wave as the big guy got up and got back to serving the crush of customers. Next time, huh? he thought to himself. Maybe. He couldn’t deny all the eye candy made for a pretty compelling reason to visit more often.

After a moment of consideration, he took a sip of the milkshake. It was nothing like what he expected.

The taste was sublime. Transcendent, even. He moaned at the orgasmic sensation and only realized how loud he’d been when he realized, afterward, that everyone was looking at him.

They didn’t seem weirded out, though. If anything, they had knowing looks on their faces.

Tanner blushed furiously and pretended not to notice. He sipped at the milkshake, moaning softly under his breath as he watched the guys working out in the yard.

Tanner found himself back at the Dude Dairy two days later. He’d ordered a second shake the first time he went. And he couldn’t stop thinking about it when he got home.

It had seemed like such a nice place. He almost felt bad for being so suspicious. The staff had been so nice. Not just to look at, but just in terms of their attitude, too. They’d been so friendly and supportive, so willing to welcome him into the fold when he went and ordered a second shake.

Tanner couldn’t help but smile as he walked inside and the faint musky-sweet scent of the shake hit him. He felt warm and safe, all of a sudden. As if he were back where he belonged.

The waiter that had served him the first time, that Brady guy, had left such an impression, too. He looked at his hand, remembering the big guy’s grip.

He hoped Brady was working today. He wanted to get to know him more. Especially because he seemed so familiar.

He got his wish. It was the evening, and there were fewer customers than the first time he came so Brady could spare a moment to sit with him at his table.

Brady seemed excited to see him back. "Had a good enough time your last visit to come back, huh?" said the big lug.

Tanner nodded as he sipped at his milkshake. He didn’t even bother suppressing the moan that spilled from him. Especially when he saw just how much it made Brady light up.

"Oh yeah," he said, swallowing thickly as he set the half-drained cup of milkshake down on the table between them. "It was great. I think I’ll be back more often."

Brady grinned. "I know you will, bro!"

The words were spoken with such conviction and confidence they should have been alarming. But Tanner’s mind was too busy with other things. His eyes, in particular, were riveted not to Brady’s handsome face, but instead to the pastel pink Dude Dairy tank top stretched taut over the big guy’s voluminous chest.

And even though Brady had given Tanner the impression he could only stay for a few minutes, he sat with him for the rest of the night. They got to talking and just didn’t stop. Although, Tanner wasn’t quite sure what they’d talked about.

An awful lot about body care and working out, he recalled vaguely. They were topics he didn’t really much care for but somehow he and Brady managed to carry on until closing.

It was probably the company. Tanner really enjoyed talking with Brady. The topics were different but it was almost as if he were talking with his missing roommate again.

Oh, well. Tanner decided he didn’t want to think too much about it. There was no reason to overthink every interaction, after all.

It was much easier to just… live in the moment. And it felt better, too. He could just enjoy the time he had with Brady. He didn’t have to look for any deeper meaning.

And it was nice. Really nice, actually. He felt a hundred times lighter just letting go of his usual cynicism.

Tanner was back the next day. Since Brady was entertaining guests in the outdoor dining area, he decided to have his shake outdoors.

He felt an odd desire to join the big men working out in the open-air gym but he knew he’d just stick out like a sore thumb. Watching from the sidelines was enough for him. He could work out vicariously through Brady.

The man in question had other ideas, though. After finishing a set of pull-ups, Brady sauntered over to where Tanner was standing.

"Hey," said the big guy.

Tanner blushed. "Hey," he said. "Is this… alright? Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble or anything."

Brady laughed. "Nah, bro! It’s fine. Minute break. Hey, I noticed you were kinda looking pretty intensely at us. Wanna join?"

Tanner’s heart skipped a beat. "I-I don’t know, man," he said. "I’ve never really worked out before or anything… I wouldn’t even know what to do. A-and besides, I wouldn’t fit in, you know? The other guys probably don’t want to watch a scrawny boy like me struggling to lift weights."

Brady chuckled. "Don’t worry about all that shit, bro. We can teach you! The important part’s letting the burn flow through you, man!"

Tanner hesitated for a moment but Brady’s wide blue eyes made it difficult to decline. He slowly set his empty shake cup down and nodded. "Alright, man," he said. "I’ll give it a shot."

"That’s my boy!" said Brady.

Tanner nearly fell flat on his face when Brady grabbed him by the wrist to drag him over to the open-air gym. When he got there, Brady shoved something in his arms.

"What is this?" he said as he held it up to the light.

"Put it on, bro," said Brady. "Don’t want to ruin that fancy shirt of yours!"

In Tanner’s hands was a Dude-Dairy-branded shirt. It was huge. "This is too big!" he said. More than a few sizes too big, at that.

"Don’t worry about it, bro!" said Brady. "You’ll grow into it!"

Tanner leaned against the wall. The frigid air blasting out of the a/c right into his face was a godsend.

He was on the verge of melting. Having to wait for Brady to come back with his shake order was torture.

He never should have agreed to working out with the guys the first time. He certainly never should have agreed with making it a more regular thing.

But he wasn’t going to lie. He liked the attention. And the other patrons were all so positive, even when he fucked up. It was kind of intoxicating if he had to be honest.

Still, it was exhausting to work out in the blistering heat of summer. And without any shade nearby except for the restaurant itself, there was no reprieve until the workout was done.

Today marked the fifth day of Tanner working out with Brady and the other "Dairy Dudes," as they called themselves. Today also marked the closest he’d gotten to actually dying from one of those workouts. So far.

Oh, but it was worth it. He grinned in relief as Brady came up to him, two milkshakes in hand. "Fuck," he said, lunging for his cup—the smaller of the two, naturally.

Brady chuckled. "Thirsty, bro?"

Tanner tore the lid off his shake and gulped it down. Some of it ran out the corner of his mouth and down the side of his neck but he didn’t care. "You don’t even know, man," he said.

Sweet relief. The shakes were the best thing to have after a workout. They were so, so good on their own as it was. After pumping some iron, they were downright orgasmic.

Tanner took a deep breath after he cleaned out his shake and looked around. He saw a door he’d never noticed before.

He pointed at it. "Hey, what is that?" he said.

Brady followed his gaze and laughed. "That?" he said, pointing a thumb over his shoulder at the beautiful dark mahogany door secreted away into a corner of the store.

Tanner nodded.

"Oh, that’s just the VIP lounge," said Brady.

Tanner quirked an eyebrow. "What’s so VIP about it?" he said.

Brady grinned. "You don’t even know, bro. It’s the best place in the building. They make the shakes fresh in there, bro."

Tanner was salivating already at the thought of even better shakes. "How do you get in there?" he said.

Brady grinned. "See the scale next to the door?" he said.

Tanner hadn’t noticed it at first but now that he was looking closely, he saw what Brady was talking about. It was fairly understated, which was probably why he’d missed it the first time around.

Next to the doorframe was a metal plate. At around eye level was a screen.

"Shit." Tanner laughed. "You gotta weigh a bit to get in?"

"That’s part of it, bro!" said Brady. "The important thing is to be as big as one of us, bro!"

Tanner licked his lips. He didn’t think he’d ever be that big. It was such a shame…

But maybe he could at least try.

Tanner had a problem. He was usually a pretty good worker but ever since he started going to Dude Dairy, he’d been having trouble concentrating.

He just couldn’t focus on his work. His mind kept drifting back to Dude Dairy. He craved the shakes near-constantly but he craved the atmosphere of the restaurant most of all.

He sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was filling out nicely. The custom Dude Dairy tank top Brady had gotten him—which wasn’t nearly as big on him as the first one he got—wasn’t hanging as loosely on his shoulders as before.

He was starting to crave the workouts, too. They made the shakes so much better. He understood now why so many of the customers looked like they’d just come in after a workout or a run. The shakes just tasted better after working up a sweat.

And that was precisely the experience Tanner didn’t have at home. Sure, he’d been ordering extra with every visit and having them whenever he felt a craving, but it just wasn’t the same.

After a week of going over to the local Dude Dairy every day, though, he was far behind on his work. He’d just have to skip a couple of days to catch up.

There was no choice. If he didn’t have work, he wouldn’t have the money to keep up his Dude Dairy habit. And if things kept going the way they were, he’d be out on his ass before too long.

He picked up his phone and dialed the number Brady had given him. The line rang a short while before someone picked up. It wasn’t Brady but he recognized the voice. "Sup, bro? You’re talking to the Dairy Dorm."

Dairy Dorm? Tanner thought to himself. That was… new. He had been under the assumption that Brady had given him his personal number. He decided not to think too much about it. "Hi. Yeah. Is Brady in?"

"Ayy! You’re his new project, aren’t you?" said the voice on the other end of the line.

Tanner blushed. "I-I guess," he said.

"Let me check, li’l bro," said the guy on the other end of the line. "Hey! Yo! Is Brady in?" he yelled.

There was a muffled response. "You’ve got some pretty good timing, bro," said the guy. "Brady’s just got back from the barn!"

Tanner blinked. "Barn?"

Before his question could be answered, though, there was a brief scuffle on the other side as the phone changed hands. "Hey, Tanner." It was Brady.

"Hey, man," said Tanner. He scratched the back of his head and said, "I’ve got some bad news."

"Oh no. Everything alright, bro?" Brady sounded so concerned, Tanner was touched.

Tanner didn’t really know how best to put it. He figured he might as well just rip the band-aid off. "Yeah, yeah, I’m good… I just… I’m a bit behind on work and I really gotta get that stuff done so I can’t drop by as often anymore."

"Man… Fuck work, bro!" said Brady. "You should just come work with us!"

Tanner blushed. "Oh, I dunno, man. I don’t think I’m the type they want working there…" he said, glancing at himself in the mirror.

"Not yet! But you’re getting there, bro!"

Tanner chuckled nervously. It was a truly tempting proposition if he had to be honest. "I-It’s okay," he said. "I actually kinda like my job. I just… I have to focus on it for a bit."

Brady chuckled. "Sure, bro," he said. "But if you change your mind…"

Tanner shook his head—even if Brady wasn’t there to see it—and said, "I probably won’t, but thank you for the offer."

"Oh, man. You should really think about it, though. It’d be so much fun having you here, bro."

Tanner nearly jumped when his phone rang but God if he hadn’t needed the distraction. He’d been staring blankly at his screen for hours.

He just couldn’t process his work. His body was craving a shake. And, surprisingly, a workout, too.

He picked up the call. "Hey there, li’l bro. How’re ya? Haven’t seen you in a bit so I thought I’d check up on you."

Brady. Fuck. Tanner couldn’t help but smile. "Hey, Brady," he said, turning away from his computer and reclining in his office chair. "Yeah… I know it’s been a couple of days… It’s been busy at work."

Too busy for his current productivity, if he was being honest. But he left that part out. He didn’t need to tell Brady his whole life story.

"That sucks, man," said Brady. "You sure you still don’t want to come work for us?"

Tanner laughed. "It’s more and more tempting every time you ask, bro," he said.

Brady chuckled. God. He sounded so dumb, sometimes. "How’re you doing, bro?"

Tanner sighed. "Good, I guess… Bored, more than anything. And God I’m craving some DD right now."

"You should get some," said Brady.

"I wish… I’m just on a little break right now, though," Tanner lied. He’d probably end up overstaying if he went down there right now and he really needed to get his work done.

Brady laughed. "Didn’t you hear? We do delivery now, bro."

"Oh shit. You serious?" said Tanner, suddenly sitting up.

"Yeah, man! Here. Let me take your order. I’ll even deliver it personally."

Tanner fell back into his chair and sighed. "Oh, man. You’re a lifesaver, bro."

Brady chuckled. "You can thank me when you see me later, bro."

In all honesty, things were too busy at work for Tanner to have cut his day short but it wasn’t like he was getting anything done. He paced back and forth in the entryway of his apartment, anxious for his order to come in.

He jumped when there was a knock on the door. He looked out through the peephole and shivered with barely-contained excitement when he saw that Brady had arrived.

Tanner practically wrenched the door off its hinges as he flung it open. "Hey," he said, spending barely a moment to take in the sight of Brady who seemed, somehow, bigger than before.

"Hey, bro!" Brady cracked a grin and patted the little insulated delivery bag at his waist. "Gonna let me in?"

Tanner nodded.

Brady closed the door behind him after he entered. "Bet you’re excited for your fix, bro," he said.

"You don’t even know," said Tanner.

Brady laughed. He unzipped the delivery bag and took out a tiny styrofoam cup that he held out to Tanner.

Tanner had already snatched the cup out of Brady’s hand before he even processed how small it was. He knocked it back, sighing audibly in relief as he tasted the unique, slightly-musky sweetness of the shake on his tongue.

He open-mouthed gulped down the two or three mouthfuls that were in the cup before crushing it in his grip and letting it fall to the floor. He scooped a little trickle that had dribbled out of the corner of his lips back into his mouth before looking at Brady and saying, "What the hell, bro? I’m sure I ordered more!"

Brady cracked a grin. "That was just a teaser, bro! But before I give you the rest, come on. We gotta do something first," he said.

Tanner followed Brady into the living room and then the kitchen. It was weird. Brady didn’t even hesitate as he was going through—as if he’d been there before.

"Damn. You know your way around," he said as Brady was placing the contents of the delivery bag—four meathead-sized cups, the largest available—into his fridge.

Brady grinned. "My old apartment had exactly the same layout," he said.

Tanner thought there was definitely something fishy about the way Brady had said it but he wasn’t about to delay getting his fix for something that ultimately didn’t matter. "So what do we have to do?" he said.

"Gonna see if you’ve been keeping up your routine, bro!" said Brady.

Tanner sheepishly scratched his cheek. "Do we have to?"

"Of course, bro!" said Brady as he clapped a hand on Tanner’s shoulder. "If we wanna make sure you fit into that workout shirt I gave you!"

Tanner laughed. "Alright," he said. "That makes sense, I suppose."

"That’s a good li’l bro. Now come on. Let’s go get that shirt," said Brady.

Without even waiting for a response, he took off. Tanner followed close behind, surprised to see Brady go to his bedroom without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

When he caught up, Brady had already taken the top in question out of his closet. "How did you…?" Tanner started before he realized he didn’t really care.

Brady just shrugged. "I dunno, bro. Somehow I just knew!" He guffawed. "That’s funny. Me knowing stuff." He shook his head as if it were the most hilarious thing in the world.

There was a clang as Tanner returned the barbell to its rack. He grabbed the hand towel that he’d left on his chest and wiped his face, looking up at the very distracting sight of Brady’s bulge hovering just above his head. "How was that, man?" he said.

"Fuck yeah, bro! That was awesome!" said Brady as he looked down at Tanner with one of those goofy grins of his.

"You think I did it?" said Tanner as he sat up with a grunt.

Brady sheepishly scratched his cheek. "Yeah, bro! New personal best! … I think. Honestly, I lost count. But I’m pretty sure, bro!"

The big dumbass. Tanner couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. It was endearing. He was also pretty sure that he’d broken his previous record but he couldn’t be certain.

Time was that he’d be more confident but it just felt too good to let his mind drift away while he was pumping iron. He could hardly get enough. He never felt so free as when he was feeling the burn.

Tanner had never been the most physically active person—not until Brady roped him into working out with the Dairy Dudes—but now he couldn’t help but wonder why he’d waited so long. It just felt so liberating to let his mind go blank, to let his thoughts, worries, and other thoughts just fade into the background.

Even though he’d already done a lot, Tanner felt pumped. He was ready for more. Eager, even. "What’s next?" he said.

"Lunch, li’l bro!" said Brady as he clapped a meaty hand on Tanner’s shoulder.

"Lunch?" Tanner draped the towel around his shoulders and laughed. "Good one, bro. It’s too early for lunch."

"Nah, bro, look! The two pointy things are at the top! And it says lunchtime, bro!" Brady said as he pointed to the side.

Tanner followed Brady’s gesture. At the side of the outdoor gym was a comically large analog clock. He couldn’t help but laugh. "Don’t you know how to read the time, bro?" he said.

Brady shrugged. "I just know that it’s lunchtime when the pointy things are at the top and time to go home when the short pointy thing is pointing at 11 and the long pointy thing is pointing at 12!"

Tanner chuckled. "It’s pretty simple, bro, all you gotta do is…" He trailed off. He was supposed to know how to read the clock. He just couldn’t find the words to it. "Well, uh… Oh! Right! Wait… No. that’s… Uh…"

Brady laughed that dumb little laugh of his. "Bro! You sounded so confident! Guess you’re not as different from us meathead Dairy Dudes as you thought, huh?"

Tanner’s cheeks warmed. His cock twitched. He really should have known how to read a clock but it just wasn’t coming to him. Without thinking, he grabbed his cock through his pants and squeezed it, moaning under his breath. "G-guess not," he said.

Luckily, the clock had a digital display. It didn’t show the actual time—which would have been useful—and instead, it had marquee text scrolling across it saying "Lunch time!"

Tanner supposed that if the clock said it was lunchtime, then it was, indeed, lunchtime. "I feel kinda stupid now," he said. His cock jumped at the admission.

Brady grinned. "That’s okay, bro! You don’t need smarts to lift!"

"I do need them for work, though," said Tanner. Then, it hit him. His eyes went wide as a cold knot of dread dropped into his stomach like a lead weight.

Work. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten. He’d been so absorbed in the bliss of working out that it had completely slipped his mind.

"Shit. I gotta go, bro. I gotta get to work!" said Tanner. He’d only dropped by to get a shake to start his day with and now he was many hours late.

"That sucks, bro," said Brady. He didn’t look all that happy.

"Yeah, well… Can’t buy shakes if I don’t have money," said Tanner.

"At least take a shake with you, bro!" said Brady.

Tanner licked his lips. He should have been hurrying to the office. But he was already so late, a few more minutes probably wouldn’t matter all that much. And besides, he’d probably be able to concentrate better on his work if he wasn’t constantly craving a shake.

"Yeah," said Tanner with a little grin. "Yeah, I think I’d like that, bro!"

"You good, bro?"

Tanner looked up with a start. He’d been staring out the window, watching the Dairy Dudes—and a couple of customers—working out in the outdoor gym. It was Brady.

"Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I’m good," he said.

Brady cocked an eyebrow. He set a shake down in front of Tanner and slid into the booth opposite him. "You don’t look it, bro," he said.

Tanner sighed. "You got me, bro," the said. "I lost my job." He never did make it back to the office. He just kept losing track of time whenever he would drop by the Dude Dairy to get a shake in the morning.

"Oh, shit. I’m sorry, bro," said Brady. His tone was sympathetic but it didn’t look like he was all that sorry.

Tanner shrugged. "I deserved it I guess," he said. They hadn’t even bothered to fire him face-to-face. They’d just sent an email. "Apparently I cost them a lot of money by not showing up."

Brady reached over and squeezed Tanner’s shoulder. "I’m sorry, bro. That sucks."

"Yeah, well, it is what it is, man. Just gotta find a new job and fast. Might lose the apartment if I don’t," Tanner shook his head and laughed—it came out more bitter than he intended.

Brady cracked a grin. "I think I know just the thing to cheer you up, bro," he said. "Come on."

Tanner didn’t resist as Brady grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him off somewhere. They found themselves standing in front of the entrance to the VIP lounge.

Tanner was surprised. "You’re not saying…"

Brady’s grin only widened. "I think you’re ready, bro!" he said. He groped Tanner’s bicep and squeezed. "Look at these gains!"

Tanner flushed. "Thanks, bro," he said, his cock twitching at Brady’s touch. "You really think so?"

Brady nodded. "I know so, bro!" He released Tanner’s arm and smacked Tanner on the ass. "Get up there! You’ve earned this!"

Tanner took a breath. Excitement and apprehension coiled in his gut. "Whew. Alright. Let’s do this!" he said, psyching himself up while trying not to get his hopes up too much.

He stepped up onto the plate. A moment passed in awkward silence. He braced for disappointment. And then… Ding!

Tanner could hardly believe it. He’d qualified. He was as big as the Dairy Dudes. He couldn’t help but break out into a broad grin. "I did it!" he said.

"Hell yeah, bro!" said Brady. His grin stretched from ear to ear as he gave Tanner a light punch on the arm. "Alright. Time to get you a treat. But you gotta close your eyes. And promise you won’t open them until I tell you to."

Tanner licked his lips. He didn’t know why he was suddenly so turned on but maybe it had something to do with the tone of Brady’s voice. "Sure, bro," he said as he closed his eyes.

"I promise you’ll enjoy this, bro!"

The urge to open his eyes was a difficult one to fight but Tanner somehow managed.

The noises in the VIP lounge were different than he’d expected. There was soft, atmospheric music and the sound of men talking but there were other things too. He could have sworn he heard the sound of groaning and machines whirring. It made him deathly curious but he’d made a promise and bros didn’t break their promises.

"Sit here, bro," said Brady.

Tanner felt around aimlessly for the seat in question until Brady guided his hand over. He did as he was told, planting his ass on the plush seat. "Can I open my eyes yet?" he said, discovering that there was a table in front of him.

"Not yet! But it won’t be long, bro."

This whole thing was testing Tanner’s patience. He wanted to know what was going on so badly. But if it really wasn’t much longer, he supposed he could wait.

"Ugh. Fuck. Never gets old," Brady muttered.

Tanner wanted to ask but figured from the tone of Brady’s voice that he hadn’t been meant to hear. He heard a couple of clicks and some faint squelching which made his cock twitch.

"Okay. You can open your eyes now, bro."

Tanner did as he was told, eyes widening in surprise at the sight that greeted him. Brady was naked and inside an acrylic box of sorts. He was strapped into padded arm and leg rests that bent his legs and forced them apart while his arms were raised above his head.

A dildo attached to a fucking machine was positioned right at Brady’s exposed and vulnerable asshole but perhaps most intriguingly of all, Brady’s cock was buried in an acrylic tube with a latex sleeve inside it.

"W-what’s this?" Tanner stammered.

Brady grinned. "Press the button and find out."

Tanner looked around and noticed a white button on a wooden block. He reached over and grabbed it, cock stiffening against his leg as he pressed the button.

The whir of machinery coming to life filled the air. Brady groaned as the dildo—which was quite sizable—pushed into him. Shortly thereafter, it began, the rhythmic pulsing and sucking of the latex sleeve wrapped around Brady’s cock.

"F-fuuuck…" Brady groaned, his hips grinding his cock into the sleeve as the machines did their work.

It was more erotic than Tanner expected. He was rock hard in his pants and only getting harder. He couldn’t help but stick a hand into his underwear to rub his cock as he reveled in the way that Brady’s muscular body writhed.

One thing that Tanner had noticed ever since he started coming to Dude Dairy was how much more pre-cum he produced. The pouch of his jockstrap was wet already, his fingers all slicked up by the juices leaking out of his cock.

His loads were similarly potent. Some days he felt like he was coming pints. The aftermath was always a massive mess but he didn’t mind.

"G-grab a cup, bro," said Brady, gesturing with his chin toward a dispenser at the side of the booth. Tanner helped himself to one of the larger cups and placed it right under the little tap that the tube attached to the milking device led to.

Tanner sucked in a sharp breath as clear fluid—Brady’s pre-cum—flowed into the cup. His mouth watered. All this time, he’d thought that the name was just a marketing ploy. Now, he understood that they’d been advertising exactly what their product was.

A small voice in the back of his mind told him that he really should have been more disturbed than he was. But Dude Dairy had been his life for weeks now. It consumed his every thought. He craved it like nothing else. And now, knowing what it was made from, only made it so much hotter.

"Ugh. F-fuck. Here it comes, bro! Here it comes!" Brady moaned, his hips rocking back and forth as he fucked his cock into the undulating rubber sheet that was milking his stiff length.

Brady’s whole body tensed. His toes curled. His hands balled into fists. A deep lowing noise rumbled out of Brady as his balls drew up against his groin, churning with what was sure to be a fat load. And then, he came.

The volume surprised Tanner. Thick cum shot out of Brady’s cock and painted the end of the collection tube white. There was so much that the pump couldn’t pull out everything before the next shot came.

The sleeve slowly filled with jism as the spout squirted pump after pump of heavy male cream into the plus-sized cup that Tanner had set under it. Tanner had expected that Brady would only fill a portion of the cup but the big guy’s orgasm went on and on.

With every wad of cum that was milked out of his cock, Brady’s groaning sounded more and more like the lowing of cattle. And it went on until the whole cup was filled near to overflowing with thick cum.

Tanner couldn’t help himself. He grabbed the cup and brought it to his lips. It was still warm, which would have been bad for most any kind of shake, but he didn’t care.

He tilted his head back and greedily guzzled the contents, moaning as he felt it slide down his throat and warm his stomach. It was amazing. He could hardly get enough. It had all the familiar flavors he’d come to love, but somehow even better.

Tanner sighed with relief as he polished off the last of the "shake." He’d made something of a mess of himself.

That was when Brady popped the question.

"What do you think, bro? You wanna come work for us?"

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  1. Incredible! I loved this.
    It’s SO good to see work from you again. I always love your writing style and the kinks you include. Always presses my buttons.

    Thank you for sharing this tale of a a guy finding the happy himbo within.

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